Funny little read over at jewpedia

I rarely look at wikipedia, it is insanely biased and I have railed against this shitty site before.  It downplays basically anything conservative and extols the virtues of leftist things, even outright lies as I had last post about lying about communist exterminations.

I came across this though where:

“1997 published a study of this myth regarding the United States, concluding that, although Jews do hold many prominent positions in the U.S. media industry, they “do not make a high priority of Jewish concerns” and that Jewish Americans generally perceive the media as anti-Israel.”

So basically ‘even though there are tons of them in it, dont worry its not like they CARE about jewish things or anything.  Besides most of them think they aren’t even pro Israel anyway!’

This is almost as bad as the utterly shitty ‘rationale wiki’ which is straight leftist indoc.

Anyway here is a good site that is much better.  ->

The more you know!

Survivor: Brains, Beauty, Brawn – Archetypes played straight pt2

In my prior post I gave a short overview of basically everything wrong with the archetype of different women, how painfully typical they all acted.  Despite being different people, all the girls on each tribe acted nearly the same way.

The point of this post is to analyze the hottest girl there, and the typical utter bullshit that passes for normal and necessary in this world.  Notice her resume-like profile, and the fem-fantasy it is.


Now, let’s look at her profile for the oh-so-typical feminist bullshit.  I have no clue if this girl is a conventional feminist, given that she is from Kentucky, probably not, yet nearly all girls in America are poisoned by it.  The ‘xxx’ in quotes are excerpts from profile, not exact wording

Hobbies: ‘Traveling’.

Ok, I will spell it out for any new guys out there, since I had to have it spelled to me.  ‘Traveling’ is code for one of two things: 1 the girl actually does shit and wants to sound impressive.  Or 2: (more likely) she actually does travel but its code for loose, slutty and generally penis pounded.  Travel is a natural inclination for men, driven by testosterone, this is documented, and girls with high T travel and engage in sex more.  That is a fact.  Look at low T level girls, like east europe, they never move away, just ripe vixens waiting for plunder.

Peeve: ‘Bad teeth’.  I find this interesting as its clear she has dental work done.  Yes, I do not blame her, as I do not like bad teeth either, but a peeve?  A peeve for what you clearly have enhanced?  That’s like a girl with implants saying her peeve is ‘small breasts’, it speaks to deep insecurities.

3 words to describe yourself: ‘Outspoken, charismatic, fierce’

hahah, my god, this is straight out of human resource hell right here, just the perfect answer you fed to HR Bitch across from you.  The irony of course, is this girl is none of those things.  In fact MOST PEOPLE are not those things.  Maybe you have 1-2 people that are outspoken in your circle, maybe 1 person who is charismatic (it rarely exists anymore) and ‘fierce’?  Come on now.  I might call some MMA guys fierce, but some little country girl?

That section is a perfect microcosm of what reality has become, where style supersedes substance, where saying something is more important than actually being it.

Hey Erudite Knight, what are your three best qualities?  “Indomitable, Unstoppable, Godlike”

It actually is pretty sad.  Do people buy this shit?  Clearly they do, because thats why our society is so fucked up.  Why office work has become who can figuratively (and perhaps literally) suck more dick, and prove their ‘biggest weakness’ is that they ‘work too hard’.

Reason for being on show: ‘I’m a broke college girl tired of eating ramen noodles…and to prove’ pageant girls are smart’.

The second half is laughable, as she is not smart at all, but we have already established personal delusion is par for the course with hot girls; it also possesses the typical ‘redemption at the world’ all feminists seem to carry with them.  Her first part is interesting as it is very clearly a lie (you are not going to stay good looking eating ramen noodles) but it fulfills a pretty standard modus operandi of girls of playing the victim card whenever and wherever it suits them.  It effectively speaks the the white knight in males ‘aww, you poor (and really hot) girl!  Here why don’t I take you out to dinner?  (Maybe will you suck my cock after?)  I can’t just let a girl down on her luck waste away on ramen.’

Why will you be sole survivor: ‘I survived cervical cancer, financial ruin, drug addiction’

This doesnt really need to be discussed much as it simply fufills more of the victim role already established in the upper parts.  Notice the dual outs this gives girls?  If she wins, its because she was smart or a fighter.  But when she losses, its because the odds were stacked against her.  Not because she was just stupid, or lacked tactics or anything her fault.

Are you brain beauty or brawn? : ‘Beauty, beauty is more than skin deep’

Haha, I guess even hot girls are saying this shit now.  Of course it fulfills a useful role of giving a guise that she somehow possesses spiritual or mental fortitude, or is some angel within or whatever, not that her one role is to fuck and make kids.

Who has best chance to win, brain beauty or brawn? …ok before you either look back up or read on, what is a typical answer to this?  Is a girl really going to answer?  Or how about some good equivocation?  Her answer ‘You have to have a combination of all three…blah blah blah’

Hey, if you guesses equivocation you win.  It is SO human-resource-like of an answer.  A bad sign of this society where you just can’t say the truth anymore, and that you have to give vague, noncomittal answers, that now pass as accepted truths.

Instead of ‘beauty, I am going to make guys think I’ll fuck them if they bring me to end’ or ‘brawn, I am going to smash everyone’ or ‘brains, I am simply smarter and will out think them’ we are left with this.  This meaningless paragraph of about 60-70 words where she says nothing other than dodging the fucking question she was asked.

I actually hope she sticks around for a while, I like watching her body.  But the simply fact remains there is very little to this girl, other than the faked persona and depth that now constituents most women in amerika.

I had forgotten my own lessons – nothing else matters

The lesson I had forgotten was thus: “Unless you are fucking the girl, NOTHING else matters”

Despite having one of the most amazing conversations I had ever had with a girl ( , the girl being desperate to stay in contact that she GAVE me her info without my asking, and even talking to her on the phone later…none of it mattered.

As a quick summary of events, I was working with a volunteer group, and she was some forgiern girl part of a group kind of like peace corps, we hit it off great talking for like 2 hours.  I came across as adventurous, and she was saying I should visit her in sweden (unlikely I know) and at the end of the day she desperately looked for some paper to give me her email and phone number.  She volunteered this, I did not ask.  She gave me two tight hugs at the end.  A few days later, I called and she was at some event but would call me on the monday she was off, she was ‘so happy you called, it makes me happy!’.  Come monday, nothing.  I called tuesday, left a message, nothing.  I called friday, no message, but left a text.

Ugh, I need to stop drinking at work when this is how they look at second glance

So Saturady I wake up, ready to be done with this flaky bitch, but I get a text not rekindling my interest, but instead my rage: “Hello!  I dont know who this is :P”

{As a quick aside, the married girl I used to work with who was a mega flirt, I rocked her pretty hard over text like 2 weeks ago when she wrote me, and I simply wrote back ‘who is this’, to which she wrote this long thing ‘aww did I make you delete my number, was I too much for you?’  Perhaps I should I used that line…}

There is 0% she does not know who it was, as 1: I gave her my number when she gave me hers 2: I called her, so she had it 3: on my first and only message I left my number on the off chance her american phone didnt have id.

Anyway, it was early in the morning and I did not feel like playing game I simply wrote ‘This is EK I met you at that event’  And….nothing

So that is how things ended.  It is a really weird, and random thing.  I tried to think about what the lesson here was, where exactly was it?  Here was this girl that I THOUGHT we hit it off so well, so damn good she wanted to keep in touch WITH ME volunteering her contact.  She didn’t get cold feet immediatly after as she answered, seemed happy to talk, and wanted to make plans.  The only thing I can think is it was some fucked up girl-logic of seeing if she has value with ‘mountain men’.

But – here was the real lesson, when I was talking to my friend about it trying to figure out if I was missing some lesson here, was there something I should have saw?  “Nothing else matters unless you are fucking the girl man…you were the one told me that”

Indeed.  How tragic that you can have this amazing first time with a girl, even get in touch again, and she just randomly decides to be done.  But the lesson is there…nothing else matters with girls.



Jodi Arias walks (prediction)

So today the verdict is supposed to come down for the jodi arias trial.  I find the whole trail a convenient charade to distract the populace from the multitude of problems we face like our collapsing economy, international wars, REAL social injustices…

Is jodi going to get the death penalty?  Not a chance. Do I think she should?  She should have got a bullet a long time ago.

Oh, but she is such a sweet little girl who was a victim of that monster male she was in a relationship with…

Our legal system has long become nothing more than a farce where those with more money get off easier, and girls routinely get lesser punishments.  In a world where the evidence is ever mounting, it just does not matter as we legislate by feelings.  Jodi will join the great pantheon of those who were guilty and got off, among them the likes of casey anthony, and oj simpson.

To illustrate how messed up this whole thing is, reverse the situation, that it was the guy who stabbed, shot, and overkiled his girl friend, it never would have gotten national attention, and he’d be ‘guilty’ very very quickly.  All because of his sex and her sex the results are totally different.

A feminist paradise indeed.

The victory of female nature? Not exactly.

Across related blogs, it is pretty much a given that as men currently are situated, they have various degrees of ‘raw deals’ thrust upon them in both relationships and the government. What is not talked about much, is the implicit victory of women through the nullification of what it means to be a male.  Feminists around the world: burn your bras in victory…but what, is what our females have been turned into really worthy of any celebration, or tears for what half of the populace has been changed into?

Take a typical ‘successful’ women who has clawed her way up all that male trash to some position she supposedly deserved but society kept from her, what are some qualities she has?: Aggressiveness, cunning/manipulation…or hell how about I just steal from this site:

“Determined, resourceful, engaging, ambitious, confident”

Strange, doesnt this seem more like an archetypal MALE hero from stories/legends?  The male being DETERMINED to not get killed on his mission, the male RESOURCEFUL while beating the evil he is facing…

[What is funny, is on that page, for ‘engaging’: Women are much more likely to downplay their own role and attribute successes to a team, whereas men seeking to climb the ladder will almost always take credit for their achievements (and make sure everyone hears about them).  Talk about clearly delusional, is it a proven fact that male are falling behind because women naturally toot their own horn more than males]

To any girls reading this, and especially feminists: if you want to attract a good guy, do NOT emulate male characteristics.  I know feminists will bristle at this, or block their brains saying ‘those are not just male traits!’ but I really dont give a shit.

Males want girls that are nice, supportive, caring, kind, energizing.  They want a ‘soft’ side in their life, they do not want some raging bitch with a guy’s hairstyle dominating their life.

Meanwhile other female traits have been so utterly corrupted they are demonstrably ruining society, notably kindness that goes by the misnomer ‘sensitivity’.  I read a story this morning about zero tolerance across this great land when it comes to kids and toy guns.  Because of this new age of ‘sensitivity’ about violence, some kids makes a lego gun and is booted out of school lest he become the mass killer.  In case it needs to be said, this fosters FAR more malfeasance in this child and his family then if they let the kid have his innocent fun instead of hanging him out to dry.  It will not surprise me at all if this kid NOW grows up to go on a killing spree.

How sadly ironic our males are being turned into females with encouragement to be passive, to just take what is given to them, to just shut up and deal, and meanwhile our females are turned into domineering males with square jaws to boot.

A sad day indeed.

A typical face of our overlords, a square jaw befitting a hero.

A much better note to leave on

The number #1 feminist logic slayer: the Draft / Selective Service

Today I give you perhaps the most potent of all ammunition against the rampaging ‘logic’ of a feminist.  Unload this at your own discretion, and watch them writhe in doubletalk and excuses.

It is deceptively simple, when she (or ‘he’) is spouting off, ask them something simple.  “Should women be registered for the draft?”  Now, unfortunately, you will probably have to explain what you mean by this.  Because EVERY guy understands what he is signed up for, whereas I suspect girls are utterly oblivious to the burden males may be forced to carry.

So after explaining that every male is registered to be called up for mandatory military service, that they are REQUIRED as determined by the law to potentially go off to die, if girls should be ‘forced’ to share this burden…we are all equal though right?

She will either dance around why for some reason the ‘equality’ doesnt extend to this, or she will try to bluff and say she thinks women should be signed up (to which you can exploit by asking her why isnt she signed up then).  Either way, have fun, watch the feminsts cry.