San Franciso shooting and others

Get ready boys, just when you thought gun prices were coming down due to trump being in.

Also, in case you didn’t hear a major shooting in dc.

The interesting narrative here is the ‘heros of the dc police’ and how we need more cops.  I think this was so they could arm up the cops even more, given the society falling apart around them.

Really, they HAVE to know this shit is going down and people will take their hate out on them.  So, get the praetorian guard up for our gilded leaders.


Things the Left does right

The Left does a lot of things right, and it is in our interest to learn from this, all too quick we dismiss them as shitlibs, faggots, trannys etc.  The so called Alt-right is embracing some of these, but see how the old right was soundly defeated on every one of these points.

I was a hard core leftist through most of my youth, protestor, walkouts, all that.  I suppose it appealed to my innate need for conflict and my ‘nurtured’ leftist beliefs due to the Marxist indoctrination I threw off.

Rhetoric, or style trumps substance

In this day and age, appearance, emotion, all of it are superior to actual product.  It is better to look right to ‘seem’ right, then to be right.  In a argument or debate, actual facts do not matter, it is infinitely better to make up ‘37% of people would rather die than hold a gun’ then have a real one, or esp. get into a argument about your sources.  They style themselves as the ‘tolerant ones’.

Wildly intolerant

This is a key one, and something the alt-right has generally going for it.  Despite the ‘big house’ of the democrat party, or the tolerant liberals etc, just try running your mouth about you don’t think we should have unisex bathrooms or that gays shouldn’t marry.  Have a core set of ideas, and anything contrary is run out.  PERIOD.  That why the altright is going good so far – its a fairly coherent message blaming minorities, jews, etc and whites need a nation of their own.

Let militant arms run wild

This is where both old and new right are SEVERELY lacking.  The key is to have groups under your ‘tent’ that are violent – let them act out, and justify why it was ok and only slightly excessive.  The left has radical environmentalists (I was once one) the gay lobby and black lives matter as their big three.  They act out wildly and then when they get caught its ‘well the blacks DO have is bad *sob*’.  We are way, way behind the curve on this one.  The tea partiers, dont tread on me, KKK etc are routinely demonized and not even subtly encouraged; as of now only key board jockies.

Demonize enemy/ propaganda

The left is wonderful at this, and right is flailing but catching up through memes.  You have one mission: white are bad, males are bad, this society is shit and all your problems are because of it – repeat this everywhere and anywhere.  This triggers the suicidal tendencies of white males to casterate themselves for women, women to go mud sharking, and the general tendency to believe white males are bumbling idiots.

Zero dissidence / group think

Again, an irony they think they are open minded but cleverly they are not.  Anyone who does not tow the line 100% is immediately outted.  ‘Can you believe frank doesn’t like gays?  What a racist!  We need to get him fired!’  Largely, Trumps success has been this tactic not working.  It is funny watching the media plow this strategy into him OVER AND OVER and it doesnt work.  Yeah I am a racist, I don’t like gays etc.  If they dont have actual power over you, the groupthink becomes worthless.  The right needs to engage in more shaming ‘can you believe bill is ok with faggots?  maybe we better not listen to him anymore’

These are off the top of my head, might have more later.

Press on?

I have taken a break from blogging for a while, generally because I was frustrated with the lack of feedback that anything was changing. I write heart-felt articles, and it is lost in the maelstrom of shit from jizzbel, mainstream media, and general feminist propaganda at all sides. I still read a lot of my friend’s stuff, like who keeps up the fight, or and this guilt was nagging at me. Here were guys keeping up the fight, and I was bowing out.

I felt like I was a soldier who spent his time in the trenches, ‘did my part’ and normally could ‘retire’ happily, but I saw my brothers not packing up…they were still out there. And I felt guilty. Could I sit back as the cultural marxism crushes everything? As the distraction of feminism rapes all that is good? Could I sit back knowing I could save even one male from marriage, heart-break, or indentured slavery?

I guess I also stopped because I thought the stupidity had perhaps bottomed out, but of course it hasn’t. Apparently no where close. We have things like ‘gamersgate’ where some fat bitch slept here way through game reviewers for good reviews (which seriously, does any real gamer take ‘professional reviewers’ seriously at all?) or some femcunt annita sarkenshin or something who fakes her own stalkers, then profits off the victimization?

I don’t know if I am heading back into the trenches, but seeing the fight continue…can I rest knowing I didn’t fight harder against cultural marxism as it eviscerates our country?

Even ‘smart’ people are subject to propaganda – often more so

I just got back from an old friends college graduation party, what was notable was my friend was substantially ‘smarter’ now, and could argue intelligently, but was still completely deluded in regards to propaganda we are fed, despite arguing coherently, he still believed things like the wage gap, and proceeded to lie himself into believing it was men’s fault.

First, I just recently read something (if anyone knows the source) but essentially the argument was that some study about so-called ‘smarter’ people actually fall for propaganda more deeply, I think this was in regards to feminism in modern day but the study was based on racist beliefs, but essentially that when propaganda was hoisted on the populace, ‘everyone’ would agree with the lies like ‘all man are potential rapists’ but in reality only the educated people BELIEVED it, whereas the uneducated had hard stereotypes they fell back on, regardless of what was professed.

I had never considered this specific angle but makes sense, if you are from the south, it doesn’t matter how much progressive ideology you are fed about races, you are still going to hate blacks, hate muslims, whatever. This is not important to the argument other than that they do NOT listen to the propaganda (whatever it may be) whereas the intellectuals WILL, because its ‘logical’ ‘smart’ ‘right’ etc. It ultimately comes back to ego, they are so progressive of course everyone KNOWS men rape etc. Ironic, because if they critically examined the past they would see how fast ‘obvious’ conclusions change.

Anyway to my friend, we went to highschool together, and he was a bit younger, and on the slow graduation path, back then he was not smart. I hadn’t seen him in like 3 years easy, he’s fatter now, but I was impressed with his ability to argue coherently. This was not a guy who was intelligent, rather he was made fun of for being dumb.

Now, as many of my readers may know, I graduated with a bachelors in environmental science, and despite the hard science training I had, I have not found a job in science (which I am totally skeptical of STEM short of about the xxEx until engineering gets overrun as well) anyway, I come down VERY hard on so-called intellectuals. I find it appropriate to delineate between true hard ‘scientists’ (biology, chemistry, math, physics, ecology etc) and everything else. That means I view psychology as a dangerous pseudo-science that has endowed a large portion of females with ‘oracles’ powers us mere mortals can’t comprehend. I do not consider philosophy, religion etc a REAL major, and this is the source of the disparaged intellectuals I slam. These are the pathetic humans that make the way into middle management or HR and fuck everyone else’s life because their own is a ruin they can’t comprehend.

My friend graduated in computer science, I would say that is a hard science, based on real facts, repeatable, etc. So far so good. We start talking about stuff and he start referencing google scholar, and ‘sources’, partly I like that instead of pure anecdotal evidence, (but I do not discount anecdotal at all) but the whole ‘source’ thing is very…hipster and intellectual. He mentioned something about the wage gap, and I was thinking ‘should I say something…or just let this go?’

But I was hear to spread the truth, and this was a situation it might find ground to grow.

‘The wage gap is a lie’ –Me

(Any new readers – start with this link [ ] from a MAINSTREAM media, actually telling the heretical fact that young women make MORE than men. 5000$ for a 30k job, pretty fucking insane)

‘Not so! If you look at x y and z source women do indeed make less than men.’ –him

‘If you control for all factors that may be true, but it is deceptive – men work more and at higher paying jobs’ – me

‘that’s because women are told they aren’t good at math. According to study z women do worse when they think it’s a math test compared to a regular test’ – him

(quick aside, if you know anything about MBTI personality theory, hard defaulting to external authority is a J trait, most man-o-sphere writers are hard P, they question established doctrine)

‘It’s problematic man, we compare someone working more, at a higher paying job, and complain about the unfairness in the ‘wage gap’ ‘ – me

He proceeded to launch into…something stunning. He made the argument that we CONDITION girls to accept ‘subservient ‘ jobs like teachers because they aren’t ‘good’ at math. He was making the argument that sexism was so pervasive, that we were conditioning our poor girls to be 2nd class citizens, regulated to being a humble kindergarten teacher.

‘I got some serious problems with your argument man, you are acting like school teachers are powerless, I am going to counter that teachers have insane power. It is men who are the victims of sexism here, they are reared by women their entire school lives, told how bad they are as boys and those females teachers aren’t spouting anti-female rhetoric that’s for sure’ –Me

‘Oh, but they are, because teachers see the studies, they know other women can’t be good at math, so they subconsciously edge girls away from jobs that would earn them more.’ –Him

The conversation ended when someone else came up, but I was stunned that there was this self-flogging by a male FOR women. I have clearly seen this type of behavior before as nearly every pathetic ‘man’ who tries to woo women with his apologetic groveling, but to see it so indoctrinated, so researched, so…non-truth, non-reality being taken as reality, and some irreality being substituted in for what was ‘wrong’ with the situation.

It is a bit hard to describe the effect this had on me, because again, the self flogging is nothing new, but this was a whole new level. Its like if someone came up to me and painted this vast picture of history and science about how all men are actually gay…its like wtf!? How is this the conclusion!?

My point here is not to attack or flame my friend, I am simply stunned at the effectiveness of intellectualism in destroying actual intellect. It doesn’t matter that even a cursory search shows the wage gap is a lie, or how about the heretical (but true) reality that my generation (sub 30) actually fares WORSE as males then our female counterparts? We live at home far higher, unemployed far higher, and make less. Where the fuck is THAT dialogue? Oh, its not convenient, women are the only victims I forgot.

It is reasons like this I cannot ever believe main stream politics, as they sure as shit know the wage gap is a lie, but both parties shovel it out like some serious social crisis as if people were getting murdered in the streets it is so bad. Hey but that’s the whole point, if we fight for things that aren’t real, then real things go un-fought.

Criticism of Capitalism / Right Wing Economics pt1

Criticism of Capitalism / Right Wing Economics pt1

What is interesting is within the strong core of red-pill knowledge, it breaks down into a lot of sub camps, but among the biggest are also proponents of right-wing ideologies namely ‘Capitalism’ – I am very critical of this, and the post might rub some wrong, but at least try to keep an open mind.

What got me inspired for this post, was I am almost done reading ‘Enjoy the decline’ which is a book written by ‘Captain Capitalism’ and while I find his social commentary good, his economic ‘genius’ is the same that plagues all republican thinking, and quite frankly I am glad I did not actually waste my money on this book as it rehashes the same ‘its all obamas fault’ as if I was watching fox news. This post is not about this book, because its just foxnews drivel repacked in some libertarian/ann rand wet dream fantasy.

The major problem, is the lies capitalism lures the populace in with, with siren-like words that we are often too indoctrinated to resist. Let us list some of the major capitalism tenets:

1: The rich are the ‘job creators’

2: The rich are there because they are smarter/more capable/ had a better idea than the rest of us

3: If you aren’t rich, its because you weren’t smart/capable/inventive enough

4: If you work hard, you too will eventually be a millionaire

5: The government is evil, and does nothing good except perhaps defense

6: The ‘Private Sector’ can do anything the government can do, better, cheaper, and more ‘free’

7: Capitalism is the only ‘free’ system, where the best rise to the top

8:There is nothing wrong with capitalism, and anyone criticizing it is likely a Liberal/Commy

9: (Unspoken but critical) Money/Wealth is real

Economics is a joke major, it was the major at college the athletes took because they were too dumb to take anything else, like the concepts of supply/demand are really that complicated. Do they understand real world concepts like buying out the competition to suppress actual competitors, do they understand legal challenges to remove startups from the running, do they understand the lobbyist/subsidy revolving door plague? If they processed even one of those they would have some real tough questions about if capitalism is so good. I took advanced economics, and it was talking about things like ‘inelastic demand’ for gasoline, as if its something really hard to grasp, WHEN CAPITLISM ECONOMICS IS NOOB AS FUCK.

Essentially, the problem with these people, is that they see Obama, they see our economic crisis, and they put his ‘socialist policies’ as the reason, as if the entire slowdown that has been happening since 2000 never really happened. Now, I hate Obama, I think he is a total fucking sham, and that he is nothing more than a puppet for higher powers like multi-national corporations (hey capitalists, how does that fit in? Where do they teach political buy offs?) People entirely fail to connect that our entire world is simply running out of resources, and if this statement does not compute you really need to read outside the box, because this shit is real.

Look up things like how many off-shore rigs Saudi Arabia has had to build to keep production up, look up how we are doubling shale oil rigs, but production is only holding steady, look up the Oglala aquifer about to collapse within 20 years…it is things like this, not because ‘obama is a socialist’. Obama is a pathetic, hate-able shyster, and he is doing tremendous damage to our country, but if you think Romney was going to be able different you are severely delusional, if you think ANY POLITICIAN WHO CAN GET ELECTED is not completely controlled you are dead, dead wrong.

This is what pisses me off about a lot of libertarians, right-wing econ people etc, they don’t realize the dream they are stuck in, they truly think it is obamas fault, and once some fat fuck like chris Christy or ‘freedom loving’ rand paul get in there suddenly everything will be back to normal. The game is over, capitalism is a flawed system that ends in monopolies and trans-national corporations that subsume governments to keep the profits flowing.

Like in this book, he has all these nice graphs about ‘social parasites’ taking their unemployment, medicare etc, yes, that is a government expenditure, but how about we look at corporate subsidies (whats that? You don’t even know that term?) which VASTLY outweighs the ‘handouts’ to the parasites. Look this shit up for yourself! Or how about the top 20 corporations that don’t pay taxes, which can help fund BILLIONS that the gov is not getting. How do capitalists justify this? Is it rationale? (I have had that argued to me, btw) maybe its rationale, but it should be illegal as fuck. You pay your millions in taxes, otherwise you get booted out of our country, you can keep your off-shore headquarters (which all of them do) and you do not get access to our markets.

Capitlism is based on the severely flawed idea that capital/money is ‘something’ instead of just a lubricate for social exchanges, that this ‘wealth’ can then be manipulated. It is kind of like if you have 10 men who can do 10 hours of labor a day, that by pulling some accounting tricks, that suddenly those 10 men actually produce 150 hrs of labor instead of the real 100. We have so much unfunded and over-leverage ‘wealth’ that there is more in the world that ACTUALLY EXISTS in the world. Think about how irrational this is.

Its late, and I will expand these points in a future post, but essentially capitalism is this lie the sheeple on the bottom (yes that’s all of us) are fed that we too will one day be a millionaire instead of the dynastic reality and nepotism you will never successfully navigate. Oh, but let’s blame puppet-obama, its so much easier than actually thinking.


Borderline Personality Disorder girls

Borderline Personality Disorder in a girl is by far one of the most often problems a man will run into that will ruin his mental state, and if he recovers leads a large amount of them to ‘take the pill’ and realize the harsh truth of sexual dynamics.  I am going to make a claim that will make a lot of feminists angry, but the simply reality is BPD is nothing more than an exaggeration of modern female traits.

Now I do NOT mean to make light of a girl in your life with this, she will fuck you up emotionally SO bad, I went through this myself.  I consider myself emotionally strong, but I was fucked up for about 6 months straight because of this dumb whore.  Let’s get to it.

In case you don’t know what BPD is, it is a mental ‘disorder’ (I am highly skeptical of mental disorders in general, but thats for another time) characterized by the following:


Lack of affect

problems with interpersonal relationships

problems with self image

fears of abandonment

intense anger or irritability

idealization and devaluation of others

self harm/suicidal ideas are common

Fittingly, a lot of feminists argue AGAINST the definition of BPD…hmm, maybe the qualifications hit a little too close to home?

Of these, the biggest ones are the lack of affect, and the idealization/devaluation.  Evey BPD is slightly different, but they follow a pretty typical pattern.  BPD girls tend to be hotter than your average girl (which I freely grant may be selection bias, because the uglier bpd girls are not going to affect a guy as much as he wont get attached).  BPD relationships move very erratically, the girl may be secretive for a while, only to be telling you about how she was ‘raped’ when she was younger etc.  (Much like sluts, BPD girls have a very high incidence of ‘rape’ in their youth)  The BPD tends to be very ‘on’ at first, meaning this girl that seemingly loves you and everything you do.  She wants to have sex all the time, or at least is much faster to sex than other girls etc.

Now here is the problem, at first BPD relationships are insanely awesome, there is this hot girl that IDEALIZES everything you do, and compared to most girls this is a breath of fresh air.  ‘Finally, someone gets me!’ you think when you are not drugged into pleasant stupor by the constant sex they engage in.  There are always a few red flags, like the strange childhood drama, or things like that.  From my own experience and others, they tell you things at really weird times.  Like you will be having sex when she tells you ‘I used to cut myself’.  The one I was involved with, we were slamming it out when she stops ‘does it bother you that I like girls as much as guys?’

Intermittent reinforcement relationships is the key to what these girls do.  IR is something on how humans become addicted, think of a slot machine, SOMETIMES you win.  If you always lost you would move on.  BPD girls are natural masters of IR, because it will be awesome ‘oh my god, you are the greatest person ever, I dont deserve you’ about how special you are etc.  Wow, this is great man, this hot ass girl thinks I am so good.  Especially once it gets sexual, the untrained human mind is not ready for the multitude of assaults it is under.  How can you possibly think rationally when your ego is being stroked, and you dick is being stroked and sucked by a trained master?

Then…the darkness slowly starts.  It will be a cold day.  She won’t be friendly, something will be ‘wrong’.  Maybe a mild lash out at first depending on how ‘deep’ her hooks are in you.  ‘Fuck this bitch, she is out of here’ you might think in moments of clarity, but then she is all lovey-dovey and sorry and sexual and you forget.

They are MASTER manipulators.  Do not underestimate this.  When this girl is crying to you ‘I’m so bad to you, you deserve someone better, I am so glad you are helping me’ followed by undressing your pants with practiced speeds.

Writing this dregs up some memories I had locked away.  The pain and manipulation they are capable of can mess you up so bad.  I was strong, but I can admit I was rocked, and was continued to be rocked and was saved simply by circumstance.  I was ready to sacrifice myself for this slut, that realization chills me to this day – thats how strong their manipulation is.

There is a message board called bpdfamily which I used to go to for a while, the stories there will chill your spine.  There are bpd women out there that routinely cuckold guys, leave marriages of many years, live secret lives, endlessly abuse then sex the males in their life.  The sad thing is, it took me about 6-9 months of serious emotional pain, but I would go back to that board every few months for about a year to drop encouragement about guys to leave their BPD girls, and the same guys were still on there bemoaning ‘should I leave? does she love me?’ etc.

Being on the other side I wanted to shake and slap these guys ‘wake the fuck up!  I was there, I know your pain!  Run away from that girl as fast as you fucking can!’ but…when you are addicted to intermittent reinforcement relationships there is little you can do barring huge willpower.

In case you are here ‘looking for answers’ because man, thats all you do when you are under their spell, you ‘look for answers’ ‘does she love me?’ ‘why did she do that?’ etc.  There is not going to be a line you suddenly read that its like ‘well fuck I guess I better leave!’ just know there were men that went through this before you, and EVERY SINGLE ONE says it is better on the other side once you finally get away from this girl.  Get the fuck out of their soldier!

The irony, is when you have battled such a ‘high level’ girl like this, the tactics regular girls use are so obvious, the general score is so much easier to see.  After all, those traits are only exaggerated forms of what modern girl has come to represent.


Victim mentalities and methodoligies

Despite all rational thought to the contrary, victim mentalities have taken over our world.  Groups of people use various victim tactics to gain support, weakening the lead race (typically white european-ancestry males) and thereby eventually become hidden centers of power.  Most insidiously, anyone who questions the dominate paradigm is labeled with various epithets that the group-think horde judges and marginalizes.

The difference between ‘mentality’ and ‘methodology’ is that the first is a learned response, an individual response, and a result of cultural learning.  Methodology is a purposeful group-think story that is foisted onto the culture at large.

Women and to a lesser extent blacks are easy groups to point to that use victim methodologies, but there are other groups out there, you know who they are.  These groups out there convince culture – and white males by proxy- a narrative that goes something like this: “oh, poor us, we never had a fair shot, we have always been victimized, we just want things to be equal’.  What is notably is this narrative fits for all victim-groups out there, their complaints (unfounded I might add) are all similar and fit the same standard operation procedure.

What is notably about victim methodologies is twofold, one is that is prevents criticism of the group, and second is alleviates them of personal responsibility thrusting it elsewhere.  It is someone else’s fault (read: white males).  It is white males fault my ancestors were enslaved and I am still a victim.  It is white males fault the patriarchy is keeping me down etc etc.

Another comment is that if your race/culture is one engaging in methodologies, that does not mean that individuals will have the personal victim mentality.  For example blacks have a very coherent racial methodology of victimhood, but this does not extend to the individual level nearly the same intensity it does for women.  So remember that even if individuals of a group do not throw victim-hood in your face, it does not mean the entire group engages in radical victimization to achieve their ends.

Want to know an example?  How about the jewish people and the ‘holocaust’ which is endlessly paraded in front of us as some sort of atrocity to end all atrocities.  How come regardless of the number that supposedly died, THAT ALONE is the major humanitarian disaster everyone knows from the war?  Maybe because history is written by the victors, and our atrocities like the russian bolshivik revolution (with easily over 10 million+ dead), the bombing of dresden (over 100,000 dead in one bombing) the Katyn Massacre where the Russian MURDERED polish soldiers (they were ‘allies’ in case you didnt know) and blamed it on the nazis, or US bombing japan civilian centers for over 200,000 deaths in one fell swoop?  Do any of these matter?  Or because the victim methodology has successfully reprogrammed our minds, where only what the enemy did mattered?

This rise of victim-hood is in direct synchronicity of the rise of Slave Mentality, which is based on Nietzche’s idea.  I will talk at length of the Master vs Slave mentality at length soon, but know they are related.

As a society and a people, we have accepted this as a standard way people act, and the worst part, is we condone and placate to them.  Do not do this, it only encourages the decline of our civilization.