The top 10 words you need to use to describe the left

The one thing the Left/cultural marxists do well is use words (they rarely are able to back it up with actions so they have to get good at something) and the alt right would do well to combat them on their own grounds, because it is very easy to trip them up.  I present to you the seven words you should use more to describe the left, all begin with ‘D’ often because the latin prefix ‘de’ means anti/reverse/down which is perfect for them.

10: Deranged


“The radical left has become so deranged even some normal people are starting to see it.”

Sounds like someone in a mental institute, a great association.


9: Damaged

{to reduce the value of}

“The average social justice warrior has a mind that is severely damaged.”

This word has the advantage nearly everyone know it but carries a subtle negative connotation with it.


8: Degrade

{to reduce quality}

“There are few things one can point to that has not been degraded when in contact with cultural marxism.”

People are familiar with things degrading, their cars etc.


7: Deceitful


“Their deceitful ideology would have you believe that the left actually cares about blacks when they use them only as useful idiots.”

People hate liars.


6.  Defile

{the make impure, to violate}

“Art has been defiled to the point that this aspect of culture is now reduced to a joke.”

Sounds like a virgin being raped, perfect for their rape hysterics.


The top 5 are a bit more advanced but are more effective because using them demonstrates a superior intellect that is stomping them on their on game.

5. Deleterious

{Causing harm}

“The deleterious effects feminism has caused on male/female dynamics has ruined interpersonal relationships for a long time.”

This word is beyond most, but the word ‘delete’ most know, so the implication that the concept should be ‘deleted’ is a good thing to use.

4: Defective

{Not working}

“Black lives matter was a defective movement from the beginning.”

Great because defective sounds like some little toy you would throw away.

3. Devolutionary

{To de-evole}

“The devolutionary effects of feminism are impossible to ignore.”

This one is highly effective because the left clings to evolution as a superior ‘got you’ kind of idea, and this is a perfect subversion of it.

2. Deprave

(corrupt, to make worse)

“Their moral depravity knows no bounds and will not stop until everything is corrupted.”

Deprave sounds like ‘crazy’ to most people, a great association.


{having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable; showing evidence of decline}

“The degenerates around us are often no better than parasites bleeding a host they can hardly comprehend beyond a source of sustenance.”

This is the number one word you should use, it is on the verge of understanding of most people and carries the subtle implication of a young, out of control youth, strung out of drugs or something.  Also the root word of ‘generate’ meaning to make, to they are ‘anti making’ which is appropriate.  This word just carries such a negative but subtle connotation it is perfect.



What we are up against socially

Here is a list of a majority of problems we face as far as degeneracy of society:

Over 70% of women have tattoos (40% of men) I suspect this number is near 90% for millennials. All those individual butterflies…

Feminism is utterly rampart

College indoc camps are in full swing, promoting a host of degeneracy like LGBQTxxx style acceptance and shaming normalcy

Sex for fun/hoookup culture is still wild

‘Open’ relationships are all the rage right now, typically what this means is a women who is ‘married’ and the guy is ok with being cuckolded due to his social programming and ALMOST ALWAYS the girl can sleep around but the guy doesn’t have anyone else.

Marriage is a failing institution – with gays being allowed, and open relationships that doesnt even get to the problem of adultery.


My recent post about the NAWALT woman as some readers suggested was premature – having talked to her a little, I realize a lot of it was projection.  Having a world traveler girl friend seems cool on paper but it suggests: whimsicalness, flighty, inability to endure ‘unfun’ times.  Plus, as much as I like sex like every guy, I am at the point where hookups hold much less sway on me and if a girl isn’t long-term why am I hanging around with her?


Almost go time here in the USA

We are living in a very interesting time in the USA.  There is reason to believe there is a LOT that could happen in the next week.  If there was EVER a time to make sure your guys are out and extra food/water this is it.

So first up is the literally satanic practice some out of ‘leaders’ engage in called ‘spirit cooking’ which they do a wide variety of fucked up stuff like mix sperm with breast milk and blood and drink it.  This is NOT made up, I know it sounds way to whack to believe, but we are dealing with pure evil.  I really hate when people sling ‘pure evil’ around but people like the clintons, podesta etc simulate cannibalism, virgin sacrifices etc.

There is a psychological term that is not very well known beyond perhaps ironically, called refuge in audacity, essentially if you tell a big enough lie, no one will doubt you.  After all, no one WOULD be that fucked up right?  Wrong.

I am convinced Killary does not win legitimately.  Despite the absolute cultural rot in the coast, I think enough whites are rebelling and voting for trump.  I’ve had my doubts, but I actually voted for trump, he is the only chance we have legitmately, even if he may be controlled.

Obama is shoving through a new health care executive order, doubt its for our best interest:

Lastly NBC posted false election results suggesting the fix may already be in for Killary:


So boys and girls, keep the guns locked and loaded, this shit is likely about to get real.

Here’s some anime softcore nazi imagery since it was a hit last time:


Perspectives of the truth


I thought this was an apropos picture, of course it would be used by leftists Im sure to say thats why multicultualism is good.  Justifying why we need some more cultural enrichment for us.

In college, this hyper liberal one I went to, as stated in the past where everything now happened ten years ago (tranny rights, no bathrooms etc) they CONSTANTLY had ‘cultural night’ where youd have the muslims, the blacks make their food.  (what is black food btw?) the two indians in the school etc etc.  Considering the school was 90% white, you know what section(s) were missing?  Of course you do.

How come their wasn’t ‘american’ or basically ANY euro food?


I think there is not a ‘huge’ conspiracy at all levels, not that I don’t buy its mainly the jews, and traitorous whites, but that a majority of people have what might be some suicidal mentality that is easy to trigger and co-opt.  Thus ‘lets bring them all in!’ triggers no problem even though it leads to your lineage end.

The long slide down

I am somewhat of a recovering survivalist, starting with the furor of Y2K the idea that ‘something’ could happen had a hold on me.  There was the chaos of 9-11 that seemed like it could really spiral out of control instead of just enriching the rich like it usually does.  Then there was the big crash of 08, this one was bringing everything down right?  Nope.

Next up was dec 21 2012, mayan apocalypse day, nothing again.  Now we have all the signs of a catastrophic collapse again in the financial sector – and while it is much more popular to suggest how things are going to blow up and it’ll be mad max in the streets, it is unlikely to happen.

What will happen is painfully predictable in our current state: things get a bit worse, laws become a bit more draconian, some people die and the whole thing keep on chugging forward.

Money being divorced from reality is a major contributor to the ability to keep rolling.  They can print out money, and in a giant shell game the bills just get shuffled around.  No one can or wants to call out the bluff because the whole thing comes crashing down.

Further, normalcy is a state most people want to live in, if the entire east coast gets wiped out, for the most part in the west here nothing fundamentally changes ‘did you see new york got wiped out?’ ‘yeah’ ‘crazy.  so whats new on that project we are working on?’

Race riots, anything along those lines is not like some fire that sweeps through and suddenly everyone is gunning each other down.  It will just be more and more localized violence, some tv shows about how racist everyone (whites) are and thats that.

At some point things will wind down and the localized becomes bigger and bigger, as population grows too much, we run out of resources, hyper inflation etc etc.

Imagine a drifting into 3rd world country status for most of us, because that is the more likely reality.