Some good sites to read, and some I am wary of

First and foremost some of these are recent, so if they are cryptojew or whatever, I don’t know about it, this is in contrast to daily stormer which is a major jew if not straight mossad run site.

decent ‘main stream’ alternative media: – heavy econ focus and a little trump love, but most of the people in the comments are surprisingly jew aware given the mainstream reach of this site i used this sparingly as it is a neocon/christian can do no wrong – style of reading, but a good break from MSM sites


recent hardcore sites I have found:

(these seem to be much more down with a white ethno state in the usa, they seem pretty legit, if I am wrong, someone correct me)

here is a radio/podcast site related to them:



Stay away from:

alex jones – this guy helped me a little break free of MSM but he is major crypto jew and dodges around everything literally, and I mean literally blaming it on nazis.

stephan molyneux – a smart guy that swung hard right, but dodged jew question and outright says it doesnt matter

dailystormer – early on seemed a surprisig source of news if not heavily biased, but I have heard stories of ip farming, and it just is way over the top with ‘gas the kikes’, similar to faggots leading altright

milo fagopolis – alt right gay guy, not interested.

Are Muslims the enemy?

Now before you think I have gone bleeding heart on you, this is more of an open ended question.  I am a truth seeker first and foremost, I don’t claim to have answers.

One thing I do know, is if the media wants us to hate someone, there is reason to believe perhaps we shoudln’t.  The topic is very complicated though, because historically muslims have been our enemies.

I like to think some of my polish ancestors were part of the infamous Winger Hussars that absolutely obliterated the muslim invasion of europe:


Further, you have the Council of foreign relation, saul alinsky, bilderberg group inspired muslims relocation into europe.  We are supposed to ‘love’ them while they bomb us.

I suspect this is all so that in a few years when a big attack gets kicked off they can rally more ‘anti muslim hate’ and we can continue endless wars in the middle east.

I don’t blame the muslims, as terrorism is in the eyes of the beholder, as a saying I say goes.  If ‘the empire’ was invading my state I’d fight them off as well.  That being said, I think the best idea is to leave the muslims alone, BUT IN THEIR AREA OF THE WORLD.  Let the fight each other, but live in peace except if they want to come into our ethnocentric state – which we deny.

Its complex, I have smart readers here, this could be a good discussion.

Trumps escalation with Iran – not good

One disturbing thing about the alt-right is a vast majority of them are enamored with Trump and ‘can do no wrong’.  Much like the left was with obama.  People in general can’t think objectively, and as long as ‘my’ guy is winning don’t think beyond it.

In case you are not aware Trump ‘put iran on notice’ (wth is this, high school rap/cool kid crew?).  Iran is the enemy of isreal, so Trump being a projew, it makes sense he would take out one of the last real enemies over there.

In a thing that could be a pretty good plot twist, Iran is defiant and says it will release a list of us individuals and corporations who fund terrorists.

What is interesting about this, is first I doubt anyone who pays attention doubts this happens already, but the average person couldn’t comprehend this.  ‘You mean the cia actually funded al quida?’ etc

It would be really interesting to see people like kerry, killary, mccain etc.

I really hope they release this, but of course MSM will have a ‘lastest breaking news, trump is racist as fuck!’ and not cover this in the slightest.  Kind of like how like the top 50 media people all were on killary’s payroll, didn’t see that covered either.

Democratic debate / Sanders

The debate is happening right now, predictably its a lot of grand standing, esp. Hillary unloading endless divisive issues, lets see in her opening she proceeded to invoke women issues about 3x, dumped so pro-gay things and got a class warfare in.

But contrast her with Sanders (who I think he has some legitimacy BECAUSE he called out bankers which nearly no one else has done).  Hillary is a vague ‘middle class needs help’ vs sanders who outright blames the billionaires who have corrupted our country.  Could he be a plant, or false, or whatever?  Sure.  But like Trump on immigration, Sanders on bank corruption is useful SIMPLY to make people aware of what is happening.

The one thing I was wary of with sanders is on his page he was talking about the ‘wage gap’ which is so false its hard to stand, the only thing I can think/hope is that he knows he needs all the lib chicks to get elected, so if its utilitarian I can support him.

Sanders is out there spitting truth which could get him the loss, compare to hillary who ‘I love capitalism’ euphemisms.

Anyway it could all be a obama 08 all over again with sanders, but from what I saw his blatant socialism is something I can get behind with his apparent honesty.

Why I thank obama…for waking me up

I am one of the few fortunate ones that I was able to wake up from the illusion we are all kept in. I do not pretend to have the answers, simply that I have left the illusions we start in behind. For this I owe a lot to Obama, I am being slightly facetious of course, as I find his presidency one of the most pathetic shams, but I am actually thankful because it helped annihilate past illusions.

I came of age during the bush presidency, and in high school was one of the most ardent, outspoken liberals around, period. I would take on anyone who thought bush was good, that Iraq wasn’t about oil etc. I had that sure-ness that youth is endowed with. The ‘rightness’ of democrats was self-evident to me, republicans were racist, ignorant, gun-loving, bible thumpers. Let me dispense with any pretense, I still believe most of those descriptors apply to republicans, now at this point you brain may be confused, because that is how we are reared, you are either democrat OR republican, it doesn’t make sense to be either, that is part of the illusion I awoke from.

At the time couldn’t republicans see how clearly racist they were? Couldn’t they see just because of color of skin you shouldn’t judge? Every time they slung around ‘nigger’ it just made them look stupid, all while clutching their bible that even a cursory glance at would tell you how obviously fake that was.

Fast forward to college, I was at this insanely liberal college, at this point the walls of the illusion started to become subconsciously aware to me. It was cultural relativism (cultural Marxism) at its highest, no one was ‘right’ as everyone determined their own morality, what was right etc. If one guy liked fucking others guys in the ass who were you to look down on him? If a girl took a 100 dicks, that didn’t make her a slut, it made her independent. It was these kind of things that didn’t sit right with me. I was seeing liberalism at its extreme, and even at the time I saw it was a bad idea. I think the biggest thing was the hypocrisy, where supposedly we couldn’t judge others, YET the ‘normal’ mentality was judged relentlessly as racist/homophobic etc. I was an observer at this point, I had gay friends etc, but was always struck by why did people who not like gays were FORCED to capitulate to gays, lest they be ‘homophobic’ or that the raging feminism that if you questioned the orthodoxy you were ‘sexist’? I thought tolerance was the key word here…tolerant only for certain abnormalities it seemed.

I remember this one girl I was friends with…man I tore her liberal delusions down so often, I remember making her cry a few times. Anyway, she was big into ‘social justice’ (typically code word for wanting to help blacks) it made ZERO sense to me why you had these white girls that wanted to go into ghettos or Africa to help degenerate blacks. At the time this wasn’t even a racist thing, it was pure pragmatism, why would a young girl go into an area her chances for getting raped or attacked were extremely elevated? With this, I remember I too shared the self-flogging whites are raised with, that we are so racist, that the poor black needs a chance, etc etc. It was a race to the bottom to show how un-racist you were, how much you would capitulate to inferior races or sexes simply to prove you weren’t racist, sexist, homophobe etc. Not that people should be measured on merit, no that just wont do, if you don’t want to give the black or girl bonus points then YOU MUST BE SEXIST YOU PIG!

I was already seeing glitches in the matrix, as you might tell. Another big thing was I was raised on guns, and it was about the only ‘republican’ issue that conflicted with my liberal mindset as I was younger. I was responsible and shot for fun. Yet my college classmates routinely derided guns as shallow, stupid, barbarous, etc. That only bible lovers were stupid enough for guns. Hmm…but I didn’t like the bible, and I wasn’t stupid, yet I liked guns. There were the beginnings of the cognitive dissonance I was forced to reconcile.

Then along came the savior Obama. I was still in the white-apology stage so many of us are stuck in, where if we could ‘only’ elect a black guy maybe that would show everyone we aren’t racist. He would cleanse the politician realm with REAL change instead of mass corruption, mil-industrial complex, religious handouts etc. He would pull us out of the wars, get the environment protected etc. It was nearly perfect. Then the savior won.


Wait, nothing isn’t accurate. What we saw was no different than a Bush 2.0. More wars, more domestic spying, more surveillance, more security state, more political corruption, more saying one and doing another. At this point understand I was becoming more nuanced in my thinking, and could understand Obama sending in guys to Iraq was no different than bush, no matter what the news or people said to the contrary. I was stunned by the cognitive dissonance around me, everyone eviscerated bush for the wars, for the surveillance etc…and they praised Obama on the same breath! Could they not see the facts, that Obama was just as bad, or perhaps worse than bush, because he lied and pretended it wasn’t happening.

I realized the Obama deception fairly rapidly, probably about 2-3 years into his first term, I changed my affiliation to ‘unaffiliated’ because I realized at this point both parties were the same.


A statement likely to trigger some cognitive dissonance, but that is reality. They both serve the same corporate masters (look up campaign contributions, major banks etc fund both parties huge) they want the same thing: decreasing rights, mass surveillance endless wars, mass serfdom for all etc.

I had begun to see the world beyond the white and the black they fed us. That race was real, that gays were an abnormality, that the democrats were just as bad sell-outs as the republicans, that guns and the bible were issues to distract republicans from anything real, that neither party cared at all, that we were nothing more than a corporate oligarchy.

So thanks Obama, you helped awaken me from the illusion of the white/black dichotomy and realize the cultural Marxist reality were are in and slipping deeper into.

Musings on liberalism/conservatism, women, and my past

I was reading some of a blog I found called it is an interesting article, but a bit long. First let me state a few things: I think he brings up some very good points I will discuss, but it also despite its bluster of trying to be hard science falls into emotional appeals much like he maligns in there.  The major point he brings up, is that liberals have a r-selected and traitorous strategy that seeks to destroy the main k group, where as conservatives are basically the loyal squad members.  I think he see things through some rose colored glasses, but one thing I never heard, but looking back on my life rings very true: that of liberals attempting to sabotage the dominate paradigm so they hope they can get ahead in the chaos that follows.

A background about myself, I was a dyed-in-the-wool liberal through high school, I protested the iraq war with walkouts and actual protests, and generally thought any republican belief was about as self-evidently wrong as they come.  (Except for guns, I had always had an affinity for them.)  Though I was mega-lib I always prided myself on at least considering the alternatives, given them some credence, and I always played devils advocate.

Flash forward to college, I was in a hyper-liberal ivy league school, and while I agreed with a lot of the tenants, notably environmentalism, I was infamous for being argumentative with the standard dogma everyone else bought into.  Especially things like so called ‘social justice’, and everyone’s supposed equality.

This was somehow equal…

…to this

On a unconscious level I knew something was wrong.  After all, fit people were just ‘better’ than fat people, smart people were better than dumb people, could I necessarily explain it?  What I was not though, was heartless.  I understood people being given a chance, because I had been given one early in my life.  But a CHANCE was all people deserved, what I saw around me was utter desire to placate and completely uneven the play field to somehow make inferior people more desirable than the already desirable.

I had long been fascinated with eugenics, despite the demonization of them in current society.  This belief was to much chagrin of my fellow students.  To me, this was clearly the ONLY way we could truly be equal.  ANYTHING else was either a blindness to the truth, or an outright lie, more likely the later.  How the HELL could I be equal to someone I was faster than, easily twice as smart, more compassionate, more likely to help society, and generally superior in every way, yet somehow we were ‘equal’?

The absolute worst was that it did not even end at this ‘equality’ in truth to take an Animal Farm reference “some animals were more equal than others”.  At my school it was women.  But of the things they espoused, it was mainly about blacks.  About how we need to funnel all this money into inner cities for some reason under a guise of social justice, that it ‘just wasnt fair’.  I work as a fire fighter among my other jobs, and let me tell you, the hiring is utterly fucked up, among the whole ‘good old boys club’ anyone is forced to navigate the most egregious of hiring practices is in place (and not only fire fighting, most government agencies are this way) : that of racial or sexual preference points.

Let me explain briefly: if you are a women, you get bonus points, and if you are black you get bonus points (very ‘unequal’ beyond its obvious facet, no Asian bonus for example.)

Anyway, so all this permeates my mind, and I begin to wonder what truly is right and wrong.  Among the most shocking of things that set me straight was obama, I was always disillusioned with politics, and obama was this ‘brave new hope’ to the world of dark dealing.  I voted for him.  What did a get?  Bush 2.0.  There were many things that changed my worldview, equally notably was the girl who broke my heart and I was forced to reevaluate everything and all the lies I was told about relationships.

So I was hit with a one/two punch, my personal life was destroyed by liberal illusions, and the outer world was equally exposed as a hypocrisy when obama was just another politician, (funded by the same people who support both sides), I did not vote for obama in 2012, I have nothing but contempt for him now.

The article gave me something very interesting to think about, clearly things like white girls talking about giving money to black inner city males did not make much logical sense.  But when viewed through the evolutionary lens of a r-selected traitor gene, it makes a lot of sense, the girl knows she wont be attacked by her white male protectors regardless of how dumb she is, but if she can curry favor with the ‘evil black men’ then if they ever rise to power she hopes she will be treated better than she normally would since she ‘helped’ the outsider in.

Gives me a lot to think about, to re-evaluate why so many people were so obviously counter to their interests.

Thinking about the world