Syria false flag – WW3 potentially kicking off

A mark of intelligence is discerning patterns before they are hoisted upon you by the powers above.  I had been talking with a few friends about how there was a lot of rumbling about a false flag occurring in Syria to keep us there, and a reason to essentially go into a bigger war footing.

One of the smallest things that really alerted me was this:

Yes, its shitty reddit, but the post was entirely random, about a bunch of soldiers who said promotions were handed out like crazy. But some of the comments really paint a vivid picture: essentially entire career fields were promoted with zero requirements, meaning a ‘top heavy’ force that would be perfect for a new influx of fresh meat.

One of the other comments was a national guard or reserve guy mentioning his summer training was preemptively canceled, guessing that there was something in the works.

Something in the works is right.  Remember why we got into Syria the first time?  Evil chemical weapons.  Remember a few months ago a very, very small story about no chemical weapons actually used?  Kind of like iraq.  Meanwhile the meme rolls on.

With Trump getting the likes of Bolton in there among others, the die had been long cast.  It is going to be on, I suspect by midsummer things will be very heated.  I only hope it doesnt turn nuclear.

Heres a random gratuitous nazi girl for you, because that timeline would likely have been much better than this shitty one that might be ending soon.


Why the Alpha/Beta divide is stupid, and wrong

Coming from an environmental background it bothers me the whole ‘alpha vs beta’ thing that infests the ‘redpill’ type areas of the internet.  Essentially you are either a blood thirsty, no fucks given ‘alpha’ or a servile bitch boy beta.

There are massive problems with this, first of all is at its root it is a leftist type strategy of simplifying things into black and white: you are either 100% badass or you are a simpering bitch.

The off shoot off this is you have a majority of guys who are not ‘alpha’ trying to force themselves into these false stereotypes, which is probably why girls think so many guys are trash.  ‘Well I cant be a simpering bitch, better start being a ruthless badass’.

The problem beyond that it is a white/black false dichotomy is that it simply isn’t true.  There is a scale of these things, and even in wolf hierarchy there is more than just this.  Beta’s are SECOND IN COMMAND and are ready to take control of the pack.  They are not simpering, not servile.

This false dichotomy, most strongly seen over on shitholes like reddit ‘theredpill’ where psuedo-alpha keyboard warriors where unless you are ceo 10k/day you are pathetic.  This is where the problem is, where is the ‘middle ground’ badass where maybe he is the upper manager of some company, someone like that could be attractive to girls but is UTTERLY invisible in this false alpha vs beta.

‘redpill’ knowledge helped me a lot, but it truly is ‘toxic’ (in a way far different than feminists would say) where it tries to craft people into this illusion they never will live up to.  Instead of a realistic view of wolves where the social hierarchy shifts around, and losers CAN in fact rise out of bottom we are stuck in ‘either be #1 or go die loser’ type falsehood.  No wonder so many guys kill themselves.


The irony of women in the Manosphere

What is a painful irony is the prevalence and success of women in the Manosphere, something I am opposed to and many wannabe ‘alpha’ guys on the internet don’t have a clue when they fall for this hoping to get their e-peen wet.

For example, I actually started blogging with a handful of guys at nearly the same time along with Judgy Bitch (yes the ‘great and lauded’ JB) and Tarnish Sophia, by virtue of being women they have had much more success.  Nearly every guy languishes in obscurity but these ‘novel’ females get endless praise, quite frankly I roll my eyes every time I see a jb link or a reference of that ‘women are waking up’ and its talking about jb or some other female-run site. Look at judgy bitch, her stuff is not ANY different than anyone else, and actually there are obscure blogs which much better stuff, yet she has TONS of success.

Consider the complete lunacy of a married older women presuming to give advice or understand the plight of young disenfranchised males? or how about a lesser known but similar situation of ‘tarnished sophia’ a girl who’s claim to fame is that she thinks she is a guy trapped in a girls body…what the fuck is this idiocy doing in the manosphere where it is about guys learning how to better themselves?


I actually have some bad blood with both of them so I am not scared to criticize them, without going into a bitch fest suffice it to say girls being girls and the betrayals, slights and lies that come with that fact are to be expected; and suffice it to say women blogging about men issues is a blight most don’t seem to get.

This is also a perfect microcosm of women’s hypergamy instinct at play, I was ‘their level’ at the time we all started (including the other males like gregarious wolf, odin’s lounge etc) so they ‘hung out’ with us, but when their value started to leave our’s behind…they moved on. Jb is so ‘high’ she doest even need to comment anywhere, the men flock to her giving her the ego fix every women desires.

All it really shows though, is our inherent voyeuristic tendencies, and that a girl putting on a show makes most males want to watch. It is no different than a medieval town where some girl starts dancing in the street, of course everyone is going to watch, except then the show did reputation damage, now its ego stroking because that’s what ‘everyone’ does.

Want perfect proof of girls being more valuable than guys in the sphere? Go read the comments at cheateau heartiste, guys are laying out decent comments, then some ‘girl’ says the stupidest of shit and the convo is completely re-railed and her comment gets multiple responses. Maybe those guys will get their e-peen jacked off by ‘her’. Its pretty pathetic, and you see it on nearly 90%+ of the posts he does, guys will be sharing life stories, talking about what works, improving their life etc, then some girl (and it could be a G.I.R.L guy in real life for all we truly know) comes in and talks about boyfriend trouble or that game doesn’t work on her…and the guys pile on with their ‘advice’. Come on guys, I thought you were supposed to be masters of women, not 6th graders happy to be talking to a girl.

I can say with 100 percent certainty I have never read a female-authored article about men’s issues that made me say ‘wow, that was eye opening’ or ‘life changing’ or anything, because it is quite simply really, what do they know ABOUT BEING A GUY? Nothing. They can never know what the ever-present threat of false rape charges is like, the fact you are the disposable sex, that you are the chaser, that you have to put yourself out there to be shot down for any chance of getting a girl, to know you are the ‘evil’ sex, one step away from rape etc. They may think they know, and can talk like they know, but they don’t. They can’t.

It actually is pretty funny, sad, but funny the fact you have all these fake ‘alphas’ that pretend they are so badass behind the keyboard, but they havent even internalized a single lesson yet and still give into the attention whoring of females.  How can you be anywhere close to ‘alpha’ when you are placating to the whores that found their way into the legion?


Criticism of Capitalism / Right Wing Economics pt1

Criticism of Capitalism / Right Wing Economics pt1

What is interesting is within the strong core of red-pill knowledge, it breaks down into a lot of sub camps, but among the biggest are also proponents of right-wing ideologies namely ‘Capitalism’ – I am very critical of this, and the post might rub some wrong, but at least try to keep an open mind.

What got me inspired for this post, was I am almost done reading ‘Enjoy the decline’ which is a book written by ‘Captain Capitalism’ and while I find his social commentary good, his economic ‘genius’ is the same that plagues all republican thinking, and quite frankly I am glad I did not actually waste my money on this book as it rehashes the same ‘its all obamas fault’ as if I was watching fox news. This post is not about this book, because its just foxnews drivel repacked in some libertarian/ann rand wet dream fantasy.

The major problem, is the lies capitalism lures the populace in with, with siren-like words that we are often too indoctrinated to resist. Let us list some of the major capitalism tenets:

1: The rich are the ‘job creators’

2: The rich are there because they are smarter/more capable/ had a better idea than the rest of us

3: If you aren’t rich, its because you weren’t smart/capable/inventive enough

4: If you work hard, you too will eventually be a millionaire

5: The government is evil, and does nothing good except perhaps defense

6: The ‘Private Sector’ can do anything the government can do, better, cheaper, and more ‘free’

7: Capitalism is the only ‘free’ system, where the best rise to the top

8:There is nothing wrong with capitalism, and anyone criticizing it is likely a Liberal/Commy

9: (Unspoken but critical) Money/Wealth is real

Economics is a joke major, it was the major at college the athletes took because they were too dumb to take anything else, like the concepts of supply/demand are really that complicated. Do they understand real world concepts like buying out the competition to suppress actual competitors, do they understand legal challenges to remove startups from the running, do they understand the lobbyist/subsidy revolving door plague? If they processed even one of those they would have some real tough questions about if capitalism is so good. I took advanced economics, and it was talking about things like ‘inelastic demand’ for gasoline, as if its something really hard to grasp, WHEN CAPITLISM ECONOMICS IS NOOB AS FUCK.

Essentially, the problem with these people, is that they see Obama, they see our economic crisis, and they put his ‘socialist policies’ as the reason, as if the entire slowdown that has been happening since 2000 never really happened. Now, I hate Obama, I think he is a total fucking sham, and that he is nothing more than a puppet for higher powers like multi-national corporations (hey capitalists, how does that fit in? Where do they teach political buy offs?) People entirely fail to connect that our entire world is simply running out of resources, and if this statement does not compute you really need to read outside the box, because this shit is real.

Look up things like how many off-shore rigs Saudi Arabia has had to build to keep production up, look up how we are doubling shale oil rigs, but production is only holding steady, look up the Oglala aquifer about to collapse within 20 years…it is things like this, not because ‘obama is a socialist’. Obama is a pathetic, hate-able shyster, and he is doing tremendous damage to our country, but if you think Romney was going to be able different you are severely delusional, if you think ANY POLITICIAN WHO CAN GET ELECTED is not completely controlled you are dead, dead wrong.

This is what pisses me off about a lot of libertarians, right-wing econ people etc, they don’t realize the dream they are stuck in, they truly think it is obamas fault, and once some fat fuck like chris Christy or ‘freedom loving’ rand paul get in there suddenly everything will be back to normal. The game is over, capitalism is a flawed system that ends in monopolies and trans-national corporations that subsume governments to keep the profits flowing.

Like in this book, he has all these nice graphs about ‘social parasites’ taking their unemployment, medicare etc, yes, that is a government expenditure, but how about we look at corporate subsidies (whats that? You don’t even know that term?) which VASTLY outweighs the ‘handouts’ to the parasites. Look this shit up for yourself! Or how about the top 20 corporations that don’t pay taxes, which can help fund BILLIONS that the gov is not getting. How do capitalists justify this? Is it rationale? (I have had that argued to me, btw) maybe its rationale, but it should be illegal as fuck. You pay your millions in taxes, otherwise you get booted out of our country, you can keep your off-shore headquarters (which all of them do) and you do not get access to our markets.

Capitlism is based on the severely flawed idea that capital/money is ‘something’ instead of just a lubricate for social exchanges, that this ‘wealth’ can then be manipulated. It is kind of like if you have 10 men who can do 10 hours of labor a day, that by pulling some accounting tricks, that suddenly those 10 men actually produce 150 hrs of labor instead of the real 100. We have so much unfunded and over-leverage ‘wealth’ that there is more in the world that ACTUALLY EXISTS in the world. Think about how irrational this is.

Its late, and I will expand these points in a future post, but essentially capitalism is this lie the sheeple on the bottom (yes that’s all of us) are fed that we too will one day be a millionaire instead of the dynastic reality and nepotism you will never successfully navigate. Oh, but let’s blame puppet-obama, its so much easier than actually thinking.


The Feminine Deception

What many many men do not realize – typically ever – or only after they get rocked in a relationship is that women are manipulators. Sound obvious? Do you actually internalize that? That any interaction you are having with one of them, in her mind she is twisting your words, equivocating her own, all to manipulate you? Do you realize that? If you do not consciously, then you are a victim.

It comes from evolution, just like men are stronger than women – yes feminists, that is a fact- women are more manipulative than men. Notice I did not say ‘diplomatic’ , ‘thoughtful’, ‘nice’, ‘tactful’. Women often are far more cruel than any man. This manipulation comes from our savanna days where a man could force a women to do what he wants, mostly sex. A women can not literally fight back, so in order to secure things like resources and protection she resorts to manipulation. Promises, implications, veiled threats, all in her arsenal.

To a man, the ultimate goal is to have a really hot women he impregnates. A woman’s might be to be that hot women right? Oh no…you have much learning to do. Her’s is to secure resources and protection with as little work as possible. So if that means she can stay fat and get what she wants, she will (see the parallel to American women?). Why get pregnant when it slows her down, and no other male will protect her? So she will avoid pregnancy, unless it suits her. It typically will suit her in some sort of cuckold scenario, where she is having sex with different guys, all of which think the kid is his.

This is a critical thing to understand evolution-wise. If there are five guys, ABCDE, and she only has sex with A and gets pregnant, BCDE know its not his kid, so that’s resources she is losing out on. In fact they may even be hostile. However, if she is having sex with all of them, she can tell each of them its his privately, and they will all dump resources on her. She wins. Think this is insane? Its not, it happens in the biologic world all the time, esp. dolphins.

So next time a women tells you about how they need more money because of the wage gap, or that women are enslaved by the patriarchy etc, don’t just think about their words, think about the purpose. The purpose is to manipulate you.


No Shampoo and no deodorant – best health yet

Yes, you read that title right, I do no use shampoo or deodorant, now before you perhaps react with predictably disgust, listen to what I have to say.  I have not used shampoo in over a year, and my hair is clean, healthy looking, and requires no maintenance.  I do not use conventional deodorant as I have swapped to baking soda, and the very bad smell problem has completely gone away.

Now, you still rinse off, clean your hands, then simply rub your hair, when you first start you may have to do it a few times, but essentially you are only RINSING you hair.  Sounds gross, unclean whatever, but it is how we evolved, our hair secrets natural oils that help keep it moisturized.  In about a month, your hair will be great, it stays the same appearance for much longer without shower than ‘clean’ hair.  Plus its healthy, and feels softer.

Next, I had bad under arm smell, nothing would work, I’d shower, scrub, pile on the old spice, and nothing.  But, I saw someone mention baking soda, and considering I had tried rubbing alcohol and vinegar I thought why not.  Let me say, its pretty insane how good it works.  After a shower or whatever, just sprinkle some on under your arms, and you are GOOD. This is coming from someone with bad odor before.  I can go like 3 days easy without any smell, but you might want to do it more than that.

Anyway, press on loyal readers!  We are on the path to being the best we can be.



2014 Olympians girls: normal and the west’s ‘patricarchy’

The Olympics provide an interesting venue to look at girls that take two very different paths of fitness/looks etc, you have the huge he-man ‘women’ like swimmers, weight lifters etc, then you have the rare but still feminine ‘rhythm gymnastic’ types.  The winter Olympics are a bit easier on the eyes simply because skiing does not require the huge muscle load a female swimmer needs.


Now…that brings up a very typical point, to people still plugged in, it is endlessly about how backward russia/east europe is with their ‘patriarchy’ and suppressing women.  It is not that surprising how I find articles about how russia female olympians are posing in skimpy clothes, ( and that there is an outcry over the ‘blatant sexulization’ or actual quote from article ‘Is it because they feel pressure to do so, that they’ve been pushed into ‘selling’ Russia in the only way they know how, that they’ve succumb to Russia’s traditional patriarchal ways’.

Having taken the ‘red pill’ about 2 years ago, I still am sometimes amazed at the endless rhetoric we are fed, including how bad men are, how ‘progressive’ and ‘right’ the west is with its feminism, and that a ‘real man’ wouldn’t sexualize or ‘degrade’ a women like that.  A quote from a female russian in that article “Russian women are notoriously sexual. In Russian culture, women constantly strive to look sexy, hot, want-able. Skirts and heels are standard. Mini skirts at that. Jeans and trainers, casual ‘unisex’ outfits on women are frowned upon. Women take great pride in their clothes, and always dress to the T’s,

What is eye opening here, is this directly refutes everything feminism tells us in the west, that women ‘dont really want to be sexualized’ or that girls looking good is something unnatural, a mans desire only, that the girls really only want to be seen for their inner beauty etc.  We have been so UTTERLY lied to with feminism, told these lies that it is wrong for a girl to be in shape, for a girl to be hot, for a girl to WANT to look good.

Honestly, it is a welcome breath of fresh air knowing somewhere beyond this mass-media sphere of lies, that there are hot girls out there, and they want to be females, they want to love men.