No Sarin gas found…hmm where have we seen this before?

So it comes out that there was no actually evidence found of sarin gas used in syria- in case you werent paying attention this was the pretext for bombing them and trying to oust Assad.

Of course reading between the lines it was obvious that this was all serving israel because they did not get along with assad.  It was pretty pathetic from the beginning, that some ‘rogue fighters’ were using sarin gas (which if you remember at the time there was a lot of question about if it was even sarin given the chemical burns).

So, there is just one small story about a ‘whoops guess there was no WMDs…uh I mean sarin gas.”


Some long time readers know I have always had thoughts of joining the military for the ‘adventure’ but this kind of bullshit makes me so glad I never went in.

Amazon and the clinton book rating scam

There is a great story out about how clinton just released a new book blaming everyone but herself for why she lost, its on amazon…the same amazon owned by jeff bezos who is tied to the washington post aka the deep state media branch.

Anyway, nearly ALL negative reviews are purged against this book, it has the very funny and obviously fake rating of 97% 5 star reviews, going into archives you can see the negatives being purged.

Eve of ww3?

It is my opinion the chemical attack in syria was either out-right faked, or the work of (((mossad))) because there is no reason for assad to do it.  Anyway, looks like trump’s bigly promises have come to be nothing.  Just another warhawk, only there are some adversaries he is facing down that can hit back hard.  Heres two good articles: