Is censorship/Feminism/marxism/SJWism going to win? Can it be stopped?

This is a thought I have a lot.  Consider that google, facebook, youtube are all CENSORED as shit, any right leaning stuff routinely scrubbed, esp any ultra right, nationalist, anti-black etc.  You have most people under 30 LIVING at these sites, and when its endless pro-gay-butt-sex type rhetoric and normal heterosexual marriage with beautiful white women is such a rarity I wonder what our future will be.

When you have sites like reddit with SWARMS of chumps to bomb out alt-right sites, or like traitorous males like ‘wehuntedthemamoth’ that fat fuck, who has like 500 comments per story what chance do we stand getting OUR message out?

We really need some serious hackers, because the current war looks like it is going very badly for use.  Marginalized super hard, and with very few new recruits we are getting outbred online and in real life.

With tech evolving we can’t even go enclave style like Israel did post ww2.  Those ‘racist white strongholds’ just get drone struck out of here, a few people will type ‘lolz’ on the news feed and wonder if Hillary will legalize child sex yet?