The struggle against those evil nationalists…

Facebook’s (((Zuckerberg))): Fight Against Nationalism ‘Struggle of our Time’

…Zuckerberg said he took (a dreamer) out for his birthday and when he asked him what he wanted, “he started talking about students he saw struggling and said, ‘you know, I’d really just like a book on social justice.’”


Yes because people wanting their own country and own culture is such a bad thing.  A real struggle of our time.  It literally would only take about 10 seconds of true self-reflection to wonder ‘why exactly should I be against nationalism?’.

As people like Ryu have pointed out, you have these ultra rich (and often jewish) preach open borders but live in gated communities and high walls + machine gun guards.


Despite Trump winning, I am wary

I have been hot and cold on trump and I actually bet money on him to win.  I am a bit surprised by it, but here are some thoughts I have regarding his win.  To be clear I hate both parties equally.  The republicans for their general bussiness-at-expense-of-all-else and the demos for their pro mino/femenisim.

1.How fast all his enemies lining up behind them, like obama etc was he nothing but controlled opposition all along?  Could also be how groveling most are.

2.  Trump was running against the republicans as much as the demos, yet 95% of people dont see this.  Thus the repubs had a big win down the line. There is a reason the term ‘cuckservative’ came around.

2a.  By the cuckservatives winning, it buys them more time without the populace realizing they are just as guilty.

3.  Very few riots.  This suggests to me people are far more docile than I ever predicted.

4.  I gambled a lot on trump, the highs were high and the lows were low, I feel like my dopamine receptors are burned out, further proof to me that our minds need far more moderation than our society thinks.

5.  I love seeing the feminists lose, but having chump repubs win is not good.  They will likely continue to grow, consider that the repubs have had the house for nearly ever and do SHIT with it.

6.  I ‘won’ but feel very wary about it, in a lot of ways a clinton win might have been better as it forced our hands.  Now all the alt right/succesionists/nationalists etc are pacified for at least 5 years.  Perhaps this is the biggest loss.

Wow, just wow, it’s 2016, and Trump is literally Hitler, I can’t even.

I hope my readers know I use that left speak as sarcasm in the title. I had been on the Trump train over  a year ago when he wanted to boot out all the illegals and muslim, he was a nobody with 1/100 odds to be the nominee (should have bet on him).

When he won, it was sick.  But pretty soon after he started acting like all the rest of them.  Notice all the replublicans have shut up about him now?  If he was a true outsider they’d be bitching endlessly.

I appreciate the spotlight on nationalism, but the problem as I have state before is trump NEVER was a nationalist.  He made his money selling shit out of china, now talks of protection?

What I fear is going to happen is Trump will win, placate the ‘rabid right’ and he will be like an obama and do shit.  But it will quell the right/nationalist movement and prime us for some ultra leftist in 4-8 years.


The rise of nationalism

I must admit about 2-3 years ago I was not sure there was any hope for getting out of the liberal sewer we were all getting drug down, too many faggy ‘triggered’, minority loving emotional arguments that ANY dissension against was viewed as racist/’stupid’ etc.  Honestly, they could have kept the status quo going and there would have been no problem, but the recent missteps have backfired so bad the rise of nationalism and backdoor racism have hit a critical point that has given me renewed hope.

Take Europe, the horde of muslims that are raping and bombing their way across the country simply adds fuel to EVERY ultra right wing/nationalist ideology while painting liberalism as a failed thought process.

Trump in our country could be an inside candidate, at this point I doubt it as he has unleashed far too much hate and ‘real talk’ that never should have seen the light of day.  Too many people say ‘yeah, we REALLY should boot out the mexicans/muzz etc’

It is really coming to a head, its great.