Syria false flag – WW3 potentially kicking off

A mark of intelligence is discerning patterns before they are hoisted upon you by the powers above.  I had been talking with a few friends about how there was a lot of rumbling about a false flag occurring in Syria to keep us there, and a reason to essentially go into a bigger war footing.

One of the smallest things that really alerted me was this:

Yes, its shitty reddit, but the post was entirely random, about a bunch of soldiers who said promotions were handed out like crazy. But some of the comments really paint a vivid picture: essentially entire career fields were promoted with zero requirements, meaning a ‘top heavy’ force that would be perfect for a new influx of fresh meat.

One of the other comments was a national guard or reserve guy mentioning his summer training was preemptively canceled, guessing that there was something in the works.

Something in the works is right.  Remember why we got into Syria the first time?  Evil chemical weapons.  Remember a few months ago a very, very small story about no chemical weapons actually used?  Kind of like iraq.  Meanwhile the meme rolls on.

With Trump getting the likes of Bolton in there among others, the die had been long cast.  It is going to be on, I suspect by midsummer things will be very heated.  I only hope it doesnt turn nuclear.

Heres a random gratuitous nazi girl for you, because that timeline would likely have been much better than this shitty one that might be ending soon.


No Sarin gas found…hmm where have we seen this before?

So it comes out that there was no actually evidence found of sarin gas used in syria- in case you werent paying attention this was the pretext for bombing them and trying to oust Assad.

Of course reading between the lines it was obvious that this was all serving israel because they did not get along with assad.  It was pretty pathetic from the beginning, that some ‘rogue fighters’ were using sarin gas (which if you remember at the time there was a lot of question about if it was even sarin given the chemical burns).

So, there is just one small story about a ‘whoops guess there was no WMDs…uh I mean sarin gas.”


Some long time readers know I have always had thoughts of joining the military for the ‘adventure’ but this kind of bullshit makes me so glad I never went in.

Keep the military machine rolling / Syria refugees

What a sick state of affairs where on one hand we have noobama endlessly tell us how ‘american’ it is to take in endless Syria refugees…then those exact people are the ones absolutely going crazy on france, and only a matter of time here.

So here’s the logic:

Isis/middle east is our enemy

Take in ‘refugees’ from middle east

Act confused why we are being attacked

Respond by bombing middle east more, and then increase the ‘need’ to rescue refugees.

These are the 'refugees'

These are the ‘refugees’


Either people in power are extremely stupid and think that somehow we SHOULD save this trash and that this is not a Trojan horse into the west, or its all by design to keep the military machine rolling and justified, after all ‘terrorism!!!’

The ‘war’ in Syria – an exercise in doublespeak

In case you have been under a rock, there has been a insane media blitz the last week to get us into a fight with Syria.  Before we progress: ask yourself the following two questions:

‘Did Syria undoubtedly use chemical weapons on its own people?’

‘Did Iraq have WMDs?’

The answer to both of these is “No”.  Now if you were to watch the main stream media you would be confused and be thinking I am wrong.  I am not.  UN inspectors themselves admit there is doubt as to who exactly or if there even was a chemical attack.

In fact not only is there doubt, they said evidence suggests it was the ‘rebels’ who used it.


Our society is deeply fucked, our economic system is primed for a cataclysmic collapse, our culture is gutter garbage, no one gives a shit, there are no jobs, but to distract us from these problems we have things like miley cyrus’s softcore porn performance. (As a disclaimer I had no idea who she was until the endless news of ‘how vile’ her performance was as the economy marches to hell)  Also as long as there are ‘enemies’ out there people are distracted away from their own problems.  We have always been at war with Eastasia.

So back to Syria, a chemical attack MAY have happened against someone, but what do we do?  We take this narrative and decide it was Syria’s president Assad and he was gassing his own people. ‘Syria must pay…for the women and children!’ becomes a rallying cry of sorts.  After all, we have to save the women and children right?  Wait a minute…how do we even know who did what?  You are basing a military intervention on hearsay that is unsubstaintated?  Eerie echoes of Iraq thunder in the distance.


Now, with that being said…lets see what our government has to say with anyone questioning the narrative.

“Suggestions that there’s any doubt about who’s responsible for this are as preposterous as a suggestion that the attack did not occur” – Jay Caney, Obama spokesman

I really hope most of my readers have read the book 1984, it seems like that book ended up being a playbook for the world.  We have our government officials telling us that to doubt their assertions are ‘preposterous’ when THEY WERE NEVER SUBSTANTIATED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

UN inspectors say they need 4 more days to conclude…my prediction?  We will move in before that.  ‘Something’ will happen, or the ‘women and children have to be saved’ and in we go.  When it might come out later about the truth of gas attacks, oh well, we made a mistake.  We will laugh it off just like the Iraq war.  Oh it was just that silly texan.  This time it will just be that silly black man and we wait for the next big distraction, no one realizing there are forces beyond the president in control here.  This conflict has a very real likelihood of spilling into a HUGE regional conflict, dragging us into potentially a WW3 depending on how bad things get.

Real people are going to die in Syria, Obama will probably kill more ‘women and children’ than any gas and no one gives a shit, and false pretenses will be enough to let the killing begin.