pro-white rally ends in stabbing at Sacramento

There was a right-wing protest/rally that happened today in Sacramento that ended with leftists charging in and knifing about 10 people, with one of them perhaps dead right now.  I think this story MIGHT get big depending on how they spin it.

They can do the tried and true ‘neo nazi violent rally’ type of thing that suggests it was THEM that were violent.  A kind of omission of the facts.

They may just let it fade away as it was the left that attacked first.

Now I have no idea about these groups AT ALL, other than the typical narrative of ‘evil racist white guys’ and the poor mexicans etc fighting against dem RACISUS.

The violence and anger is getting pretty real.  We might be on the verge of some pretty serious shit here boys and girls…lock and load and SEMPER PARATUS.