77 months straight of job growth…who they fooling?

Latest news is that the economy has grown for SEVENTY SEVEN MONTHS STRAIGHT.


Of course this is based on the highly fact /doctored jobs number that is always 5% growth…which reminds me loosely at 5% there is a doubling less than every 20 iterations, so let’s just say 20, and with 77 thats loosely 4 complete doublings.

So, from 5 years ago, the economy doubled…doubled again, doubled again, and hell one more time.

So…somehow the economy has grown SIXTEEN TIMES the size it was when obama mk2 got on the scene.  I worked a lot driving around the country doing various drilling, and let me tell you, I saw devastation EVERYWHERE.  Entire small towns are closed up.

Dos anyone even think the economy has doubled?  There is no fucking way.  Twice the trains, twice the powerplants, twice the goods being produced, twice the profits going around?

Just thinking about this while I write reminds myself how utterly disconnected we are from reality.  Time to follow the EK retirement plan:  The Triple B




Giving ‘cute’ girls breaks is our genes but also part of the problem

There is something called the halo effect which essentially when someone is more attractive we tend to view them as smarter and more capable, this applies esp to women.



Very likely this came from our genes were we wanted the most physical fit mate we could.  The problem is in modern day where women’s sexual power is out of control it is routinely used to get lighter jails sentences, get off completely and so on.  Here is a random story of one girl raping another but ‘it was just innocent teenage fun’

Heres something to read: https://www.law.umich.edu/newsandinfo/features/Pages/starr_gender_disparities.aspx

“After controlling for the arrest offense, criminal history, and other prior characteristics, “men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do,” and “[w]omen are…twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.” This gender gap is about six times as large as the racial disparity ”


Read that shit again and understand this: After controlling for the arrest offense, criminal history, and other prior characteristics, “men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do,” and “[w]omen are…twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.” This gender gap is about six times as large as the racial disparity.

‘Oh she is just so cute she must be innocent!’  Thats why jodi arias types can hack up the husband and nothing happens.  Same with that domestic violence is actually 50% against men.


Heres one last story of an entitled little slut who traveled the world and trafficked drugs.  I hope she gets executed, but short of that some jail time.

A small story of how young women aren’t marry-able nor datable anymore

Between smart phones and social media and femenism/slut/gurl power there isn’t much left of modern young women in their shattered ADD dopamine addicted minds.  Even super PUAs like Roosh (regardless what you think of him) has recently had an about-face regarding that hooking up with women was ultimately pointless and that being a ‘clown’ for them got tiring.

Here is a short story of a recent encounter;  I wrote my motorcycle to this small cliff jumping local swim hole, mostly guys around.  I jump a few times and see two cute girls roll in. I go over to talk (I really dont give a fuck anymore) and they seem friendly.  Of course before this they are both posing with their smart phones for the perfect shot of how ‘adventurous’ they are.

They seem interested at first in me, I’m in good shape, plus got bad boy biker appeal.  But there are a lot of guys around, one slowly drifts away to go talk to them.  I ask the other if they are alone or with friends ‘oh its just the two of us, no friends’ (this was an out I gave her to see if she’d admit bf etc) Other friend moves in on this tattooed loser who is smoking. Literally the typical trash girls always fall for.  For the record this girls are both 20, tan and decent, the average guy would give them about an 8 probably.

I leave the other one and just watch a bit.  Like clockwork guys start to swarm the girls (what it’d be like to be a hot girl for a day…) they hold each other phone to video the super adventurous jump and show the world just how brave (and cute while doing it~) they are.

I watch a bit more, then a new group rolls in, they yell at the girls, they yell back.  “Frank where were you?”  “Oh around.”

They know each other.  They are friends.  Funny, because they told me they didn’t have any friends here leaving it up for something if they felt like it.

I laughed and left while they were taking some more selfies.

I don’t feel bad about this encounter at all because its pretty typical,I just feel sad that AWALT and the likelyhood of finding a decent non-internet addicted girl is close to zero.

Why Nofap is bullshit

First, as a disclaimer I think ‘fap’/fapping is a utterly stupid term, I am using it simply because that is the conventional internet word for it.  That being said, in case you don’t know what this is, it is a forced celibacy of refraining from sex – mostly from porn.

I have an interest in sex from a scientific point of view that is surprisingly lacking in the world, so have dove into this pretty hard with research and self-experimenting.

It has different levels of just no porn, or no sex at all etc.  The real mode is no touching/orgasm/porn at all.  It is claimed that after about 90 days you become human again, no more ED, you can talk to girls, you can get laid etc etc.

Now, here is where it gets tricky, because I definitely think that mass porn use can mess up your brain as well as imprint new fetishes (which makes me think being gay is much more of a choice than liberalism wants us to think) but there is a logical fallacy going on here, see if you can find it regarding the cures you susposedly get for your given up the habit.

This is a form of giving up control – and giving it straight to girls.  This is the darkest truth I have realized about this movement, (I don’t want to come off as pro-porn, but the alternative I think is worse) is that YOUR SEXUAL AND MENTAL RELEASE NOW COMES FROM A RANDOM JACKPOT OF A WOMAN.

You can read on reddit endless points of ‘finally got laid, IM CURED’ or ‘girl bumped into me, she knows how much man I am.’  This is blue pill noobery 101, where the girl is the sole arbitrator of reward and validation.  ‘You are not a loser jason, after all suzy touched you dick!’

This is hidden of course in all the talk of curing erectile dysfunction, ‘lower voice’, more muscles etc etc, but by and large the over-riding goal of having sex with a girl.  It is total anti-MGTOW style of that your loserness is only cured when you have blown a load into some whore you were desperate enough to convince.

I am harping on this a bit, but it is critical to understand how dangerous this underpinning of the goal is.  This is literally a clone of shaming that the highschool nerd would suddenly be acceptable if he had a girlfriend.  That the fapper is now such a man because he has got his little dick wet.

It is disgusting.  With modern girls endlessly capricious, slutty, diseased, ego whoring, flaky, and out right manipulative; signing up for a kibble of attention from them is the height of stupidity.

Heh…and I haven’t even got into the science behind abstinence, which unfortunately very sparse, there is the ‘famous’ china study of a 7 day temporary testosterone boost that goes away (small sample size also); and one that studied for a few weeks but had a lot of problems too.  THAT IS IT.  It is not conclusive one way or the other, that is a fact.

What is not debateable though is when as a man you give women the key to your validation you are in for a world of hurt.

Old school red pill pt 2.

I am just about done with Nietzche’s “Beyond Good and Evil” which the major thrust is that conventional morality is enslaving and a way to keep superior males down and as a form of power control.  He has a section near the end where he talks about women, and I found it pretty interesting given the prescience of it, and how true it has become.  This is in contrast to say the oscar’s or whatever it was yesterday where I had passed a tv with it on and some femcunt was saying ‘its time we finally have wage equality for women!’ which got the typical herd cheers.


‘Woman wishes to be independent, and therefore she begins to enlighten men about “woman as she is”—THIS is one of the worst developments of the general UGLIFYING of Europe. For what must these clumsy attempts of feminine scientificality and self-exposure bring to light! Woman has so much cause for shame; in woman there is so much pedantry, superficiality, schoolmasterliness, petty presumption, unbridledness, and indiscretion concealed—study only woman’s behaviour towards children!—which has really been best restrained and dominated hitherto by the FEAR of man.

… Enlightenment hitherto has fortunately been men’s affair, men’s gift—we remained therewith “among ourselves”; and in the end, in view of all that women write about “woman,” we may well have considerable doubt as to whether woman really DESIRES enlightenment about herself—and CAN desire it. If woman does not thereby seek a new ORNAMENT for herself—I believe ornamentation belongs to the eternally feminine?—why, then, she wishes to make herself feared: perhaps she thereby wishes to get the mastery. But she does not want truth—what does woman care for truth? From the very first, nothing is more foreign, more repugnant, or more hostile to woman than truth—her great art is falsehood, her chief concern is appearance and beauty. ‘

‘ To be mistaken in the fundamental problem of “man and woman,” to deny here the profoundest antagonism and the necessity for an eternally hostile tension, to dream here perhaps of equal rights, equal training, equal claims and obligations: that is a TYPICAL sign of shallow-mindedness; and a thinker who has proved himself shallow at this dangerous spot—shallow in instinct!—may generally be regarded as suspicious, nay more, as betrayed, as discovered; he will probably prove too “short” for all fundamental questions of life, future as well as present, and will be unable to descend into ANY of the depths. ‘

(The depths he refers to here is having sufficient moral bravery of sorts to be able to throw off the shackles of conventional morality, esp. into what might be called ‘evil’)

‘The weaker sex has in no previous age been treated with so much respect by men as at present—this belongs to the tendency and fundamental taste of democracy, in the same way as disrespectfulness to old age—what wonder is it that abuse should be immediately made of this respect? They want more, they learn to make claims, the tribute of respect is at last felt to be well-nigh galling; rivalry for rights, indeed actual strife itself, would be preferred: in a word, woman is losing modesty. And let us immediately add that she is also losing taste.

She is unlearning to FEAR man: but the woman who “unlearns to fear” sacrifices her most womanly instincts. That woman should venture forward when the fear-inspiring quality in man—or more definitely, the MAN in man—is no longer either desired or fully developed, is reasonable enough and also intelligible enough; what is more difficult to understand is that precisely thereby—woman deteriorates. This is what is happening nowadays: let us not deceive ourselves about it! Wherever the industrial spirit has triumphed over the military and aristocratic spirit, woman strives for the economic and legal independence of a clerk: “woman as clerkess” is inscribed on the portal of the modern society which is in course of formation. While she thus appropriates new rights, aspires to be “master,” and inscribes “progress” of woman on her flags and banners, the very opposite realises itself with terrible obviousness: WOMAN RETROGRADES.’

Pretty interesting hearing someone rage about the proto-femenism 100+ years before it became the culture-killing, empire-ending blight it has turned into now.

The White Knight Deception

Loyalty.  A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviserate white knights.

Men have valued loyalty (with it: honor, duty, shared sacrafice) as traits that help the

wk want to show how ‘loyal’ they are to girl, expecting reward, and only get used, its based on prior loyalty to men

Loyalty. A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviscerate white knights. Let me fully qualify that I once held a lot of these beliefs and can talk definitively.

Men have valued loyalty (with it: honor, duty, shared sacrifice) as traits that help the tribe live. If you are going into battle and your fellow man tells you he will be there, it is better for you if he actually shows up. With it, things like cowardice are punishable traits between men. Why should you spend or share resources with a man who does not have your back, not contributing to survival?

For a long time these were still used by society, in that a man’s loyalty and duty – to a woman in marriage now – was rewarded by a faithful wife who stayed married to him and gave him kids. The deal was essentially this: the guy can get the girl while she is hot, young, fertile, and he keeps her now, but also supports her when she is older and uglier.   THAT was the deal, it of course relied on males loyalty, because he could promise anything, then dump her fat carcass, but it rarely happened – both because of male’s loyalty, and society looked down on it, as ‘not loyal’ ‘not a real man’ etc.

Now, fast forward to New World Disorder, where down is up and you have to ask a girl if you can kiss her otherwise get hit with ‘rape’. The dutiful, unquestioning nature of the white knight male was always prone to be taken advantage of, but it was a societal contract that both sides upheld, now however generally only the women got the memo the contract was null. Their traits which were once useful, and got the hot young girl who he carries into old age, now only gets the post-wall female.

Among the issues, is because white knights assume females to be the virginal quality the contract once promised, it is beyond their ability to comprehend that girls are deprave. That they have absolutely zero qualms about hoping between relationships, cheating, or nearly anything that would enrage guys, if it was a guy to guy event. I myself never really believed girls were like this, that they would cheat, that they wanted the dick at extreme levels, that they wanted to be choked either by hand or by cock, that girls when turned on would solicit anal sex, that wifes would suck random guys dicks…of course I found it all to be true, both by others experience and especially my own.

The first stage is the continuation of the ‘feminine mystique’ of how mysterious they are, how virginal they are etc, its played up huge, and not the reality at all.   Next is playing up the dutiful aspect. This is perhaps the most disgusting part of it, where the loyalty the WK once had to his former-hot wife, the loyalty is used against him, in that a ‘real man’ would support this single mom. Or a ‘real man’ would give this cock-pounded 35 year old with her MBA a chance at love because she has outgrown her past.

You see it all the time, the supposed heroism of those brave single moms, with the implicit assumption of the loser sperm donor male nowhere to be found – and the purposeful denial of questioning what exactly was that women doing with a guy like that. That every girl is young and –don’t call her dumb- …experimenting…and what real male could blame her for wanting to be pounded in her ass and mouth at the same time, she was just drunk and in college, all her friends were doing it too.

The male is the only one capable of forgiveness, and his loyalty is coopted. The girl telling him how sorry she is evokes past memories of males once looking for forgiveness, and rarely was it ever a deception, as a fraud would simply be killed or be run out of the tribe. There is no feedback loop now, she they girls falls on his mercy, and he accepts her, after all she would ‘never do it again’.

The irony we will leave on, is that maybe she never really does it again, but he still got a fat 30+ year old that others enjoyed hotter, tighter and for free; but more than likely, she will just cheat or leave, after all women with a college degree initiate divorce over 90% of the time.

Don't be coopted by a distorted female narrative

Don’t be coopted by a distorted female narrative

Religion/Christianity as a supposed counter to cultural Marxism

I rail on liberalism a lot, with their endless faggot love and femcunt worship, but understand I am under no delusion the absolute damaging nature of organized religion. Organized Religion is so bad, and fundamentally against our natures, I might be so bold as to say if you were to remove Christianity from existence the faggot-love and feminism would disappear shortly after. Of course the whole ‘nonprofit’ Industrial complex first created by the churches was clung onto by increasing hyper-liberal institutions that are bleeding this country dry.

The first thing to absolve yourself of is the illusion – perpetuated by both unknowing republicans, ultimately cultural Marxists – is that Christianity is some sort of bastion against the tide of degeneracy. Its not. One need only look at their actions to see the church as one of the largest perpetrators of sodomization. If we discount those ‘few bad apples’ (imagine the endless media time some ‘hate group’ would get if its leader was found doing the exact same thing those poor priests are) we are still left with the fact it is a slave religion that does not encourage thinking.

Slave traits like humility, turn the other cheek, not desiring anything, etc are encouraged as virtues, while things like strength are demonized. Does a religion that promotes weakness really have what it takes to stop liberal degeneracy? Further it literally promotes the cessation of critical thought, making it wrong to ‘question god’. So we are left with a combination of weakness and not questioning, how the hell can you even begin to stop or defend against anything when you are the antithesis of an iconoclast?

Churches have now become big business buoyed by what they claim to hate: government largess, of which if their non-profit status was revoked many would crash within a year. However, you have this massive mega churches that are in the business dumbing down and converting as many as they can to their infection.

Religion is just another institution that is a massive parasite on our rapidly dying country. It is a useless paradigm not unlike feminism, or anything else that is victim-based, crying about how much they get mistreated by raking in cash hand over fist. Like feminism discouraging critical thought and being entirely emotion based, religion is no different, when confronted by facts the mind shuts down and goes into a defensive mode of ‘self evidence’ which is often simply self-referential and circular.

So no, I not only think people are wrong who think religion is somehow going to save us from the decline, I am firmly convinced it is a major source of our problems, slave-victims in name only.