Signs she is a slut

My readers know I don’t talk about game/girls too much anymore, mainly because I feel like I am outgrowing it.  I will have a long post soon here about why I am exiting MGTOW as I feel like its a loser mentality/circle jerk but I wanted to make my own list here because women will wreck aspiring men faster than anything.

Sluts seem attractive for their easy pickings but in general it is a black hole because we get obsessed with slaying them, and many of them are very high level manipulators and will destroy the average guy.

I put this out there mainly as a ‘stay away’ list, and yes AWALT, the few that display slut tells but seem like nice guy, my rationale/’gut’ tells me they are a slut but the lizard brain just wants to fuck and pretend they are a nice girl.  Sluts fall in two categories: the ones that pump and dump you (much rarer, but much higher counts) and the ones that convince you they are GF material and you usually end up going crazy because she has BPD/Narc tendencies.


Ear Bars – This is by far the biggest ‘subtle’ slut tell of them all.  I have NEVER met a girl with a bar in her ear that wasn’t, it goes with the general idea that she likes pain and regular life isn’t ‘stimulating’ enough for here.

Tattoos– This one is obvious but bears repeating, in a world where women likely have more tattoos than guys (what an inversion of ancient warrior culture) it is easy to overlook this, but this is for real.  Here is a girl I was talking to and I convinced myself she was a good girl – shed liked horses, had ‘bright eyes’ (so I thought from one pic), supposedly low count.  Perfect right?


She claims she has 16 tattoos, my rational side of course is saying ‘eject’ at every moment.  I don’t talk to her anymore, she started playing games and betrayed WHAT I KNEW to be true but didn’t want to listen.  Further she is from europe in the us for a bit, another danger sign.  Dodged a bullet with this.  THIS is the type of girl that destroys guys, they date/marry her and suddenly find her camwhoring to tyrone at 1am.

Slut face / unbright eyes – This is a subtle one and you have to train yourself to see it.  People who live righteous lives and are healthy have ‘bright’ eyes.  This is high level shit right here, I have wrote about this before how the SAME person going through purifying motions gets clean eyes (war, starvation etc)

With modern women its the opposite, there eyes get dull and dead.  They lose the literal ‘sparkle’ in their eyes, this sounds like bullshit but just read that link.

Here is the same girl, I saw the top pic first, which makes it look like she has bright eyes, but its mostly a camera thing (under eyebrows are also lit up unlike 2nd pic), the 2nd is more reflective of her real face.  Notice she has that ‘sultry’ look in her eyes that just radiate sexual vibes?


Does that 2nd face look like someone that is going to self sacrifice to save ‘YOUR’ kid with her, or does it look like someone who is wondering how much she can take you for?  That look practically says she’s looking for cock and money.

Dyed Hair – Usually something deprave about her mind.  Exceptions if it is close to her real color, but fake colors, or black to blonde is a MAJOR sign.

EVER brings up sex – Guys, we are wired to talk or think about sex.  I understand girls talk about it quite a bit, but NEVER to guys.  If a girl brings it up, slut for sure.  Easy way to test this is make double entendres and they always fall for them.  Was talking to a girl and she mentioned something about rope, I said ‘do I need to be worried about getting tied up and put in a dungeon?’ (it is so ridiculous that they feel ‘free’ to express themselves), instead of a ‘lol no’ it was something about whips and chains and here being in control.  SLUT

Boots – This is a rare one, either they are full blown slut, or are hard to fuck but major attention whore – avoid in either case.

Short shirts – Believe it or not, not usually a slut tell so much as an attention whore.  This is classic ‘bait’ girls will use.  In my experience, I have never had a girl with a low shirt that I ended up having sex with.  Later I had a few wear tight shirts and ‘breaking up’ or whatever likely to get some new guys validating them but no real chance at sex.

Arm hair – Sign of testosterone and sometimes fatness.  But if a girl isn’t fat and got visible arm hair she is taking vitamin d from someone.


There you go, battle tested.  Up to you if you want to use these for ‘evil’ but be warned, I have good self control and many times I suddenly find myself attached to a girl I never should have.  Much better to refrain.