Why truth hurts

Humans in our present state suffer from not wanting to know the truth unless one of a few things occurred in their life to make them want to pursue it.  It is a psychological phenomenon known as ‘cognitive bias’  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_bias).  Unless you take steps to rid yourself of this, you will never see things as they are.

The wiki is long as they usually are, but it comes down to this, we think one way, and even in the face of evidence our minds literally blank over that evidence or downplay it to the point that it simply isnt true.  It ultimately is a form of ego preservation as well as a form of reality control.  Because if at any moment something you thought you believed all your life was even considered to be wrong your mind would throw you into a tailspin and you could not function normally.  Kind of what would happen if feminists realized what they espouse has nothing to do with equality and will destroy our culture completely. (https://eruditeknight.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/feminists-do-not-understand-implications/)

What cognitive bias causes though is very insidious.  We have things like politics (which for the record I think are an utter farce, but I will talk about it later) where democrats and republicans have legitimate arguments they bring up to the other, but irregardless of which fact or which side the paradigm follows: ‘good fact 1 presented’ > cognitive bias literally does not understand implication and blanks this fact person 2’s mind> person 2: ‘counter fact 1 presented> cognitive bias blanks implications> ad nauseum

Anyone who argues politics knows exactly what I am talking about. Feminists are even worse because they have much much more ‘skin in the game’ so to say.  If their victim ideology was revealed to be the truth that it victimizes man why giving vast advantages to women their world view would fall apart.

The steps you can take to help lower your own CB are some of the following…and why most people, feminists especially will never cure themselves and allow themselves to see the truth.  The first is truly believing there is a ‘chance’ you might be wrong.  One of the most effective belief systems I have come up with in my own life is ‘I believe x,y,z, but show me sufficient evidence to the contrary and I will switch.’ And actually doing such.

I still shutter to this day recalling that my  BPD ex-girl friend once told me that of all the guys she knew, I was one of the few who understood feminists.  Disgusting.  If she could see me now her statement would be correct in a much different way, I am one of the few males who ‘understands feminists’- but in a way that would make her shriek in anger.

If you have children raise them to question everything.  They should respect authority if they deserve it, not simply because they are authority.  I would fully expect my kids to challenge teachers on ideology spewed as truth.  ‘You tell me I should girls need all these laws…but why exactly?’

Read things you do not agree with.  I know it is very hard to not get angry, or to just laugh.  But merely the exposure will broaden your horizons.


Lastly, I would say in general if you ever held a position, and now hold a different side to the issue you are probably on the right track, because it shows a willingness to change and you are looking at facts rather than just emotional appeals.


Until next time, keep your thoughts tranquil and pure