Econ Collapse/Prep basics pt 1

I have been corresponding with a reader by email and thought I should put my thoughts out there for my readers, I was part of the ‘prepper’ movement back when only the ‘fringe’ knew what it was, alex jones etc.

I came to these conclusions mostly through a leftist lens (ironic I know) about the environmental degradation and oil depletion.  There are a lot of issues leftists realize and if taken to logical extreme would turn them into preppers, but the dislike the idea of guns and bunkering in.  Yet you see a lot living ‘off grid’ growng lettuce and stuff.

Anyway, I used to think we would get hit by a fast apocalypse, nuclear, biologic, EMP, etc.  It can always happen but realisitic we are on a long road down, and it will just keep getting worse.  Drive through non-big cities and see the devestation everywhere.

So I will list what you need first, and next post I will go into details why:

1 gal of water per person per day, at least 30 days

food for 30 days

Rifle, pistol, shotgun, ideally 1000 rounds for each

Water filters

backup fuel – propane, kerosene etc

metals – gold/silver

gas mask


This is off the top of my head, I’ll explain more next time.  You get these and you are ahead of about 98% of people.



New crop of females aint looking so good

I don’t have internet much, which is actually really nice, my productivity has spiked, and I am sitting at macodonardos poaching their internet and there is a high school/college track meet over the road.  I walked over to see if there were any hot girls, and there were a few, but I was surprised these were RUNNERS and most of them had a bit of pork on them, having some serious lordosis going on as well.

I was surprised by how bitchy they were too.  There was a group of girls taunting people as they walked by, as I walked by she slapped her legs and said something about ‘come ‘er boy!’ I am not sure she was talking to me but I was the closest, one of the others said ‘i thought you were going to hit him’.  They were not particularly hot, but as I looked at them, and the vast majority of the males around me with earrings, and tattoos it was very hard to not think I was witnessing the late stages of collapse of our society.

Guys raised to be thugs, and girls impolite fat whores, hard to believe the ‘good white picket fence family’ of the 60s was not that far back.

Normally this age range of 18-21 is supposed to be the hottest a girl is, and when I saw these I was not impressed.  Some were outright fat, but a lot had about 10 pounds to lose, and these were the athletic ones, a lot of them didn’t even look like with the weight lose they would be good.

How can a society last long when the replacement generations are even more deranged than the prior ones, and this shit only gets worse?

Age – the harsh mistress of females

Something that perhaps is obvious to a lot of post-pill men is the realty and effect of age, where as pre-pill men dont really have a clue, the reality is that women have a very narrow range of age of them being attractive, and that is a simply fact – and that beyond appearance girls do not have much more to offer badass guys.

The pre-pill knowledge is basically a loose generality that younger girls are hotter, but that there is no hard ‘wall’ and that there are such things as hot 40 year olds, that you should date ‘in your age range’ etc.  I remember being of this mentality, that dating a girl 2 years younger than me was ‘creepy’, that every hot young girl turns into a hot milf etc…

I am in my late 20s, and a majority of girls my age are disgusting as fuck, these are girls I knew who were very hot even 5 years ago, but mostly 10 years ago.  It is a very strong correlation to having over-inflated value, that they can lose their most important aspect and still be desired, at least loosely.  Blame feminism.

But they were hot and got tons of attention when young, and ASSUME THAT IS A CONSTANT LIFE CONDITION.  This is sad, pathetic, and unavoidable.  Then when guys look at girls younger than them, the shaming of ‘creep’ etc gets thrown around.  That because every high school guy wanted to pound her ass that that ass with 100 extra pounds on it is still desirable.  Wrong.

I have okcupid pulled up on another tab, its sad looking at the 20 vs the 30 year olds.  The 20s are total attention whore sluts, and thats the way it is, pound them out for thats about their only value, they are literally meaningless as they have been showered with attention their whole life they never developed a real personality.

One of the most grateful things I learned post-pill was that it was OK TO LIVE FOR MYSELF, I didnt need a girl, I didnt need to be married etc, the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement was a slap across my neophyte face.  With this, I realized that girls meant so much less to me, very rarely did they provide the intellectually stimulation a guy could, rarely did they want to do anything adventurous (despite most claiming they are), very rarely were they worth the drama and headache just for sex.

The painful irony – and pay attention all you stupid bitches who write how I’m misogynist – that I see ugly girls with pictures of them with their dogs, or feeding deer, and those pictures are cute and show a feminine side (feminine does NOT equal feminist) and these girls like have a personality but their appearance puts everyone off.

Its really fucking sad actually, I see a 32 year old girl feeding a deer, not hot, but not ugly, and a bit bigger, I bet she is actually a pretty nice girl, maybe cool to hang with…but I have no interest in her, I will never be sexual attracted to her, and girls are more drama than guys just for social events.  And as much as I might want to go feed some deer, and might actually enjoy my time the complications of potential relationships (which i wouldnt want) make it worthless to pursue.  I see a girl hugging her dog, which is +points in my book but she is over 30 which is a deal breaker, that is a hard reality I have been forced to accept.

To my younger readers, slam and date girls your age as much as you can, because they get worse very fast.  They were generally stay bitches their whole life, but at least they are hot when younger.

The nice ones tend to never be hot, and the only real option you have, is to bag her when she is young enough that you can make her nice, or at least minimize her corruption.

Oh yeah, and girls 10 years younger than me?  No problem here!

Ha, I am being a bit facetious, but not much, I would certainly have sex with them (I have one going right now whos like 9-10 younger than me) but the own harsh reality we face as men, is if a girl IS going to get a personality (not all do) it developed later, ofter as her body is tanking.  Girls are often hottest at 19-21, but there is no way I would seriously consider a girl at 21 to be any short of intellectual or life equal.  Especially at that age they are ‘cock-sure’ and think they know everything in life because they got a bacherlors in child psychology and took a semester in africa.

Dont let a good crisis go to waste – California shooting and feminism


In case you haven’t watch the news (I don’t blame you) there was a shooting in california a few days ago by some rich kid (automatically assuming it’s a guy? Because only guys are evil right?) anyway, it was some guy, early 20s who shot up some people then killed himself. What is notable about this, is the feminist bent the whole thing has taken.

By his own admission in videos he had girl trouble and that girls should have liked him. To be blunt, he was kind of a freak, and the media piles on him for this, but this is where I diverge strongly. There was a multitude of psychologists (all girls, like some sort of shaman/priestess class – they alone can read the stones!) talking about this guy, and I shit you not, this was an exact quote ‘if he had a girl friend this never would have happened’ other quotes along the lines of ‘girls present a modulating influence on young males’ etc.

The blatant-ness of these comments struck me hard in my post-pill awareness. Essentially what they are saying, is that guys – all guys- are one step away from murder rampages, BECAUSE they can’t get a girl, because only girls can ‘calm them down’.

It’s an interesting chicken/egg syndrome, because if the guy is a loser, like him, how exactly are you supposed to achieve the holy grail of a girl friend? It’s an implicit assumption that does not hold up to scrutiny in the slightest. That EVERY guy out there needs a girl to control him (and that every girl would pair with every guy instead of the best getting the lions share) to ‘modulate’ his behavior.

Do you see what this has subtly done? It has shifted the burden of control to women, that men can’t really control themselves, they are just beasts at heart, it takes an independent woman to control that man. Of course with control comes responsibility, but they expertly dodge that, doing some strange circular reasoning that it was his fault; girls can control you but when you snap its not their fault.

Its pretty disturbing, because quite obviously men are violent, but the narrative we are sold is that it is uncontrollable, that women truly are the ‘modulating’ influence on society that without them it would devolve into Road Warrior rampages. It passes off the subtle (and sometimes blatant) truth that women are inherently superior because they control the weaker member of the sexes from dragging the rest of society down. Forgetting men built it in the first place.


Edit: Just tonight (5-27) on ‘world news’ they covered this story, which included the following (paraphrased, I can’t find the link yet) ‘he was part of a small group on the internet that is cycnical and hate filled about women, so called ‘pick up artists’ ‘

It goes on to bash PUAs as, ironically, the belief that ‘being a nice guy entitles you to women’.  The errors in this are pretty profound, namely, that ANY pua would espouse being a ‘nice guy’ as a way to get women, namely the exact opposite.  But it doesnt really matter, all it really shows it that media will distory everything to fit their narrow narrative.

Such as this extremly stupid ‘yes all women’ twitter trend with such gems such as “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them” or “I shouldn’t have to hold my car keys in hand like a weapon & check over my shoulder every few seconds when I walk at night” (right, because that would be the smart thing to do, nothing to do with ‘misogny’) or “Because I shouldn’t have had to send my daughters to college with pepper spray and a rape whistle” (after all, 1/3 girls are ‘raped’ in college)

Whats sad, is the nightly news segement ended with some girl saying ‘everyone I know has been a victim of unwanted sexual abuse or advances, including myself’ then cut to some ugly fat 40 year old claiming the same thing.  Its the same tired narrative of ‘men = evil’ and ‘women = can do no wrong’

Edit:  I found the link to the audio of abc world news, here it is skip to 6:00, where we hear about that “a hidden subculture of resentment, cynicism and anger against women where one disturbed man took refgue”, the irony of course is pua/mgtow preaches SNAP THE FUCK OUT OF IT! If you want women, improve your life!  Then we hear that ‘every women i know has experianced some form of sexual harassment’ then some ugly bitch ‘every singl women i know has a story about a man who feels entitled to access to her body’




Donald Sterling: Newest victim of political correctness

News endlessly grasps stupid stories to ‘infuriate’ the sheeple to keep them talking about pointless things instead of anything meaningful.  So normally, the Donald sterling story would be meaningless to me, if it was not for the very disturbing precedent set: that your private views can be used against you.

In case you dont know what this is, essentially it was some rich man who had some half breed girl friend who’s brain apparently is pretty lacking, he said some ‘racist’ comments and was promptly stripped of his basketball team he owns and publicly vilified.

If you care here is the entire recording: for the most part its skippable.  The important thing to understand is that the girl was RECORDING him, and he did not know that (entrapment anyone?) and proceeded to bait him repeatedly into making more and more ‘racist’ comments.

So first of all, this recording was illegally recorded (which is never mentioned, and never brought up), then we have the girl friend baiting him, then the predictable comments somehow are a surprise and enough to ruin this guys life.

Look, I dont want to defend some rich jewish guy, (who ironically, talks about how blacks are treated ‘worse than dogs’ in israel…but that is only presented in a ‘crazy man’ context, not if there might be any truth to the claim) but the reality is, he said some shit, and not only did the whole world turn on him, he literally was stripped of the team HE OWNED.

Let me repeat that, his property was SEIZED because of ‘racist’ comments.  It is not a stretch to imagine being taken down for ‘sexist’ comments etc.  We have cultivated this disturbing culture where any deviation from groupthink must be punished severely, it is a groupthink were the less male, the less white and the less smart you are the more you are protected and celebrated for being some sort of ‘hero’.


Is the military an enabler, or the last bastion?

I do not have all the answers, and this is a question that constantly plagues me as I see our society falling apart around us as relativism (of which my oft-written topic of feminism is a part of) destroys any semblance of truth.

The question is simple does the US military act as an enabler of our culture suicide, because we are defended so we are free to act our more fucked up proclivities to the natural conclusion of societal unraveling, or is the military the last bastion of better values, and an institution that will outlast the collapse of the US?

I am not in, I dont know, I can only speculate, I hope people with experience will comment.  I wrote about the increasing feminism in the military here ( ) which is undeniable, and it gives credence more to the enabler part of the question.  At its root, all the gays, the trans, the fat bitchy feminists – all of them are defended by the military that they never had to join. (Mandatory military service is something I think we should have )

Further, the military increasingly acts as a corporate imperial conquering force.

It is rough, because at its root, the organization is something I would really behind (and I still occasionally think about joining, pending the resolution to this question) but as of now it is really tough to justify joining to defend the faggotry I see around me.

Halloween insights

I generally dont head out much, I do not like typical people, and hemoraging money is not a habit of mine; but I did want to go out for the night, and man I saw a lot of small lessons/insights.

First, was stopping at my old college, a hyper liberal institution, and watch what unrolls here.  First I stop at a dorm with my friend, we are hanging in a lobby when a fat women comes by ‘are you waiting for someone?’ ‘yeah’ and she walks away.  I look around and see a lot of security cameras that were NEVER there when I was there.  Me and friend go to leave, and outside this semi-cute girls strolls up to us, and what are her first words?  A friendly hi?  Asking where a party might be?  Nope, we are treated to a big brother acolyte “are you two supposed to be here?”


“I am a RA here, and I have never seen you here before.” (Mind you when I was at college, I lived there and I did not ‘see everyone’)

“Oh we live over in the apartments”

She frowned, not amused, but left.  I was already feeling the bubble constraining around me.  So think about how utterly fucked up just this little encounter, a grl-power girl coming up to two older guys (in the dark) and instead of being anything but placating she DEMANDS to know if we should be there (it is a public area so we indeed COULD be there).  My college always pushed female>male, and it was so frustrating seeing the stuff I talk about on my blog so completely in effect here. Some small little girl with this over-inflated sense of power or control that any guy DARE infringe on her little world.

The last encounter at the school was a girl selling coffee ‘oh you guys must be here for parties, I dont recognize you’.  I saw a sign in a window “We are watching you” right below a camera.

I mean what the fuck, seriously, when i went to school there I would never presume to have known everyone there.  And that all three GIRLS who said anything to us all revolved around us not being there in their little girl world.  I realized that we likely stuck out easily because of a driving gait, holding head high, perhaps a ‘hunting’ look in our eyes compared to the belly-leading, reverse-palm-walk-style of the emaciated males around us.

What was scary, is how fast everything can take you down in the name of girl ‘safety’.  All it would take is a rent-a-cop to come up ‘do you have id?’ to suddenly police and video tape reviews about the ‘stalker’ or ‘predator’ who was after girls.  Oh my apologizes for making your life even a little uncomfortable in your fem-world.  We got out of there, and I doubt I will ever go back.

Downtown, I was reminded of my misanthropic tendency, nearly EVERY male falls into one of two catagories: 98% of passive/beta guys who hold their eyes low, following girls around etc, then the other 2% are the fake–alpha types that hold their eyes wide open and stare you down even as you turn your head to look at each other walking past and the obvivously-walking-towards-you trying to shoulder ram you to prove how ‘bad’ they are.  (Which as an aside, I have not decided the correct response on this, I mean I will lean slightly to avoid contact because the streets are crowded but maybe I should just not do it, but perhaps that would be stupid buying into their bait.)  Notice what is missing?  Any real alpha.

I was a bit shocked at how utterly slutty every single girl was, I guess we should thank the feminist movement?  Girls wrapped in only a few ribbons, every girl with her breasts propped up, one girl who was completely naked and simply painted a flesh color, tons of demons/vampires.  I was a bit reminded of ‘Blade Runner’/Androids dream of electronic sheep of this dystopia of a fucked up world where no one cares and depravity continues to mount.

I left, only hoping that a collapse was coming sooner rather than later.  There is a lot of fucking trash out there.