No Nut November pros and cons


So I have been permabanned off of (((reddit)) nofap board (a board I had commented on occasional for years):

I got banned within 5 minutes of my post, what was it?  It was in a topic about the porn industry trying to shut down various anti-pron sites, and my comment was simply ‘are we still not supposed to mention that jews control most of porn?’

Boom.  Perma banned.

I also recently got banned off another ‘woke’ site the misc board in an anti-porn thread for saying something along the lines of ‘glad people are waking up to this (((problem))).’

Oy vey!




‘No nut november’ is rolling right along and the only people who seem to be angry over the whole thing and radical leftists and the ever-present porn industry.  The fact the (((porn industry))) so willingly gives something away that is very addictive for free tells you all you really need to know about it. -> Que various ‘porn is good for you!’ type arguments or various ‘heres why porn makes you more prone to cuckolding and why thats a good thing!’

I have posted a few times about porn :

which are some good reads.

So what IS my stance on porn, ‘nofap’, sex, abstinence etc?  The answer is a little nuanced but here it goes:

I think the ‘nofap’ movement itself is misguided, and mostly shitty.  It is part cult and part masochistic.  Their #1 evil is jacking off and their #1 virtue is fucking a girl.  That last part is the problem.  You end up banging a hog, or lusting after women.  The real path is to try for abstinence and to GET OVER WOMEN.

As an aside, I used to be a big MGTOW and left about 1-2 years before the movement largely died, but for how much it was about avoiding women, there sure was a lot of talk ABOUT women, and I bet a lot of guys whacking off to girls they hated so much.  This is like nofap.  They deny themselves sexual release (which is fine) only to have it be released by a very capricious 3rd party known as women.

The major problem is there is very little convincing evidence (and my own experiments confirm this) that whacking off, OR HAVING ‘REAL’ sex is much different.  You get the same dopamine dump, prolactin etc.  Obv having a girl is better because presumably you bond with her, but from your point of view it was a waste either way.

‘Noporn’ is ok with whacking and sex, I think this is a good middle of the road for most guys, assuming you arent going crazy.  It likely isnt ideal, but far better than porn addict.

Abstinence, if you can pull it off, it likely the best bet.  Being an addict, it is incredibly hard to escape, I think sex is just too much of a cocktail to truly escape given the ease we can engage in it in our world.

The main thing that should give anyone pause is how bad the porn industry is freaking out about people not using porn.  There were a serious of xhamster posts (a porn company) joyfully bragging about how many people had ‘fallen’ in the NNN challenge.  Then you constantly see articles saying how porn is good for you, it saves marriage, helps defeat nazis, its racist/antisemite if you dislike porn and so on.  All delusional, but shows how far we have fallen.


Oh vey, (((porn))) AMA accidentally turns ‘anti-Semitic’

On reddit where people were talking about porn, someone complains about how all the videos are incest videos and without mentioning jews at all, some spokesperson for mindgeek comes in and talks about how even questioning this is ‘anti-semitic’.  Of course she (?) gave away the whole game with the slip of the tongue.

The research came to me by way of 8chan, and this link

Some key things to know before we go further:

Mindgeek is a jewish company that was founded in isreal, previously called something like ‘mansef’, this company owns nearly ALL the porn sites online.  Think about that for a moment, the major porn sites – and they are all jewish owned out of originally Israel.

These sites supposedly show you videos based on your history, but many many people use vpns, ip blockers etc and the ‘normal’ webpages are blasted with huge amounts of incest and race mixed porn.

^The point here of course is to unnaturally push this onto the people with the free soma they give out to the populace.

What is funny is if you go to the actually reddit link, she edited her post and drops the reference to YKW but the good folks already had screenshots of it.

The more you (((notice)))…

Trump will win 2020 – that’s not a win for the alt-right

Trump is going to win 2020, and this is a bad thing for alt right people.  I was one of the first people I know who was on the Trump band wagon pre 2016 election, I liked him when he first was calling mexicans rapists and his odds were still 1000 to 1 however I have since lost the will to stay on it when I saw what a good goy Trump truly was.

I first became aware of Trump loyalties before the 2016 election when he made a huge speech at AIPAC and I knew the game might have been up.  I do not need to summarize his (((connections))) such as jew son in law and his daughter converting to the religion.

My main thrust of the argument comes from that Trump has fulfilled Israel’s mission as a predictable goy completely, he has done nothing to slow or thwart the (((influence))) over our gov.

Anyway here is where it gets important: YKW favor the democrats very heavily. This is not to say the repubs and the dems are different, at the root they both serve the same masters: pro israel, pro endless middle east conflict, pro mil industrial complex, both against white males, so on.  The democrats as easier because they are mostly identity voters, get more POCs in and they will reliably vote dem.

The problem is as of recent some of these women have started acting out, calling out Israel -which is a very big no no.  So, the puppet masters are worried that some true fringe leftist might actually win simply based on the huge democrat party.  This hyper left hate the jews fairly often, which is bad.  So what do they do when their own party becomes a danger?  Sabotage it.

This is where (((Howard Schultz))) – starbucks CEO comes in.  He has floated the idea of running as a democrat-leaning independent.  The ENTIRE reason would be to play spoiler for any non-goy leftist who happens to win the primary.  Trump is controllable, some future leftist might not be.

Patrick Little – An anti-ZOG candidate for California

Only recently made aware of this guy, and its going to be a source of some good keks.

Patrick Little is a candidate for the USA senate race in California, running as a republican, and openly against the jews.  As a result he has zero percent chance of truly winning, but it is illustrative for a few reasons.

Many of the (((alt-right leaders))) are mysteriously silent about him.  I have talked before here and here about how the supposed leaders are pretty much everything the alt right stands against.  Such as anglin being a pretty obvivous honeypot or at the very least a race mixer, then people like gavin mcinnes who is a gay, or milo who is a gay jew.  Real alt-righty…

Regardless, Mr Little has some serious cog dissonance he is bringing to the public: he apparently was a Marine, really needs to play that angle.

Wants to finish off slavery reparations -using israel aid money

wants to try terraforming mars

wants to reduce jew politician and judge count to their population levels (aka about 1-2%)

Again, I dont know much about him, maybe he is a plant himself, but he is leading the republican party, and if he wins goes against (((feinstein))) which could be a pretty legit source of keks.


Avoid plastics as nearly all of them leech estrogen

One thing to be aware of is your own health is ALWAYS in your own hands because in America corporations only care about your money, not your health.  This is why you see things like high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, and transfats in nearly 90% of food despite all of them being demonstrable hazardous to your health.

Plastics are touted as a wonder material, and ‘healthy’ ones will be labeled “BPA Free” because they do not contain a specific molecule.  However, I was recently made aware of the fact that (perhaps unsuprisingly) the plastic lobby hides that a vast majority of plastics leech materials that can be even worse as far as endocrine disruptions go.  These can be estrogen, cancer-causing or anything else.

I have talked about this before with women having bigger breasts when they are mere teens, and guys who are more and more effeminate.

Here is a good but long read about how the plastic industry stamps out anyone talking about how dangerous they are:

As an aside I wonder if the elites know this, or have special food etc that does not possess this, or are they going to go down with us?  Trump and jared both look soft and weak so perhaps they had too much HFC and estrogen themselves.


I live what was once a majority white, heavily conservative city, and just in my short life things have changed, this was really pushed home when I was at wal-mart on a side of town.  Really they should have called it ‘mexa-mart’ because EVERY sign was in spanish as well as english.  EGG/HUEVORS or how ever the fuck its spelled.  EVERY thing from bathrooms, to the sales signs, to the products which were mexican versions.

THIS IS (OR WAS) A WHITE CITY. Of course while there 90% of the people are mexicans of all colors, fat, ugly, tattooed, rapists…some I assume are good people.

Anyone who knows me knows I have long considered joining the military but after this brief stroll through mexamart, I was like ‘holy shit, what the fuck would I be fighting for?’

Part of the reason I got burned out on fire fighting was saving stupidity (but they were almost always white), but this would take it to a whole new level.


Making your own fake news – CNBC style

Here’s a good one you likely didn’t catch: CNBC gets caught at the airport with fake bomb equipment and a film crew…things that make you go hmm

I am not a fan of the ‘everything is staged’ conspiracies (9-11, sandy hook etc) as it seems a lot easy to just have some assassins or whoever act out and get real results, but this kind of story reeks of pre-planning.

WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY TRYING TO DO?  Of course you won’t hear anything about this, even though it should be huge news.