Econ Collapse/Prep basics pt 1

I have been corresponding with a reader by email and thought I should put my thoughts out there for my readers, I was part of the ‘prepper’ movement back when only the ‘fringe’ knew what it was, alex jones etc.

I came to these conclusions mostly through a leftist lens (ironic I know) about the environmental degradation and oil depletion.  There are a lot of issues leftists realize and if taken to logical extreme would turn them into preppers, but the dislike the idea of guns and bunkering in.  Yet you see a lot living ‘off grid’ growng lettuce and stuff.

Anyway, I used to think we would get hit by a fast apocalypse, nuclear, biologic, EMP, etc.  It can always happen but realisitic we are on a long road down, and it will just keep getting worse.  Drive through non-big cities and see the devestation everywhere.

So I will list what you need first, and next post I will go into details why:

1 gal of water per person per day, at least 30 days

food for 30 days

Rifle, pistol, shotgun, ideally 1000 rounds for each

Water filters

backup fuel – propane, kerosene etc

metals – gold/silver

gas mask


This is off the top of my head, I’ll explain more next time.  You get these and you are ahead of about 98% of people.



Movements will be stopped, and the people will be ‘moderated’

There will be no stopping the final years of the globalization/capitalism juggernaut that is currently in motion rendering a majority of the world’s population while a small tribal elite continue to become richer. People are generally too stupid, too prone to propaganda, and the machine is too well entrenched for any realistic chance of ‘change’ to occur, by far one of the biggest ways this occurs is through co-option of movements, rendering them null from within, further amplified by a endless praise of a Hegelian dialectic as some sort of truth.

What I want to briefly sketch out today is the multipronged attack the people are neutered and the profit-machine will continue to roll with the rich getting richer until its inevitable crash when oil runs out.

Income Inequality

Income inequality is by far one of the biggest problems that exist today, the sheer scale of the inequality is nearly incomprehensible, I will be taking on both US parties in this, and this is one of the largest failings of the Republican party, the justification of said inequality. Let me state it bluntly, I do not believe people are equal, and until we start a eugenics or genetic engineering program, we will not be. However, I also realized that most people are within 3 standard deviations of each other. The military has a good Socialist pay scale where there is only a 10x factor of pay from the highest general to the lowest private. Much different than the lauded ‘free market’ that has produced insane outcomes of many full time workers making less than 20k a year, while CEOs pull in millions or billions, suggesting – absurdly I might add- that one CEO is worth 50,000 to 1 million peons. Put in a different way, this inequality suggest that say an average person can benchpress 70 pounds, said CEO is so strong, he is benching 350,000 pounds, because that’s how much more of a person he is – quite ludicrous.

Walmart truth

My point here is not to harp on the income equality, a cursory search online can find you tons of info, but watch what happens to movements that challenge the status quo. First look at the Tea Party, I didn’t agree with their stances as its far to Libertarian for my tastes, but their ranks swelled with people angry and wanting change. Their height was arguably somewhere around 2010, but as usual protocols, they were infiltrated, marginalized, and effectively removed as a threat. What was a threat to the power, has been reduced to a laughing stock. Consider ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ I have never seen a populist movement gain so fast, and then be taken down to fast. They cut to a true heart of major issues: income inequality. Notice how fast the machine was put into motion such as Fox news denouncing them as ‘spoiled privileged hypocrites’ etc.

The culutural Marxism set upon our society by the Tribes is most notable by the stupidity of the Hegelian Dieletic that poisons our discourse. Few know what this even is, essentialy Hegel was a german who Marx, a Jew, took from extensively in the creation of Marxism. The idea is that if you take Issue A, and Issue B, the ‘TRUTH’ is a synthesis of the two of them. Profoundly stupid, but I will demonstrate how this Marxism effects us today.

First think of conventional politics in the US, using a deeply flawed ‘left/right’ scale, the more on the dge you get, the more ‘extreme’/fanatical you are. Being called a ‘Moderate’ is some sort of badge of honor, as if in…hmm exactly like Hegel’s words…the truth is in the middle. The idea that the more to the left or right you get the more ‘wrong’ you get, and the more middle you are the more ‘correct’ you are. Of course nothing is further from the truth. In the middle you have completely swallowed the propaganda, you are watching CNN/FOX, you believe Obama and Bush are different etc etc.   Frankly, it’d be better if you were extreme but wrong, such as thinking ‘Nazi’s rule the white house’.

But there is an important subtly here, and I want to end on that. I have established that the moneyed elite prefer a ‘moderate’ who has synthesized both sides, who perhaps is ‘against abortion except in rape and incest’…who gives a flying fuck about abortion when we are in the final years of both our empire, and the global economy!?   I have stated this before on  that ‘both sides’ have truth…but it is unadulterated truth! You do not need to water that shit down, its when you ‘moderate’ these beliefs they are wrong. The key is that you have to PICK AND CHOOSE from each side, each ‘issue’ is separate, just because I think the citizenry should be armed does not mean I love churches, far from it. Just because income gap and the environmental degradation are real issues doesn’t mean I have faggot love or at all support feminists. You need to be extreme, and you need to be proud and stand by your convictions. Because that is exactly what they don’t want you to do, they want to shove you into a nice little moderate sheeple box that is easy to manipulate so that ‘terrorism’ suddenly justifies a militant police force, or that ‘economic gain’ somehow justifies the complete obliteration of protectionism of our own goods etc.

So come to you own conclusions, the more extreme the better, because you will go searching, and that’s exactly what they don’t want you to do.


Hierarchy of Reality Processing

In order to understand a lot of what I talk on here, it is relevant to clarify the way reality is eventually understood, and that is in an expanding mindset that subsumes earlier realities into the narrower focus they are.



A key thing I want to emphasize is that when people (if they ever) go searching you inevitable find clues at the next level, and you start to cling onto them, seeing the previous level as so woefully inadequate to explain reality, and you get to this level and suddenly think ‘you get it’ and that there is nothing beyond. Of course that is wrong, but that’s what happens

Everyone starts at level 1, meaning you don’t really understand much of anything. We all start here as kids, and a lot of adults never really start to understand much about the life they find themselves in.  If they ever process some sort of difference or reality that is when we get to level 2.

Level 2 is the conventional level of people who follow politics. This is the hard ‘left vs right’ dichotomy we are endlessly fed (and is it a wonder few people make it out of this?). As a liberal, you are caring, kind hearted, and want everyone to be equal since we are in this together, conservatives are heartless, blind , gun loving religious whackos. As a conservative you are tough but fair, value independence and pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, liberals are soft pansies, blind, and want to sell the country out to terrorists.

It’s not an accident both sides think the other is blind. A lot of it is by design, that by each of them having grains of truth in their positions the person can point and be like ‘tell me this isn’t true! Tell me!’ Of course we are sold the whole show, that if you like guns, you must also be religious, want to bomb the middle east etc, and if you like the environment you also want gays everywhere and women presidents. It is astounding to me the inherent hypocrisy present on both sides, I am literal as fuck that people believe some good ideas and believe the other total shit that comes with the ‘party’ line.

So, the intrepid truth seeker ventures out, not afraid of his iconoclast nature, maybe challenged in some way or another that his previous notions have been completely wrong, then he arrives at level 3, a higher form of realism, this can take the place of racist, sexist, libertarian etc mindset. What I mean by this, is a person sees the problems and conflictions on both sides and concludes a higher truth that its ‘the women/feminists fault’ ‘it’s the blacks fault’ ‘it’s the governments fault’, and the seduction of it is you can justify the shit out of all of them.

I am speaking openly here, because this was my own personal quest as well, so I see it in others readily. This stage is where the alex jones types pop up, where he hides truth in a veil of lies. Is the government prepared to handle mass ‘domestic terrorists’ (with a vague and shifting definition all the time) with thousands of militarized police? Yes, of course they are, but then he derails the truth into that it’s the Muslims controlling Hollywood, or ‘nazi death cults’, its stupid to look at, but it is actually very effective because they have subsumed the illogic of the lower levels and come to an answer that explains it.

Because the average person at this level will ROCK anyone lower, they will have ample facts to back up their position, they will talk about the mass purchase of MRAP vehicles and link it to the police state, and how are you supposed to argue against that FACT? Or the race realist, when they spout off that 90% of of gun-related deaths are black on black? Or the sex realist who tells you that women get the child is custody cases nearly every time, and that a girl will a bachelors degree is the one who initiates divorce 90%+ of the time?

Level 4 is where I am currently at, I fully grant there is likely higher levels, but at this point its beyond my comprehension, something for example might be sci-fi in nature like the earth is a battle ground for aliens or our religious soul or whatever, and THAT then explains the lower levels. Level 4 is pretty complicated, but also very simple, I will touch on this next. But at this stage, people start asking questions like why are race wars encouraged when all that does is leave the true people in power, or why is that any independent nation or colony is summarily exterminated if it doesn’t play by the globalist rules?

Again, it is SO critical to understand lower truths are there for a reason, but that they are bundled with falsehoods. So take race, are blacks less intelligent than whites? Yes. That is a ‘racist’ statement, and I will admit racial mixing is often the cause of a lot of problems, but and read this carefully I would have absolutely zero problem fighting alongside a black guy because we are NOT each others real enemy. This is exactly like I have wrote with women, a vast majority of them are our current ‘enemies’ because they are brainwashed, but to think their wiping out is the goal is missing the entire point. These groups are encouraged to fight each other, because then we forget who rigged this to begin with.

Welcome to the jungle…why education will soon be useless.

What I have found fascinating in my time as a blogger/reader in this realm where I dwell is the similarities in a lot of interests I thought I alone have, notable for this post: concern for the future.

To get straight to it: there are way too many problems our society faces and we are doing nothing about, pretty much if any ONE of them reaches its tipping point it is game over.  So while we have ‘great’ news like this: that women outnumber men in college at 1.35 to 1 (2002, Im sure its far worse now) the problem comes twofold, the first being that bachelors are so numerous they essentially have become valueless.  2nd, given the edge we face any education in the soft arts will be useless.

‘Feminist and gender studies, eh?’

The economy is in shambles, despite the 14,000 DOW, middle America is in a crisis.  This graph is from 2011, and shows that 19 % of males live at home compared to 10% female.  I do NOT believe this is an accident, nor a result of men ‘not manning up’ it is that this new feminized economy does not need males.  Females can better answer phones or shuffle emails, giving the boss a forlorn hope that he might get some from the cute new secretary.

So regardless of this economic apocalypse for men under 30, the whole boat is likely to continue on this downward trend because nothing is changing, money continues to be printed, china continues posturing to drop the dollar, oil continues to run out, feminists continue to cry about inequality.

I got one thing for you feminists: the injustice you think you face now will blow your mind if our society collapses, you will revert back to your biologically programming of seeking the protection of an alpha male and feel happy about it.

When survival is at stake, it will not matter how many articles you can cite, how much of a patriarchy has oppressed you, what matters is if you can survive, and having a strong, smart male protecting you is a good place to start.

I’m here for the gas, keep that feminist cunt


Girls value economically: pt 2 Lowering

The dynamic of girl’s over-inflated value is complicated because as in pt 1 there are some things that are rising her price huge.  I am going to list some points that are lowering her value.  My belief is that these two dynamics are battling, and while the ‘rising’ aspects are currently still leading the lowering are drastically catching up.  My prediction is that eventually there will be 3 classes of girls: the fat/untouchables that no one cares about, the hot girl that is bathed in attention rarely ‘lowering’ herself to males, and last cute/hot girls that are raging sluts because their value has lowered so much this is their only use.

Factors lowering value

1: Obesity.  This one is obvious, yet women do not want to admit it lest the fact guys actually judge them on physicality becomes accepted.  The bloating of women is a disgusting trend, on the whole taking entire sections of women off the desirable market.  In a microcosm, the more weight a girl gains the less value she presents to any worthy male.

2:Men leaving the game.  This is a supply/demand factor that is naturally lowering the demand for girls.  Anything from guys pissed off at constant burns by girls, guys upset who ‘nice’ they were while their girl they wanted to be with is sucking off that jerk guy she was just crying about, guys who just dont care anymore and would rather focus on a job or life.  I have seen a lot of males that have given up, I believe this will be a growing dynamic in the future.

3: Porn/video games.  Both large dopamine fixes, to be as crass as possible imagine a typical male not too successful with girls, he can go up to some moderately cute girl who isnt a bloated beast and try to talk to her.  She sees this man, and with her 500+ friends on facebook feels invincible and shoots him down mercilessly.  (Girls in my mind are incapable of mercy as conventionally understood.  You need a heart to have mercy)  So our male goes home and gets an easy rise electronically.  It will not take many punishments at the hands of girl and the 100% ‘good time’ he gets electronically that he decides real girls just arent worth it.

And when EVERY anime girl is hotter than any fat girl he encounters on the street, is it any wonder there is a (small. but growing ever larger) decreasing factor influnceing desire for these useless ‘feminist’ females?

Hotter than 98% of ham beasts out there

Girls value economically: pt1 The rising

I have been discussing this with some people lately about if the value of girls is going up or down in terms of how easy it is for a guy.  This is not a simply topic because of the fact there are many factors influencing both directions.

Factors inflating girls value:

1. Facebook.  If there were a single factor, this would be it.  With huge numbers of young desirable girls on facebook, the taint it gives them is nearly inescapable.  Any girl remotely attractive, and even those not, any post they put up are fed with tons of ‘likes’ and comments.  Compare to a typical photo a man puts up, often no comments and zero likes.

If the girl decides to put a more revealing picture up like a swimsuit her ego is assuaged by ‘oh so cute!’ by every girl and half of the guys she knows.  As any human would do, she seeks the guaranteed dopamine fix, and pursues it regularly. What this means is for any guy approaching in the real world, likely a very difficult road unless he has super tight game.  Why would she want to talk to YOU when she has 100 devoted slaves in her mind.  It is your job to make her want to talk to you.

2:Feminism:  The one is a lot harder to see.  But under the guise of feminism every girl is taught she can do ANYTHING a guy can do.  But beyond the professed equality on the surface subtly it is encourage that not only are girls equal, they are better.  Thus we have things like on tv shows the idiot husband whose life is only held together by the smart wife.

3: Everyone is special.  A result of growing up by overly protective parents, almost everyone 16-30~ is under this aura of having their parents helping them and pampering them.  This is especially bad for their ‘little girls’ that have grown up thinking every one of them is a princess.