A major advantage of liberals over conservatives

Conservatives/Republicans LIVE AND DIE by the rules.  They will only do thing if their various masters (who are never themselves) tell them its ok.  This is why you never see right-wing riots or insurrections in the USA.

Leftists are prone to group think as well, but their ideology is much more ‘independent’/rogue.  They are raised in a way of acting out alone is ok – and the group rewards them for it.  Thus anything from the raving SJW on a street corner, to massive BLM protests.

It will be tough to hear, but the ability to act independently is an trait leftists absolutely destroy the right on.


The Strange anti-Israel turn

The recent turn against Israel has been interesting.  On paper I am glad to see it but am hesistant that is it all some ploy.

Let’s list some facts:

Obama is a major globalist

Israel wants globalism for all, nationalism for itself

Obama helps arm Iran – Israels enemy

UN Decides to condemn Israel for its settlements in Palenstine

Kerry gives an hour long speech bashing Israel

Trump has major, MAJOR jew ties, including family marrying them, and openly supports them, esp per-election at AIPAC

Ok…so I will be honest and I not sure what the game here is.  I am glad to see any anti-israel rhetoric at all, given the multitude of crimes they have done, perhaps the USS Liberty story we don’t hear about might give you a reminder: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ussliberty.html

The only thing I think, is that they are paying some lip service to condemning them, and not having any plan to actually do anything.  Plus there is the tried and true Hegelian dialect which they always love to jerk us around with.  Have Obama/kerry ‘hate’ israel so that trumps love of them seems ‘reasonable’.

Btw, it bears repeating the Trump was and is a HUGE Jew/israel supporter so don’t expect too much actually out of him, the best we can hope for it simply charge the base so a real hero emerges.