Econ Collapse/Prep basics pt 1

I have been corresponding with a reader by email and thought I should put my thoughts out there for my readers, I was part of the ‘prepper’ movement back when only the ‘fringe’ knew what it was, alex jones etc.

I came to these conclusions mostly through a leftist lens (ironic I know) about the environmental degradation and oil depletion.  There are a lot of issues leftists realize and if taken to logical extreme would turn them into preppers, but the dislike the idea of guns and bunkering in.  Yet you see a lot living ‘off grid’ growng lettuce and stuff.

Anyway, I used to think we would get hit by a fast apocalypse, nuclear, biologic, EMP, etc.  It can always happen but realisitic we are on a long road down, and it will just keep getting worse.  Drive through non-big cities and see the devestation everywhere.

So I will list what you need first, and next post I will go into details why:

1 gal of water per person per day, at least 30 days

food for 30 days

Rifle, pistol, shotgun, ideally 1000 rounds for each

Water filters

backup fuel – propane, kerosene etc

metals – gold/silver

gas mask


This is off the top of my head, I’ll explain more next time.  You get these and you are ahead of about 98% of people.



Funny little read over at jewpedia

I rarely look at wikipedia, it is insanely biased and I have railed against this shitty site before.  It downplays basically anything conservative and extols the virtues of leftist things, even outright lies as I had last post about lying about communist exterminations.

I came across this though where:

“1997 published a study of this myth regarding the United States, concluding that, although Jews do hold many prominent positions in the U.S. media industry, they “do not make a high priority of Jewish concerns” and that Jewish Americans generally perceive the media as anti-Israel.”

So basically ‘even though there are tons of them in it, dont worry its not like they CARE about jewish things or anything.  Besides most of them think they aren’t even pro Israel anyway!’

This is almost as bad as the utterly shitty ‘rationale wiki’ which is straight leftist indoc.

Anyway here is a good site that is much better.  ->

The more you know!

Some parting thoughts

There are a few things I want to make sure are said, I want to be clear and have zero equivocation, also I held back from writing this because of its emotionally charged nature, and of some very non-pc things that are going to be said.  I was scared people might not like me, or that some other bad thing would occur, but I am tired of it hanging on my mind, and I going to talk freely.  As always, look it up yourself. Don’t take my word for it, truth does not need to hide in locution or bar its followers from looking elsewhere. LOOK IT UP YOURSELF.

I got a notice that it was my 2 year anniversary on word press, my blog was shorter lived, as I got the name and commented for about 6 months before launching, but regardless, the 2 years ago EK was a bold work in progress cutting through the illusions of my 20s. Take the EK of 3 years ago and I wonder how much of the things I am about to say I would be like ‘who the hell is this?’

I have a ‘friend’ (Truthfully I have lost a lot of my old friends, they are stuck in the same juvenile mindset that most never escape from their whole life) who recently claimed that he would be a catholic regardless of what country he was born in. A pretty stupendously naive statement, that the ‘truth’ you were born into is the actual truth. Its like saying the local football team is the team you would have come to support regardless of where you are born, it defies even the most basic of self-examination. Most people never question this ‘born truth’, and it serves them fine. There is a reason nearly EVERY manosphere guy had a ‘red pill moment’ and that’s because our society is so incredibly indoctrinated, quite the opposite of the ‘freedom’ we believe we live under, that it takes something to shake us to our core. To a lot of guys it may be divorce, or nice guy attitudes being unsuccessful, to me it was that girls will manipulate and use you under the guise of love.

Did you know every major empire (over twenty of them, like the Macedonians, Romans, UK, etc) has gone through nearly the exact same pattern, the US isn’t nearly as unique as we would like to believe, it was the brave frontier/people conquering, the rise to power, the eminence, then the decline which education/social programs/women’s rights/ etc become to the forefront as money became more important than honor. Yes, ‘feminism’ has happened before, Rome, Arab, etc, all at the end of their empire thought they were at their most advanced, as the decadence flourishes as the empire dies. This is a great read about what I just said.

I raged against feminism, it was an easy target for my clearing eyes: it empowered these women who fucked so many of my comrades and myself. Now let me be clear, I have a sister and my mom of which I am both fairly close with, so growing up I was a ‘female supporter’ as my sister was smarted than more guys, as tough etc. ‘Why would men criticize women?’ The major difference was that I think even in my young mind I subscribed to a merit-based model, where you were judged on your deeds, not your sex ie. you either can pass the physical test or you can’t, there is no changing it and you get no accolades passing it as a women.

I maintained a lot of my ‘liberal’ ideologies (and I still maintain a few, like I am a pro-government supporter in that I think there should be a strong national government if we are not going to go with a Confederacy as espoused by Paine) but chinks in the armor developed. So many talked about HBD human-bio-diversity, about how race was real. When my mind was allowed to actually objectively look at the facts it was quite clear. Again from my anecdotal evidence it seemed pretty obvious that blacks in general could run faster but I never met one who I was even convinced possessed beyond an average intellect, but I wasn’t ‘supposed’ to say or think that. Just like I wasn’t supposed to think women had the power, but it was obvious to me they did once I got beyond the illusions.

I think this was a reason I lost a lot of friends, they were plugged into the same stupid shit of ‘Democrat vs Republican’ and arguing if companies should pay for birth control, or if the US should help in Ukraine. How the hell could they understand when I was telling them of the illusion they lived in, the slave existence we are conditioned to accept, or even to tell them simply realities that the laws are pro-women when I get accused of ‘hating women’ or being ‘unsuccessful’ with women! It was pure lunacy mind you, because I had never been more successful with them then when I accepted the harsh truth over the pretty lies. The evidence was stacking up so fast, both in theory and in practice. I saw my friends routinely taken advantage of by women, I’d call exactly what happens to them a few months before it happens, get called ‘angry at women’ and then when my friend get dumped or left or whatever they are confused why it happened. They don’t learn. I have had increasingly little patience with that. I have had a trend I stick with that I always am the last one to respond to a person (not in the gotta-have-the-last-word way but that I will reach out if I haven’t heard in a while) but it takes two to tango and some numbers that remain silent actually are preferred than pretending we have some similarities when our beliefs have completely diverged.

Feminism was the crack a lot of other sacred truths came crashing down. I can legitimately say I was not ‘racist’ at all growing up, the belief seemed bigoted and wrong. It was cultural I completely understand now. When I looked at the facts how could I not come to the obvious conclusion of the near R vs K selection that was occurring in our species? I hold what might be called ‘racist’ beliefs, I think southern hemisphere people are inferior intellectually, and there is a reason there is not a single black ’empire’ of note in history. But I don’t hate blacks, etc, they are just pawns in a large game we are all part of.

A big thing was the realization of this vast complex of victimization, where everyone except white males was apparently so fucked up by a history of white dominance that everyone now needed bonuses. Victims were EVERYWHERE, you had women, blacks, jews, homos, all of them saying how evil the white man was, and then these endless liberal white men agreeing how bad they were, and they will take their pegging at your disenfranchised leisure.

Either you are equal, so you don’t need an advantage, or you are inferior and you need an advantage to make it competitive, despite what feminists and NAACP says, evidence shows you need the advantage. This is a perfect example where medical school scores are nearly meaningless and simply being black is enough to get in.

I long knew there were forces in control beyond just the president, I was a huge alex jones fan for a while, convinced that 2012 it was on, that the ‘nazis’ were taking over. But my better judgment prevailed and thoughts of ‘why hasn’t this happened yet…he sure is a fear monger’ helped me move past. I came to see that what we actually faced was a monolithic force that the media intentionally hides from us: jewish elite control, now before your mind ‘slides’ off the topic (a CIA term about how we are programmed to automatically discard arguments we dont agree with) did you know that Feminism was nearly entirely jewish? ( Yes, that is right. Jews took down the Romanov family and started perhaps the bloodiest murder of people starting with the Bolshevik revolution, the supposed ‘holocaust’ with even the upper end of 6 million PALES in comparison to the millions upon millions killed by jewish communists just within their own country, not including all the other blood on their hands.

These things were painful for me to swallow at first, ‘but the jews…but the women!’ my child mind said, these were the victims! But fact after fact slowly ground down the old illusions. Here is something to chew on, obviously a site like this has a potential axe to grind, but consider the facts for what they are: that in nearly every power center the <2% race occupies a 900%-3000%+ OVER-representation of the owners and CEOs of these. Guess its that good work ethic…wait why arent the chinese on that list then?

Why for example was germany so ‘evil in ww2 when it was the Treaty of Versailles that economically strangled the Weimar Republic? Did they do anything any brave people would not have when so obviously playing a game rigged against them? Now before any starts crying about ‘evil nazis’ or poor jews or whatever, LOOK AT THE FACTS YOURSELF, both my grand fathers fought in the war on the USA side, I get it. We can’t believe we in fact might have been duped or we might have been the ‘bad guys’. Henry Ford wanted to support germany. General Patton expressed dismay about beating the germans but the true enemy of the communist jews: ‘we have had a victory over the Germans and disarmed them, but we have failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!’ ( <good site covering this American hero and his ‘wrong’ beliefs)

My learning extended to relativism, the idea that ‘anything goes’ and no one is right. This is the perfect anarchy belief, because then there is no unified force that can challenge the established power structures. Why do you think libertarianism is pushed so hard right now as ‘intellectual’? Its all to trap people that would otherwise actually challenge the system. I found that relativism was in fact a direct plan of the Frankfurt school booted out of german and their goal was ‘cultural marxism’. (Two good reads on this: and ) I had heard this term before but that it was just some meaningless slander like ‘commi’, but no, it is very real, the idea to have all this infighting and ‘anything goes’ attitude to bring decadence, nihilism and eventually chaos to the host country the parasite had found itself in. Sounds like an apt description of America.

I did a lot of research on the Founding Fathers, finding out they were not unified in their plans at all. You had people like Madison and Hamilton that seemed like nothing more than a precursor to the corporate stooge, you had people like Paine who despite being essentially the founder of ‘libertarianism’ is disavowed by many libertarians for too controversial beliefs. Paine espoused a Confederacy of a mutual defense pact and strong state rights. Our early history is not clean or pure, but there was a lot to learn there, like for example the tired attempts of establishing central banks to saddle us with debt. Jefferson: ‘If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered’ Later we have great heroes like Jackson who claimed his greatest accomplishment was ‘I killed the bank’ in regard to a central bank.

We follow this pattern into World War 1, where America wanted to stay isolationist, or sided with the Germans, and Wilson establishes the Fed reserve to finance the war, and the sinking of the Listunia happens in may 1915, they try to drum the war, but only once the fed is fully operational do the resurrect the sinking as ‘reason’ to go to war…over two years later. The media kicks into overdrive and suddenly the sinking is an evil that must be punished.

Anyway, I wrote a lot here, most of it likely challenging, hope you read this far instead of ‘racist idiot’ and clicked back. I was the naive, love-everyone liberal who had one fatal flaw of questioning what I was told. Of looking when stuff just didn’t make sense. First it started with feminism but spiraled into so much other stuff, yet was so connected in the end. The suppression of white males, the endless debt we are saddled with, the endless re-write of history, and anyone who speaks about the evil the government does, jews, women etc do it some ignorant racist.

There are some tough questions here, but if you are on the search for truth…no matter the cost – there are some walls you are going have to break down in your mind. If you want to call me racist, ignorant, angry and unsuccessful with women, go right ahead, its so much easier for your mind. But if you care at all, read some things that challenge ‘truth’ because what is so great about it, is truth doesn’t change if you look at something wrong. I wasn’t born with these ideas, I didn’t even start with them, but they are what I have found when I pursued some non-approved learning, challenge yourself a bit, and maybe I will see you on the other side where we have abandoned our illusions and only truth and reality remain.

EK out.

A punch is just a punch, a girl is just a girl

“Before I learned the art, a punch was just a punch, and a kick, just a kick.
After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick, no longer a kick.
Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.”
— Bruce Lee

I was talking to a friend of mine about girls (a practice I HIGHLY recommend, because regardless of if it seems ‘gay’ you learn so much by sharing your wins and losses – afterall this is how girls become so high level) and I mentioned to him I am not really angry at women anymore.  Which I freely admit I was, simply look at the early posts here.

Prior to my awakening, a girl was ‘just a girl’, kind of dumb, kind of complicated but kind of simple, vain, I could be friends with her without ruining chances of a relationship, generally flaky, find one you like and get married and live happily ever after.  They were mysterious as they were simple, they liked things like flowers and gifts (and a ‘real man’ would buy them these!) yet were mysterious as to why they liked those badboy types on occasion.  Oh well, they were just misguided is all, they wanted a real knight in their life. I would be that knight, dutifully waiting for them to come to their senses.  It was so sweet.


Birth by fire

My delusions of love, of commitment, of everything related to girls was used, abused, and I was left a substantial emotional wreck for about 6 months, and a mild wreck for about a year after that.  I had done ‘everything’ right and I was fucked up for it.  How was this fair, how was this right?  What did I do wrong!?

‘What the fuck happened!?’ I asked myself every day, every minute at times.  It really was this bad, it was this obsession because I was hurt so bad.  Was I not a good enough guy?  Maybe if I just acted nicer…maybe I just needed to ‘man up’, maybe I just needed to accept her and her treacherous slut ways.  Wouldnt that be the ‘knight’ thing to do?  It was so bad, there were times I was ready to move out with this girl, to play second fiddle while she finished lawyer school, I would get a job at a coffee house, it would be hard, but I would be with her, it would be so perfect.  Yes, I had these disgusting thoughts.

I am very fortunate I was raised to be critical by my dad, and to not accept conventional wisdom.  I dove into anything I could find about ‘what the fuck happened’, I came across a BPD board (borderline personality disorder) and …this is what this girl was like!  The push pull, telling me how much she wanted me, how much she loved sex, how much we were going to do sexually, how she couldnt wait to see me…and week after week, holiday after holiday passed, and nothing.  The push/pull was endlessly addicting, and thats why BPD people fuck up others so bad.  You get the strength to walk away during the push phase, of them being mean, only to suddenly ‘sorry, I had a really bad day, I cant wait to see you again.  I was imagining of going down on your last night…im such a bad girl arent i?’

Anyway, so I found this bpd board, people going through similar situations, and in a lot of cases way worse than me.  Losing houses, getting divorced after 10 years, all their wealth split and confiscated, it was mind blowing to me.  Weren’t girls supposed to be the ‘good’ ones?  Werent guys just ‘evil rapists’?  What the fuck was happening in this world where all these nice guys were playing by the rules…and losing!?  Utterly losing! They were getting raped by their girl, and society writ-large.  Wheels started turning.  Maybe not everything was as it seemed.

The term bpd actually got me into the ‘manosphere’ because it seems nearly every guy who came here actually had run ins with bpd girls whether they realized it or not.  I of course was looking up bpd stuff, but then came across key sites like ‘solvemygirlproblems’ ‘chateau hertiste’ and ‘rationale male’ all of which touch on bpd.  Hmm, what is this, calling girls trite little manipulative sluts?  Well thats not very nice of them, hmm, but this is pretty accurate what they are saying.  That girls will rock your shit unless you are completely dialed.  That ‘love’ does not really exist in any meaningful fashion because a girl will leave you for someone better if the opportunity is there.  Well damn…that sure seemed right to me.

I dove HEAD FIRST into this shit.  I read all the archives, I checked new posts religiously. Obviously they were hard into the PUA lifestyle, but damn if they werent right about a lot.  ‘Living for myself’?  Be a real man and the girls will actually like you better?  Nice guys really do finish last?

It was mind blowing.  I was swallowing the pile and saw that the world really was around me.

I was entering the ‘a girl was no longer a girl’ phase where I had been at for about the last year or more.  These little sluts…they would ride the cock from 18 to 30 then settle down for a ‘nice guy’ who was spurned for his whole life and now only wanted for his money and not judging her on failing fertility and sinking looks.  Woah, this goes back to those bpd males, they were the nice guys who got rocked by these whores!!!  ‘Single moms’ were thought to be heroes, not because they were, but because it was part of feminist protocol where a ‘real man’ would take her used ass.  ‘Rape’ gave women the power to have sex freely but blame the man if she regretted it. There was the emerging pattern of girls under about 25 being insanely slutty and hoped from guy to guy, only to 30+ want to ‘settle down’ and was done with the ‘experimenting’ stage of her life, and it made sense why – alpha fucks and beta bucks!

I understood things, things were connecting!

I even put things into practice, ‘no way this shit actually works, but ill try it’  I was dismissive, aggressive, standoffish, not ‘friends’ with girls.  I made fun of them, I embraced saying ‘inappropriate’ things, I only had conversation related to sex with girls.  What the fuck…all these girls want me now?  There was a period where within a week I could have done an 18 year old and done a 40 year old, I am glad neither happened, but it was basically on until I pushed them off.  Hookups came easily.  I remember walking away from one girl trying to get me off telling her ‘this wasnt working’ and never seeing her again, wow, what a badass I had become!

In my mind there was all these connections, all these little signs.  A girl could say this, or I say that which would lead to these predictable outcomes.  I had my shit dialed, I had one girl sending me naked pics WHILE she had a boyfriend.

Body language, tone, word choice, all this shit mattered, and was very important.  In general silence and distance was generally the right choice, with occasional bursts of sex-charged flirts and jokes.  It defied logic, but not talking to girls made them want me even more.  I even had tacit admitting to this by some girls text something like ‘you know when you ignore me it makes me want you even more’

I was this cold, cocky badass on the outside, but on the inside I was full of anger, of rage.  These fucking feminists!  Every new article from jizbelle and every fucking feminist argument was so clearly wrong, what the fuck was wrong with these people believing it?  I wanted to slap the shit out of every girl I saw – but realized the white knight society that would take me down in a heart beat.  Fools, didn’t they know the real enemy!?

I saw the game, I was winning the game!  I had anger no one else understood it…but whatever at least I understood unlike everyone else barring this small online niche.  I had this friend who is with this ugly ass girl who locks his life down, and he was telling me ‘girl advice’ I would laugh in his face, because he was in the old mindset that ‘girlfriend = winner single=loser’ oblivious to that his life was controlled by her, and I could have sex with girls just as easily (easier in fact since she controlled the flow)

But things started changing.  I had this blinding light, this anger that burned away all delusion, and do not misunderstand, I am not going to say anger was bad, it was so critical to my growth, but eventually it was like ‘why I am still angry’?  I understood the game.  I could rage all I wanted, but it changed nothing.  All that was productive was to share my experiences with those that would listen (like how I first became aware) and to the end I have succeeded at I know at least two guys in real life I had woken up to ‘the score’ we face.  Our feminist society will kill itself, so that will ultimately fail.  And my endless anger was hurting myself, I was scarring my heart, maybe raising my blood pressure.

I started blogging mainly to express my rage.  If I did not fight feminism, I was complacent in it.  It was great, I could write and write about the fucked up reality of females in our current society.  I found out people who came from different backgrounds and we’re FINDING THE SAME THING.  It was a collection of divergent thinkers, and we were arriving at the same conclusions, not this force-fed ‘knowledge’ society tells us about how bad it is to be a male and how sorry you should be about that.

For a while, my anger actually increased.  We were outgunned, but we had facts and reality on our side.  I would not give up until feminism had been taken down.

But…somewhere within the last 6-9 months my rage and anger had changed to understanding.  Not at once certainly, there were times I thought I didn’t know what the fuck was happening, or that my anger came back, these fucking feminists!!! But the catharsis slowly continued on.

My friend for example would never get it until his girl left him, until then I would just gingerly smile about his ‘advice’, girls would cry about the wage gap – maybe I would even tell them a fact or two, but in the end these people were lost, simply smile I knew the matrix and they did not.

I met some great people, guys from the army, guys from other countries, all these interesting, varied experiences, but we all were coming to similar conclusions.  Those who sought answers would find the truth, and it didnt matter the background except being fucked up by a girl or largely unsuccessful with girls and wondering why.

I feel it important to add at this point a short blurb about females, early on I was surprised to see girls in the manosphere, apparently ‘friendly’ to the cause.  I was like ‘oh yeah, it is self evident of course they would help!’  I am not going to go into details here, but suffice to say I view girls in the manosphere more of ‘enemies of my enemies’ rather than allies.  They have their own ego-driven agendas I have come to realize, that is fine, but it simply needs to be understood.  Girls are attracted to the manosphere because of the attention they are given among other reasons, (as a quick aside, I find it very ironic the men who susposedly ‘get it’ but still give in to female attention whoring on blogs, CH’s comments are the worst in this regard) but again at its root understand they are temporarily ‘allies’ much like Russia was during ww2.

Anyway, perhaps you might see a bit of change just in that last paragraph, normally I might be like ‘those fucking traitorous spies!  Fuck them!!!’  But its like…that is how they are.  I understand that.  It would be like being mad at gravity for being heavy – its just the way it is.  Girls are using us, and we can use them to show not every girl falls for feminism.

I slowly understood girls were simple.  Dating was simple.  There were rules you had to be aware of, completely different then conventionally taught to us, but they were there.  Girls liked things like power, status, aggression, anger, they liked being mistreated because it was drama to them, they liked talking shit, they liked trying to get a rise out of you.  I didn’t make these rules, I just came to understand them.  Gravity was heavy, I didnt make the rule, I just had to understand the rule.

I came to understand the game was rigged against males.  The prize was often not worth the hunt.  American girls by and large were obese, bitchy and self-entitled.  It is easy to rationalize not bothering with them – the whole MGTOW movement.  Regardless, I came to understand the ‘machine gunner’ approach to girls vs the ‘sniper’ because a single girl as the object of affection will ruin you.  I could be back to square one after years of growth.

I realized I could not spill my heart out to girls.  The more emotional I was, the more they disliked me.  I had to be the hard, stoic badass.  Well fine, I wanted to be that anyway.  Society had been the one to lie and say females wanted ’emotional males’.

Nothing was complicated anymore.  People say ‘girls are confusing/mysterious’ and I think, not in the slightest.  You simply need to change how you view things, you are judging by the wrong metric.  When a 24 year old girl divorces her ‘perfect’ husband everyone is confused, I’m not, she is still desirable and found some other better guy.  I see guys hugging their girls in public and only think ‘that is shortening your time with her’, his misplaced protective instincts were making him look more pathetic.  Girls gave me little beyond sex.  Guys were smarter, more loyal and could have real conversations.  Girls conversations were either to be non-existent or sexual charged, those were the new rules I was to except.  I would assume dominating body posture, I would watch hers for signs of interest, and change pace when hers faltered.  Most importantly I lived for me, not just for slamming some broad out, and it freed me from all the stupid obligations like wasting money on her when it did not to improve my chances.

EVERY girl I hooked up with beyond the first that started this whole thing…I didnt spend any money on, not a dime.  My former self would have never understood this, or thought the girls I was with were ‘just the shallow ones’.

But I understood.  All the rules, all the little games, the body language, the texts, it was complicated if you wanted it to be, but it was ultimately so simple.  You had to play the right way if you wanted to win.  If you did not want to play that was fine as well.  But I knew, I had synthesized all the information and experience from my life.  I had been playing the wrong game, or perhaps I had been playing the right game by the wrong rules, rules society purposely mis-feeds guys.  It was simple, I knew the rules now.  Confirmed by others and my own experience. I knew how things worked.

I had no reason to be mad anymore.

Afterall, a girl is just a girl.


Even good (?) intentions can be bad

I’d be out of action the last week or so, but coming back I had a slew of comments to go through (and readers who dont comment, I make it a habit to respond to every new commenter, and often respond to any comments in general other than between people) and this one caught my attention enough to write a post about.

In my last post Eurdite Dark Knight (sic) wrote a long comment, I think it was supposed to be inspiring, or maybe advice, but it comes across as someone still plugged-in / pre-pill where they want to help you, but their advice is given by someone who hasn’t been there, and doesnt really know.  It would be easy to attack the person, but I think there is a legitimate chance they were attempting to be ‘helpful’ so I will simply talk about their argument.

Eurdite Dark Knight: ‘You seem to think that the entire female sex is less than you in almost every way. When in reality there are some women out there that are, dare i say it, smarter and stronger than you. They might even be in love with men who are “better” than you, in EVERY way. What happens when the hero of your story loses? When he realizes he is not the most superior being in his world.’

This has a few problems, first of all it is a heavy strawman argument that makes it easier to start the bashing, second, this is a very heavy ‘NAWALT!!!’ argument (not all women are like that).  I talk a bit about NAWALT-ism here ( but this is a low level argument you encounter frequently once you start to wake up to the reality around us.  At its most base, it posits that because literally NOT ALL women can be that bitchy/slutty/stupid/etc the claim is therefore false.

This fallacy is a mix of Anecdotal and Texas sharpshooter, where because this person ‘knows a girl’ who is not part of the claim, it therefore disproves it, because they cherry pick their exception (often female Olympians to prove males arent stronger) the fallacy concludes that this is a valid argument.  Of course, it isnt, a exception does not an argument make.  Or, depending on how its phrased, it could be a ‘Special pleading’ fallacy that where a claim is shown to be wrong, attempts to ‘plead’ for an exception, thus ‘not all women are like that’.

There is a saying ‘the exception proves the rule’ I dont really like that because if it was a rule, it wouldn’t have an exception, what I like better is my own creation ‘the exception proves the generality’.  I have long railed against modern women, but my claims are backed up, often by actual facts such as wage gap lies.  Further, EDK’s argument essentially suggests that because there is some girl out there smarter or stronger than me, that I am therefore not stronger than other girls, because I was beat by a girl, its a very circular style of reasoning.

Here is another one about NAWALT you may want to read, Eurdite Dark Knight,

Just because you have never loved a woman, or a woman has never loved you, does not mean you should place all your hate towards their sex.’  

If I was a feminist I might shriek ‘You dont know me!!!’ The reality though, is this arugment is entirely emotionally based, with a does of ad hominem thrown in.  Arguing against people that arent capable of detecting fallacies, these type are extremely effective and also in front of a crowd, they work damn well, you can paint the opponent as a loser, and they dont gain the ground back by pointing out its fallacious nature.  What doesnt change is that how does me loving or not being loved at all affect the validity of a claim?  Stated another way, say I make the claim ‘2 +2 =4’ to which someone says ‘just because you arent loved doesnt mean you should place all your faith in your math claim’.  Its completely unrelated.  As anecdotal evidence, I have loved as a matter of fact, I have a lot of love in my life, and I ‘loved’ a girl that fucked me over. (

Women ARE smart.’

Said like a white knight.  If it was so self-evident why would it need constant repetition?  I’m strong, I really am! I can bench 400, I really can!!!

If you actually believe half of what you say, this grudge and prejudice you hold against them will show right through when interacting. As a result, they will immediately turn their head.

Unfortunately, EDK, this is patently false.  The entire PUA/red pill/ mgtow movements are founded on the truth that treating women as your equal is how you lose, and treating them as inferior is how you win.  I do not condone this reality, but it is a reality none the less. Girls are pedestal-ized their whole life, so when you are nice, you do not register in her mind, you are disposable.  When you are mean, cocky, aggressive you are different to her, you stand out.  On an evolutionary point, the aggressive men are the ones women are selected for to like.  Thats why peacocking works, it acts as if you are a badass, without being called out on it in our pussy society. (

‘Underneath all this emotion I sense a hopeless romantic that just wants a woman who can love him as much as he is capable of giving. A good way to find this woman is to start looking for the positive things in people rather than the negative.’

You are right, I actual am a closet romantic, but it is something nearly dead and gone in this world.  Women are not in the right mindset to understand things like gifts, and devotion, their hypergamy is completely unrestrained, so in a previous life a man giving her resources was something she needed and latched onto.  But now with so many suitors, it is ‘deserved’ and expected, and with so many coming in, you are meaningless.  When you are that ‘fake badass’ it confuses them, ‘why doesnt this guy need me?’.  Implicit in this reversal is the ‘guy needing the girl’ which is totally false from a survival perspective, but regardless, it circumvents the misled reality girls subscribe to.  After all, all guys ‘need her’ she is led to believe, so when the guy doesnt need her, it activates the correct ancient pathways of that he must have a glut of resources and can be picky.  Thus…girls are attracted to it.

Girls are currently misled, thats what makes them dangerous now, not that they were always that way

Girls are currently misled, thats what makes them dangerous now, not that they were always that way



Survivor: Brains, Beauty, Brawn – Archetypes played straight pt2

In my prior post I gave a short overview of basically everything wrong with the archetype of different women, how painfully typical they all acted.  Despite being different people, all the girls on each tribe acted nearly the same way.

The point of this post is to analyze the hottest girl there, and the typical utter bullshit that passes for normal and necessary in this world.  Notice her resume-like profile, and the fem-fantasy it is.


Now, let’s look at her profile for the oh-so-typical feminist bullshit.  I have no clue if this girl is a conventional feminist, given that she is from Kentucky, probably not, yet nearly all girls in America are poisoned by it.  The ‘xxx’ in quotes are excerpts from profile, not exact wording

Hobbies: ‘Traveling’.

Ok, I will spell it out for any new guys out there, since I had to have it spelled to me.  ‘Traveling’ is code for one of two things: 1 the girl actually does shit and wants to sound impressive.  Or 2: (more likely) she actually does travel but its code for loose, slutty and generally penis pounded.  Travel is a natural inclination for men, driven by testosterone, this is documented, and girls with high T travel and engage in sex more.  That is a fact.  Look at low T level girls, like east europe, they never move away, just ripe vixens waiting for plunder.

Peeve: ‘Bad teeth’.  I find this interesting as its clear she has dental work done.  Yes, I do not blame her, as I do not like bad teeth either, but a peeve?  A peeve for what you clearly have enhanced?  That’s like a girl with implants saying her peeve is ‘small breasts’, it speaks to deep insecurities.

3 words to describe yourself: ‘Outspoken, charismatic, fierce’

hahah, my god, this is straight out of human resource hell right here, just the perfect answer you fed to HR Bitch across from you.  The irony of course, is this girl is none of those things.  In fact MOST PEOPLE are not those things.  Maybe you have 1-2 people that are outspoken in your circle, maybe 1 person who is charismatic (it rarely exists anymore) and ‘fierce’?  Come on now.  I might call some MMA guys fierce, but some little country girl?

That section is a perfect microcosm of what reality has become, where style supersedes substance, where saying something is more important than actually being it.

Hey Erudite Knight, what are your three best qualities?  “Indomitable, Unstoppable, Godlike”

It actually is pretty sad.  Do people buy this shit?  Clearly they do, because thats why our society is so fucked up.  Why office work has become who can figuratively (and perhaps literally) suck more dick, and prove their ‘biggest weakness’ is that they ‘work too hard’.

Reason for being on show: ‘I’m a broke college girl tired of eating ramen noodles…and to prove’ pageant girls are smart’.

The second half is laughable, as she is not smart at all, but we have already established personal delusion is par for the course with hot girls; it also possesses the typical ‘redemption at the world’ all feminists seem to carry with them.  Her first part is interesting as it is very clearly a lie (you are not going to stay good looking eating ramen noodles) but it fulfills a pretty standard modus operandi of girls of playing the victim card whenever and wherever it suits them.  It effectively speaks the the white knight in males ‘aww, you poor (and really hot) girl!  Here why don’t I take you out to dinner?  (Maybe will you suck my cock after?)  I can’t just let a girl down on her luck waste away on ramen.’

Why will you be sole survivor: ‘I survived cervical cancer, financial ruin, drug addiction’

This doesnt really need to be discussed much as it simply fufills more of the victim role already established in the upper parts.  Notice the dual outs this gives girls?  If she wins, its because she was smart or a fighter.  But when she losses, its because the odds were stacked against her.  Not because she was just stupid, or lacked tactics or anything her fault.

Are you brain beauty or brawn? : ‘Beauty, beauty is more than skin deep’

Haha, I guess even hot girls are saying this shit now.  Of course it fulfills a useful role of giving a guise that she somehow possesses spiritual or mental fortitude, or is some angel within or whatever, not that her one role is to fuck and make kids.

Who has best chance to win, brain beauty or brawn? …ok before you either look back up or read on, what is a typical answer to this?  Is a girl really going to answer?  Or how about some good equivocation?  Her answer ‘You have to have a combination of all three…blah blah blah’

Hey, if you guesses equivocation you win.  It is SO human-resource-like of an answer.  A bad sign of this society where you just can’t say the truth anymore, and that you have to give vague, noncomittal answers, that now pass as accepted truths.

Instead of ‘beauty, I am going to make guys think I’ll fuck them if they bring me to end’ or ‘brawn, I am going to smash everyone’ or ‘brains, I am simply smarter and will out think them’ we are left with this.  This meaningless paragraph of about 60-70 words where she says nothing other than dodging the fucking question she was asked.

I actually hope she sticks around for a while, I like watching her body.  But the simply fact remains there is very little to this girl, other than the faked persona and depth that now constituents most women in amerika.

I think even I have been infected by feminist ‘victim mentality’

I woke up this morning and seeing things a bit more clearly I came to a conclusion that it is hard to deny.  I am no friend of feminism, and I talk about the damage it does to women, and also to a majority of guys with its ‘victim mentality’ while simultaneous actually getting MORE than men.

HOWEVER…. this is all through the guise that somehow the world has screwed them, and therefore they ‘need’ this or that.  That the odds are against them, that they stand less than equal chance.  A bunch of shit basically…

But what I realized is I have let myself be a lot lazier than I really should be under the guise of ‘a bad economy’.  Now, let me delineate my point, I am NOT arguing the economy is total shit (it totally is, further I believe an economic collapse is in the near future) but because an excuse exists, like a woman I have seized upon it to make my life easier.

I have justified long bouts of unemployment, justified how fucked up it is when there is 300 people for 2 slots, justified working for years at jobs paying me 10$ an hour because ‘thats better than a lot’.  Very very womanly.

Women in general accept their circumstances, and honestly most men these days also do.  But a real man has WILL.  Considering how often I steppe myself in ‘self-dominating/ power’  writings like nietzsche, samurai writing etc I am surprised I did not see it earlier.  A man does not simply accept his bad circumstances, HE REBELS THE FUCK AGAINST THEM!

I can not simply just will myself money, but what I can is not accept excuses and let myself off easy because ‘the odds are against me’ or that poor me I was born in such a fucked up economic time.  A real man accepts the facts, and decides how the hell to beat the stacked deck.  He doesnt cry and hope for pity.  He does what he can to survive.  To win.