Soon illegal to boycott (((them)))

As if you need any more proof of certain tribal groups having their claws in the USA gov, look at this:

The congress is considering a bill that makes it ILLEGAL to boycott jews.  Dont want to buy jewish shit?  WE GOT A NICE BIG FINE FOR YOU GOYIM


The Strange anti-Israel turn

The recent turn against Israel has been interesting.  On paper I am glad to see it but am hesistant that is it all some ploy.

Let’s list some facts:

Obama is a major globalist

Israel wants globalism for all, nationalism for itself

Obama helps arm Iran – Israels enemy

UN Decides to condemn Israel for its settlements in Palenstine

Kerry gives an hour long speech bashing Israel

Trump has major, MAJOR jew ties, including family marrying them, and openly supports them, esp per-election at AIPAC

Ok…so I will be honest and I not sure what the game here is.  I am glad to see any anti-israel rhetoric at all, given the multitude of crimes they have done, perhaps the USS Liberty story we don’t hear about might give you a reminder:

The only thing I think, is that they are paying some lip service to condemning them, and not having any plan to actually do anything.  Plus there is the tried and true Hegelian dialect which they always love to jerk us around with.  Have Obama/kerry ‘hate’ israel so that trumps love of them seems ‘reasonable’.

Btw, it bears repeating the Trump was and is a HUGE Jew/israel supporter so don’t expect too much actually out of him, the best we can hope for it simply charge the base so a real hero emerges.

Paid internet shills…typical and for real

It may not come as much of a surprise to much, but Israel PAYS people to sit and essentially troll sites with posistive propaganda for jews, israel, the plalastine conflict etc.

This is not the first time this happens, and the only stunning thing to me is that this slipped out at all. (‘they know, Shut it down!) The internet represents a MAJOR threat to corruption, while also being extremely useful for corruption.

It is extremely well documented sites like youtube engage in heavy comment moderation and censorship for a vague ‘hate/intolerance’ reasons. Now, consider the impact this has on hapless viewers, they watch some political video and let’s saw something like 40% of the comments are critical of Israel, pointing out the country is illegitimate, it was a payment for ww2 etc, 40% pro-israel (paid shill or not) and 20% misc. Youtube censors ALL of the ‘hate’ messages, so now the reader of comments is going to be 66% pro-israel and 33% of unrelated comments. The reader NEVER KNOWS there are people who do not agree with this.

Major media outlets like facebook etc are routinely bombed by shillery and censorship, and it creates this vast false group-consensus where every single person apparently thinks Israel bombing tribals is justice, ‘had it coming’ etc.

And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth.’ 1984

‘Gamersgate’ if you aren’t familiar is nearly the same thing, only feminist shills/shams are coming out of the wood work. A lot of other bloggers have done this in depth, but suffice to summarize there was two major things, one was a girl who slept her way to video game success and the second was this girl anita who makes money off criticizing video games and then playing victim over people raging at her. Both cases nearly ALL criticism of them on youtube, facebook, google etc is scrubbed clean.

The average person who doesn’t look into it hard only sees some ‘poor girls’ who these angry white ‘losers’ are harassing, never seeing the truth. Never seeing in action these women using sex and victimhood to gain rampant success all while claiming inequality.

‘For how could you establish even the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside your own memory? He tried to remember in what year he had first heard mention of Big Brother. He thought it must have been at some time in the sixties, but it was impossible to be certain. In the Party histories, of course, Big Brother figured as the leader and guardian of the Revolution since its very earliest days.’ 1984

Untruths and Unreality continue

USA bombing Iraq lately has got my mind mulling over some things that has really made clear a lot of things I questioned.

If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind anymore of the massive jewish lobby in Washington, even a cursory glance at what is happening in Gaza, AND Iraq should be more than enough to convince otherwise. We are in the middle of an economic collapse (unspoken of course) and lawmakers rush to provide millions of dollars to Israel…ISRAEL! The country that has all our technology and is pounding down essentially tribal people.  Leaving the country in ruins.

‘Oh, but they are getting attacked by rockets!’ its actually a pretty shallow excuse, for a bit of history: That land was NOT theirs, they were given it post WW2 as payment for the ‘poor jews’. The extant of this argument is that if Gaza stops defending themselves (for a day? A week? Month?) then Israel will pull back. The casualties are completely one sided, it’s a massacre, a genocide, a ‘holocaust’.

Victim mentalities bother me, I first became aware of them taking the pill and seeing how women endlessly use victimhood despite holding secret power. That’s why things like the holocaust bother me, to be extremely blunt, why should we care about a relatively minor loss of life (the 6 million we hear is actually the high end, some estimated put it much much lower) in WW2 compared to factors GREATER loss of life sustained by the Russians in the communist revolution and WW2 itself? Its pretty staggering to hear people defend this at all, I merely counter ‘do you know how many polish were ‘massacred’ by the Russians, do you know how many innocents WE killed in Dresden, do you know how many millions more Russians died?’

Enough about them, they disgust me, and I am glad seeing world opinion (no thanks to conventional media) turning rapidly on their bloodthirsty campaign based on hollow rationales.

Related however, is the US’s rationale for re-invading Iraq. Now I am not jumping to conclusions, but there has been so suspicious happenings in regard to ISIS, just be aware that them as our ‘enemy’ might not be all that it seems, are we really supposed to believe a country we spent 10 years building was lost in a few months, by a group no one apparently knew of?

Even if in completely reality they are 100% our enemy…WHO GIVES A FUCK? They are across the world, and possess no ICBMs or anything equivalent, when I hear shills like McCain say ‘ISIS represents a threat to our national security’ I laughed out loud…who’s security? Maybe Israel or Saudi security, certainly not any American from California to Maine.

So we commence bombing, food drops etc. I saw the average missile costs over 10k, and that’s probably low end, so instead of focusing on our deteriorating infrastructure we waste money funneling it to Israel and literally blow it up over people we could truly give a shit about.   Obama authorized it, (which is in defiance of the Constitution, but what’s new there) and the waste of money commences. All for a shallow excuse of some religious minority trapped on a mountain. Aww…what a feel good story to justify the killing of some others, all to let the poor people off the mountain we allow the war machine to roll on.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately about decline of Empires, and ours fits the bill perfect. Wastes money on military ventures only to protect the ever decreasing peripheral territories (Iraq/Afghanistan), what it meant to be a citizen no longer mattered, decadence runs wild (eg. Porn, mass sexualization, mass deviant behavior sanctioned like gays, mass drugs use, mass apathy etc) and the ‘main race’ becomes the minority as its overrun from within (Mexicans, blacks etc.)

I got a pretty good comment on my post where I talked about races being different, a presumably black guy actually had some decent things to say, but as I have repeated before and again…EXCEPTIONS DO NOT DISPROVE GENERALITIES. Just look at planet of the apes going on down in Missouri, blakcs rioting over a kid shooting…and stealing rims and tvs to prove their outrage.

Despite the well-wishing of those stuck in the Matrix, it is up for us, and most of the world as oil is running out, the difference is nukes are in the picture, it won’t be good. Until then we live in politically correct lies. Until the end it’s the poor jews, there is no difference between women and men, no difference between races, and the US is a corrupt empire guiding the world to its end.