Trumps escalation with Iran – not good

One disturbing thing about the alt-right is a vast majority of them are enamored with Trump and ‘can do no wrong’.  Much like the left was with obama.  People in general can’t think objectively, and as long as ‘my’ guy is winning don’t think beyond it.

In case you are not aware Trump ‘put iran on notice’ (wth is this, high school rap/cool kid crew?).  Iran is the enemy of isreal, so Trump being a projew, it makes sense he would take out one of the last real enemies over there.

In a thing that could be a pretty good plot twist, Iran is defiant and says it will release a list of us individuals and corporations who fund terrorists.

What is interesting about this, is first I doubt anyone who pays attention doubts this happens already, but the average person couldn’t comprehend this.  ‘You mean the cia actually funded al quida?’ etc

It would be really interesting to see people like kerry, killary, mccain etc.

I really hope they release this, but of course MSM will have a ‘lastest breaking news, trump is racist as fuck!’ and not cover this in the slightest.  Kind of like how like the top 50 media people all were on killary’s payroll, didn’t see that covered either.


The mysterious recount of wisconsin

This is an interesting little story in case you haven’t been following.  Essentially (((Jill Stein))) of the green party has got enough money to force a recount in a few key states of the election.

The ‘grass roots’ raised millions of dollars in a very short period of time, the average was something like TWO GRAND PER MINUTE, of course she is ‘not connected with hillary at all’.

So what does someone from the tribe like (((Jill))) gain from this?  Esp that she once said hillary was more dangerous than trump. The obvious answer of course is that she is funded largely by the Killary krew and where all the mysterious money came in.

This was my theory, and its proving to be correct that now Killary is saying ‘it wasn’t our idea, but we will get on board’.

I once liked the green party, I was a huge environmentalist, and they loosely stood for something, now they are even more extreme than the democrats.  On their politic page they had 10 ‘pillars’ they stood for, nine of them were literal ‘social justice’ for the women ,the blacks, the gays and so on.  Poor environment was only 1 of the ‘green’ party’s pillars.

So, seeing such ties between Killary and one of the tribe isn’t surprising.  No way this is actually turned over, but I could see a ‘evidence of hacknig’ and maybe turn one state over and cause some chaos with ‘illegitimate president’.

The implosion of the democrat party

The suicide of the democrat party is a good microcosm of the entire country in many ways – it is kept alive merely by will/lies/propaganda.

Consider the fact that Sanders quits the democrat party the day after ‘endorsing’ Killary Cunton.  Probably didn’t hear that one on the endless marxist media did you?

I am not a Trump fan by any means, I appreciate his token nationalism, but I don’t really believe he will do anything much like the ‘change’ obama promised vs what he brought.  He repeatedly says about how the economy sucks, to which Killary and crew talk about how wall street is at its all time highs, how great it is etc.  How many people still believe the utterly fake NASDAQ/NYSE is ANY mirror of reality?

I really want to see Killary smashed, but in a lot of ways her NOT going down shows how fucked up this system is.  I worked for the government for about 2 years, if I sent ONE secret email I would be in jail, for her to send thousands and get off shows the deep corruption in the highest levels of the gov.  The incestuous relationship between the DOJ, Obama, Loretta Lynch (a black who replaced other black Eric Holder) where Killary says how when she is prez Lynch will have that job again – definitively no conflict of interest here Citizen.

Supposedly Julian Assange (wikileaks) has tons of stuff to take this bitch down, including her funneling cash/arms to Syria which she denied UNDER OATH years earlier.  Prediction: it gets released, it is only heard in some ‘right wing radical’ circles, and if it meets any mainstream media with ‘when are they going to leave this poor woman alone?’

There is a trope of sorts called ‘refuge in audacity’ which has a lot of bearing in real life, most people are trusting and you are actually safer by being so completely out-there, off the wall that there is no real ‘someone would do that’. So Nice-Whites believe there is no way Cunton is just a long list of hyper elites that laws do not apply to, and laugh at when they escape scot free and things a fraction of would wreck regulars proles like us.