Why I write

Initially I had a lot of rage that I wanted to get off my chest, and as my readers know sometimes some of my posts are still angry, but that is not the reason I write. 

To sum it succinctly: ‘all truths that are kept silent become poisonous’ – Thus Spoke Zarathustra

We have this perverse backward, truth hiding society that actively subverts dialogue and dissension.  For example, one of my major reader Sophia and I do not agree on everything, but on this blog we DISCUSS matters, unlike society at large where any question of women instantly marginalizes you and somehow casts you as a loser/cant get any/NAWALT.

I went through a very fucked up relationship with a girl I am convinced had (has) histrionic personality disorder, or BPD, I was hurt bad, but it forced me to reevaluate so much.  Nothing was left off the table.  As a began my new quest of knowledge, I could not believe how many guys I found with similar stories.  I got of ‘light’ compared to some of these guys who were married, had kids, lost half their wealth, owes payments etc.  It was a warning to me that this was not a game.  I got off with a mind-fucking, but my body and finances were left intact, seeing some of these guys stories, all I could think was ‘holy fuck man, there is this whole hidden world no one mentions and no one admits might be true.’

I write partly because it is a bit of a journal-like practice, that I could look back and see where I have come. (if wordpress doesnt delete all ‘hate’ blogs against feminists)  I write because I am devoted to the truth, no matter how dark or how much we may not like it.  When I see people like militant feminists who willingly deny the truth, willingly hide and obfuscate the truth, and 98% believe their own lies!

I grew up skeptical, and if you want me to believe something, convince me, show me some shit or bring up some points as to why I should believe you.  (Btw if you know anything about MBTI or cognitive functions, I am a super Thinking Introverted – meaning things like the external consensus can go to hell because they very well could be wrong)  So clearly feminism and I would not get along when their entire premise is ‘accept what I say, and if you question you are just angry at women/wish you could get laid/NAWALT’.  Why the fuck can we not discuss the susposed ‘wage gap’ and that its a lie, and that women work easier jobs, and take more time off?  Why can we not talk about that the laws and courts are rigged so fucking against males, that males have been forced to stop talking to girls for fear of the system taking them down?  Why cant we talk about our supposed ‘slut shaming’ yet also we cant talk about the insanity of false rape charges who are often just girls with morning regret?  Man, if you want to send girls off their rocker, just mention ‘guys dont like fat girls’ or ‘I think a lot of rapes are girls with regret’ and my god, they are ready to crucify you.  Why the fuck are you so defensive, if it is so obviously wrong, wouldnt the argument fail on its own merit?  Unless…their was some truth to it, and that it is in their interest in keeping truth suppressed and keeping discussion silent.  Afterall, if the word spreads too much, feminists will collapse on their own lack of merit, thus they have to stop anyone questioning them at any cost.