Movements will be stopped, and the people will be ‘moderated’

There will be no stopping the final years of the globalization/capitalism juggernaut that is currently in motion rendering a majority of the world’s population while a small tribal elite continue to become richer. People are generally too stupid, too prone to propaganda, and the machine is too well entrenched for any realistic chance of ‘change’ to occur, by far one of the biggest ways this occurs is through co-option of movements, rendering them null from within, further amplified by a endless praise of a Hegelian dialectic as some sort of truth.

What I want to briefly sketch out today is the multipronged attack the people are neutered and the profit-machine will continue to roll with the rich getting richer until its inevitable crash when oil runs out.

Income Inequality

Income inequality is by far one of the biggest problems that exist today, the sheer scale of the inequality is nearly incomprehensible, I will be taking on both US parties in this, and this is one of the largest failings of the Republican party, the justification of said inequality. Let me state it bluntly, I do not believe people are equal, and until we start a eugenics or genetic engineering program, we will not be. However, I also realized that most people are within 3 standard deviations of each other. The military has a good Socialist pay scale where there is only a 10x factor of pay from the highest general to the lowest private. Much different than the lauded ‘free market’ that has produced insane outcomes of many full time workers making less than 20k a year, while CEOs pull in millions or billions, suggesting – absurdly I might add- that one CEO is worth 50,000 to 1 million peons. Put in a different way, this inequality suggest that say an average person can benchpress 70 pounds, said CEO is so strong, he is benching 350,000 pounds, because that’s how much more of a person he is – quite ludicrous.

Walmart truth

My point here is not to harp on the income equality, a cursory search online can find you tons of info, but watch what happens to movements that challenge the status quo. First look at the Tea Party, I didn’t agree with their stances as its far to Libertarian for my tastes, but their ranks swelled with people angry and wanting change. Their height was arguably somewhere around 2010, but as usual protocols, they were infiltrated, marginalized, and effectively removed as a threat. What was a threat to the power, has been reduced to a laughing stock. Consider ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ I have never seen a populist movement gain so fast, and then be taken down to fast. They cut to a true heart of major issues: income inequality. Notice how fast the machine was put into motion such as Fox news denouncing them as ‘spoiled privileged hypocrites’ etc.

The culutural Marxism set upon our society by the Tribes is most notable by the stupidity of the Hegelian Dieletic that poisons our discourse. Few know what this even is, essentialy Hegel was a german who Marx, a Jew, took from extensively in the creation of Marxism. The idea is that if you take Issue A, and Issue B, the ‘TRUTH’ is a synthesis of the two of them. Profoundly stupid, but I will demonstrate how this Marxism effects us today.

First think of conventional politics in the US, using a deeply flawed ‘left/right’ scale, the more on the dge you get, the more ‘extreme’/fanatical you are. Being called a ‘Moderate’ is some sort of badge of honor, as if in…hmm exactly like Hegel’s words…the truth is in the middle. The idea that the more to the left or right you get the more ‘wrong’ you get, and the more middle you are the more ‘correct’ you are. Of course nothing is further from the truth. In the middle you have completely swallowed the propaganda, you are watching CNN/FOX, you believe Obama and Bush are different etc etc.   Frankly, it’d be better if you were extreme but wrong, such as thinking ‘Nazi’s rule the white house’.

But there is an important subtly here, and I want to end on that. I have established that the moneyed elite prefer a ‘moderate’ who has synthesized both sides, who perhaps is ‘against abortion except in rape and incest’…who gives a flying fuck about abortion when we are in the final years of both our empire, and the global economy!?   I have stated this before on  that ‘both sides’ have truth…but it is unadulterated truth! You do not need to water that shit down, its when you ‘moderate’ these beliefs they are wrong. The key is that you have to PICK AND CHOOSE from each side, each ‘issue’ is separate, just because I think the citizenry should be armed does not mean I love churches, far from it. Just because income gap and the environmental degradation are real issues doesn’t mean I have faggot love or at all support feminists. You need to be extreme, and you need to be proud and stand by your convictions. Because that is exactly what they don’t want you to do, they want to shove you into a nice little moderate sheeple box that is easy to manipulate so that ‘terrorism’ suddenly justifies a militant police force, or that ‘economic gain’ somehow justifies the complete obliteration of protectionism of our own goods etc.

So come to you own conclusions, the more extreme the better, because you will go searching, and that’s exactly what they don’t want you to do.



The End

I have not written in a while, but I have also been giving this some thought for a while.  When I created this blog it was in a purpose that I was after truth, and that I would share my experience with others, and perhaps come to some mutual truths.  Also a large part of it was cathartic in nature, raging at the injustice males find our selves in, and the uphill battle we endlessly face.

For the catharsis, it has been mostly successful, I was a much more angry man about a year and a half ago than now, not to say I have lost the ardor of injustice we bear, but that I simple yelled, strut and fret my hour upon the stage. ‘And then is heard no more: it is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.’

A dark truth I realized, was blogging is not an effective medium for truth, in fact it is similar to other ‘social media’ meaning utterly useless because it is co-opted into ego gratification.

Blogging for the most part is a huge circle jerk / dick suck.

It really is.

A major problem is the medium, to stay ‘relevant’ you must constantly have new/novelty and you must direct traffic.  The first leads to shit posts and/or repetitions.  The 2nd leads to the debasement of any quality of medium.  You have people ‘liking’ your posts who you never see again, and just want a counter ‘like’, you have people follow you (who follow thousands) who just want a follow, you have 1 word commentors who want a comment back etc.  Ultimately it also devolves into this ‘well heres what I say today!  lets go see what a,b,c say today,’ and it turns into this little circle of mutual dick sucking.  Truth has long since expired as the purpose, and regardless of stated intentions, it becomes about ego gratification, hoping people ‘like’ you, and you’ll jack off a few people along the way as long as you yourself get it in return.

I really admired a guy who had a blog ‘solve my girl problems’ he got to the point, had inspiring posts, etc.  But he kind of fell into the trap a lot do where your posts get less relevant, more repetitious, you start caring about image instead of purpose etc.  I think he realized that and folded up.  For that reason I view him with more respect than so-called big names like ‘cheateau hertiste’ and ‘rationale male’ both who I used to like, but it really becomes an endless ‘same old shit’ syndrome.

CH is really bad, being the big shot, his comments demonstrate the endless dick suck blogging at its heart is, you have the placaters who dote on every article, you have the one-worders who just want traffic, you have the females fishing for attention (and talk about fucking irony!  those males are supposed to ‘get it’ yet they fall into the traps the girls lay for them.  ‘OMG!  a girl I must respond maybe she will suck my dick!), you have the decent posters who eventually realize the medium is shit and stop posting and move on, etc.

Another major problem is girls ‘win’ on blogging in general, you have a lot of so-called females who post whatever, and really the quality doesnt matter, I have seen greater quality at far less successful blogs such as Emperor Lubu’s.  If I was going for pure success (and perhaps my utilitarian mind should have considered it) I should have be Erudite Princess or something (quick aside, I actually had some blogger named Erudite Princess contact me a few months ago!) because I’d have far more success as a ‘novel’ female bitching about the exact same things.

For example, another thing looking back I had a huge problem with was the blogger ‘Judgy Bitch’ she has actually risen to pretty prominent ‘success’, oh she is so ‘novel’ a girl who ‘gets it’.  Whatever.  I actually was friends with her early, we both started about the same time, I was one of her few early commentators (can check if my claims need validation).  For months we languished in obscurity together, like all my original blog friends I asked if she wanted to exchange blog rolls, and she said yes like everyone else.  Well her link went up here, and wth…why isnt mine on hers?  I asked her about it ‘oh ill get it up’.  Ok.  Long story short, months later and a few reminders and it never happened.  After a while you just have to realize people lie and are not someone you can count on.  She let success get to her, and in the process forgot the ‘little people’ who started with her.  I hate her now, we started together and because success found her, freely cast those around her to the side.

The major prolem is like much of life, quality does not equal success.  As mentioned a lot of the people on my blog roll write some pretty good things, and they have very little readership.  Then you have these others (typically girls) who post pictures of their day and have 100 comments per picture, the fact such behavior is rewarded is disturbing.

Because I am not on twitter, facebook etc, I never will be successful, that is the reality.  Why do you think CH etc has a twitter feed?  It is to keep our ADD society addicted to little blips of attention.

I am actually near 200 posts, I may or may not continue, but the lack of comments on the last couple of long posts make it seem less likely.  At this point I write only to help others, as the purpose of what I did for myself has been accomplished.  I have left old illusions behind, and healed past wounds.  If I am not helping others there is no reason to continue.

Anyway, any of my readers that have been loyal, but not commented, I hope my blog has been useful to you.  This is not the official end necessairly, but if it is, thanks for reading and I hope it helped.

Even ‘smart’ people are subject to propaganda – often more so

I just got back from an old friends college graduation party, what was notable was my friend was substantially ‘smarter’ now, and could argue intelligently, but was still completely deluded in regards to propaganda we are fed, despite arguing coherently, he still believed things like the wage gap, and proceeded to lie himself into believing it was men’s fault.

First, I just recently read something (if anyone knows the source) but essentially the argument was that some study about so-called ‘smarter’ people actually fall for propaganda more deeply, I think this was in regards to feminism in modern day but the study was based on racist beliefs, but essentially that when propaganda was hoisted on the populace, ‘everyone’ would agree with the lies like ‘all man are potential rapists’ but in reality only the educated people BELIEVED it, whereas the uneducated had hard stereotypes they fell back on, regardless of what was professed.

I had never considered this specific angle but makes sense, if you are from the south, it doesn’t matter how much progressive ideology you are fed about races, you are still going to hate blacks, hate muslims, whatever. This is not important to the argument other than that they do NOT listen to the propaganda (whatever it may be) whereas the intellectuals WILL, because its ‘logical’ ‘smart’ ‘right’ etc. It ultimately comes back to ego, they are so progressive of course everyone KNOWS men rape etc. Ironic, because if they critically examined the past they would see how fast ‘obvious’ conclusions change.

Anyway to my friend, we went to highschool together, and he was a bit younger, and on the slow graduation path, back then he was not smart. I hadn’t seen him in like 3 years easy, he’s fatter now, but I was impressed with his ability to argue coherently. This was not a guy who was intelligent, rather he was made fun of for being dumb.

Now, as many of my readers may know, I graduated with a bachelors in environmental science, and despite the hard science training I had, I have not found a job in science (which I am totally skeptical of STEM short of about the xxEx until engineering gets overrun as well) anyway, I come down VERY hard on so-called intellectuals. I find it appropriate to delineate between true hard ‘scientists’ (biology, chemistry, math, physics, ecology etc) and everything else. That means I view psychology as a dangerous pseudo-science that has endowed a large portion of females with ‘oracles’ powers us mere mortals can’t comprehend. I do not consider philosophy, religion etc a REAL major, and this is the source of the disparaged intellectuals I slam. These are the pathetic humans that make the way into middle management or HR and fuck everyone else’s life because their own is a ruin they can’t comprehend.

My friend graduated in computer science, I would say that is a hard science, based on real facts, repeatable, etc. So far so good. We start talking about stuff and he start referencing google scholar, and ‘sources’, partly I like that instead of pure anecdotal evidence, (but I do not discount anecdotal at all) but the whole ‘source’ thing is very…hipster and intellectual. He mentioned something about the wage gap, and I was thinking ‘should I say something…or just let this go?’

But I was hear to spread the truth, and this was a situation it might find ground to grow.

‘The wage gap is a lie’ –Me

(Any new readers – start with this link [ ] from a MAINSTREAM media, actually telling the heretical fact that young women make MORE than men. 5000$ for a 30k job, pretty fucking insane)

‘Not so! If you look at x y and z source women do indeed make less than men.’ –him

‘If you control for all factors that may be true, but it is deceptive – men work more and at higher paying jobs’ – me

‘that’s because women are told they aren’t good at math. According to study z women do worse when they think it’s a math test compared to a regular test’ – him

(quick aside, if you know anything about MBTI personality theory, hard defaulting to external authority is a J trait, most man-o-sphere writers are hard P, they question established doctrine)

‘It’s problematic man, we compare someone working more, at a higher paying job, and complain about the unfairness in the ‘wage gap’ ‘ – me

He proceeded to launch into…something stunning. He made the argument that we CONDITION girls to accept ‘subservient ‘ jobs like teachers because they aren’t ‘good’ at math. He was making the argument that sexism was so pervasive, that we were conditioning our poor girls to be 2nd class citizens, regulated to being a humble kindergarten teacher.

‘I got some serious problems with your argument man, you are acting like school teachers are powerless, I am going to counter that teachers have insane power. It is men who are the victims of sexism here, they are reared by women their entire school lives, told how bad they are as boys and those females teachers aren’t spouting anti-female rhetoric that’s for sure’ –Me

‘Oh, but they are, because teachers see the studies, they know other women can’t be good at math, so they subconsciously edge girls away from jobs that would earn them more.’ –Him

The conversation ended when someone else came up, but I was stunned that there was this self-flogging by a male FOR women. I have clearly seen this type of behavior before as nearly every pathetic ‘man’ who tries to woo women with his apologetic groveling, but to see it so indoctrinated, so researched, so…non-truth, non-reality being taken as reality, and some irreality being substituted in for what was ‘wrong’ with the situation.

It is a bit hard to describe the effect this had on me, because again, the self flogging is nothing new, but this was a whole new level. Its like if someone came up to me and painted this vast picture of history and science about how all men are actually gay…its like wtf!? How is this the conclusion!?

My point here is not to attack or flame my friend, I am simply stunned at the effectiveness of intellectualism in destroying actual intellect. It doesn’t matter that even a cursory search shows the wage gap is a lie, or how about the heretical (but true) reality that my generation (sub 30) actually fares WORSE as males then our female counterparts? We live at home far higher, unemployed far higher, and make less. Where the fuck is THAT dialogue? Oh, its not convenient, women are the only victims I forgot.

It is reasons like this I cannot ever believe main stream politics, as they sure as shit know the wage gap is a lie, but both parties shovel it out like some serious social crisis as if people were getting murdered in the streets it is so bad. Hey but that’s the whole point, if we fight for things that aren’t real, then real things go un-fought.

Even good (?) intentions can be bad

I’d be out of action the last week or so, but coming back I had a slew of comments to go through (and readers who dont comment, I make it a habit to respond to every new commenter, and often respond to any comments in general other than between people) and this one caught my attention enough to write a post about.

In my last post Eurdite Dark Knight (sic) wrote a long comment, I think it was supposed to be inspiring, or maybe advice, but it comes across as someone still plugged-in / pre-pill where they want to help you, but their advice is given by someone who hasn’t been there, and doesnt really know.  It would be easy to attack the person, but I think there is a legitimate chance they were attempting to be ‘helpful’ so I will simply talk about their argument.

Eurdite Dark Knight: ‘You seem to think that the entire female sex is less than you in almost every way. When in reality there are some women out there that are, dare i say it, smarter and stronger than you. They might even be in love with men who are “better” than you, in EVERY way. What happens when the hero of your story loses? When he realizes he is not the most superior being in his world.’

This has a few problems, first of all it is a heavy strawman argument that makes it easier to start the bashing, second, this is a very heavy ‘NAWALT!!!’ argument (not all women are like that).  I talk a bit about NAWALT-ism here ( but this is a low level argument you encounter frequently once you start to wake up to the reality around us.  At its most base, it posits that because literally NOT ALL women can be that bitchy/slutty/stupid/etc the claim is therefore false.

This fallacy is a mix of Anecdotal and Texas sharpshooter, where because this person ‘knows a girl’ who is not part of the claim, it therefore disproves it, because they cherry pick their exception (often female Olympians to prove males arent stronger) the fallacy concludes that this is a valid argument.  Of course, it isnt, a exception does not an argument make.  Or, depending on how its phrased, it could be a ‘Special pleading’ fallacy that where a claim is shown to be wrong, attempts to ‘plead’ for an exception, thus ‘not all women are like that’.

There is a saying ‘the exception proves the rule’ I dont really like that because if it was a rule, it wouldn’t have an exception, what I like better is my own creation ‘the exception proves the generality’.  I have long railed against modern women, but my claims are backed up, often by actual facts such as wage gap lies.  Further, EDK’s argument essentially suggests that because there is some girl out there smarter or stronger than me, that I am therefore not stronger than other girls, because I was beat by a girl, its a very circular style of reasoning.

Here is another one about NAWALT you may want to read, Eurdite Dark Knight,

Just because you have never loved a woman, or a woman has never loved you, does not mean you should place all your hate towards their sex.’  

If I was a feminist I might shriek ‘You dont know me!!!’ The reality though, is this arugment is entirely emotionally based, with a does of ad hominem thrown in.  Arguing against people that arent capable of detecting fallacies, these type are extremely effective and also in front of a crowd, they work damn well, you can paint the opponent as a loser, and they dont gain the ground back by pointing out its fallacious nature.  What doesnt change is that how does me loving or not being loved at all affect the validity of a claim?  Stated another way, say I make the claim ‘2 +2 =4’ to which someone says ‘just because you arent loved doesnt mean you should place all your faith in your math claim’.  Its completely unrelated.  As anecdotal evidence, I have loved as a matter of fact, I have a lot of love in my life, and I ‘loved’ a girl that fucked me over. (

Women ARE smart.’

Said like a white knight.  If it was so self-evident why would it need constant repetition?  I’m strong, I really am! I can bench 400, I really can!!!

If you actually believe half of what you say, this grudge and prejudice you hold against them will show right through when interacting. As a result, they will immediately turn their head.

Unfortunately, EDK, this is patently false.  The entire PUA/red pill/ mgtow movements are founded on the truth that treating women as your equal is how you lose, and treating them as inferior is how you win.  I do not condone this reality, but it is a reality none the less. Girls are pedestal-ized their whole life, so when you are nice, you do not register in her mind, you are disposable.  When you are mean, cocky, aggressive you are different to her, you stand out.  On an evolutionary point, the aggressive men are the ones women are selected for to like.  Thats why peacocking works, it acts as if you are a badass, without being called out on it in our pussy society. (

‘Underneath all this emotion I sense a hopeless romantic that just wants a woman who can love him as much as he is capable of giving. A good way to find this woman is to start looking for the positive things in people rather than the negative.’

You are right, I actual am a closet romantic, but it is something nearly dead and gone in this world.  Women are not in the right mindset to understand things like gifts, and devotion, their hypergamy is completely unrestrained, so in a previous life a man giving her resources was something she needed and latched onto.  But now with so many suitors, it is ‘deserved’ and expected, and with so many coming in, you are meaningless.  When you are that ‘fake badass’ it confuses them, ‘why doesnt this guy need me?’.  Implicit in this reversal is the ‘guy needing the girl’ which is totally false from a survival perspective, but regardless, it circumvents the misled reality girls subscribe to.  After all, all guys ‘need her’ she is led to believe, so when the guy doesnt need her, it activates the correct ancient pathways of that he must have a glut of resources and can be picky.  Thus…girls are attracted to it.

Girls are currently misled, thats what makes them dangerous now, not that they were always that way

Girls are currently misled, thats what makes them dangerous now, not that they were always that way



Victim mentalities and methodoligies

Despite all rational thought to the contrary, victim mentalities have taken over our world.  Groups of people use various victim tactics to gain support, weakening the lead race (typically white european-ancestry males) and thereby eventually become hidden centers of power.  Most insidiously, anyone who questions the dominate paradigm is labeled with various epithets that the group-think horde judges and marginalizes.

The difference between ‘mentality’ and ‘methodology’ is that the first is a learned response, an individual response, and a result of cultural learning.  Methodology is a purposeful group-think story that is foisted onto the culture at large.

Women and to a lesser extent blacks are easy groups to point to that use victim methodologies, but there are other groups out there, you know who they are.  These groups out there convince culture – and white males by proxy- a narrative that goes something like this: “oh, poor us, we never had a fair shot, we have always been victimized, we just want things to be equal’.  What is notably is this narrative fits for all victim-groups out there, their complaints (unfounded I might add) are all similar and fit the same standard operation procedure.

What is notably about victim methodologies is twofold, one is that is prevents criticism of the group, and second is alleviates them of personal responsibility thrusting it elsewhere.  It is someone else’s fault (read: white males).  It is white males fault my ancestors were enslaved and I am still a victim.  It is white males fault the patriarchy is keeping me down etc etc.

Another comment is that if your race/culture is one engaging in methodologies, that does not mean that individuals will have the personal victim mentality.  For example blacks have a very coherent racial methodology of victimhood, but this does not extend to the individual level nearly the same intensity it does for women.  So remember that even if individuals of a group do not throw victim-hood in your face, it does not mean the entire group engages in radical victimization to achieve their ends.

Want to know an example?  How about the jewish people and the ‘holocaust’ which is endlessly paraded in front of us as some sort of atrocity to end all atrocities.  How come regardless of the number that supposedly died, THAT ALONE is the major humanitarian disaster everyone knows from the war?  Maybe because history is written by the victors, and our atrocities like the russian bolshivik revolution (with easily over 10 million+ dead), the bombing of dresden (over 100,000 dead in one bombing) the Katyn Massacre where the Russian MURDERED polish soldiers (they were ‘allies’ in case you didnt know) and blamed it on the nazis, or US bombing japan civilian centers for over 200,000 deaths in one fell swoop?  Do any of these matter?  Or because the victim methodology has successfully reprogrammed our minds, where only what the enemy did mattered?

This rise of victim-hood is in direct synchronicity of the rise of Slave Mentality, which is based on Nietzche’s idea.  I will talk at length of the Master vs Slave mentality at length soon, but know they are related.

As a society and a people, we have accepted this as a standard way people act, and the worst part, is we condone and placate to them.  Do not do this, it only encourages the decline of our civilization.



Its all connected to male decline: feminism, videogames/porn, globalism/economic depression

This is going to be epic and important so buckle up.

The patterns in life and the connections to the things in this title are becoming obvious to me, what is insane is people get locked in on a single aspect, and forget that it has connections to everything.  People seize upon one aspect, convinced it is the sole problem and crusade endlessly for that, the problem is the scope of view in not big enough, and the entire system that put it into play stabilizes these aspects giving them a strength individually they would not possess.

Let me introduce to you the major aspects I am going to attempt to weave together in this grand beautifully consistent tapestry – beautiful in its structure but opposed to me on nearly every level.  (The connections I see are kind of like this: The things I am going to tie together is globalism, the decline of males, feminism, videogames/porn (and sex that isnt for reproduction).

Let us start off with that males are in decline and have it far worse than females.  To people not poisoned by feminism this is easily seen as truth, or at least capable of substantiation.  I am not going to go into proving this assumption, read some of the side posts ‘key to read’ if you need evidence supporting this.

So men have it rough, the pay gap does not exist, more women are graduating college, more ‘jobs’ are designed for girl strength like getting along and forming feel good groups, we are disposable, we have no direction, society hates us and one misstep and we are taken down.

Here is where the connections start to form.  A majority of these problems are ’caused’ by feminism right?  Yes.  I have written extensively about the damage feminism does, but to blame it solely on feminism is wrong.  Feminism is a result of GLOBALISM and the endless drive toward economic destruction that has started around the late 1800’s.  (Quickly, a LOT of authors will talk about the economic depression males face, the insolvency of our debt etc, but again, you must look at this with a larger lens)  Men before this were primarily hard laborers, the leaders of their farm – the inputs were visible.  If they worked hard, they lived and prospered, women relied on men’s exploration, strength, courage and endurance.

As industry erased the farm, and men flocked enmasse to the factory, what it meant to be a men was coopted.  Being a ‘man’ now meant working hard for some fat ceo hours and hours a week to provide for a family he rarely saw.  Now here is where this is important to grasp, come about the 50-60s industry was getting SO efficient that less men were needed, and simply economics predicts that the demand for labor decreased thus the supply went up meaning the money a man made started declining.  Around here was when women were allowed into the work force en masse, this was NOT some social victory, it was simple economic reality, a man would less effectively provide for a family and there had to be a second wage earner.

We still good?  At this point the work force nearly doubled, and the problem of course was magnified, wage dropped even further.  So see in the economic realm how feminism 50+ years ago paved the way for the economic turmoil we find ourselves in now?  Industry did not need this many workers, it did not even need the males before it was suddenly doubled. So then new ‘industries’ were created to make use of the insane flood of labor.  So then we get things like finance and retail which in modern day DOMINATE the percentage of people employed.

These new things were not suited to male predispositions, these new jobs required smiles, back stabbing, group consensus, no strength, creating lies – all of things women do.  Men normally are not predisposed to standing there smiling all day listening to someone irate and apologizing ‘Oh I am sooo sorry~’.  It was NOT in men’s nature.  The economic system was happy with this strange equilibrium it found: vast employment pools so wages could be depressed while profits maximized, an endless string of replacements allowing trouble makers to be booted and calm sheeple to find their way in, workers not vital to the system so little investment was required and no incentive to keep them around, and like we see today, hundreds of people applying for 10$/hr jobs because there is NOTHING else out there.

This is where globalism is tied in, that in the search for profits workers become replaceable and this race to the bottom cause all to suffer.  Mechanization/robots etc make workers more and more obsolete and the swelling labor pool depresses wages further and further, this true ‘race to the bottom’ leads us to where we are now.  Where even American companies outsource because 10$/hr is just to much into their profit margins.  A LOT of alt/right, manosphere are conservative and I get that, but economically they are very very misguided, people seem to not make the connection that a ‘free market’ LEADS TO THIS SITUATION.  It is not ‘socialism’ or ‘communism’ or whatever demon they conjure up, free market economics unleash unfettered selfishness, thus we get gigaintic coproations that ‘rationally’ decide ‘well china has no environmental regulations, and their workers work for 1$ a day, so fuck america’ and hello endless ‘great recession’.  All of this slavery is anathema to men’s dispositions.

So…what do we do?  We change and redirect men’s nature.  Starting with school, school becomes increasingly more feminized, teaching ‘soft’ things like English (the ‘art’ of convincing someone you are right – compared to the use of force) and eventually gender studies and hiding real facts that men are stronger, asians generally preform best academically, blacks preform inferior intellectually but dominate running etc.  After all those are ‘racist’ or sexist, and in this brave new world we were rapidly becoming Truth was best covered lest the status quo was questioned.  After all, questions may arise like ‘why does everyone say there is a patriarchy when the facts clearly disprove that?’ or ‘why do women have power when men built this world?’  Dangerous.  Best to confine thoughts to ‘Men are doubleplus ungood’.

Classes like gym and recess constantly decreased while sitting still in a class continued to be ramped up.  10 years ago in high school, I only had 3 gym classes over 4 years, and I REQUESTED two of those.  I understand gym has been eliminated in some schools.  The chaining of masculine energy was already in earnest force as I came through and the staggering obesity rates show this is not improving.  Over 20% of boys are put on ADD/ADHD medicene because they are ‘problematic’.  Boys are NOT problematic, it is our fucked up system that chains energetic boys to desks and tells them how ‘ungood’ they are.  Masculine outlets are systematically torn asunder, viewed as archaic/barbaric and males are square pegged through the round hole of ‘feminized’ society.  Even the military is feminized, emasculated.  A story about a navy captain who made ‘unwanted glances’ at a female crewmember and was fired is burned into my mind – not because it was unusual, this happens a fair amount, but the fact we are at such a stage where girl-world makes girl-rules for everyone.

I have thus painted a overview of globalism and feminism (and feminism ‘accepting’ the shit you are dealt in life instead of being a man and trying to change your future) now we get to that problem of 50%~ of the populace that isnt happy, and are the only ones that could change anything.  What do we do with them?  We channel their energies into useless and addictive things that play to their primal desires: video games and porn and non-reproductive sex.  (I am going to only type porn, but I am also referring to non-reproductive sex which I will touch on)

Now, let me be very clear, I do NOT think VGs and Porn is THE problem, it is the SYMPTOM of the problem.  Again, tons of people rail on these two, and I am going to presently, but it is very very important to understand that distinction, that cause vs the symptom.  What do men want to do, what is programmed into their genes?  To Win, to Explore, to Fight, to Fuck, to experience Novelty, to Prevail, to Master.

What do VGs/Porn do?  They utilize, circumvent, and eventually deaden those drives.  I do not want to come off as holier than thou, I have suffered some very bad video game addictions in my life where I’d play all day and falling asleep I see the game playing itself on my closed eyelids.  I GET IT.  I really do.  That is why it is so important to understand it is not harmless.  The world we have been born into and inherited is fucked up beyond imagination once you start to realize things.  Our fathers (if we even have them) have been emasculated no matter how manly they are, unless they were truly self sufficient and not working for someone else, the feminine sisterhood ‘raised’ every boy after all.

We have ZERO real outlets, we can not go explore because of ‘property’ laws, we cant go form a tribe, we cant find some girl in the woods and slam her out for a child, we cant fight because the ‘big alpha government/police’ will come stomp us out.  We have one path (someone else mind you) decreed we face in life: go to feminizing school, then either go get a slave job or go to college (increasing your feminization) and then get a slave job anyway.  Your virile exploring and fighting and fucking existence will now be a scheduled PREDICTABLE (women are primary drivers of predictability, all stemming from you cannot have a child in an unpredictable environment) event of working 20-80 hours a week, doing the same shit OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  It does not matter how bad you fucking hate it, how close you are to fucking snapping, society has done everything to constrain you.

But wait, we still have this inner fire and rage right?  Well…thats where the videogames and porn come in.  Without these two I am so completely convinced society would be revolting and burning right now.  Tv is a placater as well, but it is more passive, and I will not argue about if its less damaging, I am making the assumption that people who become addicted to tv were pretty ‘sheeply’ already, and they were not the ones going anywhere in life to begin with.  Tv is passive, you just sit there and something happens in front of you.  Video games and porn are ACTIVE.  You look up that hot blonde, you load up that call of duty.  You engage your mind – and hurt yourself in the process.

Videogames and nearly perfect addictors, subtle enough there are not huge highs and lows, but the intermittent reinforcement slowly grinds your neurons into this addictive mess.  But regardless of that, what does it do to us?  We fool ourselves into thinking we ‘won’ that will ‘killed’ that we ‘prevailed’.  Now perhaps you may be rolling your eyes ‘its only a game right?’.  No.  MRI’s show repeatedly that games activate the same centers as if you were actually doing the activity.  So despite media claiming games make people violent, its actually nearly the reverse, its an outlet that channels your rage.  Your brain just thinks it killed someone, why would you need to go do it in real life?

Personally, I can attest to this, I used to play a LOT of DOTA (defense of the ancients) which branched off to DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of Neweath, tremendously popular games right now will millions of players, dota 2 supposedly has over 5 million players.  5 MILLION!  That means over 2% of the American populace plays this game.  That is one game, now include other games like LoL, HoN, WoW, CoD, etc.  You can log onto CoD mw3 (and older game) and there are a million people on.

Now games like CoD and DoTA demand your absolute focus and skills to win if you ‘get serious’ about the game.  Complete with the subtle intermittent reinforcement through the whole game of highs and lows from your little victories and losses ‘yes i killed him’ ‘fuck that I shot him in the head!’ ‘yeah FUCKING right!’ it becomes a conflict you are personally involved in.  This especially gets bad if you are chatting/flaming the other side, its PERSONAL.  There is a hostile male over there, and you two are fighting to the death on this game, and in real life you are doing everything you fucking can to bring that bastard down.  Maybe at the end of a game you have a moment of post-orgasmic awareness of ‘what the fuck am I doing with my life?’ before firing another one up.

You put your heart into that game, and you win or lose.  If you win, you are drained, but you are ‘victorious’, you ‘killed’ the enemy.  But where are your spoils?  Where are your new lands, his daughters that you impregnate, new resources?  No where.  It was a fake conflict, you fought so hard…for nothing.  Now, what if you lose?  You fought your damnedest and you still lost, normally you would be killed, or enslaved, or watch your female members raped and taken from you.  YOU LOST IN LIFE.  Oh, wait this was just a game?  Wrong, your primitive mind and body dont know that.

How about porn?  Same deal, but different pathways. It is even the more potent reproduction/fucking pathway.  Consider this video: not porn and it IS safe for work, after all its ‘only’ a girl stretching right? but it is  erotic, and I am sure it is supposed to be, just look at the side bar videos, and the comments, but what does this do to our male brain?  It stimulates it, our brain does not know we are ‘just’ looking at a screen, we see a girl in front of us that wants our dick deep inside her.  THIS IS JUST A GIRL STRETCHING, sure it is deeply provocative, but that is kind of the point.  To our brain, it is like ‘why the fuck aren’t we doing this girl right now?  She is even willing look at how she is’.  Or how about we whack one off, either to a video like that or true porn, we tell our brain we just ‘fucked’ that hot girl.  ‘Success’ screams our mind!  We inject powerful dopamine straight though our brain, ‘rewarding’ us for what we just did.  What we just did was type in a search, and get to it.

Now, it was just that pretty girl masturbating silently that got you off, but your male brain demands NOVELTY and ADVENTURE so now what?  How about a girl using a dildo, ahh that’s new, that will work.  This is where fetishes develop, see my earlier post about programmable sex ( to show how moldable our mind is.  Suddenly its facials, or baseball bats or fisting.  Wow, you are SUCH  a dominate man, your harem placates to your every littlest whim.  That girl with huge tits is sticking that huge plug inside her ass while sucking you off before letting you cum ‘deep’ inside.  God damn, you are a RULER of men and women.  Wait, this was all an illusion?  You are not actually some dominate ruler enforcing your will on those hot sluts begging for you to slam them out?  No.  Not in real life.  And that is the problem, your body and mind are addicting you to this ‘dominate’ behavior that got you that harem of girls…only the behavior was working the fucking fryer at burger king and waiting till you got home to look up the intensifying fetish of your fancy.

Your male brain is content.  You are ‘winning’  At least that’s what your body and chemical baths in your mind are telling you.  Hell, you gunned down 50 people in call of duty, then fucked some brazil girl in the ass, then fucked her again blew it straight into her, pregnancy for sure.  All in a day’s work.

Now, about non-reproductive sex.  Let’s dispense with an anti-puritan knee-jerk reactions about this, and approach it from some intellectually honesty.  If you are not getting a girl pregnant, or trying to get her pregnant, you essentially are just masturbating with someone else’s body.  If you find yourself disagreeing with this you really need to be more honest with yourself.  Does your body or mind ‘know’ you have a condom on, or that she is on the pill?  No.  So it is the EXACT same as porn because you mistakenly ‘won’ by successfully ejaculating inside a girl.  Pills, condoms, dams, these things did not exist in the world we evolved from, when you were having sex with a girl and orgasmed there was a VERY good chance she got pregnant assuming her cycle obviously.  But again if she is ‘willing’ she must be on her cycle where she is ready for fertilization.  So we self-sabotage ourselves here as well.  Maybe you really are putting it in some hot girl’s ass (as so many PUA’s treat as a holy grail) you might get a few high fives from your friends, but you are NOT being a reproductive success, you are training your mind for the wrong things, and addicting yourself to the failure.

Essentially, if you ever have the thought post-activity/post-high (drinking, non-reproductive sex, drugs, videogames) of ‘what the fuck am I doing?’ that is a pretty good sign that isn’t something you would have done in ‘real life’ thousands of years ago.

So we started large, about economics, globalism and how that led to feminism.  Then that in terms further contributes to the overall failure of men, education and society ruin us.  But we still retain a virile element, it needs to be released lest we bring society down in anger and frustration.  Along comes porn, video games, NSA/no kid sex etc.  Things ‘close’ to vital elements as a man we need, close enough to trick us, to pacify us, to ultimately make us lose.

I want you~

I want you~

Feminists Modus Operandi

“Will feminism ever die” I found myself thinking tonight.  I went to go read a few feminist blogs to see how they could possibly think the whole world is so fucked up and why being a female is someone like a curse of 3rd class citizenship.  A quick aside, you should ALWAYS read alternative arguments to what you believe, act as an iconclast.  There is no faster way to being wrong than to assume you are right in everything.  You need to get out of whatever echo chamber you are in once in a while.

Anyway, so reading some shit about some fat bitch on a plane complaining the seats are too small…ok next…some girl got unwelcome advances, why are men such pigs…ok next…now some girl complaining about video games heroines are now she is attacked by all those mean nerds, hackers etc.  (I think hackers when the fully mobilize are going to be tearing a lot of shit down, namely the structures that repress young males – feminists watch out, you are on the list) then it hit me like small insights suddenly do:

Females take one specific occurrence – typically emotionally charged – and apply at large to the world.

This is the problem, and why is has been so successful.  Girls are triggered by emotion.  So when they hear a story about some fat women having a hard time on a plane its ‘aww~ that is just SO mean~!’ or ‘that poor gamer girl, she is just trying to have fun and she is being attacked!’ they sympathize, they can FEEL as if they were there.  So then a few Secundum quid (hasty generalization) fallacies later…suddenly that fat girl on the plane is evidence of the PATRIARCHY at large, or that those damn hackers ARE FUCKING EVERYTHING UP FOR GAMER GURLS!

Or how about the ever prevalent false rape charge.  You know some girl that was supposedly raped at some party last week, ‘Guys are such animals!’ is the conclusions, instead of considering ‘well she has been going to the party ever week and claimed she was raped last week too’ or ‘she was dressed like a slut and was drinking a lot’ or ANYTHING about this instead of taking one fucking occurrence and predicting the rest of existence off of this.

Fuck you feminists, your game is up, the irony is you fucked up ‘womens rights’ for a long time into the future because of how laughable this will become to be seen.  The truth will always be revealed, and enemies of the truth will be cast aside like always.  So keep every logical fallacy you always use on everything, enjoy femland for a while longer, like Rome, its collapsing at the edges.