YKW pics for some lolz pt1

I have a big collection of these.  Some are funny, some are really informative about how bad the jewish control of everything really is.


1This pic is pretty true, the amount of bougeious pseudo intellectuas that were athetist and ‘knew everything’ was staggering.  They were all the same.


^Some ykw over representation, but its just because they are smarter right?  Notice how the movie awards always make a big deal about representing blacks, which tend to be at their population level but of course they never NEVER mention the guy who won was jewish.



Why the Alpha/Beta divide is stupid, and wrong

Coming from an environmental background it bothers me the whole ‘alpha vs beta’ thing that infests the ‘redpill’ type areas of the internet.  Essentially you are either a blood thirsty, no fucks given ‘alpha’ or a servile bitch boy beta.

There are massive problems with this, first of all is at its root it is a leftist type strategy of simplifying things into black and white: you are either 100% badass or you are a simpering bitch.

The off shoot off this is you have a majority of guys who are not ‘alpha’ trying to force themselves into these false stereotypes, which is probably why girls think so many guys are trash.  ‘Well I cant be a simpering bitch, better start being a ruthless badass’.

The problem beyond that it is a white/black false dichotomy is that it simply isn’t true.  There is a scale of these things, and even in wolf hierarchy there is more than just this.  Beta’s are SECOND IN COMMAND and are ready to take control of the pack.  They are not simpering, not servile.


This false dichotomy, most strongly seen over on shitholes like reddit ‘theredpill’ where psuedo-alpha keyboard warriors where unless you are ceo 10k/day you are pathetic.  This is where the problem is, where is the ‘middle ground’ badass where maybe he is the upper manager of some company, someone like that could be attractive to girls but is UTTERLY invisible in this false alpha vs beta.

‘redpill’ knowledge helped me a lot, but it truly is ‘toxic’ (in a way far different than feminists would say) where it tries to craft people into this illusion they never will live up to.  Instead of a realistic view of wolves where the social hierarchy shifts around, and losers CAN in fact rise out of bottom we are stuck in ‘either be #1 or go die loser’ type falsehood.  No wonder so many guys kill themselves.


Beyoncé feminist essay

For the most part I stay completely out of the ‘media’ – the stupefying, intellect-reducing, mind control device it is, but I recently saw beyonce (who I confess I hardly know, I believe she is a singer, but I have no idea her songs or even what she looked like until I looked it up) wrote some feminist essay about sex equality.  I thought there was a CHANCE it might have been pro-male or perhaps pro-FEMININE, so I looked…nope.  Imagine my surprise that this singer who makes god knows how many millions dares complain that life wasn’t fair to her because she was a women.

Titled: Gender Equality Is a Myth!

“We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality. It isn’t a reality yet. Today, women make up half of the U.S. workforce, but the average working woman earns only 77 percent of what the average working man makes.”

This is the first line, of the so called ‘essay’ and it recycles the same tired lines that are easily disproved. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2012/04/16/its-time-that-we-end-the-equal-pay-myth/)

“Humanity requires both men and women, and we are equally important and need one another. So why are we viewed as less than equal?”

This is a typical logic fallacy of stating one thing, then concluding another.  She states something hard to disagree with “humanity requires both men and women” yes, biologically it does.  Then concludes with no assertions, that women are viewed as less equal.  Structurally, this is unsound, and when you factor in the simple reality that a female is worth more than a male, it is viewed as ludicrous.

“These old attitudes are drilled into us from the very beginning. We have to teach our boys the rules of equality and respect, so that as they grow up, gender equality becomes a natural way of life. And we have to teach our girls that they can reach as high as humanly possible.”

Ahh, rarely do you see the true intentions of feminists so clearly on display, where men/boys will be beaten into submission under the guise of ‘equality’ and women/girls will be elevated far beyond their actual worth.  Think about this simply from a structural argument again, group a (boys in this case) she argues must be taught ‘rules’ to that they will grow up ‘equal’. Whereas group b, they are taught ‘to reach as high as humanly possible’.  There is NO equality here.  If she had a statement like ‘we must teach boys and girls to both reach as high as possible’ she might have a fair argument, but again, its not in feminist’s interest to see guy’s go anywhere.

“We have a lot of work to do, but we can get there if we work together. Women are more than 50 percent of the population and more than 50 percent of voters. We must demand that we all receive 100 percent of the opportunities.”

Hahah, I wonder if she simply did not realize what she was saying, or if the slip was unintentional.  First, the argument that numbers = representation is one feminist’s use often when it suits them, but discard when it does not.  They LOVE to hammer on low women CEO %s, senators etc – because they have the numbers.  But when its things like video games – where it is something like 80-90% of players are guys, their numbers=representation argument disappears even though they still demand girls look more ‘realistic’ in games, or that there are more games catered to girls etc.  Cake and eating it too I guess.

Lastly, her statement ‘We must demand that we all receive 100 percent of the opportunities.’ was perhaps never a truer admittance of feminist’s ultimate goals.  Really, if males could be extinguished and the race continues they would be pursuing that, because males are simply not part of the New Feminist World Order.


If only our overlords looked at all attractive


Our search for novelty and accomplishment is co-opted

The human brain is not evolved to handle technology, of that I am completely convinced.

We simply advanced far to fast for our ape brains to even begin to adapt to what we were now presented with.  Simply, a majority of electronics have become misused by ourselves, and in a very negative fashion.

For example video games (I am a gamer, so consider that in my critique) essentially plays to our novelty-seeking we are born and evolved with.  Always a new game, always a new level etc.  Then it also plays to our ‘reward’ circuit of having a new sword, a new costume etc.  It is no wonder people literally live and waste their lives on games like WoW.

Tv is similar in that is it novelty, but lacks the accomplishment.  We can just sit there, our eye blank as ‘new’ images constantly bombard our retinas.

Porn has both the negatives of video games, with a much higher level do to the dopamine dump you body receives from sex, and the ‘reward’ of just impregnating that girl(s) on your screen.  I have spent a lot of time researching affects of both mass-sex and long abstinence, and would you believe there is very very little documentation about such an important thing to us?  Makes me wonder that no one wants to find the truth, lest it say things we dont want to hear.

Even just the internet is generally a waste, endless novelty.  Some dumb cat video, some guy falling down whatever.  It shocks me when I spent time online to look at see hours have passed and I have nothing to show for it.

This world we live in has a lot of wonder, but unless you approach it with absolute discipline, our brains simply are not strong enough to avoid getting caught in one or more traps.

Ever present desire to protect the girl

Protect me~

I have actually been thinking a lot about a seemingly random exchange between (initally) two people…two on my blog.  So over here ( https://eruditeknight.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/men-are-inherent-givers-women-are-inherrent-consumers/) check the comments.  What essentially happened here was a argument between two people Sophia, a woman, and Lu Bu, a man.

It is important to at least read some of their comments so you get a general feel of the argument they were having.  Essentially it was over another female named MK who she said she liked being submissive, and that real females should not mind being submissive.  Lu Bu congratulated her on ‘getting it’, Sophia was surprised and somewhat appalled that a girl would want to submit to a guy.  It devolved into at times some pretty humorous attacks on each other, however notice what was happening here: a girl and guy fighting…then watch what happened as the argument went on.  Watch how when others got involved whose side was taken.

Was Lu Bu ‘meaner’ than Sophia, yes, probably, but the others jumped to her defense BECAUSE SHE WAS A GIRL.  She was not defended because her points were somehow more valid, or in need of defending, it was because a big scary man attacking a poor girl and the white knight brigade (composed of females in this case!) had to ride to save the girl.

Truly think about this, because it is likely if you were involved in this your personal egos may be in the way right now, but reverse the roles.  Lets have them make the exact same argument, but now its Empress Lu Bu and Tarnished Steve, Lu BU is now a girl and Sophia a guy, making same arguments (because the defense was never about the points, it was about a guy attacking a girl) no one attacks Empress in this position, after all who would attack a ‘girl’?

Back to the argument at hand, lets take a different look, what if Sophia was the meaner one here, calling him a ‘disingenuous bastard’ and telling him he must have a small dick and cant get any etc, would ANYONE have been like ‘Sophia you are being mean to him’?

Fuck no!  I would wager, because I KNOW, that they would still attack him merely because they were antagonist to each other.  That is the way the world works, in everything from small arguments to domestic violence, the girl is always right, the guy is always wrong.  You can debate this until the end of the earth, the fact is, in domestic violence the women’s word > then the mans, and the man is going to jail.  Why is it ok or somehow empowering for a girl to slap a guy ‘to put him in his place’ but to even touch a girl = bye bye see you in jail for the guy.  In any smaller argument the guy will be labeled ‘argumentative’ or ‘mean to the poor girl’ or anything similar that excuses the girl and lambastes the guy.

Society (meaning guys and girls) do NOT defend the guy in a guy vs girl fight.  EVER.  A girl can be beating a guy INTO THE FUCKING GROUND and ‘oh he must have deserved it’, but a guy even has an argument with a girl and the whole world turns against him.

My girl readers here ‘get it’ more than the typical female, thats why what happened here was ironic (in that it still didnt matter) and instructive of how ingrained it was.  Even our allies in the fight against feminism still have these default programs in their brain.

Think about what happened here, because you have just proved everything I have been saying since this blog started – that society in general will default to the female.

Situational vs true alpha

This is something that has not been clarified to much among the usage of the term alpha vs beta.  There was a big debate about when general petraeus was found cheating with a women not really that hot.  A lot called him beta, and a lot defended him as a ‘leader of men’.

He is beta.  Obama is beta.  All of these ‘leaders’ are what I call ‘situational alphas’.  Just because someone is in a roll that is powerful is by no means an indication that this person someone is that way.  As an easy counter example take any of these so called alphas and throw them into a position their gilded life has not prepared them for, and watch them crumble.

Could you imagine obama in an intercity (without recognition of who he is) trying to get by?  Would he even become ‘leader’ of the local gang?  Not a chance.  He would be hiding and keeping his head down like everyone else.  Or how about patraeus that arguably never saw real combat, and his single mission: to occupy the countries we are currently in- has been on the largest military failures in recent history.  Even beyond the game he was raised in, would he stand a chance at bar, a local construction site, anywhere ‘normal’ people congregate and not be utterly laughed at?

In my mind a true alpha is not a guy who can pull any girl he wants.  While that indeed may be a side effect, is it NOT the end all be all.  A true alpha is someone adaptable, someone that will dominate ANY position he is in.  Especially in this economy it is possible to find true alphas working at this job or that job.  There is only one president, and only a few generals.

Further, jobs like the president, despite claims to the contrary, are really open to a very very select few who are groomed from an early age for their gilded lifestyle path.  Generally it is an undergraduate in economics followed by a law degree from a place like harvard. ALL major politics have followed this path, from obama, to ‘bussiness man’ romney, to pretty boy pau ryan.  When trapped in the bubble it is very hard to learn any adapting skills.

Swap obama and patraeus with some true alpha out there and the learning curve for the alpha will be much shorter than the reality shock of O and P realizing their power came from their posistion – and nothing to do with themselves.

Think a fake alpha would survive a real collapse?

Girls value economically: pt 2 Lowering

The dynamic of girl’s over-inflated value is complicated because as in pt 1 there are some things that are rising her price huge.  I am going to list some points that are lowering her value.  My belief is that these two dynamics are battling, and while the ‘rising’ aspects are currently still leading the lowering are drastically catching up.  My prediction is that eventually there will be 3 classes of girls: the fat/untouchables that no one cares about, the hot girl that is bathed in attention rarely ‘lowering’ herself to males, and last cute/hot girls that are raging sluts because their value has lowered so much this is their only use.

Factors lowering value

1: Obesity.  This one is obvious, yet women do not want to admit it lest the fact guys actually judge them on physicality becomes accepted.  The bloating of women is a disgusting trend, on the whole taking entire sections of women off the desirable market.  In a microcosm, the more weight a girl gains the less value she presents to any worthy male.

2:Men leaving the game.  This is a supply/demand factor that is naturally lowering the demand for girls.  Anything from guys pissed off at constant burns by girls, guys upset who ‘nice’ they were while their girl they wanted to be with is sucking off that jerk guy she was just crying about, guys who just dont care anymore and would rather focus on a job or life.  I have seen a lot of males that have given up, I believe this will be a growing dynamic in the future.

3: Porn/video games.  Both large dopamine fixes, to be as crass as possible imagine a typical male not too successful with girls, he can go up to some moderately cute girl who isnt a bloated beast and try to talk to her.  She sees this man, and with her 500+ friends on facebook feels invincible and shoots him down mercilessly.  (Girls in my mind are incapable of mercy as conventionally understood.  You need a heart to have mercy)  So our male goes home and gets an easy rise electronically.  It will not take many punishments at the hands of girl and the 100% ‘good time’ he gets electronically that he decides real girls just arent worth it.

And when EVERY anime girl is hotter than any fat girl he encounters on the street, is it any wonder there is a (small. but growing ever larger) decreasing factor influnceing desire for these useless ‘feminist’ females?

Hotter than 98% of ham beasts out there