Evergreen State – Dindus at it again…how much can whitey take?

In case you dont know (and the media suppresses it) Evergreen State college has had a bunch of riots by the blacks that want to celebrate a ‘day of abscence’ but instead want the whites to leave the campus.  Bunch of other stuff happened like the president excusing homework, and a jew teacher saying it was racist to makes white leave and the dindus turned on him demanding he should get fired for ‘racism’.

Lolzzz…it just never ends.

Here are some of the most gilded blacks ever and still crying over racism.  Eventually whites are going to get pissed off enough that people start shooting.


Specter of ‘Superior Race’

What is pretty funny is how much we go against reality in this day and age.  Eugenics have been banned for about 100 years esp after them evil germans almost enslaved the world.  Here is  a funny story:http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-travel-order-raises-specter-superior-race-hawaii-attorney-general-n731596

The link title tells you what you need to know.  The guy’s name is ‘chin’ so likely some small-bodied asian, inferior physically.    We practice eugenics on EVERYTHING except ourselves.  This is how we get the best plants, the best horses and so on, but lord forbid we want to keep trashy humans out.

Everything comes to an end, and when the USA falls (hopefully without nuclear war) some future empire will practice eugenics, and stomp out those who don’t.

There is no ‘specter’ of a superior race, it is a fact.



Men are slowly waking up

One thing I notice a lot online is a vast multitude of people, and especially white men who are waking up and understanding what is really at stake here. People from widely diverse backgrounds and forums who are all seeing a little angle of the illusion we are fed and saying ‘I don’t think this is right’, and its gaining momentum.

A irony is the more the powers and money that be try to stop this – and boy stop it they do – the more proof of everything ‘radical’ that is being claimed is true. In case you are unaware, two of the largest offenders are jewbo…facebook and youtube, where any pro-white comment is censored and deleted and routinely profiles or videos removed completely. Of course you can be pro-jamal or homo as much as you want and everyone sings praises on your tolerance and diversity.

What is so encouraging though, is every on mainstream media stores – very heavily censored typically so they either don’t last long, or aren’t censored and become true reflections of how much people hate the shit they are fed by multicultraism and cultural Marxism. Very typically it will be some story by a women – nearly always a women as they often are the most unwitting of pawns to the forces of money/darkness – praising some aspect of cultural destruction or another. Often it is things like how great it is women are working longer hours, women are allowed into combat, having less kids, men are more in touch with their feelings, how great it is to have a lot of mixed cultural friends etc etc ad nusaum in every sense. But…you scroll down to the comments and instead of endless dick sucking of how great it is that women don’t raise kids anymore you see…dissidence. You see criticism of the narrative, that maybe having women in power isn’t so good, that blacks maybe actually are more violent or dumb than whites, that forced integration isn’t that good of an idea.

Of course there are wildly different ideas, but what matters is there is finally divergence from the established liberal thought infecting everything. Again to speak candidly, there are a LOT of liberal ideas I agree with – typically the ideas never put forth instead of their endless ‘other love’ and diversity and faggotry and affirmative action that have helped ruin the world.

But gaming forums, exercise forums, relationship forums, news articles, blogs, areas across the internet that share only the commonality that men and/or whites frequent it and they are starting to have an emergent phenomenon of realizing the game against us, and starting to wake up. It is great, I hope it does not get stopped and I am not sure it can because we have finally appropriated a lot of their weapons against us such as shaming and terms like ‘racist’/sexist. There is a cold rationality awaking that no longer cares if you call it racist, or sexist or antijew because all that term proves was how right their own convictions are. Because that is The Script, and we are finally figuring it out, and ready to accept our label but now we are ready to change the ending.

The inability to see Ferguson for what it is

The average person after seeing what is happening in Ferguson, will likely fall into one of two pre-established belief patterns: ‘this is a new fundamental low in race relations for America’ or ‘blacks doing what they do best: nothing productive’. I would hope most of my readers are capable of seeing it beyond these simplistic and pre-programmed ideologues to again see the truth of the matter that will not be talked anywhere.

First, I claim to know nothing definitive, and any prole claiming otherwise – typically a liberal about how that ‘poor innocent black teen’ was murdered- is logically fallacious. There is evidence on both sides, and if I had to guess, it was the black guy likely charging/provoking the police who then responded in typical police fashion and used excessive force.

Now Ferguson will burn, and protests in the SWPL/Lib cities and colleges will erupt over the ‘injustice’ of what is done here. I don’t agree with either ‘side’ but I find the liberal argument much more disgusting, because it is false whereas the conservative side simply doesn’t see the forest for the trees. Most of these injustice warriors are white, secret cultural Marxist sympathizers, and feminists who have likely had next to zero contact with blacks, but profess to somehow be experts that its not the way they are, but instead suppressed by the evil white man keeping them down. Its racially sabotaging, and if I was black, I’d be insulted by their behavior which is more akin to a zookeeper doting on the wild pet that just so cute they can hardly control themselves.

On the other side of the ‘dawww…the poor blacks’ we have the ‘Blacks gone wild’ side subtly espoused by conservatives. The racism is evident, and they also look at the proof – namely blacks going wild before – to use for their conclusions. I have a few problems with them, first in this politically correct society they are too scared to actually SAY their convictions – that being that blacks are typically out of control and destroy far more than they create. Whatever, it is slightly cowardly but perhaps prudent in this fucked up climate. The MAJOR problem though is, they minds stop at the black issue and do not move beyond. They are incapable of seeing the prelude of this to the burgeoning police state – and mentioning to any of them would likely get blank stares or ‘if you are innocent you have nothing to hide’ arguments which I have actually received from the freedumb-loving party.

I turn on the news and its some program called ‘Jose Diaz-Barlart’, great some program lead by a minority in name only, who knows if it’s a female or male, and clearly they have deep feminist leanings with their hyphenated name. I watch a bit but stop because its nothing but commercials, how perfect we now have Commercialized Ferguson TM. Watch a few others for a bit, but its only about how all these liberal campuses are preparing for protests today.

When I was young, I had actually protested before, it was fun, I was ‘making a difference’ but I was naïve. In case you don’t get it PROTESTS DO NOTHING. It just radiates pretension, and the fact the state allows it should really show the effect it has. Watch yesterday if you care, where the protestors are CORRALLED (even the news used the word) down certain streets while the ominous Big Bro police stand slightly pushing them ahead, places that might be effective to actually block – you know like the police station where the injustice happened – remain empty and open for business.

So unfortunately, nothing productive will occur of this. Liberals will reinforce their belief about how the poor sad blacks are kept down and race each other to spill their own blood to make sure the black doesn’t go thirsty, and the Conservatives will see only a half-truth of blacks truer nature, but forget that despite the blacks protesting, you are not going to see the same result for a white man gunned down. To that regard, the blacks are more commendable, minus the looting, in their ability to racially stand together, because the whites watching ‘blacks gone wild’ are missing the whole point that this could have been a white person and there would be no protests, just the ballooning Military-Industrial-Nonprofit-Police-complex.

So pick your poison, we have the emotionally-laden racially-suiciding ‘poor blacks’ whose apparent solution is to give them even more handouts and gov jobs, or the other side which mistakes blacks behavior for the only point of this whole thing and either happily or ignorantly enjoy the boot stomping on the human face- forever.


Brain structure and political leanings + r vs k selection

Ahh, thats better

Something I have been recently on my mind is thoughts regarding conservative vs liberal and r vs k selection.  What follows is by no means anywhere politically correct, but hey have I ever been that way?  There are those that use political correctness to block the truth, the truth must be arrived at by any cost.

As a confession, I was a dyed in the wool liberal growing up, even thought these days a lot of my beliefs could probably be called hyper-conservative I do not sympathize with the republicans (I find them typically less intelligent and far too given to religion), but likewise I find the democrats equally bad joke (their self-righteousness and pro-feminism make them enemies of me) .  I went to a conservative school and my friend and I were likely among the smartest in our grade and took pride in dismantling republican’s everywhere we went, even stomping out teachers.  Liberalism seemed so ‘obvious’ at the time.

Fast forward to college, suddenly I was at a ultra liberal school…and I guess it was my rebellious nature, I found myself arguing the other side against these fools simply for the fun of it.  Certainly even at this time things like ‘social justice for inner city blacks’ never held any sway with me, but I was still pro-feminism in that I thought it was ‘the right thing to do’.  It never made sense to me why this hot 20 year old white girl from a rich family would give a shit about poor blacks in a ghetto.

Well, I came across some research a while ago, here is a link http://blog.psico.edu.uy/cibpsi/files/2011/04/brains.pdf that basically depending on the size of areas of your brain, it influences your behavior and could accurately predict likely political leanings.  Essentially it is an area in your brain related to trust/views on outside groups/ danger.  Liberals tend to have this area substantially smaller, meaning the trust more easily, the do not look at outside groups as dangerous, and generally do not see ‘danger’ in the world.  Reverse this and you get conservatives source for beliefs.

Conservatives are paranoid and liberals are so loving right?  That is how a feminist would turn it around.

What is particularly interesting about this is the second thing, the view on outside groups.  This can be smaller, but in general is basically related to race.  HERE is the reason why all those white girls who have never stepped foot in a ghetto want to give all these resources to them.  To ‘save’ them.  Their minds are literally incapable of seeing them as ‘separate’ as ‘other’ or as anything possibly dangerous.

We see this play out on the national scene so painfully obvious, we have democrat bend over to minority whims, such as selling out to the blacks and mexicans.  Dont anyone dare give me the shit about ‘they care for the blacks’.  NO ONE cares for the blacks, that is a political fact.  Given the immigration policies, and the birth rate demographics, the conservatives are numbered…caput…game over.

Now, this is going to get into even more un-pc territory, if anyone has any links definitely share.  But essentially it also comes down to r vs k selection of species.  In case you didnt take biology, K selection is where you have fewer children but give them more resources, therefore having a fitter individual.  R selection is cranking as many as you can.  Quality vs quantity.  Imagine rabbits vs elephants.  Now…’traditionally’ humans are viewed as K selected, and compared to a rabbit we are.  But look at racial and group break downs of this.  We have africans that crank easily 10 kids or more, and only a few survive into adulthood, whereas asian family often only have 1 kid, who gets everything the parents ever had.  In america we have groups like blacks and mexicans outproduce whites by such substantial margins it is utterly insane from a demographic point of view.

Somewhere I read that liberalism ultimately has a ‘traitor’ gene encoding, meaning that that as an individual they know they are not as fit, and it is their genetic prerogative to see the structure they find themselves in destroyed so that the ‘fitter’ ones are killed by new conquers and the traitors can ingratiate themselves in.  This is a biologic event that does indeed occur in other animals, I see no reason it would not happen in humans.  Thus this leads to the other often thing we see of conservatives ‘pro use’ (because it is their home and do not want it ‘taken over’) where as liberals generally dont care, or in the case of feminists actively want it taken down by foreign invaders…in this case black and mexican ‘barbarians’.

Feminism is a self destructive belief, I have said that before, and here is further proof from a genetic point of view.