Psychologists and Lawyers – modern day ‘medicine men’

I think by far the two biggest ‘career’ fields that is helping tank this country in the ground is psychologists and lawyers, modern day ‘medicine men’.  For the record I include politicians within the lawyer category.

They both do different things but operate under the same shadowy premise of ‘the average man ‘ understand what we do’ so are given this pseudo-god power to operate in the shadows, and charge exorbitant money for their divination.

A term that is relevant here is ‘planned obsolescence’ which is actually a manufacturing term that items are DESIGNED to fail so you  have to buy new ones (oh, how cute, you can thanks capitalists for that), like for example ipod nanos were programmed to die shortly after the warranty lapses, it happened to me and tons others if you care to look online, fucking bastards.

But groups, careers, agencies etc are NOT designed with planned obsolescence, so instead of completing the mission then fading away, they get far away from their intend scope and have to JUSTIFY their existence.

This part is how psychologists and lawyers operate.  The law gets increasingly convoluted, long, and impenetrable, so only the chosen class can ever access the holy records and tell us peons what the answers in the tablets are. Oh yes, that will be a season worth of food for the services rendered.

What happens, predictably in a capitalistic society, is that the priest class becomes very wealthy, because they alone wield the power, consider obamacare, I think it was over 700 pages, SEVEN HUNDRED FUCKING PAGES, and you know what was in a lot of that?  Handouts to various companies, ahh yes, capitalism taken to its logical conclusion of a corporate oligarchy…included in the law is that if insurance companies DONT make money us peons will be forced to bail them out.  Did you know that one?

Its this revolving door of lobbyist>politician>lawyer>lobbyist.  I hear a lot of capitalism defenders talk about a meritocracy, as if our country was such a thing, but then defend progressive credentialism of needing doctors for psychology or lawyer.  Did you know only california can you take the bar exam WITHOUT passing the law school sham?  Think about this for a moment, if we truly were a meritocracy, if you prove you know your shit, regardless of if you shoveled out 300k for the degree shouldn’t you be able to practice?  Nope.  Because that’s not the plan, the plan is a controlled over-class to monitor the peons.

Now consider psychologists, the general pattern is the same: ‘smarter’ than the average man, does this ‘magical’ in nature we can’t understand, constantly expands and justifies their existence.

Lawyers have been on this game much longer, but psychologists got in the game hard maybe 5-10 years ago, now nearly every news story has to include some psy guy (Or girl, because lets be honest most psych are girls because they can’t do actual science) the psy girl is talking about what the person ‘must have been thinking’.  As if some rich, golden spoon 23 year old female has any idea what the 30 year old black guy from the ghetto ‘was thinking’ when he robbed or shot someone.

Psy has been tied in very hard to the drug industry, so we get this perverse (or I forgot, is this a normal incentive in capitalism?) incentive that the oracles determine how messed up each of us are, and what of the magic herbs will fix us.  Oh…and that will be a seasons worth of food for the magic herbs…but you dont want to be ‘crazy’ right?

It is disgusting as fuck.  I actually enjoy psychology quite a bit, but I am under no delusion it is a COMPLETE pseudo science.  The human brain is mod-able, and variable, yet they think because someone is depressed from getting dumped, watching too much pron, or whatever some drug will fix that?  Or that a male has violent tendencies (heaven forbid in this ‘modern’ society!) he needs to be drugged into stupor lest he disrupt the machine we have become.  There is actually evidence of mediation and will power overcoming things that supposedly are only ‘cured’ by some expensive drugs from Merck, but you never hear about that.  Or how about over 1/10 people are on antidepressants, or that there is a 400% increase in anti depressant use in just 10 years?  So we have over 30 million people addicted to these drugs that are shown to re-write your brain, what the fuck has happened to us?

Then again, I am kind of crazy, maybe I should go talk to a lawyer to see if what I am posting is legal, and go talk to a psy girl and get some drugs to ‘calm me down’.