Signs she is a slut

My readers know I don’t talk about game/girls too much anymore, mainly because I feel like I am outgrowing it.  I will have a long post soon here about why I am exiting MGTOW as I feel like its a loser mentality/circle jerk but I wanted to make my own list here because women will wreck aspiring men faster than anything.

Sluts seem attractive for their easy pickings but in general it is a black hole because we get obsessed with slaying them, and many of them are very high level manipulators and will destroy the average guy.

I put this out there mainly as a ‘stay away’ list, and yes AWALT, the few that display slut tells but seem like nice guy, my rationale/’gut’ tells me they are a slut but the lizard brain just wants to fuck and pretend they are a nice girl.  Sluts fall in two categories: the ones that pump and dump you (much rarer, but much higher counts) and the ones that convince you they are GF material and you usually end up going crazy because she has BPD/Narc tendencies.


Ear Bars – This is by far the biggest ‘subtle’ slut tell of them all.  I have NEVER met a girl with a bar in her ear that wasn’t, it goes with the general idea that she likes pain and regular life isn’t ‘stimulating’ enough for here.

Tattoos– This one is obvious but bears repeating, in a world where women likely have more tattoos than guys (what an inversion of ancient warrior culture) it is easy to overlook this, but this is for real.  Here is a girl I was talking to and I convinced myself she was a good girl – shed liked horses, had ‘bright eyes’ (so I thought from one pic), supposedly low count.  Perfect right?


She claims she has 16 tattoos, my rational side of course is saying ‘eject’ at every moment.  I don’t talk to her anymore, she started playing games and betrayed WHAT I KNEW to be true but didn’t want to listen.  Further she is from europe in the us for a bit, another danger sign.  Dodged a bullet with this.  THIS is the type of girl that destroys guys, they date/marry her and suddenly find her camwhoring to tyrone at 1am.

Slut face / unbright eyes – This is a subtle one and you have to train yourself to see it.  People who live righteous lives and are healthy have ‘bright’ eyes.  This is high level shit right here, I have wrote about this before how the SAME person going through purifying motions gets clean eyes (war, starvation etc)

With modern women its the opposite, there eyes get dull and dead.  They lose the literal ‘sparkle’ in their eyes, this sounds like bullshit but just read that link.

Here is the same girl, I saw the top pic first, which makes it look like she has bright eyes, but its mostly a camera thing (under eyebrows are also lit up unlike 2nd pic), the 2nd is more reflective of her real face.  Notice she has that ‘sultry’ look in her eyes that just radiate sexual vibes?


Does that 2nd face look like someone that is going to self sacrifice to save ‘YOUR’ kid with her, or does it look like someone who is wondering how much she can take you for?  That look practically says she’s looking for cock and money.

Dyed Hair – Usually something deprave about her mind.  Exceptions if it is close to her real color, but fake colors, or black to blonde is a MAJOR sign.

EVER brings up sex – Guys, we are wired to talk or think about sex.  I understand girls talk about it quite a bit, but NEVER to guys.  If a girl brings it up, slut for sure.  Easy way to test this is make double entendres and they always fall for them.  Was talking to a girl and she mentioned something about rope, I said ‘do I need to be worried about getting tied up and put in a dungeon?’ (it is so ridiculous that they feel ‘free’ to express themselves), instead of a ‘lol no’ it was something about whips and chains and here being in control.  SLUT

Boots – This is a rare one, either they are full blown slut, or are hard to fuck but major attention whore – avoid in either case.

Short shirts – Believe it or not, not usually a slut tell so much as an attention whore.  This is classic ‘bait’ girls will use.  In my experience, I have never had a girl with a low shirt that I ended up having sex with.  Later I had a few wear tight shirts and ‘breaking up’ or whatever likely to get some new guys validating them but no real chance at sex.

Arm hair – Sign of testosterone and sometimes fatness.  But if a girl isn’t fat and got visible arm hair she is taking vitamin d from someone.


There you go, battle tested.  Up to you if you want to use these for ‘evil’ but be warned, I have good self control and many times I suddenly find myself attached to a girl I never should have.  Much better to refrain.


A small story of how young women aren’t marry-able nor datable anymore

Between smart phones and social media and femenism/slut/gurl power there isn’t much left of modern young women in their shattered ADD dopamine addicted minds.  Even super PUAs like Roosh (regardless what you think of him) has recently had an about-face regarding that hooking up with women was ultimately pointless and that being a ‘clown’ for them got tiring.

Here is a short story of a recent encounter;  I wrote my motorcycle to this small cliff jumping local swim hole, mostly guys around.  I jump a few times and see two cute girls roll in. I go over to talk (I really dont give a fuck anymore) and they seem friendly.  Of course before this they are both posing with their smart phones for the perfect shot of how ‘adventurous’ they are.

They seem interested at first in me, I’m in good shape, plus got bad boy biker appeal.  But there are a lot of guys around, one slowly drifts away to go talk to them.  I ask the other if they are alone or with friends ‘oh its just the two of us, no friends’ (this was an out I gave her to see if she’d admit bf etc) Other friend moves in on this tattooed loser who is smoking. Literally the typical trash girls always fall for.  For the record this girls are both 20, tan and decent, the average guy would give them about an 8 probably.

I leave the other one and just watch a bit.  Like clockwork guys start to swarm the girls (what it’d be like to be a hot girl for a day…) they hold each other phone to video the super adventurous jump and show the world just how brave (and cute while doing it~) they are.

I watch a bit more, then a new group rolls in, they yell at the girls, they yell back.  “Frank where were you?”  “Oh around.”

They know each other.  They are friends.  Funny, because they told me they didn’t have any friends here leaving it up for something if they felt like it.

I laughed and left while they were taking some more selfies.

I don’t feel bad about this encounter at all because its pretty typical,I just feel sad that AWALT and the likelyhood of finding a decent non-internet addicted girl is close to zero.

Press on?

I have taken a break from blogging for a while, generally because I was frustrated with the lack of feedback that anything was changing. I write heart-felt articles, and it is lost in the maelstrom of shit from jizzbel, mainstream media, and general feminist propaganda at all sides. I still read a lot of my friend’s stuff, like who keeps up the fight, or and this guilt was nagging at me. Here were guys keeping up the fight, and I was bowing out.

I felt like I was a soldier who spent his time in the trenches, ‘did my part’ and normally could ‘retire’ happily, but I saw my brothers not packing up…they were still out there. And I felt guilty. Could I sit back as the cultural marxism crushes everything? As the distraction of feminism rapes all that is good? Could I sit back knowing I could save even one male from marriage, heart-break, or indentured slavery?

I guess I also stopped because I thought the stupidity had perhaps bottomed out, but of course it hasn’t. Apparently no where close. We have things like ‘gamersgate’ where some fat bitch slept here way through game reviewers for good reviews (which seriously, does any real gamer take ‘professional reviewers’ seriously at all?) or some femcunt annita sarkenshin or something who fakes her own stalkers, then profits off the victimization?

I don’t know if I am heading back into the trenches, but seeing the fight continue…can I rest knowing I didn’t fight harder against cultural marxism as it eviscerates our country?

Age – the harsh mistress of females

Something that perhaps is obvious to a lot of post-pill men is the realty and effect of age, where as pre-pill men dont really have a clue, the reality is that women have a very narrow range of age of them being attractive, and that is a simply fact – and that beyond appearance girls do not have much more to offer badass guys.

The pre-pill knowledge is basically a loose generality that younger girls are hotter, but that there is no hard ‘wall’ and that there are such things as hot 40 year olds, that you should date ‘in your age range’ etc.  I remember being of this mentality, that dating a girl 2 years younger than me was ‘creepy’, that every hot young girl turns into a hot milf etc…

I am in my late 20s, and a majority of girls my age are disgusting as fuck, these are girls I knew who were very hot even 5 years ago, but mostly 10 years ago.  It is a very strong correlation to having over-inflated value, that they can lose their most important aspect and still be desired, at least loosely.  Blame feminism.

But they were hot and got tons of attention when young, and ASSUME THAT IS A CONSTANT LIFE CONDITION.  This is sad, pathetic, and unavoidable.  Then when guys look at girls younger than them, the shaming of ‘creep’ etc gets thrown around.  That because every high school guy wanted to pound her ass that that ass with 100 extra pounds on it is still desirable.  Wrong.

I have okcupid pulled up on another tab, its sad looking at the 20 vs the 30 year olds.  The 20s are total attention whore sluts, and thats the way it is, pound them out for thats about their only value, they are literally meaningless as they have been showered with attention their whole life they never developed a real personality.

One of the most grateful things I learned post-pill was that it was OK TO LIVE FOR MYSELF, I didnt need a girl, I didnt need to be married etc, the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement was a slap across my neophyte face.  With this, I realized that girls meant so much less to me, very rarely did they provide the intellectually stimulation a guy could, rarely did they want to do anything adventurous (despite most claiming they are), very rarely were they worth the drama and headache just for sex.

The painful irony – and pay attention all you stupid bitches who write how I’m misogynist – that I see ugly girls with pictures of them with their dogs, or feeding deer, and those pictures are cute and show a feminine side (feminine does NOT equal feminist) and these girls like have a personality but their appearance puts everyone off.

Its really fucking sad actually, I see a 32 year old girl feeding a deer, not hot, but not ugly, and a bit bigger, I bet she is actually a pretty nice girl, maybe cool to hang with…but I have no interest in her, I will never be sexual attracted to her, and girls are more drama than guys just for social events.  And as much as I might want to go feed some deer, and might actually enjoy my time the complications of potential relationships (which i wouldnt want) make it worthless to pursue.  I see a girl hugging her dog, which is +points in my book but she is over 30 which is a deal breaker, that is a hard reality I have been forced to accept.

To my younger readers, slam and date girls your age as much as you can, because they get worse very fast.  They were generally stay bitches their whole life, but at least they are hot when younger.

The nice ones tend to never be hot, and the only real option you have, is to bag her when she is young enough that you can make her nice, or at least minimize her corruption.

Oh yeah, and girls 10 years younger than me?  No problem here!

Ha, I am being a bit facetious, but not much, I would certainly have sex with them (I have one going right now whos like 9-10 younger than me) but the own harsh reality we face as men, is if a girl IS going to get a personality (not all do) it developed later, ofter as her body is tanking.  Girls are often hottest at 19-21, but there is no way I would seriously consider a girl at 21 to be any short of intellectual or life equal.  Especially at that age they are ‘cock-sure’ and think they know everything in life because they got a bacherlors in child psychology and took a semester in africa.

Even ‘smart’ people are subject to propaganda – often more so

I just got back from an old friends college graduation party, what was notable was my friend was substantially ‘smarter’ now, and could argue intelligently, but was still completely deluded in regards to propaganda we are fed, despite arguing coherently, he still believed things like the wage gap, and proceeded to lie himself into believing it was men’s fault.

First, I just recently read something (if anyone knows the source) but essentially the argument was that some study about so-called ‘smarter’ people actually fall for propaganda more deeply, I think this was in regards to feminism in modern day but the study was based on racist beliefs, but essentially that when propaganda was hoisted on the populace, ‘everyone’ would agree with the lies like ‘all man are potential rapists’ but in reality only the educated people BELIEVED it, whereas the uneducated had hard stereotypes they fell back on, regardless of what was professed.

I had never considered this specific angle but makes sense, if you are from the south, it doesn’t matter how much progressive ideology you are fed about races, you are still going to hate blacks, hate muslims, whatever. This is not important to the argument other than that they do NOT listen to the propaganda (whatever it may be) whereas the intellectuals WILL, because its ‘logical’ ‘smart’ ‘right’ etc. It ultimately comes back to ego, they are so progressive of course everyone KNOWS men rape etc. Ironic, because if they critically examined the past they would see how fast ‘obvious’ conclusions change.

Anyway to my friend, we went to highschool together, and he was a bit younger, and on the slow graduation path, back then he was not smart. I hadn’t seen him in like 3 years easy, he’s fatter now, but I was impressed with his ability to argue coherently. This was not a guy who was intelligent, rather he was made fun of for being dumb.

Now, as many of my readers may know, I graduated with a bachelors in environmental science, and despite the hard science training I had, I have not found a job in science (which I am totally skeptical of STEM short of about the xxEx until engineering gets overrun as well) anyway, I come down VERY hard on so-called intellectuals. I find it appropriate to delineate between true hard ‘scientists’ (biology, chemistry, math, physics, ecology etc) and everything else. That means I view psychology as a dangerous pseudo-science that has endowed a large portion of females with ‘oracles’ powers us mere mortals can’t comprehend. I do not consider philosophy, religion etc a REAL major, and this is the source of the disparaged intellectuals I slam. These are the pathetic humans that make the way into middle management or HR and fuck everyone else’s life because their own is a ruin they can’t comprehend.

My friend graduated in computer science, I would say that is a hard science, based on real facts, repeatable, etc. So far so good. We start talking about stuff and he start referencing google scholar, and ‘sources’, partly I like that instead of pure anecdotal evidence, (but I do not discount anecdotal at all) but the whole ‘source’ thing is very…hipster and intellectual. He mentioned something about the wage gap, and I was thinking ‘should I say something…or just let this go?’

But I was hear to spread the truth, and this was a situation it might find ground to grow.

‘The wage gap is a lie’ –Me

(Any new readers – start with this link [ ] from a MAINSTREAM media, actually telling the heretical fact that young women make MORE than men. 5000$ for a 30k job, pretty fucking insane)

‘Not so! If you look at x y and z source women do indeed make less than men.’ –him

‘If you control for all factors that may be true, but it is deceptive – men work more and at higher paying jobs’ – me

‘that’s because women are told they aren’t good at math. According to study z women do worse when they think it’s a math test compared to a regular test’ – him

(quick aside, if you know anything about MBTI personality theory, hard defaulting to external authority is a J trait, most man-o-sphere writers are hard P, they question established doctrine)

‘It’s problematic man, we compare someone working more, at a higher paying job, and complain about the unfairness in the ‘wage gap’ ‘ – me

He proceeded to launch into…something stunning. He made the argument that we CONDITION girls to accept ‘subservient ‘ jobs like teachers because they aren’t ‘good’ at math. He was making the argument that sexism was so pervasive, that we were conditioning our poor girls to be 2nd class citizens, regulated to being a humble kindergarten teacher.

‘I got some serious problems with your argument man, you are acting like school teachers are powerless, I am going to counter that teachers have insane power. It is men who are the victims of sexism here, they are reared by women their entire school lives, told how bad they are as boys and those females teachers aren’t spouting anti-female rhetoric that’s for sure’ –Me

‘Oh, but they are, because teachers see the studies, they know other women can’t be good at math, so they subconsciously edge girls away from jobs that would earn them more.’ –Him

The conversation ended when someone else came up, but I was stunned that there was this self-flogging by a male FOR women. I have clearly seen this type of behavior before as nearly every pathetic ‘man’ who tries to woo women with his apologetic groveling, but to see it so indoctrinated, so researched, so…non-truth, non-reality being taken as reality, and some irreality being substituted in for what was ‘wrong’ with the situation.

It is a bit hard to describe the effect this had on me, because again, the self flogging is nothing new, but this was a whole new level. Its like if someone came up to me and painted this vast picture of history and science about how all men are actually gay…its like wtf!? How is this the conclusion!?

My point here is not to attack or flame my friend, I am simply stunned at the effectiveness of intellectualism in destroying actual intellect. It doesn’t matter that even a cursory search shows the wage gap is a lie, or how about the heretical (but true) reality that my generation (sub 30) actually fares WORSE as males then our female counterparts? We live at home far higher, unemployed far higher, and make less. Where the fuck is THAT dialogue? Oh, its not convenient, women are the only victims I forgot.

It is reasons like this I cannot ever believe main stream politics, as they sure as shit know the wage gap is a lie, but both parties shovel it out like some serious social crisis as if people were getting murdered in the streets it is so bad. Hey but that’s the whole point, if we fight for things that aren’t real, then real things go un-fought.

Why I am going my own way.

I am not sure what to call this, this is going to be a personal post, and a steam of consciousness.  I am going to explain why I have essentially given up on women, and while that fact is true, I am not a faggot, not gay, in fact I am living a far more content life that I generally have before.

If you are a girl, understand this, (if you will excuse my moment of vanity to help express my point):  I am nearly a perfect, badass guy, the type of guy you wish you had, and you know what?  I have completely given up on your kind.  I am more badass in every way than you will ever be, and your boyfriend or current guy you are ruining is.  I will outrun him, I will outshoot him, I will out fight him, and my intellect will run circles around whatever passes for acceptable intelligence these days.  I am 100% loyal until betrayed or abandoned, kind, and courteous.  And you know what, if those last qualities sound like bitch qualities blame feminism for destroying what civility remained in our fucked up world.

I cry when my dogs died, and I will cry when my current dogs die.  If you think this ‘thug’ guy you are so wet over, or any male is attempting to emulate because he is some ‘hard badass’ let me tell you he is a sham.  One punch to his throat and he will be on the ground in tears begging to stop.  This guy who was oh so cool because he didnt have emotion is now nothing but a joke rolling around on the ground because he had no depth to his front.  This guy who will cry when he sees a wounded deer crawling away from being hit by a car is the same man that will utterly stomp that faggot boyfriend you are putting out to.  And if we brawled, after he is down, and you come running up to me the victor, I would slap you for your traitorous nature.  I don’t need your shit in my life.  You give me nothing.

No, I am not a faggot, and I do not have trouble with women.  After my heart was originally stomped out and I was forced to reconcile my experiences, I tried the whole ‘game’ thing, and within 2 short months I had been with 5 different girls.  Not insane, but a good indication to me that it worked considering I had been a complete virgin only 6 months prior.  At that rate if I bothered I could put down 30 a year, over 100 in four.  But you know what?  It was shallow.  Pointless.  I felt empty.

What was the point?  If I wanted sexual release that bad, I could do it myself far faster, less chance of disease and not deal with this fake pretense.  I had been shown the pointlessness of women’s existence in my life.  The sole thing they could give me that I was not getting from dogs or my friends was sex.  An orgasm was an orgasm, and I did not have to deal with their shit before or after.

Males are far more loyal.  If you are a girl, I actually pity you for in this regard you can never understand loyalty as males can.  Most males are fuck ups, I grant that freely.  But a real bond between males is far deeper than any sacred slut pact between two women.

Women have made war with males.  Well feminism has, and because how widespread it is, de facto most women.  How is a male NOT to feel hate when women are getting jobs they are less qualified for simply by merit of their sex?  Somehow they are less equal than us that they need an advantage, but that we are punished for mentioning the very idea that sexes might not be equal.  How are we NOT to feel angry at the hypocrisy that the hot girl at work shakes her tits around and gets promoted but then tells us its wrong to look at girls for their appearance?  That we shouldnt judge them based on their looks, yet have no problem leveraging looks into whatever goal their shortsighted egos have landed on.

I dont hate women, I really dont.  If you read this and laugh, it shows how deeply ingrained feminism is in your mind.  I find actual women very attractive like my biology has evolved me to.  A women who is gentle, kind, soft spoken, can cook or sew, gives a fuck about me instead of how she can further herself is awesome.  But nearly legendary in this world.

So congrats women, you have successful made a male no longer interested in dating (what a joke that word represents now).  A male who knows everything from fixing a car, to a computer, I can field strip a gun, can sharpen a knife, I can argue Shakespeare or Nietzsche, discuss the merits of history or modern politics, very well educated in all the main branches of science, can offer theories on esoteric physics concepts, utterly stomp out faggot thugs, and perhaps lastly…love.

Congratulations women, this Renaissance man who is more than capable of gaming your slutty ass to put out for me, does not want you.  A male who epitomized both everything stated and subconscious in women to be the ideal hypergamous mate is no longer interested in you.  That does not mean I am giving up, it does not mean I am turning gay, it means the lie I was fed that I have to have a woman has been exposed to me for being the farce it is.

If real women come back I will be the first one there cheering them, and if there ever is a girl out there worth anything more than a pounding I am not even bothering to give her I will still be on the search for her; but I do not need ‘someone to complete me’.  I am content, focused, and driven.

Simply, that as I go through life, I do not need a woman by my side.


Borderline Personality Disorder girls

Borderline Personality Disorder in a girl is by far one of the most often problems a man will run into that will ruin his mental state, and if he recovers leads a large amount of them to ‘take the pill’ and realize the harsh truth of sexual dynamics.  I am going to make a claim that will make a lot of feminists angry, but the simply reality is BPD is nothing more than an exaggeration of modern female traits.

Now I do NOT mean to make light of a girl in your life with this, she will fuck you up emotionally SO bad, I went through this myself.  I consider myself emotionally strong, but I was fucked up for about 6 months straight because of this dumb whore.  Let’s get to it.

In case you don’t know what BPD is, it is a mental ‘disorder’ (I am highly skeptical of mental disorders in general, but thats for another time) characterized by the following:


Lack of affect

problems with interpersonal relationships

problems with self image

fears of abandonment

intense anger or irritability

idealization and devaluation of others

self harm/suicidal ideas are common

Fittingly, a lot of feminists argue AGAINST the definition of BPD…hmm, maybe the qualifications hit a little too close to home?

Of these, the biggest ones are the lack of affect, and the idealization/devaluation.  Evey BPD is slightly different, but they follow a pretty typical pattern.  BPD girls tend to be hotter than your average girl (which I freely grant may be selection bias, because the uglier bpd girls are not going to affect a guy as much as he wont get attached).  BPD relationships move very erratically, the girl may be secretive for a while, only to be telling you about how she was ‘raped’ when she was younger etc.  (Much like sluts, BPD girls have a very high incidence of ‘rape’ in their youth)  The BPD tends to be very ‘on’ at first, meaning this girl that seemingly loves you and everything you do.  She wants to have sex all the time, or at least is much faster to sex than other girls etc.

Now here is the problem, at first BPD relationships are insanely awesome, there is this hot girl that IDEALIZES everything you do, and compared to most girls this is a breath of fresh air.  ‘Finally, someone gets me!’ you think when you are not drugged into pleasant stupor by the constant sex they engage in.  There are always a few red flags, like the strange childhood drama, or things like that.  From my own experience and others, they tell you things at really weird times.  Like you will be having sex when she tells you ‘I used to cut myself’.  The one I was involved with, we were slamming it out when she stops ‘does it bother you that I like girls as much as guys?’

Intermittent reinforcement relationships is the key to what these girls do.  IR is something on how humans become addicted, think of a slot machine, SOMETIMES you win.  If you always lost you would move on.  BPD girls are natural masters of IR, because it will be awesome ‘oh my god, you are the greatest person ever, I dont deserve you’ about how special you are etc.  Wow, this is great man, this hot ass girl thinks I am so good.  Especially once it gets sexual, the untrained human mind is not ready for the multitude of assaults it is under.  How can you possibly think rationally when your ego is being stroked, and you dick is being stroked and sucked by a trained master?

Then…the darkness slowly starts.  It will be a cold day.  She won’t be friendly, something will be ‘wrong’.  Maybe a mild lash out at first depending on how ‘deep’ her hooks are in you.  ‘Fuck this bitch, she is out of here’ you might think in moments of clarity, but then she is all lovey-dovey and sorry and sexual and you forget.

They are MASTER manipulators.  Do not underestimate this.  When this girl is crying to you ‘I’m so bad to you, you deserve someone better, I am so glad you are helping me’ followed by undressing your pants with practiced speeds.

Writing this dregs up some memories I had locked away.  The pain and manipulation they are capable of can mess you up so bad.  I was strong, but I can admit I was rocked, and was continued to be rocked and was saved simply by circumstance.  I was ready to sacrifice myself for this slut, that realization chills me to this day – thats how strong their manipulation is.

There is a message board called bpdfamily which I used to go to for a while, the stories there will chill your spine.  There are bpd women out there that routinely cuckold guys, leave marriages of many years, live secret lives, endlessly abuse then sex the males in their life.  The sad thing is, it took me about 6-9 months of serious emotional pain, but I would go back to that board every few months for about a year to drop encouragement about guys to leave their BPD girls, and the same guys were still on there bemoaning ‘should I leave? does she love me?’ etc.

Being on the other side I wanted to shake and slap these guys ‘wake the fuck up!  I was there, I know your pain!  Run away from that girl as fast as you fucking can!’ but…when you are addicted to intermittent reinforcement relationships there is little you can do barring huge willpower.

In case you are here ‘looking for answers’ because man, thats all you do when you are under their spell, you ‘look for answers’ ‘does she love me?’ ‘why did she do that?’ etc.  There is not going to be a line you suddenly read that its like ‘well fuck I guess I better leave!’ just know there were men that went through this before you, and EVERY SINGLE ONE says it is better on the other side once you finally get away from this girl.  Get the fuck out of their soldier!

The irony, is when you have battled such a ‘high level’ girl like this, the tactics regular girls use are so obvious, the general score is so much easier to see.  After all, those traits are only exaggerated forms of what modern girl has come to represent.