Funny little read over at jewpedia

I rarely look at wikipedia, it is insanely biased and I have railed against this shitty site before.  It downplays basically anything conservative and extols the virtues of leftist things, even outright lies as I had last post about lying about communist exterminations.

I came across this though where:

“1997 published a study of this myth regarding the United States, concluding that, although Jews do hold many prominent positions in the U.S. media industry, they “do not make a high priority of Jewish concerns” and that Jewish Americans generally perceive the media as anti-Israel.”

So basically ‘even though there are tons of them in it, dont worry its not like they CARE about jewish things or anything.  Besides most of them think they aren’t even pro Israel anyway!’

This is almost as bad as the utterly shitty ‘rationale wiki’ which is straight leftist indoc.

Anyway here is a good site that is much better.  ->

The more you know!

Some Okcupid ‘privilege’ in action

So got some more lolz for you guys at the expense of the depravity we find ourselves in.  First lets go with that my fake guy profile got banned because I bitched at the girl coming later in this post.


I have talked before about shadow banning and soft banning and how the lastest thing they do is they don’t let you know you have been banned.  They simply don’t let you log on (technical difficulties…. my girl logged on right after. I even tried different browsers) or you will get on but your comments wont post etc.  THIS APPLIES TO EVERY MAJOR (((YKW))) site.

Anyway, so here is the girl in question, obviously fake bitch I reported a few times but of course girls>>>guys.  I remember some years ago all ‘girls’ got some paid features for free guys had to shell money out for.


This used up bitch tried to cliam this was ‘her’.  A easy reverse image shows hundreds of results for the pic.  I pointed this out ‘oh that is actually me’.  Needless to say, my guy got taken down in the crossfire:


Here is her profile, again click for better view.


The * symbol is a note because certain things in her profile sound fake – ie scammer.  I had run into profiles before where they word things strange.  Plus no girl is going to have an age range that high.  Girls want someone a few years either way, guys want 18-22 all else being equal.

My suspicion is that this is likely a girl (guys make short fake ones, no need to get elaborate) and may look loosely like her and is ‘seeing whats out there’.  Anyway, even though its prob fake there is a chance it is not, and is UTTERLY TYPICAL of the entitlement most find.

Hillary does NOT get indicted

Just right now the FBI has decided to suicide it’s reputation to save Killary.  The guy goes off on a 10 minute rant about how she had tons of email chains that were sharing top secret emails with other people.  How she even had other emails that she did not turn over etc etc.  He essentially lays out for 10 minutes WHY should she be going down.

Then he reverses to say how she never intended to hurt the USA, how no prosecutor would take the case against her etc etc.  His conclusion?  NO INDICTMENT

I had some hope for this country, but to see the corruption at the highest levels to cover for some of the most corrupt people ever is disgusting.  Especially that FBI is probably trolling alt right sites endlessly, ready to serve us up with some child porn charges at end second yet let her slide.

White man’s lost world

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly trying to figure life out.  I realize how distant and strange a world white males have found themselves in.  I grew up being somewhat of a race apologist like the schools taught me, how big bad white men did this, and how evil columbus was, the poor blacks and so on.

It has taken a LOT for me to wake up, and I was already heavily disposed to thinking outside the box.  I see nothing but lost faces in males around me.  It is very important to harden your heart and know your allies will be very few and far between.  The brainwashing is so completely through that you have no other option than to take in code and manipulate people in similar thoughts.  “Maybe this might be racist or something, but I really wonder if there is more to the story when that poor (BLACK-OF-THE-MONTH) got shot by the police/ minorities took our jobs / etc”

I read the special forces manual once and the biggest thing out of it was the #1 rule was DO NOT GET KILLED AND RETREAT WHEN NECESSARY. Here these super alpahs guys and the first rule was run away to live.  It makes sense of course.  Same in life you can shout from the rooftops about minorities, jews etc but if it gets you outcast it gets you nowhere.  In your heart you WILL be isolated anyway, but you must remember you are in a warzone and the population has been complete brainwashed around you.  ACT APPROPRIATELY.