Some good sites to read, and some I am wary of

First and foremost some of these are recent, so if they are cryptojew or whatever, I don’t know about it, this is in contrast to daily stormer which is a major jew if not straight mossad run site.

decent ‘main stream’ alternative media: – heavy econ focus and a little trump love, but most of the people in the comments are surprisingly jew aware given the mainstream reach of this site i used this sparingly as it is a neocon/christian can do no wrong – style of reading, but a good break from MSM sites


recent hardcore sites I have found:

(these seem to be much more down with a white ethno state in the usa, they seem pretty legit, if I am wrong, someone correct me)

here is a radio/podcast site related to them:



Stay away from:

alex jones – this guy helped me a little break free of MSM but he is major crypto jew and dodges around everything literally, and I mean literally blaming it on nazis.

stephan molyneux – a smart guy that swung hard right, but dodged jew question and outright says it doesnt matter

dailystormer – early on seemed a surprisig source of news if not heavily biased, but I have heard stories of ip farming, and it just is way over the top with ‘gas the kikes’, similar to faggots leading altright

milo fagopolis – alt right gay guy, not interested.


Why the endless fear mongering we are exposed to is bad

I was always given to conspiracies growing up, a product of a questioning and doubtful mind I suppose, so I am a type that falls into the ‘alt media’ of endless fear mongering.  Now, to briefly state my purpose, I think the so called alternative media serves a purpose in waking people up to that life may not be what they thought, but it is also my conclusion that is ultimately is a controlled misdirection to not get you to truth, happiness or anything good.

First, I am talking about fully funded alt media – namely like Alex Jones, David Icke etc who have substantial (and when you get down to it, pretty shadowy ties to questionable organizations.)  I loved alex jones for a long time, here was this man who was angry with the blatant truth we were kept from, he yelled and yelled about the ‘obvious’ things we were being lied to.  ‘Fuck yeah!’ I thought, I agree, why arent they telling us about how bad fluoride is, why arent they talking about economic collapses, why arent they talking about gun grabs…

They are not wrong, a lot of what they say is true, but what better way to lie the in an illusion of TRUTH?

Here is where the irony is, I listened to this kind of shit from his ilk, and tons of others for years.  I routinely trolled econ collapse blogs etc…year after year, where the hell was the collapse destined for right around the corner?  For the record, I truly believe a ‘collapse’ is going to occur, our society is built on unsustainable precepts, notably that ‘infinite growth’ is somehow possible, or that technology will save us.

Monied and connected interests are completely in the interest in keeping you as a sheep.  I was fortunate I came across some ‘alt media’ that was not funded, and listened to some of their stuff.  Things like how feminism is bad, how the government purposely keeps us stupid, how the military and industry are tied so fucking tight together.  Now, here is the beauty, there is NOT one agreed upon narrative, some people blame capitalism, some blame not enough free markets, some blame the jews some blame the bankers, some say they are both, but this is what is so great about it, you wonder ‘hmm, could this really be the case?’ and you go look for that shit!  Of course with so much media controlled, you have to dig deep, but you start to find out some pretty crazy shit if you are ready to ‘swallow the pill’ and accept any truths that come, no matter how painful they might be.

That’s why it has come to my recent attention that the controlled ‘alt media’ personified by alex jones, are nothing more than control outlets for the more deviant of the population.  The type of person that is not going to accept the official narrative, so how perfect a wandering soul comes to somehow shouting ‘the official narrative is shit! let me show you the way!’ and you accept it.  Its brilliant really, as much as its opposed to what I believe, by capturing the deviants, and funneling them to what you want them to think, you can control them.  Very 1984esque, but true.  By telling these people ‘econ collapse! obama is a muslim! etc etc’ you get caught up on these sideline stories, all to distract you and make you ADDICTED TO FEAR.

The insidiousness of hiding truths in delusions and misdirections is hard to state.  A lot of people think they ‘get it’ when its just a different lie they are being fed.  I dont claim to know the answers, beware anyone who does, I am just telling you to question everything.  Even question what I am telling you.

But just think about this, if our world really was fucked up in one way or another, alien control, jewish control, communist control etc, would there be REAL criticism of that point?  Hell no, it would be people spouting random shit on the internet, some friend of a friend who saw something, certainly not ‘undeniable’ but sure as hell it wouldn’t be huge news programs proclaiming anything.  On the contrary, perhaps it is the things we CANT question that might be where the powers really hide.

The real way we ‘lose’ though is to be endlessly concerned, that is where they want you.  When you are scared you can be controlled.  When you are happy (different than delusional) when you can look at reality and process the messages it is attempting to tell you, then you are in a good spot.  When you are confident, you may not know everything, but you know enough, you are going to be happy because the alternative is fear which you will not abide….that is a tough person to beat regardless of whatever enemy we might be facing.