The blatant hollywood ripoffs of Japan continue first was Hunger Games, now Lucy

In case you did not know, Hunger Games is a blatant, unattributed, ripoff of an older Japanese book called ‘Battle Royale’, and this trend is continuing with a new movie called ‘Lucy’ which appears nothing more than another ripoff of ‘Elfen Lied’, even going so far as the name the movie after the main character in Elfen Lied.

Hunger Games ‘wowed’ the US for its ‘original’ plot that we had not seen. The reality is that the plot is a pathetic copy and paste of Battle Royale, and the creator of hunger games did not even go far enough to merely use the idea, but literally took every key aspect and left it unchanged. The top annoyance is that when asked if they had heard about BR the person said “they never heard of it”. This bitch made a LOT of money off an idea that wasnt hers.

No, this isnt Hunger Games, its Battle Royale, they did it earlier and better.

Now mind you, in the US Battle Royale is not that popular, given that its a Japanese book, however in Japan is predictably is very well known, if you were to tell someone about Hunger Games in Japan they would tell you ‘that was the plot of Battle Royale’. I have absolutely no doubt she ripped it off, here are the relevant plot points (as you proceed remember BR was written years before HG):

Future dystopia world with oppressive government

Said government uses ‘extreme entertainment’ to help quell the populace and remind them who’s in charge

The entertainment is people

Young school-age people

Who fight each other to the death in regulated areas

The fighting occurs until only 1/2 people are left who are then the winners and given prizes

the players are given random weapons to fight each other, some good some not

to encourage fighting areas are routinely blocked to force smaller and smaller areas of conflict

I am never going to give that fucking franchise a penny of mine.  Anyway so the ‘oringinal’ trend continues with a new movie called ‘Lucy’.

The 'new' Lucy

The ‘new’ Lucy

Essentailly the plot is that Lucy has become a ‘metahuman’ who has access to advanced psychic powers and proceeds to go on a rampage that no one can stop because bullets etc are useless to her.

The Oringinal Psychic powered Lucy

The Oringinal Psychic powered Lucy

Oringinal Lucy was also a ‘metahuman’ of sorts, an advanced evolution of humans that can access psychic powers.  She was used in experiments, and wanted to be tested on.  Much like this new movie.  She rebels against her fate, and with her psychic powers the body count is high.

Flashy things like huge objects being lifted, bullets stopped, guns being ripped out of arms, all the while tough-girl Lucy is on a rampage she was forced into.  Hmm, sounds a lot like this new movie of being forced into violence and uses her psychic powers to rampage.

Congratulations Hollywood, you have succesfully ripped off another GOOD Japanese plot, you will give no credit (except the completely blatant name-steal) and everyone will praise the oringinality.

Btw, Elfen Lied was a very good anime, but I am going to skip this peice of shit rip off, no penny from me there either.