The independence trap for girls

I recently realized a trap that many modern women are destroyed by: the illusion of independence.


I have known a few really cool young girls(18-21ish) who are what you would consider catches: kind, feminine, likes to cook, good with animals, likes outdoors, easy to please and so on.

Every one of them went to college and got destroyed.  It’d be easy to blame feminism, so I will partly, but the reality is our culture tells girls that they can go it alone and they are better for it, and that it is guys who are dragging them down.

Of course most girls cant go it alone.  One girl I knew had like 100k from some settlement she was in, and she doesn’t buy better blankets because ‘they are expensive’ and keep in mind she is smarter than most.  Regardless, a vast majority arent going to make it without suffering alot.

So they suffer, and they get angry, then they look for someone to blame.  Culture tells them guys, so they blame them.

They were set into a trap they couldn’t win, and when they lost they perpetuate the problem.  Seen it before.  Sad.


Not giving a fuck allows you to focus on what matters

I am plowing through a book called ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’ and despite the cheeky title and the pretty abysmal first chapter of him throwing ‘fuck’ around tons, it actually gets pretty good, it talks about how our current society is in this massive nihilistic depression because we all think we ‘should’ be happy and see everyone else happy.

It is a pretty interesting book because he talks about how we need to pick virtues and goals to live by and something like ‘I want to be happy’ is a recipe for disaster because we CANNOT be happy all the time.  This is like the NAWALT girl I doted on a bit a few days ago (she left to go travel, I see how AWALT she actually was, a girl who sopism did not allow her to realize the consequence of her actions).

I tried talking to AWALT girl about how you can’t chase happiness as the goal of life, she was legitimately confused why this couldn’t be the case.  That was strike one.  Strike two was later when she mentioned she had to take her birth control pills for her bf, strike 3 came not much after when she admitted she was a heroin addict before she saw the light.

Anyway, so we only have a set number ‘of fucks to give’ a day, and when we spend them on stupid shit – namely what people think, what we ‘should’ do, if that girl is going to text etc that is less thing we can spend on stuff that should matter.  Often I waste WAY too much time with dumb bitching texting or not texting me.  This is time and brain power not devoted to writing, thinking or anything else important.

The main thing in the book is to think about what SACRIFICE we are willing to endure, not the goal.  Everyone wants a fancy car, a trip to the beach, but what is the sacrifice we are willing to pay?  Working 5 years straight at a shitty job?  Or with love, are we able to endure endless fucking games/heartbreak and lonely nights for love?

I am reminded of a bodybuilding quote ‘Everyone wants to be strong, no one wants to lift heavy weight’.  Like AWALT girl if I worked out only because ‘it was fun’ I would have left a long time ago.  There has to be virtue in our life that makes our decisions NOT based on if we feel good, or if it ‘makes us happy’.  Life is not something where happiness is a normal state.

My recent experience with a NAWALT (unironic)

Any of my long time readers know I came redpill out of the anti-feminist/pua movement, I’ve banged my share of girls but in general are very distrustful, and a degree of misogyny given how shitty modern women are.  Imagine my surprise meeting a ‘not all women are like that’ and that’s not being coy.

I was set up on a pseudo date by a friend of a friend sort of thing.  I wasn’t expecting much but we took a walk and I was surprised by how open-minded she was (she’s 22) about some heavy philosophical concepts.  It is extremely important to note that she grew up in a very small town, and after graduating high school LEFT the usa to go travel and scuba dive for money.  Yes, I know the prediction is a hyper lib girl that slept her way across the globe.

The thing that blew my mind was how easy the conversation was.  We shared our stories, her of traveling the world, mine of my own travels and insights into life.  And you know what was so interesting and novel?  SHE LISTENED.  There wasn’t the issue of nearly every modern female who is incredible sophist, vapid and narcissistic.  Where they feel the need to one up legitimate stories with some pathetic story that is neither related nor equivalent in level of epicness.

She showed a DEFERENCE to my experiences, my stories, my wisdom. I really needed this as a reminder to myself that I actually know what the fuck is going on in this world, and having stupid bitches judge me is not an accurate metric of my intellect.

After the walk, she invited me later to dinner at her house.  She cooked a great meal and we had a conversation at the dinner table for 4 hours about philosophy, reality, and things like that.  She was young, didn’t know nearly the stuff I did, but she had an earnestness and a desire to learn.

No, I didn’t bang her, but intellectually it was so fun and novel for once.  I had told her it was refreshing, because a true conversation requires BOTH people to possess a level of humility that they indeed could be wrong (therefore open to a new idea) and a willingness to learn.

Anyway, it was a great conversation/ ‘date’. I think the real take away are there are great girls out there still, really rare, and the fact she escaped the college indoc. camp is especially notable.


We have no idea how the elite live

Something I think escapes a lot of peoples mind is that we assume how WE think is how others think.  I assume most of my readers are males of middle class birth.  How we think is approximate for others in our class, we respect or fear the law, we just want some time off, think its a big deal if a hot girl is into us etc.

We do NOT understand what is it like to have endless money, time, girl attention and so on.  I was struck by this story which is generally forgetable as its the olypmic star caught with some young 20 year old he fucked and it comes out she is a widow on some drug lord.

Think about it from both of these perspectives, from bolts he likely has hundreds of girls throwing themselves at him, it is impossible for us to know what that is like with endless girls flaking on us, being coy etc.  I recently read a theory that went in this age of sexual liberty girls get a taste of alpha cock and assume because they got pumped by it, they deserve it, thus leaving the ‘regular’ guys out in the cold

From this girls, its even more distorted than I can imagine.  From her pics she doesnt look that hot, so why he went with her I am not sure.  Regardless so she is a ‘student’ yet married to a drug lord at one time.  This means she likely had ENDLESS money thrown at her.  Plane rides, vacations, drinks/parties every day.  Something a working fool can never imagine.

Its all the SJW rage to talk about ‘white male privilege’ but anything who lives in the real world knows this is a joke. Females have privilege nonexistent for most males, and if she is remotely attractive she can jump social classes a way a male can not.

The point is not ‘woe is me as a white male’ but that our mindset is utterly wrong and inadequacy to deal with other people in other situations.  It just hit me right now, but think of the girl I was talking about the last couple of posts, she comes from an upper class family where they have at least 2-3 houses and she gets one for herself.  She still occasionally worked retail jobs, but never had to.  But because she is attractive, and no morals she sluts around and lives only for hedonism.

In a lot of ways its not any different than ms drug lord student.  Bouncing from guy to guy wanting to be choked out, utterly INCOMPREHENSIBLE about what life might be like for a ‘normal’ person.  It is normal for her to get pounded at a moments notice from any guy she wants.

Th depravity of younger generations

I recently was on a date with a younger girl, she was I think 22, to society she appears a cute little NICE GIRL.  I was surprised by how utterly deprave she was, and I know this is pretty typical given my experience with other young women who openly talk to strangers (me) about sleeping with guys to get items, entrance to places, money, or just fill the void in themselves.

This girl admitted to me she was a ‘submissive’ and before I get into that, somehow justified her ‘taking control’ until the sexual encounter at which point she would let go.  The first BPD girl I was with who broke my heart was the same way – at the time my blue pill self seemed ‘oh what a big strong girl!” now I see how psychologically unstable it is.

She said she would shut guys down until she was ready, when I said this didn’t seem submissive she didn’t see a problem with it.  (Clearly the date wasnt going good if it was interview time, I realized that)

The debauchery she engaged in started with her admitting she was bi – is there any young women these days NOT bi anymore?  The details were disturbing how she likes to be tied up, abused, choked, beaten, gagged. Told what to do ‘I love it when guys shove me to the floor and tell me to suck their cock’.  Engaged in all sorts of 3-ways.  Liked being spanked to orgasm etc.

The real point of all this though, isn’t that this is just some random dirty whore, this is nearly ALL young women.  That cute waitress playing coy?  That nurse at the hospital?  ALL of them want acts more deprave than most normal men able comfortable giving.  I have had conversations with guys confirming these facts.

Why do women want to be degraded?  I have no idea but its disturbing.

Men are slowly waking up

One thing I notice a lot online is a vast multitude of people, and especially white men who are waking up and understanding what is really at stake here. People from widely diverse backgrounds and forums who are all seeing a little angle of the illusion we are fed and saying ‘I don’t think this is right’, and its gaining momentum.

A irony is the more the powers and money that be try to stop this – and boy stop it they do – the more proof of everything ‘radical’ that is being claimed is true. In case you are unaware, two of the largest offenders are jewbo…facebook and youtube, where any pro-white comment is censored and deleted and routinely profiles or videos removed completely. Of course you can be pro-jamal or homo as much as you want and everyone sings praises on your tolerance and diversity.

What is so encouraging though, is every on mainstream media stores – very heavily censored typically so they either don’t last long, or aren’t censored and become true reflections of how much people hate the shit they are fed by multicultraism and cultural Marxism. Very typically it will be some story by a women – nearly always a women as they often are the most unwitting of pawns to the forces of money/darkness – praising some aspect of cultural destruction or another. Often it is things like how great it is women are working longer hours, women are allowed into combat, having less kids, men are more in touch with their feelings, how great it is to have a lot of mixed cultural friends etc etc ad nusaum in every sense. But…you scroll down to the comments and instead of endless dick sucking of how great it is that women don’t raise kids anymore you see…dissidence. You see criticism of the narrative, that maybe having women in power isn’t so good, that blacks maybe actually are more violent or dumb than whites, that forced integration isn’t that good of an idea.

Of course there are wildly different ideas, but what matters is there is finally divergence from the established liberal thought infecting everything. Again to speak candidly, there are a LOT of liberal ideas I agree with – typically the ideas never put forth instead of their endless ‘other love’ and diversity and faggotry and affirmative action that have helped ruin the world.

But gaming forums, exercise forums, relationship forums, news articles, blogs, areas across the internet that share only the commonality that men and/or whites frequent it and they are starting to have an emergent phenomenon of realizing the game against us, and starting to wake up. It is great, I hope it does not get stopped and I am not sure it can because we have finally appropriated a lot of their weapons against us such as shaming and terms like ‘racist’/sexist. There is a cold rationality awaking that no longer cares if you call it racist, or sexist or antijew because all that term proves was how right their own convictions are. Because that is The Script, and we are finally figuring it out, and ready to accept our label but now we are ready to change the ending.