The 2018 (((election))) results

So another election has come and gone.  For long term readers of mine, you will know I was once a diehard leftist around 10 years ago, with that being said I had hoped the democrats got smashed last night.  Democrats once stood for something, there big three platforms being workers rights, environment and antiwar.  Of course now they dont pay attention to the first two, and they are as prowar as the republicans.

More of this

The results were that the R’s keep control of the senate and that the dems pick up the house, additionally a lot of governorship switch to dem control.  A lot of the wins were by dem women, gays and minos, signifying the success of the identity politics they love to play so much.

This is bad for many reasons, that means that thought crime will continue to accelerate and the only ‘tolerance’ you are allowed to possess is if it falls within the very narrow leftist definition.

I read somewhere that almost all of the candidates who won were either outright jewish, or very pro-jew – not that anything else would be expected but it bears to be said.

Trump of course is not ‘our guy’ in the slightest, but at least provided cover for meaningful conversations like the border, but really the USA has just become more of a puppet state to isreal.  I had had hopes that somehow we could pull ourselves out of the mess we find ourselves in, but at this point its unlikely.


More ‘racial/trans’ tolerance lectures from the fake news media

More women saying how powerless they are despite the reality and stats to contrary

More poundmetoo, more rape hysteria

More illegals

More fake economy


Keep prepping boys, if anything this just sealed our fate even further.


Some Okcupid ‘privilege’ in action

So got some more lolz for you guys at the expense of the depravity we find ourselves in.  First lets go with that my fake guy profile got banned because I bitched at the girl coming later in this post.


I have talked before about shadow banning and soft banning and how the lastest thing they do is they don’t let you know you have been banned.  They simply don’t let you log on (technical difficulties…. my girl logged on right after. I even tried different browsers) or you will get on but your comments wont post etc.  THIS APPLIES TO EVERY MAJOR (((YKW))) site.

Anyway, so here is the girl in question, obviously fake bitch I reported a few times but of course girls>>>guys.  I remember some years ago all ‘girls’ got some paid features for free guys had to shell money out for.


This used up bitch tried to cliam this was ‘her’.  A easy reverse image shows hundreds of results for the pic.  I pointed this out ‘oh that is actually me’.  Needless to say, my guy got taken down in the crossfire:


Here is her profile, again click for better view.


The * symbol is a note because certain things in her profile sound fake – ie scammer.  I had run into profiles before where they word things strange.  Plus no girl is going to have an age range that high.  Girls want someone a few years either way, guys want 18-22 all else being equal.

My suspicion is that this is likely a girl (guys make short fake ones, no need to get elaborate) and may look loosely like her and is ‘seeing whats out there’.  Anyway, even though its prob fake there is a chance it is not, and is UTTERLY TYPICAL of the entitlement most find.

The irony of women in the Manosphere

What is a painful irony is the prevalence and success of women in the Manosphere, something I am opposed to and many wannabe ‘alpha’ guys on the internet don’t have a clue when they fall for this hoping to get their e-peen wet.

For example, I actually started blogging with a handful of guys at nearly the same time along with Judgy Bitch (yes the ‘great and lauded’ JB) and Tarnish Sophia, by virtue of being women they have had much more success.  Nearly every guy languishes in obscurity but these ‘novel’ females get endless praise, quite frankly I roll my eyes every time I see a jb link or a reference of that ‘women are waking up’ and its talking about jb or some other female-run site. Look at judgy bitch, her stuff is not ANY different than anyone else, and actually there are obscure blogs which much better stuff, yet she has TONS of success.

Consider the complete lunacy of a married older women presuming to give advice or understand the plight of young disenfranchised males? or how about a lesser known but similar situation of ‘tarnished sophia’ a girl who’s claim to fame is that she thinks she is a guy trapped in a girls body…what the fuck is this idiocy doing in the manosphere where it is about guys learning how to better themselves?


I actually have some bad blood with both of them so I am not scared to criticize them, without going into a bitch fest suffice it to say girls being girls and the betrayals, slights and lies that come with that fact are to be expected; and suffice it to say women blogging about men issues is a blight most don’t seem to get.

This is also a perfect microcosm of women’s hypergamy instinct at play, I was ‘their level’ at the time we all started (including the other males like gregarious wolf, odin’s lounge etc) so they ‘hung out’ with us, but when their value started to leave our’s behind…they moved on. Jb is so ‘high’ she doest even need to comment anywhere, the men flock to her giving her the ego fix every women desires.

All it really shows though, is our inherent voyeuristic tendencies, and that a girl putting on a show makes most males want to watch. It is no different than a medieval town where some girl starts dancing in the street, of course everyone is going to watch, except then the show did reputation damage, now its ego stroking because that’s what ‘everyone’ does.

Want perfect proof of girls being more valuable than guys in the sphere? Go read the comments at cheateau heartiste, guys are laying out decent comments, then some ‘girl’ says the stupidest of shit and the convo is completely re-railed and her comment gets multiple responses. Maybe those guys will get their e-peen jacked off by ‘her’. Its pretty pathetic, and you see it on nearly 90%+ of the posts he does, guys will be sharing life stories, talking about what works, improving their life etc, then some girl (and it could be a G.I.R.L guy in real life for all we truly know) comes in and talks about boyfriend trouble or that game doesn’t work on her…and the guys pile on with their ‘advice’. Come on guys, I thought you were supposed to be masters of women, not 6th graders happy to be talking to a girl.

I can say with 100 percent certainty I have never read a female-authored article about men’s issues that made me say ‘wow, that was eye opening’ or ‘life changing’ or anything, because it is quite simply really, what do they know ABOUT BEING A GUY? Nothing. They can never know what the ever-present threat of false rape charges is like, the fact you are the disposable sex, that you are the chaser, that you have to put yourself out there to be shot down for any chance of getting a girl, to know you are the ‘evil’ sex, one step away from rape etc. They may think they know, and can talk like they know, but they don’t. They can’t.

It actually is pretty funny, sad, but funny the fact you have all these fake ‘alphas’ that pretend they are so badass behind the keyboard, but they havent even internalized a single lesson yet and still give into the attention whoring of females.  How can you be anywhere close to ‘alpha’ when you are placating to the whores that found their way into the legion?


Age – the harsh mistress of females

Something that perhaps is obvious to a lot of post-pill men is the realty and effect of age, where as pre-pill men dont really have a clue, the reality is that women have a very narrow range of age of them being attractive, and that is a simply fact – and that beyond appearance girls do not have much more to offer badass guys.

The pre-pill knowledge is basically a loose generality that younger girls are hotter, but that there is no hard ‘wall’ and that there are such things as hot 40 year olds, that you should date ‘in your age range’ etc.  I remember being of this mentality, that dating a girl 2 years younger than me was ‘creepy’, that every hot young girl turns into a hot milf etc…

I am in my late 20s, and a majority of girls my age are disgusting as fuck, these are girls I knew who were very hot even 5 years ago, but mostly 10 years ago.  It is a very strong correlation to having over-inflated value, that they can lose their most important aspect and still be desired, at least loosely.  Blame feminism.

But they were hot and got tons of attention when young, and ASSUME THAT IS A CONSTANT LIFE CONDITION.  This is sad, pathetic, and unavoidable.  Then when guys look at girls younger than them, the shaming of ‘creep’ etc gets thrown around.  That because every high school guy wanted to pound her ass that that ass with 100 extra pounds on it is still desirable.  Wrong.

I have okcupid pulled up on another tab, its sad looking at the 20 vs the 30 year olds.  The 20s are total attention whore sluts, and thats the way it is, pound them out for thats about their only value, they are literally meaningless as they have been showered with attention their whole life they never developed a real personality.

One of the most grateful things I learned post-pill was that it was OK TO LIVE FOR MYSELF, I didnt need a girl, I didnt need to be married etc, the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement was a slap across my neophyte face.  With this, I realized that girls meant so much less to me, very rarely did they provide the intellectually stimulation a guy could, rarely did they want to do anything adventurous (despite most claiming they are), very rarely were they worth the drama and headache just for sex.

The painful irony – and pay attention all you stupid bitches who write how I’m misogynist – that I see ugly girls with pictures of them with their dogs, or feeding deer, and those pictures are cute and show a feminine side (feminine does NOT equal feminist) and these girls like have a personality but their appearance puts everyone off.

Its really fucking sad actually, I see a 32 year old girl feeding a deer, not hot, but not ugly, and a bit bigger, I bet she is actually a pretty nice girl, maybe cool to hang with…but I have no interest in her, I will never be sexual attracted to her, and girls are more drama than guys just for social events.  And as much as I might want to go feed some deer, and might actually enjoy my time the complications of potential relationships (which i wouldnt want) make it worthless to pursue.  I see a girl hugging her dog, which is +points in my book but she is over 30 which is a deal breaker, that is a hard reality I have been forced to accept.

To my younger readers, slam and date girls your age as much as you can, because they get worse very fast.  They were generally stay bitches their whole life, but at least they are hot when younger.

The nice ones tend to never be hot, and the only real option you have, is to bag her when she is young enough that you can make her nice, or at least minimize her corruption.

Oh yeah, and girls 10 years younger than me?  No problem here!

Ha, I am being a bit facetious, but not much, I would certainly have sex with them (I have one going right now whos like 9-10 younger than me) but the own harsh reality we face as men, is if a girl IS going to get a personality (not all do) it developed later, ofter as her body is tanking.  Girls are often hottest at 19-21, but there is no way I would seriously consider a girl at 21 to be any short of intellectual or life equal.  Especially at that age they are ‘cock-sure’ and think they know everything in life because they got a bacherlors in child psychology and took a semester in africa.

Feminist = ‘Empowered’ = ‘Independent’

What is notably is that there are few women who openly describe themselves as feminists, despite that disease infecting likely 80% of the women, and at least 30% of the males. However, that does not stop them from supporting, or especially taking advantage of the feminist movement. You call always tell the feminists at heart when the use the words ‘empowered’ or ‘independent’ to describe themselves. For all intents when I use ‘feminist’ I am also referring to their new monikers they now go by: liberated/empowered/independent etc

Feminism has largely been successful for a few reasons:

1 it has embraced an ever-present victim methodology in a society afraid to stand for real values,

2 it has given an excuse to women who preform subpar but can hand out laurels to the winners,

3 and has allowed double-think to be normalized.

It typically takes something that shakes a person to their core to even have the potential to question the doctrine they are fed their whole life, so for a majority of men and women the standard narrative they are fed is that ‘women have been enslaved for eons, and only now are we getting out of the dark ages and we still have much work to go, because women have so much catching up to do’.

I put my ego out there a lot on this site as an example others can learn from, and indeed when I was younger, even early 20s, I BELIEVED THIS LIE. Oh, those poor women surrounded by brutes…they needed protection and uplifting to make up for all the past crimes. Needless to say there is a lot of self flagellation going on here as a male. That first of all, there WERE crimes that needed making up, and second, it was my and every males duty to repent.

Men can’t be strong, because then you might rape a women. You can only be strong if you swear to defend a women from other rapists. You can’t be aggressive, well…ever. You can’t yell, you can’t use logic because someone’s feelings may get hurt. However, this has not been applied universally, because the girl that goes to the gym is ‘empowered’, the girl who has an apartment is ‘independent’.

What this has done is anyone women who isn’t successful, well that’s because the odds were against her, that damn patriarchy we live in, men keeping her down, not giving her a chance, not being fair, all these you hear. But then women who achieve even mediocre success are paraded around as if they were the first ones that had gone to the moon and just got back. She works a job and has her own apartment, by god, she’s INDEPENDENT! She left some guy who went over to Iraq and is with some new biker trash? She’s not a treacherous slut, she’s EMPOWERED.

Its like we are treating them like kids, if I was a women I would find such a low bar insulting. But it is not insulting, it literally is a badge of honor, a guy could find a cure for cancer and no one gives a shit, but some girl recently gets promoted to assistant secretary of child psychology and bought a fancy new Honda, goddamn folks we got ourselves a gen-u-ine he-rooo in our midst!

Lastly is the double think that is allowed and encouraged. Let us take the duke student who stars in porns to pay tuition. Now, nearly no one is criticizing her (because you can’t critic a women) regardless of any side of an argument. Imagine a newly similar situation where there was a male PAYING women to make orgy porns and then selling these videos at a profit to ‘pay his way through school’, he would be castrated in the media. But because she is a poor victim, she can choke that dick down and we are supposed to only feel sorry she is forced into this by this cruel world.

Porn and sex has long been a useful doublethink subject for women, on one hand they can decry the objectification of women, treating them as sex objects, etc, but on the other hand USE that to manipulate men. I personally saw this all the time at college, these raging feminists decrying that clothing doesn’t provoke rape then come Friday or Saturday they’d walk over to the frat houses in super short skirts and low cut dresses. (Most of them were claimed they were raped on Monday, but be back there next Friday…disgusting)

Likewise we are told women don’t need men, ok, sounds good to me. But then the divorce comes rocking down and suddenly she is ‘entitled’ to half his wealth just for being with him the last year or two?

Why can a girl be direct about sex, and it makes her tough/empowered, but when a guy talks about it, he is a creep/loser/weird?

Girls can read fashion, gossip, celebrity news, and it doesn’t make them shallow, but if a guy likes the dress or makeup she learned to put on he is suddenly shallow.

Why do we have affirmative action for girls when they are supposedly equal to guys? Either you are not as good, and need an advantage or you are EQUAL like you tell us and do not need an advantage.

These are legitimate doublethinks (1984 term for holding conflicting positions) and I have had a LOT of feminists justify this stupidity to me.

But this entire society is an exercise in doublethink, where the rich are the jobcreators and us proles have to be content with ‘trickle’ down money, where America is the most free nation despite endless spying of its only citizens. So we continue to hand out gold stars to our grownup women celebrating their success, up is down, black is white, and everything you know is wrong.


Donald Sterling: Newest victim of political correctness

News endlessly grasps stupid stories to ‘infuriate’ the sheeple to keep them talking about pointless things instead of anything meaningful.  So normally, the Donald sterling story would be meaningless to me, if it was not for the very disturbing precedent set: that your private views can be used against you.

In case you dont know what this is, essentially it was some rich man who had some half breed girl friend who’s brain apparently is pretty lacking, he said some ‘racist’ comments and was promptly stripped of his basketball team he owns and publicly vilified.

If you care here is the entire recording: for the most part its skippable.  The important thing to understand is that the girl was RECORDING him, and he did not know that (entrapment anyone?) and proceeded to bait him repeatedly into making more and more ‘racist’ comments.

So first of all, this recording was illegally recorded (which is never mentioned, and never brought up), then we have the girl friend baiting him, then the predictable comments somehow are a surprise and enough to ruin this guys life.

Look, I dont want to defend some rich jewish guy, (who ironically, talks about how blacks are treated ‘worse than dogs’ in israel…but that is only presented in a ‘crazy man’ context, not if there might be any truth to the claim) but the reality is, he said some shit, and not only did the whole world turn on him, he literally was stripped of the team HE OWNED.

Let me repeat that, his property was SEIZED because of ‘racist’ comments.  It is not a stretch to imagine being taken down for ‘sexist’ comments etc.  We have cultivated this disturbing culture where any deviation from groupthink must be punished severely, it is a groupthink were the less male, the less white and the less smart you are the more you are protected and celebrated for being some sort of ‘hero’.


Top 5 NES games

Coming up with top 5 of anything is always hard because of the choice between something that was the initial and paved the ways for its predecessors, or choosing the typically better predecessor.  The general choice I am following is ‘would I play this game now?’ to any game.  So for that reason I will have honorable mentions, such as a game that really paved the way for others, but that it is not actually that good, or would not be as fun.

First the honorable mentions:

Dragon warrior 1:

Arguably the FIRST rpg on video games system, its was pretty revolutionary for its time.  As I kid, I knew a lot of this shit by heart, you start with enough money to buy a bamboo sword, and have extra, or spend all 60 (yes I remember that) for the club.  One of the enemies had a mohawk hair style, as I kid I really wanted to wear my hair after seeing that. The most notable thing from this game was the final boss asks you if you want to rule half the world with him, if you say yes you die.  I see this referenced in some new rpgs, nice throw back.

As among the first RPGs ever it had to be mentioned.  It has a massive overworld, and was a fairly large game for 1988.  However the limitless grinding, and completely random location you have to find stuff in severely detracts it.  But look at this bad ass cover art!


For reference, they always make things more ‘hardcore’ for America, look at the dragon warrior 2 art for japan:



Yes everyone knows Samus is a hot women now, but in 1986 it was this faceless (male?) bounty hunter on this crazy hard world.  This game set the precedent for all future Metroidvania game (like huge 1-world platformers like castlevania and future metroids).

You jumped, ran and dodged hard, hard enemies and terrain, got powers and slowly powered up to take down mother brain and not get rocked by the eponymous Metroids who were rocking the galaxy.

This game was very hard, and anyone who doubts this, I dare you to try to beat this game WITHOUT the screw attack which basically broke it, but was nearly impossible without it.  The map is huge, and there are a LOT of areas you can get permanently stuck in because you get stuck in the lava, or your fall down a cliff and cant get out.  This is the worst, and you dont die either, the game forces you to power down.

What was cool, is you could glitch into ‘hidden’ areas with new tilesets etc, these were called the ‘hidden worlds’ and really took the game community by storm for a while during the early advent of the internet and message boards.


Kirby’s Adventure

This was actually hard along with Metroid as for what would get #5

This game was a very fun, unique platform game where you ate the enemies and you gained their power.  Kirby has been around with nintendo a very long time, (1993) and thus is a big ‘character’ much like Mario, though you dont see him much.  What was cool about this game was there were multiple worlds, and kind of an overworld map you worked your way through.  The bright colors were fun, and the background were well done.

The major reason I dont rate it higher, is that this game came late, and while fun, I am given points to earlier games if they still hold up and/or better.  So this game is not bad, I actually am a big Kirby fan, but considering these others games came earlier, and were also superior, I give them the edge.  This game is good, do not deny that, but I am basing it off of ‘would I play it now’ and this was a critical game of my childhood, but it was replaced by the much better SNES kirby, and there are more fun on the NES.  Still check it if you haven’t.


#5 Super Dodgeball

This was a kind of sleeper game, not many people knew or played it.  It is the same people who made Double Dragon among others, thus the similar art style.  Essentially you take the under-powered USA team and have to literally kill your way across the world by playing a 3 on 3 dodge ball match.

This game had a lot of secret ‘stats’ to the character like their defense, attack, grip, throw etc, so it had some serious rpg-like elements to it.  What made this so cool was every character was different, and they all had special moves, if you dashed and threw, or dash/jumped you unloaded these super damaging specials where the ball goes faster than light, splits into 3, etc.  It turns into this anime battle of super moves being unloaded and first one to blink loses.

Skip a few mins in to see the normal gameplay.

The reason this beats out Metroid and Kirby, is it is simple to learn, but fun and has depth.  You can just pick up and with a friend and start rocking.  One of the first major ‘pick up and play’ type of games and the simple-yet-deep gameplay.  You have to fight progressive harder nations, ending at the USSR, after you beat them down you have to fight your shadow self, all to win a tournament, blood on hands and all.

#4 Double Dragon:


As a kid I would sit there and just leave my nintendo on listening to how cool this music was.

Imagine as like a 5 year old kid, how pure unadulterated BADASSNESS this game is.  Some guy PUNCHES YOUR GIRLFRIEND and kidnaps her, and you are going to beat down everyone in your path: with your fists… street fighting style.  The violence is surprising, you beat down women and men alike, throwing dynamite, kniving people up, bashing in heads with baseball bats, ground-and-pound people dead, grabbing girls by the hair and kneeing their face in, oh my god was this badass as a kid.  Even now its pretty cool thinking about it.

Make sure you listen at least up to the 1:10 minute part, this was ripping it the fuck up with 8bit music.  This is literally better than 95% of modern music, and this is over 20 years old and 8bit.

Pretty much the only thing stopping this from a higher position is a very brutal difficulty level later that detracts from the general badassery of beating people down to suddenly having to time jumps and think instead of just fighting.

Double Dragon misc. bonus/off shoots

Double Dragon 3: ‘Bimmy and Jimmy’ a small meme based on the fact in the opening story they misspelled the heros name.

River City Ransom:

I call this game River City Rampage because it is a funnier name, and that is essentially what you do, you go around fighting an entire town to subjugate it to get your girl back.  I played some fan patch version which was more violent in the text what I guess was more accurate to the japense version where instead of ‘BARF!’ it was ‘Damn!’ which was cool since I was like 14~ when I played this game.

By far the most badass thing in this game was the 2nd to last final boss was a homage to…double dragon, playing this slightly remixed DD theme song as you threw down, talk about sick.


#3 Final Fantasy


This game was amazing at the time, it took everything Dragon Warrior did right, kept it, and improved on everything they did wrong.  Square (not enix) was nearly bankrupt and put it all on the line for one ‘final’ game to see if they could save themselves, thus the name, ironically.  It ended up being a huge success.

This video has all of the songs, which were impressive for 87 in jap (90 in us) listen to the opening theme I call ‘bubble music’ which was kept for a majority of the final fantasy’s but they stopped doing (about the same time they started getting bad)

Also listen to Matoyas cave at 5:39, this is just some minor character who GOT HER OWN SONG and it was a damn good one that has been remixed a lot.

This game was crazy, it had multiple classes to pick from, the instruction book was, it gave you a map of the whole world.  ‘here you go, this game is going to blow your mind, you need a map just to even hope to understand the insanity you are embarking on!’

Whats funny is for show and tell in 3rd grade I brought the instruction book in and read to my class the different characters you could pick from, the audience was enthralled.

What this game did right was a sense of progress.  You were nobodies who couldnt even afford full gear.  But slowly you got a boat, you got better stuff, you got an airship, you grew up into badass adult forms.  So when it was late game you had a real sense of how far you had come.  Not many games successfully capture this feeling.

Megaman 2


This game was so cool, it was totally unpretentious, and just pure ‘cool’ for a kid, you are this kid-like hero shooting everything and everything, and powering up off their dead bodies.  Each level was well thought out, and felt different, you have the industrial heat/lava of heatman, you were out in the woods fighting animals in woodman stages, jumping through clouds at airman’s stage.  It was impressive for how much they improved off megaman 1.

This game probably has the distinction of having more remixes of music done on it than any other mega man, or likely any nintendo game.  There are literally hundreds of remixes.

Some of the best songs are Quickman, Metalman, and Dr Wily Stage 1.  The best is probably Dr Wily stage 1, thats right, just a STAGE is pretty well known among gamers and the remix crowd, for good reason, its an awesome song.

Quickman is 2:15, Metal man is right after at 3:39 and Dr Wily is 14:27.  Check how awesome the Wily stage is if nothing else.  Here is a Metalman remix, just to show a taste of the remix talent and fandom for this game:

Now, this game took the platforming action of the first megaman, and like a GOOD sequel improved on things without making things worse.  Powers were expanded, and felt like they did something, boosting damage to bosses, even if metal blade was more badass than even your normal weapon.

MM1 you were just kind of thrown in, no story, no nothing.  It was an okay game, plagued by a random difficulty level, notable elecman stage was frustratingly hard, in this game the levels were better, everything felt more fair but still presented a challenge.  What is interesting, is this game was before game testing was practiced much at all, so there is a boss near the end that you can literally get stuck on because you need a full weapon, and if you screw up the fight (likely) you are stuck because you cannot refill your weapon.

This one had a story, a good sense of progress, ‘secret’ weapons you slowly unlocked that were the predecessor to Rush.  Later games essentially just copied this formula set out in two with only minor changes, which is not a problem, but for that I give it to 2 as the best megaman in the NES series, and most of the bosses were pretty legit too, with quickman and metalman being my favorites.

Look people even made entire animations of just the boss battle:


and for the number 1 NES game….

#1 Clash at Demonhead


Some of you are probably like ‘what the heck is this game, I never heard of it’ or if you played this game you might know.

Why this game was so great, was it had this insane 80’s flair to the game that was relentless and ever present, it mixed the platform action of megaman, with rpg and adventure elements of rpgs like Final Fantasy, and had a concise, twist and turns story that was pretty good.  There were multiple paths through this game, side quests you could do, characters that died, a large ‘world map’ you had to work through any way you wanted:

Here is the music from this game,

route 1 0:50 is a pretty good theme that captures the feel of it, route 2 2:41 is pretty good as well.

The gameplay was advanced platforming where you made your way through with different equipment and gear and the story slowly revealed itself that you had to track down 7 bosses and beat them down before you could ascend the mountain.  Along the way you could buy better gear, improve your stats, find new moves by doing side quests etc.  Plus there were different environments, high cliffs, lakes, even lava, and you had to go through all of it.

It was told in anime-style cut scenes, which was unseen in ANY nes game at the time and essentially paved the way for later rpgs (though I consider this game a platformer) :

Plus his girlfriend was pretty hot, you didn’t see that until arguably at least the SNES days.

What was so cool about this game, and it was not again seen at least 3-4 ENTIRE CONSOLE GENERATIONS LATER was that your cut scene picture changed based on WHAT YOU WERE WEARING, that sounds like a small detail, but really makes an immersive experience.  The main character Bang can buy a lot of different equipment, including entire combat suits that change his ability, such as advanced scuba gear, or this super stylish jetpack outfit.

This exact scene would be different depending on which suit you wore, and each suit had its own facial expressions, this was very ahead of its time for that type of detail.

Consider that this game came out in 1989, but how far it had advanced what mario had set before it, in addition to just walk/jump of mairo, you could do SO much more, you could crouch, crawl, swim, climb walls, fly.  You did not see that until the SNES, and even then a lot still lacked all that movement.

Look at this huge sprite sheet of JUST THE JETPACK:

Compare to the much lauded Mario:

To me there is absolutely no comparison of any platformer on the NES to Clash At Demonhead, it was technically superior in every aspect, and included so much more.  You could play for the story, the freedom, the platforming, so so far ahead of its time.

A very quick but funny aside, is there is a password feature that is basically too insane to realistically use, it is like 30 letters long, mixed with numbers, as a kid my sister had come over and entered all 8’s or something with a final 9, so 8888888888889 kind of thing, and it was a password to the final boss with all equipment maxed, completely random but crazy to have found.

What was great was that this game gave you OPTIONS, meaning you could just go through a level normally, you could spend money on a super but limited ammo gun, you could put a different suit on, and suits like the aqua suit were normal on land but came alive in the water, whereas the jetpack was fast and you could rip through levels but was expensive.  This is a game design concept that is very advanced, and you dont see in meaningful use until much later like in fighting games like guility gear where the designers give you a ‘way out’ that is not broken but can make obstacles passable if you are having difficulty.

Come on Mario, what the fuck you have against something this badass?

Clash at Demonhead is my favorite NES game, a hidden, under-rated gem, and quite frankly, Megaman 2 is far behind how awesome this game is.



This post took a long time to put together, I hope you like it.  There will be more to come.  Comment if you enjoyed.