Feminist = ‘Empowered’ = ‘Independent’

What is notably is that there are few women who openly describe themselves as feminists, despite that disease infecting likely 80% of the women, and at least 30% of the males. However, that does not stop them from supporting, or especially taking advantage of the feminist movement. You call always tell the feminists at heart when the use the words ‘empowered’ or ‘independent’ to describe themselves. For all intents when I use ‘feminist’ I am also referring to their new monikers they now go by: liberated/empowered/independent etc

Feminism has largely been successful for a few reasons:

1 it has embraced an ever-present victim methodology in a society afraid to stand for real values,

2 it has given an excuse to women who preform subpar but can hand out laurels to the winners,

3 and has allowed double-think to be normalized.

It typically takes something that shakes a person to their core to even have the potential to question the doctrine they are fed their whole life, so for a majority of men and women the standard narrative they are fed is that ‘women have been enslaved for eons, and only now are we getting out of the dark ages and we still have much work to go, because women have so much catching up to do’.

I put my ego out there a lot on this site as an example others can learn from, and indeed when I was younger, even early 20s, I BELIEVED THIS LIE. Oh, those poor women surrounded by brutes…they needed protection and uplifting to make up for all the past crimes. Needless to say there is a lot of self flagellation going on here as a male. That first of all, there WERE crimes that needed making up, and second, it was my and every males duty to repent.

Men can’t be strong, because then you might rape a women. You can only be strong if you swear to defend a women from other rapists. You can’t be aggressive, well…ever. You can’t yell, you can’t use logic because someone’s feelings may get hurt. However, this has not been applied universally, because the girl that goes to the gym is ‘empowered’, the girl who has an apartment is ‘independent’.

What this has done is anyone women who isn’t successful, well that’s because the odds were against her, that damn patriarchy we live in, men keeping her down, not giving her a chance, not being fair, all these you hear. But then women who achieve even mediocre success are paraded around as if they were the first ones that had gone to the moon and just got back. She works a job and has her own apartment, by god, she’s INDEPENDENT! She left some guy who went over to Iraq and is with some new biker trash? She’s not a treacherous slut, she’s EMPOWERED.

Its like we are treating them like kids, if I was a women I would find such a low bar insulting. But it is not insulting, it literally is a badge of honor, a guy could find a cure for cancer and no one gives a shit, but some girl recently gets promoted to assistant secretary of child psychology and bought a fancy new Honda, goddamn folks we got ourselves a gen-u-ine he-rooo in our midst!

Lastly is the double think that is allowed and encouraged. Let us take the duke student who stars in porns to pay tuition. Now, nearly no one is criticizing her (because you can’t critic a women) regardless of any side of an argument. Imagine a newly similar situation where there was a male PAYING women to make orgy porns and then selling these videos at a profit to ‘pay his way through school’, he would be castrated in the media. But because she is a poor victim, she can choke that dick down and we are supposed to only feel sorry she is forced into this by this cruel world.

Porn and sex has long been a useful doublethink subject for women, on one hand they can decry the objectification of women, treating them as sex objects, etc, but on the other hand USE that to manipulate men. I personally saw this all the time at college, these raging feminists decrying that clothing doesn’t provoke rape then come Friday or Saturday they’d walk over to the frat houses in super short skirts and low cut dresses. (Most of them were claimed they were raped on Monday, but be back there next Friday…disgusting)

Likewise we are told women don’t need men, ok, sounds good to me. But then the divorce comes rocking down and suddenly she is ‘entitled’ to half his wealth just for being with him the last year or two?

Why can a girl be direct about sex, and it makes her tough/empowered, but when a guy talks about it, he is a creep/loser/weird?

Girls can read fashion, gossip, celebrity news, and it doesn’t make them shallow, but if a guy likes the dress or makeup she learned to put on he is suddenly shallow.

Why do we have affirmative action for girls when they are supposedly equal to guys? Either you are not as good, and need an advantage or you are EQUAL like you tell us and do not need an advantage.

These are legitimate doublethinks (1984 term for holding conflicting positions) and I have had a LOT of feminists justify this stupidity to me.

But this entire society is an exercise in doublethink, where the rich are the jobcreators and us proles have to be content with ‘trickle’ down money, where America is the most free nation despite endless spying of its only citizens. So we continue to hand out gold stars to our grownup women celebrating their success, up is down, black is white, and everything you know is wrong.



The delusion of feminists pt1

I am sure there will be a lot of these ‘delusions’ posts, here is the first.


‘Ways it will suck even harder’  This demonstrates a perfect example of the delusion of females in this brave new world.  First is the implication it ‘sucks’ to begin with, and that somehow this cruel world to females is going to get even worse.

I am utterly convinced that if the average girl was forced to live the life of an average guy for 1 month she would like commit suicide out of depression.  No one would pay attention to ‘him’ no would cares about anything ‘he’ does, his phone would never ring, his facebook posts would go unliked and uncommented.  To anyone reading this, you inevitably probably get it, women do nothing and get huge accolades dumped on them, take any facebook post of inane ranting and likes and comments follow.  I am not on facebook but I have seen and been told that for males it is the exact opposite meaning thoughtful comments and picture get no response unless its another male.

(from link)’ it’s exponentially more traumatizing to go through puberty these days thanks to social media’

The ‘traumas’ females go through are much different than males.  A female might be traumatized by some comment someone makes, a male will be constantly traumatized by either loneliness, being picked on etc.

Women in general unless they grew up in a male household have very little clue to the world around them.  It does not even register that you havent talked to them in a week, a month, a year etc unless you are at the top of their list.  Becoming the top of their list suddenly the world is different, they ‘care’ about you. You get texts, you get calls, compared to the early world it is mindblowing.

See, this is where the differences really shine.  Girls have been given everything they wanted their whole life, thus a male buying flowers, commenting on photos etc does not except likely lower your value in her eyes.  But when you have demonstrated value and you are ‘what she cant have’ it sends her into a tailspin.  Girls have so little practice with patience, denial and so on you see them for the children they often are.  Here is something they WANT BUT CAN NOT HAVE, and to their untrained minds they are unable to handle what is logically not a good conclusion.  Thus we have hot women returning over and over to abusers or chasing that aloof male that is always so mean to her, while her ‘bestest friend ever’ wonders why he has never even kissed her despite how nice he is to her.



Does clothing provoke rape?

Here is a story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2252955/Rape-provoking-miniskirts-crop-tops-banned-king-Swaziland-offenders-facing-months-jail.html?ICO=most_read_module

where ‘sexy’ clothing is being banned for provoking rape.  What I am struck by is that his article takes a very condescending tone that ‘no way clothing provokes rape, look at these african savages’ type tone.  The article is framed in such a way that we get enjoyment out of how ‘backwards’ they are.

(from story) “The tiny beaded dress worn when maidens dance semi-naked for the autocratic King Mswati III does not fall foul of the new law” This is not an unbiased statement at all, from the words ‘tiny’ ‘seminaked’ etc helps demonstrate the articles slant.

Here is a high rated comment: “Anything which makes you less of a target for depraved men is a positive”  So we have this half truth where this poster agrees with the no sexy clothing but it is still under the guise of feminist-centric thinking.  ‘Depraved’ men.  As if men can not be anything else.

The widely accepted falsehood of ‘clothing does not provoke rape’ is a very bad feminist convention.  Essentially it boils down to this: ‘I can wear whatever I want and it has zero effect on males around me.’  With a subtext of ‘If i get raped it was going to happen anyway regardless of my clothes, because thats just how males are.’

If you think about this for a moment it becomes clear why this cognitive dissonance occurs: one of women’s primary drives is to provide safety and provisioning.  Thus a belief that her choices do not hurt her fulfills that first roll of safety, if the world can be changed to one less choice she faces in the same of safety, it will be done.

As a result we have this dystopic country of ‘slut walks’ and girls with short dresses claiming a ‘real man’ isnt effected by such things.


A ‘real man’ would see her for the beauty within