The White Knight Deception

Loyalty.  A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviserate white knights.

Men have valued loyalty (with it: honor, duty, shared sacrafice) as traits that help the

wk want to show how ‘loyal’ they are to girl, expecting reward, and only get used, its based on prior loyalty to men

Loyalty. A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviscerate white knights. Let me fully qualify that I once held a lot of these beliefs and can talk definitively.

Men have valued loyalty (with it: honor, duty, shared sacrifice) as traits that help the tribe live. If you are going into battle and your fellow man tells you he will be there, it is better for you if he actually shows up. With it, things like cowardice are punishable traits between men. Why should you spend or share resources with a man who does not have your back, not contributing to survival?

For a long time these were still used by society, in that a man’s loyalty and duty – to a woman in marriage now – was rewarded by a faithful wife who stayed married to him and gave him kids. The deal was essentially this: the guy can get the girl while she is hot, young, fertile, and he keeps her now, but also supports her when she is older and uglier.   THAT was the deal, it of course relied on males loyalty, because he could promise anything, then dump her fat carcass, but it rarely happened – both because of male’s loyalty, and society looked down on it, as ‘not loyal’ ‘not a real man’ etc.

Now, fast forward to New World Disorder, where down is up and you have to ask a girl if you can kiss her otherwise get hit with ‘rape’. The dutiful, unquestioning nature of the white knight male was always prone to be taken advantage of, but it was a societal contract that both sides upheld, now however generally only the women got the memo the contract was null. Their traits which were once useful, and got the hot young girl who he carries into old age, now only gets the post-wall female.

Among the issues, is because white knights assume females to be the virginal quality the contract once promised, it is beyond their ability to comprehend that girls are deprave. That they have absolutely zero qualms about hoping between relationships, cheating, or nearly anything that would enrage guys, if it was a guy to guy event. I myself never really believed girls were like this, that they would cheat, that they wanted the dick at extreme levels, that they wanted to be choked either by hand or by cock, that girls when turned on would solicit anal sex, that wifes would suck random guys dicks…of course I found it all to be true, both by others experience and especially my own.

The first stage is the continuation of the ‘feminine mystique’ of how mysterious they are, how virginal they are etc, its played up huge, and not the reality at all.   Next is playing up the dutiful aspect. This is perhaps the most disgusting part of it, where the loyalty the WK once had to his former-hot wife, the loyalty is used against him, in that a ‘real man’ would support this single mom. Or a ‘real man’ would give this cock-pounded 35 year old with her MBA a chance at love because she has outgrown her past.

You see it all the time, the supposed heroism of those brave single moms, with the implicit assumption of the loser sperm donor male nowhere to be found – and the purposeful denial of questioning what exactly was that women doing with a guy like that. That every girl is young and –don’t call her dumb- …experimenting…and what real male could blame her for wanting to be pounded in her ass and mouth at the same time, she was just drunk and in college, all her friends were doing it too.

The male is the only one capable of forgiveness, and his loyalty is coopted. The girl telling him how sorry she is evokes past memories of males once looking for forgiveness, and rarely was it ever a deception, as a fraud would simply be killed or be run out of the tribe. There is no feedback loop now, she they girls falls on his mercy, and he accepts her, after all she would ‘never do it again’.

The irony we will leave on, is that maybe she never really does it again, but he still got a fat 30+ year old that others enjoyed hotter, tighter and for free; but more than likely, she will just cheat or leave, after all women with a college degree initiate divorce over 90% of the time.

Don't be coopted by a distorted female narrative

Don’t be coopted by a distorted female narrative


White Knight – suicidal idea now, might have been good then

White Knight – a guy who will defend a girl, hoping to be rewarded, hopefully by sex.

More badass than your typical white knight

I can not help but wonder if a lot of my readers at times wonder at my name, and its near similarity to the oh-so-evil ‘white knight’ that is slammed in PUA/ blogsphere, I am going to have a discussion about white knights in this post, namely I do not think they are completely wrong, and that is this society that ‘ruined’ the white knight, and that in times past was a good deal so to say.  This is very complicated, so try to understand modern WK are a cowardly sham, but WK in the past might have had some legitimacy.

As a brief primer, in case you have no idea what one is, or you may yourself be one, a typical event that brings a WK out is something like some guy saying ‘man girls sure are bitches’ or ‘I think girls falsify rape charges’ or basically anything that questions the sanctity of a women, to which it is as if this is a person affront that must be avenged.  I would venture that as high as 95% of guys white knight to various degrees.  Again this can simply be tactic approval of the dominate white knight in a situation, or I have seen videos of a guy yelling at a bitchy girl friend and the whole crowd of guys turns on this one guy.  The irony, is so call white ‘Knights’ are not Knights in ANY sort of term, meaning fighting for a cause, code of morals etc, they are merely cowards in our society hoping to be rewarded by some grateful girl.

Typical words/behaviors used by modern white knights:

NAWALT! – I love this one.  You hear it from like 98% of girls too whenever you bring up factual events from your life demonstrating bad girl behaviors or choices.  “Not all women are like that!!!!” Ok, from a purely technical standpoint it indeed would be true ‘not all’ women are like that, but you only need a 50% accuracy for the first level confidence interval for a prediction to be likely accurate.

Defending a slutty girl- See this one a lot. ”Oh she is such a slut.” WK-“How do you know, did you see here with all those guys?”  The irony is these girls probably racked up more fucks in a year than WK in his whole life.

Righting some injustice- This can be anything from guys keeping a ball or something away from the girl, or really anything that is small in the scheme of things but violates this pilfered sense of ‘equality’ between men and women, and that he must avenge this at all costs.  I remember in college once some guys printed a paper to rival this feminist bullshit publication, a lot of guys hated the paper ‘because it wasnt sensitive to the needs of a women’.  I doubt any of these guys got a celebratory sex session for their sensitivity.


The problem, is imagine a time like when knights were actually riding around.  Girls had some value, because society locked them into marriage for life, and as a knight you would have reason to ‘defend your honor’ if some guy was criticizing your women.  Women were not out careering and cock riding until mid or late 30s looking for providers after thier use was gone.  Girls were valued for creating and maintaining families.  There was a point to ‘defending’ them, and with the whole society of honor it was looked at positive and THE HONORABLE GUY AT LEAST OCCASIONALLY GOT THE HOT MAIDEN

The issue occurs on a couple of levels now why the white knight is a suicidal option:

1: Feminism has ‘freed’ women from needing protection (just by supplementing this guardianship in the government and police.  It is so fucking obvious and feminists do not have a CLUE that their marry little fantasy is propped up by this fake daddy-alpha big government).  Here is a post of mine about education being useless compared to rare but true alpha behavior:

2:  Women are convinced they can do it on their own, and view any ‘support’ of them as an insult to their womanhood.  This can be things like holding a door for a girl (seriously wtf is wrong with girls that they have to yell at a guy for doing that?) or asking to hold some bags or whatever.  Ok I get it, you are so tough you can hold your bags, but you do know biologically guys are stronger than girls right?  Oh…does that get into a bit too politically incorrect for you?

3: Society does NOT reward woman defending behavior unlike past societies.  Girls do not get wet over ‘frank defends girls so much~!’  This goes a bit back to #1 that because the alpha has been utterly removed from our ‘tribal interactions’ that girls are raised to not need a guy defending them, unlike much more cruel or real situations.  It is an insult to their fake reality they live in.

Point 3 goes to that if I have not stated it clearly, I do not think White Knighting is at all times a bad strategy for girls, but do NOT mistake that at this point and time it is a UTTERLY SUICIDAL strategy.  For an example imagine some sort of societal collapse, you damn well better think a guy who defends girls is suddenly going to be in a lot more demand than at this point and time.

Society has no honor in it at all anymore.  It is merely a hedonistic, devolving, and rapidly imploding nightmare, of which feminism bears a lot of the blame.  Once girls were worthy of defending, they liked and wanted it, and the guy was actually rewarded.  Instead girls today are trash, ungrateful, and any attempt to ‘save them’ will only ruin you.