Get it through your head: Relationships are auxiliary to your life at best

A lot of people may wonder why I chose the name Knight when there is a lot of hate on ‘White knighting’.  I am not a defender of white knights, they have been destroyed by feminism taking advantage of it.  What I do want to defend though is the idea of a cultured man holding himself to a higher standard, THAT is the Knight I stand for.  A part of being a Knight is being self sufficient, and is this modern world, it is told to you you cannot ‘be successful’ without a woman at your side.

I point to things like the inconceivability of a President running who is not married.  The very idea carries so much baggage to the average trash on america’s streets that it will never happen.  ‘Oh something must bewrongwith him’.  This is not just males either, an accomplished female of 40+ running for president and is not married would be subject to different but similar ridicule.

Are relationships great?  Yes.  But they are also addicting and destructive.  There is a reason ‘unhappily married’ is a understood term.  I ask you to look at your friends in relationships, how many have a good relationships?  If it is higher than 1/5 that is pretty good.

The problem is we have been collectively fed this lie that you are not ‘complete’ without the other.  What is interesting is that as I illustrated with the president, neither sex could win without ‘the other’, but in general a single women who is successful without a man in her life is treated like some sort of living martyr of ‘how hard she must have worked to where she is today’ whereas a single successful man is ‘what is wrong with him, he must suck in bed’.  Male or female though…you do not need anyone else in your life to be successful, whether that is happy, a millionaire etc.

This was a very hard lesson for me to learn, I had gone through life without a relationship for a while, and when I was in one the magic was amazing.  What I did not know was the insidious effects it has on one’s mind.  Starting to ‘live’ for the other was something I succumbed to, and I see in so many others.

Your mind must be a tireless beacon of focus and stability.  Life itself is hard enough, when drama and games begin as they almost inevitability do, unless you have done your work beforehand you will be consumed.  You will find yourself among the ‘unhappily’ married or in a relationship where you are not getting what you want.  I have a lot of good male friends that were awesome bachelors, ‘stallions’ so to say, now utterly degraded by females that somehow wormed their way in and changed them into something they will come to despise.

A relationship is something that should ONLY benefit you.  There should be no downside, or any downside should be vastly outweighed by the perks you are getting.  There is nothing wrong with going it alone.  In fact you need the strength from going it alone to be able to be strong enough to leave bad relationships.

The strength must always come from within