New mass shooting – the perpetrator changes the narrative

In case you aren’t aware there was a big mass shooting where 50 people died, worst in recent history.  It was a muslim guy.  Now, consider if this was a white male how different the narrative would be.

Because its a muslim who is in general off limits, we can’t talk about religious extremism, his culture, how islam is a ‘religion of peace’ etc etc.  But oh boy if that was a white male it would be endless ‘politics of hate’ ‘donald trump supporters’ and so on.

Because its the muslim, there will be little talk of gun control compared to if this was a white male.  Notice in obama’s speech that he talks about the poor victims (gays) and to generate a bunch of sympathy for those misguide souls, and NOT ONCE does he mention the words ‘muslim’ or ‘islam’ very interesting.

If this was a white nationalist it’d be all these things about KKK connections, south civil war sympathies, alt right blogs etc etc.  The ‘poor gays’ narrative would still be there, but itd be much more blaming of the shooter’s culture instead of giving the muslim a free pass.