Hierarchy of Reality Processing

In order to understand a lot of what I talk on here, it is relevant to clarify the way reality is eventually understood, and that is in an expanding mindset that subsumes earlier realities into the narrower focus they are.



A key thing I want to emphasize is that when people (if they ever) go searching you inevitable find clues at the next level, and you start to cling onto them, seeing the previous level as so woefully inadequate to explain reality, and you get to this level and suddenly think ‘you get it’ and that there is nothing beyond. Of course that is wrong, but that’s what happens

Everyone starts at level 1, meaning you don’t really understand much of anything. We all start here as kids, and a lot of adults never really start to understand much about the life they find themselves in.  If they ever process some sort of difference or reality that is when we get to level 2.

Level 2 is the conventional level of people who follow politics. This is the hard ‘left vs right’ dichotomy we are endlessly fed (and is it a wonder few people make it out of this?). As a liberal, you are caring, kind hearted, and want everyone to be equal since we are in this together, conservatives are heartless, blind , gun loving religious whackos. As a conservative you are tough but fair, value independence and pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, liberals are soft pansies, blind, and want to sell the country out to terrorists.

It’s not an accident both sides think the other is blind. A lot of it is by design, that by each of them having grains of truth in their positions the person can point and be like ‘tell me this isn’t true! Tell me!’ Of course we are sold the whole show, that if you like guns, you must also be religious, want to bomb the middle east etc, and if you like the environment you also want gays everywhere and women presidents. It is astounding to me the inherent hypocrisy present on both sides, I am literal as fuck that people believe some good ideas and believe the other total shit that comes with the ‘party’ line.

So, the intrepid truth seeker ventures out, not afraid of his iconoclast nature, maybe challenged in some way or another that his previous notions have been completely wrong, then he arrives at level 3, a higher form of realism, this can take the place of racist, sexist, libertarian etc mindset. What I mean by this, is a person sees the problems and conflictions on both sides and concludes a higher truth that its ‘the women/feminists fault’ ‘it’s the blacks fault’ ‘it’s the governments fault’, and the seduction of it is you can justify the shit out of all of them.

I am speaking openly here, because this was my own personal quest as well, so I see it in others readily. This stage is where the alex jones types pop up, where he hides truth in a veil of lies. Is the government prepared to handle mass ‘domestic terrorists’ (with a vague and shifting definition all the time) with thousands of militarized police? Yes, of course they are, but then he derails the truth into that it’s the Muslims controlling Hollywood, or ‘nazi death cults’, its stupid to look at, but it is actually very effective because they have subsumed the illogic of the lower levels and come to an answer that explains it.

Because the average person at this level will ROCK anyone lower, they will have ample facts to back up their position, they will talk about the mass purchase of MRAP vehicles and link it to the police state, and how are you supposed to argue against that FACT? Or the race realist, when they spout off that 90% of of gun-related deaths are black on black? Or the sex realist who tells you that women get the child is custody cases nearly every time, and that a girl will a bachelors degree is the one who initiates divorce 90%+ of the time?

Level 4 is where I am currently at, I fully grant there is likely higher levels, but at this point its beyond my comprehension, something for example might be sci-fi in nature like the earth is a battle ground for aliens or our religious soul or whatever, and THAT then explains the lower levels. Level 4 is pretty complicated, but also very simple, I will touch on this next. But at this stage, people start asking questions like why are race wars encouraged when all that does is leave the true people in power, or why is that any independent nation or colony is summarily exterminated if it doesn’t play by the globalist rules?

Again, it is SO critical to understand lower truths are there for a reason, but that they are bundled with falsehoods. So take race, are blacks less intelligent than whites? Yes. That is a ‘racist’ statement, and I will admit racial mixing is often the cause of a lot of problems, but and read this carefully I would have absolutely zero problem fighting alongside a black guy because we are NOT each others real enemy. This is exactly like I have wrote with women, a vast majority of them are our current ‘enemies’ because they are brainwashed, but to think their wiping out is the goal is missing the entire point. These groups are encouraged to fight each other, because then we forget who rigged this to begin with.


The End

I have not written in a while, but I have also been giving this some thought for a while.  When I created this blog it was in a purpose that I was after truth, and that I would share my experience with others, and perhaps come to some mutual truths.  Also a large part of it was cathartic in nature, raging at the injustice males find our selves in, and the uphill battle we endlessly face.

For the catharsis, it has been mostly successful, I was a much more angry man about a year and a half ago than now, not to say I have lost the ardor of injustice we bear, but that I simple yelled, strut and fret my hour upon the stage. ‘And then is heard no more: it is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.’

A dark truth I realized, was blogging is not an effective medium for truth, in fact it is similar to other ‘social media’ meaning utterly useless because it is co-opted into ego gratification.

Blogging for the most part is a huge circle jerk / dick suck.

It really is.

A major problem is the medium, to stay ‘relevant’ you must constantly have new/novelty and you must direct traffic.  The first leads to shit posts and/or repetitions.  The 2nd leads to the debasement of any quality of medium.  You have people ‘liking’ your posts who you never see again, and just want a counter ‘like’, you have people follow you (who follow thousands) who just want a follow, you have 1 word commentors who want a comment back etc.  Ultimately it also devolves into this ‘well heres what I say today!  lets go see what a,b,c say today,’ and it turns into this little circle of mutual dick sucking.  Truth has long since expired as the purpose, and regardless of stated intentions, it becomes about ego gratification, hoping people ‘like’ you, and you’ll jack off a few people along the way as long as you yourself get it in return.

I really admired a guy who had a blog ‘solve my girl problems’ he got to the point, had inspiring posts, etc.  But he kind of fell into the trap a lot do where your posts get less relevant, more repetitious, you start caring about image instead of purpose etc.  I think he realized that and folded up.  For that reason I view him with more respect than so-called big names like ‘cheateau hertiste’ and ‘rationale male’ both who I used to like, but it really becomes an endless ‘same old shit’ syndrome.

CH is really bad, being the big shot, his comments demonstrate the endless dick suck blogging at its heart is, you have the placaters who dote on every article, you have the one-worders who just want traffic, you have the females fishing for attention (and talk about fucking irony!  those males are supposed to ‘get it’ yet they fall into the traps the girls lay for them.  ‘OMG!  a girl I must respond maybe she will suck my dick!), you have the decent posters who eventually realize the medium is shit and stop posting and move on, etc.

Another major problem is girls ‘win’ on blogging in general, you have a lot of so-called females who post whatever, and really the quality doesnt matter, I have seen greater quality at far less successful blogs such as Emperor Lubu’s.  If I was going for pure success (and perhaps my utilitarian mind should have considered it) I should have be Erudite Princess or something (quick aside, I actually had some blogger named Erudite Princess contact me a few months ago!) because I’d have far more success as a ‘novel’ female bitching about the exact same things.

For example, another thing looking back I had a huge problem with was the blogger ‘Judgy Bitch’ she has actually risen to pretty prominent ‘success’, oh she is so ‘novel’ a girl who ‘gets it’.  Whatever.  I actually was friends with her early, we both started about the same time, I was one of her few early commentators (can check if my claims need validation).  For months we languished in obscurity together, like all my original blog friends I asked if she wanted to exchange blog rolls, and she said yes like everyone else.  Well her link went up here, and wth…why isnt mine on hers?  I asked her about it ‘oh ill get it up’.  Ok.  Long story short, months later and a few reminders and it never happened.  After a while you just have to realize people lie and are not someone you can count on.  She let success get to her, and in the process forgot the ‘little people’ who started with her.  I hate her now, we started together and because success found her, freely cast those around her to the side.

The major prolem is like much of life, quality does not equal success.  As mentioned a lot of the people on my blog roll write some pretty good things, and they have very little readership.  Then you have these others (typically girls) who post pictures of their day and have 100 comments per picture, the fact such behavior is rewarded is disturbing.

Because I am not on twitter, facebook etc, I never will be successful, that is the reality.  Why do you think CH etc has a twitter feed?  It is to keep our ADD society addicted to little blips of attention.

I am actually near 200 posts, I may or may not continue, but the lack of comments on the last couple of long posts make it seem less likely.  At this point I write only to help others, as the purpose of what I did for myself has been accomplished.  I have left old illusions behind, and healed past wounds.  If I am not helping others there is no reason to continue.

Anyway, any of my readers that have been loyal, but not commented, I hope my blog has been useful to you.  This is not the official end necessairly, but if it is, thanks for reading and I hope it helped.

What the fuck does it mean to be a man…our soceity sure doesnt know

I actually had considered stopping blogging about a month ago, it showed with a decrease in my writings etc, I even wrote a post saved in my draft I might put up just to share, but lately I have been reinvigorated with a new passion about discovering my masculinity.  Something that is demonized, and utterly eviscerated out of us males in America.

I want to talk today about the ways men are constantly ruined, the utter propaganda we face in America, all designed to stop us being men.

First, consider this pic:

US on left

This is a few years old, but certainly illustrates the point, as things certainly havent gotten better.  Everyone else is treated to a revolutionary with his first raised in victory, choas of some regime in ruins behind him.  Us?  We are treated to some fat, plump little man and the title ‘why ANXIETY is good for you’.  Hahahah, this alone should really prove my point of what we face as men.  In our own society there are no posistive messages for victory, striving, success.  Instead some plump, drugged little man plugged into the machine, dont worry that work stress is GOOD for you!  We loved Big Brother.

I really like this next one:

US cover in bottom right

Bigger of other cover:

Now, whatever you want to think of Afghanistan and our war over there, (I will say wrong, false pretenses, false mission…but thats for another time) You can not help but admit in your heart that this male on the cover is a MAN.  Not in the sense of biologically male, but that in the true sense.  A warrior who fights for what he believes in.  His weapon held high, his eyes held proudly, THIS is our adversary (for better or worse).  Square jaw, firm unwavering eyes, stoic focus on the mission.  (Oh wait, I thought I was describing a feminist in America for a moment there…)

Its really no wonder we werent allowed to see what a man is.  We are weak.  WEAK!  We are scrwany, indesicive, we give into fat fucking bitches with loud mouths, our county is dying before our eyes, men in this country are total shit.  It is sad as hell there has to be a revolution online of lost men trying to find what a man is.  I know, I am in the same situation.

I thought being a man was holding the door, oh wait, why is she bitching at me that she can do it?  Ok, maybe its being in touch with my feelings…wait why are the assholes guys getting girls and I’m just an emo tampon?  Ok, I will be pro-feiminist, after all girls have it so hard…wait what the fuck, I am getting taken advantage of…and girls actually have it better!?

Honor is practically dead, instead manipulation is alive and well, getting by on tricky words or outright lies.  Girls dominate at this, this is how they survived in evolution, guys survived by strength, trust, honor.  Men won or died together, as traitorous males would die alone or killed by a more victorious tribe, women would generally seamlessly merge into new tribes through guile and big boobs or thin waists.

Our sense of tribes is destroyed, our sense of value is destroyed, NOTHING men normally do is valued, our strength is viewed ‘meat heads’ or ‘dumb’; our honor is viewed as antiquated and will only get you in trouble; stoicism is taken advantage of with girls emo-tamponing you; trying t figure this shit out with other guys is preemptively labeled ‘gay’ because a ‘real man’ wouldnt do that (never mind history); yelling raging or aggressiveness is viewed as uncouth or barbaric; ANYTHING men do is viewed as wrong.

Instead we are taught to have womanly ‘virtues’ – as if they have anything close to virtue – such as ‘expressing emotions’ so instead of brave spartans silently enduring their fate, we are supposed to say shit like ‘I feel like you arent very considering my feelings, maybe this is just my interpretation, but I feel like you are purposely sabotaging my chances’.  Do you think that afghan fighter with his RPG is crying to some girl in his life about his feelings?  Fuck no.

Or how about other virtues of selfishness, conveniently wrapped up into capitalism, where screwing everyone you can (a slight pun I suppose…) has become a virtue.  That those who get rocked in the process ‘had it coming’ and a ‘strong women’ should be able to climb that corporate ladder – and some guy will marry her fat ass later.

Look, you were fucked by a girl, by society, by your female HR bitch, I got it, a lot of us have been there.  I fucking get it!  I was there too.  But we are men, cry if you have to, but get your emotions under control.  The only emotion anyone should really see out of you other than stone cold stoicism is anger or rage, anything else is unbecoming. It is time to MAN THE FUCK UP.  I mean this in a true fashion, not ‘man up’ and support some broken home single mom bullshit, or some ‘man up’ and put your fancy suit on and show how metrosexual you are.  Get out there, lift weights, create shit, have fun for YOURSELF. Start writing, start building, start doing something.  You career does not define you, your girl does not define you.  YOU DEFINE YOURSELF.

Things like the Mens right movement (even if their heart was in the right spot, which I doubt) are useless, they are emotional appeals, rooted in womanly ‘virtues’.  We are fucking men, we DO shit.  Meet other like minded men, start doing competitions, start lifting weights.  Become a fucking man.  Drop the coffee and pick up a weight.  I highly doubt a real man should ever step into a coffee house of any kind.  And for god’s sake, dont EVER talk to a girl in your life about emotions.


The more girls a guy has, the better it is in all ways.

Countdown: 5 traits of a MAN #3 Confidence and Ability

Today- Confidence and Ability

#5 http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-8F -Physical Traits

#4 http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-9G – Discipline

A good calm look

Today I wanted to continue my list of the countdown of what makes a REAL MAN, not some fake pua, not some fake badass that skates by this thin veneer of civilization, but of a man that regardless of circumstances will dominate.  In case this needs to be spelled out, this is a type of man that can succeed in this joke of society, and in the event of a collapse is the type of man that will survive and thrive.

That brings us to #3 Confidence and Ability, I purposely put these two together.  First of all, what do ALL puas state is sooo important?  Confidence, ‘fake it till you make it’ etc.  I do not doubt this works up to a point in getting some women to have sex with but it does not make you a real man.  You need true confidence, knowing you are the best, knowing what you are capable of.  It would not help you survive.

This is why it is related to ability.  You actually have to be able to DO something.  For all intents it does not really matter the skill, whether you are the best damn mechanic around, or you are a really good runner, you are a sharpshooter etc. you can have a real confidence because you have something real you can show.

To elucidate, fake-confidence is not rooted in anything.  You wear a funny hat or have a cocky grin and proceed simply hoping no one really calls your bluff of the airs you put on.  Again, in our society such a strategy is less likely to get you killed because of laws etc.

I read a really good article somewhere that basically stated the reason why posturing and false-confidence works is because in a dog-eat-dog or survival situation when someone acted like that they were really called out for it, meaning fights possibly to the death.  So we have engrained triggers that ‘oh this guy is acting like a badass, and he is still alive, ergo he must REALLY BE A BADASS’  Which we know is not the case.

True confidence comes from that when its put-up-or-shut-up time you actually put up.  You say you are really damn good at running?  Well lets race and see what you got.  You say you are an expert sniper?  I got a good rifle and am a good shot, lets go bet some money on this and see whats up.

When you will really be able to tell is if a collapse or something happens and all these fake-alphas are suddenly shell-shocked and looking bleary eyed at the world wondering how they are suddenly going to survive.  That expert sniper?  He already knows…one trigger pull at a time like all the rest.

Ability precedes confidence.  You can be confident and not really have anything to show for it, but it is simply a delusion, because it has no solid base.  If you lack confidence, go get an ability, improve your skills.  Start working out hard, learn how to shoot, learn how to fix things, and within a year you will be a different man.  Confidence occurs naturally.  The real kind anyway.

If you ever need a guide on what would make a real MAN think about a man about 10,000 years ago.  Was he peacocking around to rack up notch counts on a bed?  No, he was running, fighting, surviving and fucking girls in complete AWE of his power and poise and combat ability.  In truth I would be surprised if back then a ‘smirk’ existed, a real man probably had a very grim countenance while spearing down animals.  But you could see it in his eyes, he knew what he was doing, and had the skills to back it up.  He was the type of man that would shame modern day men, and modern women would probably swoon over him.

I used this avatar before years ago on message boards, and I really like it because anime-style drawing tend to capture emotions better than actual faces.  Look how the eyes are a very ‘i dont give a fuck what you think’.  THAT is the feeling you must achieve.  Your abilities are so good no one can possible compare.  If anyone wants to come try it, well ‘lets go…’.  You are going to survive anything life throws at you, this pathetic male in front of you?  He doesn’t stand a chance.

I dont give a fuck what you think