Why I am going my own way.

I am not sure what to call this, this is going to be a personal post, and a steam of consciousness.  I am going to explain why I have essentially given up on women, and while that fact is true, I am not a faggot, not gay, in fact I am living a far more content life that I generally have before.

If you are a girl, understand this, (if you will excuse my moment of vanity to help express my point):  I am nearly a perfect, badass guy, the type of guy you wish you had, and you know what?  I have completely given up on your kind.  I am more badass in every way than you will ever be, and your boyfriend or current guy you are ruining is.  I will outrun him, I will outshoot him, I will out fight him, and my intellect will run circles around whatever passes for acceptable intelligence these days.  I am 100% loyal until betrayed or abandoned, kind, and courteous.  And you know what, if those last qualities sound like bitch qualities blame feminism for destroying what civility remained in our fucked up world.

I cry when my dogs died, and I will cry when my current dogs die.  If you think this ‘thug’ guy you are so wet over, or any male is attempting to emulate because he is some ‘hard badass’ let me tell you he is a sham.  One punch to his throat and he will be on the ground in tears begging to stop.  This guy who was oh so cool because he didnt have emotion is now nothing but a joke rolling around on the ground because he had no depth to his front.  This guy who will cry when he sees a wounded deer crawling away from being hit by a car is the same man that will utterly stomp that faggot boyfriend you are putting out to.  And if we brawled, after he is down, and you come running up to me the victor, I would slap you for your traitorous nature.  I don’t need your shit in my life.  You give me nothing.

No, I am not a faggot, and I do not have trouble with women.  After my heart was originally stomped out and I was forced to reconcile my experiences, I tried the whole ‘game’ thing, and within 2 short months I had been with 5 different girls.  Not insane, but a good indication to me that it worked considering I had been a complete virgin only 6 months prior.  At that rate if I bothered I could put down 30 a year, over 100 in four.  But you know what?  It was shallow.  Pointless.  I felt empty.

What was the point?  If I wanted sexual release that bad, I could do it myself far faster, less chance of disease and not deal with this fake pretense.  I had been shown the pointlessness of women’s existence in my life.  The sole thing they could give me that I was not getting from dogs or my friends was sex.  An orgasm was an orgasm, and I did not have to deal with their shit before or after.

Males are far more loyal.  If you are a girl, I actually pity you for in this regard you can never understand loyalty as males can.  Most males are fuck ups, I grant that freely.  But a real bond between males is far deeper than any sacred slut pact between two women.

Women have made war with males.  Well feminism has, and because how widespread it is, de facto most women.  How is a male NOT to feel hate when women are getting jobs they are less qualified for simply by merit of their sex?  Somehow they are less equal than us that they need an advantage, but that we are punished for mentioning the very idea that sexes might not be equal.  How are we NOT to feel angry at the hypocrisy that the hot girl at work shakes her tits around and gets promoted but then tells us its wrong to look at girls for their appearance?  That we shouldnt judge them based on their looks, yet have no problem leveraging looks into whatever goal their shortsighted egos have landed on.

I dont hate women, I really dont.  If you read this and laugh, it shows how deeply ingrained feminism is in your mind.  I find actual women very attractive like my biology has evolved me to.  A women who is gentle, kind, soft spoken, can cook or sew, gives a fuck about me instead of how she can further herself is awesome.  But nearly legendary in this world.

So congrats women, you have successful made a male no longer interested in dating (what a joke that word represents now).  A male who knows everything from fixing a car, to a computer, I can field strip a gun, can sharpen a knife, I can argue Shakespeare or Nietzsche, discuss the merits of history or modern politics, very well educated in all the main branches of science, can offer theories on esoteric physics concepts, utterly stomp out faggot thugs, and perhaps lastly…love.

Congratulations women, this Renaissance man who is more than capable of gaming your slutty ass to put out for me, does not want you.  A male who epitomized both everything stated and subconscious in women to be the ideal hypergamous mate is no longer interested in you.  That does not mean I am giving up, it does not mean I am turning gay, it means the lie I was fed that I have to have a woman has been exposed to me for being the farce it is.

If real women come back I will be the first one there cheering them, and if there ever is a girl out there worth anything more than a pounding I am not even bothering to give her I will still be on the search for her; but I do not need ‘someone to complete me’.  I am content, focused, and driven.

Simply, that as I go through life, I do not need a woman by my side.