Do we live in a matrix/simulation?

This is an interesting convernsation I have had with friends in the past, and before you automatically dismiss it, there is some serious evidence to suggest what we are in, is in fact a simulation and not ‘real’ reality.

Here are two articles that talk about it, you can read them if wanting more info, I talk about most of it.  Here 1Here 2.

Given the very fast rise of realistic video games, it is not a far stretch to think we will have fairly realistic virtual reality in the very near future.  The arguments that we live in such are thing are many, and I am mixing a few of them together:

  1.  Given that we will eventually be able to simulate worlds, and we will run thousands/millions of sim, what is more likely that we are the 1/100000000 ‘oringinal’ or that we are the 999999999/1000000000 sim?
  2. Video games have limits and pixels, cosmic rays mysterious limit out at 10^20 volts of energy suggesting a strange limit that does not have a reason why it should.
  3. Not ‘everything’ would need to be simulated, such as other planets/solar system never need to actually be rendered are are literally ‘just background’.
  4. A lot of quantum experiments confirm that particles often do not ‘exist’ in a certain state until we measure it, thus implying a processor-saving mechanism in which only things looked at are rendered.

I find this thought avenue pretty interesting, that we might just be a getaway, a learning experience or maybe trying to find out some problem that hyper-reality is stuck with.  To be sophist about it, how do we know the world existed at all before we were conscious?  It literally might just be the background story.