Jewgle racism pt. infinity

Sometimes I wonder if I fell off the deep end and maybe seeing conspiracies where there aren’t actually any.  Then I see this stuff and realize how true and insidious it is.


Who is our esteemed guest this time?  Some black women chipping away at a white person, I am sure it wasn’t intentional in the slightest (sarc).  So who is this bitch?  Some no name sculptor…WHO WASN’T EVEN BORN OR DIED ON THIS DAY!

What the fuck is wrong with jewgle?  I think we are rapidly accelerating to a breaking point with the endless anti-white sentiment.

How about two actual events that happened on this day? The final battle/retreat of Guadalcanal during ww2, or the end of the cold war.  Hey, that last one is pretty important right?  Instead lets send millions of traffic to some fucked black women who has done literally nothing for this country.  Thanks jewgle.