Syria false flag – WW3 potentially kicking off

A mark of intelligence is discerning patterns before they are hoisted upon you by the powers above.  I had been talking with a few friends about how there was a lot of rumbling about a false flag occurring in Syria to keep us there, and a reason to essentially go into a bigger war footing.

One of the smallest things that really alerted me was this:

Yes, its shitty reddit, but the post was entirely random, about a bunch of soldiers who said promotions were handed out like crazy. But some of the comments really paint a vivid picture: essentially entire career fields were promoted with zero requirements, meaning a ‘top heavy’ force that would be perfect for a new influx of fresh meat.

One of the other comments was a national guard or reserve guy mentioning his summer training was preemptively canceled, guessing that there was something in the works.

Something in the works is right.  Remember why we got into Syria the first time?  Evil chemical weapons.  Remember a few months ago a very, very small story about no chemical weapons actually used?  Kind of like iraq.  Meanwhile the meme rolls on.

With Trump getting the likes of Bolton in there among others, the die had been long cast.  It is going to be on, I suspect by midsummer things will be very heated.  I only hope it doesnt turn nuclear.

Heres a random gratuitous nazi girl for you, because that timeline would likely have been much better than this shitty one that might be ending soon.


Signs she is a slut

My readers know I don’t talk about game/girls too much anymore, mainly because I feel like I am outgrowing it.  I will have a long post soon here about why I am exiting MGTOW as I feel like its a loser mentality/circle jerk but I wanted to make my own list here because women will wreck aspiring men faster than anything.

Sluts seem attractive for their easy pickings but in general it is a black hole because we get obsessed with slaying them, and many of them are very high level manipulators and will destroy the average guy.

I put this out there mainly as a ‘stay away’ list, and yes AWALT, the few that display slut tells but seem like nice guy, my rationale/’gut’ tells me they are a slut but the lizard brain just wants to fuck and pretend they are a nice girl.  Sluts fall in two categories: the ones that pump and dump you (much rarer, but much higher counts) and the ones that convince you they are GF material and you usually end up going crazy because she has BPD/Narc tendencies.


Ear Bars – This is by far the biggest ‘subtle’ slut tell of them all.  I have NEVER met a girl with a bar in her ear that wasn’t, it goes with the general idea that she likes pain and regular life isn’t ‘stimulating’ enough for here.

Tattoos– This one is obvious but bears repeating, in a world where women likely have more tattoos than guys (what an inversion of ancient warrior culture) it is easy to overlook this, but this is for real.  Here is a girl I was talking to and I convinced myself she was a good girl – shed liked horses, had ‘bright eyes’ (so I thought from one pic), supposedly low count.  Perfect right?


She claims she has 16 tattoos, my rational side of course is saying ‘eject’ at every moment.  I don’t talk to her anymore, she started playing games and betrayed WHAT I KNEW to be true but didn’t want to listen.  Further she is from europe in the us for a bit, another danger sign.  Dodged a bullet with this.  THIS is the type of girl that destroys guys, they date/marry her and suddenly find her camwhoring to tyrone at 1am.

Slut face / unbright eyes – This is a subtle one and you have to train yourself to see it.  People who live righteous lives and are healthy have ‘bright’ eyes.  This is high level shit right here, I have wrote about this before how the SAME person going through purifying motions gets clean eyes (war, starvation etc)

With modern women its the opposite, there eyes get dull and dead.  They lose the literal ‘sparkle’ in their eyes, this sounds like bullshit but just read that link.

Here is the same girl, I saw the top pic first, which makes it look like she has bright eyes, but its mostly a camera thing (under eyebrows are also lit up unlike 2nd pic), the 2nd is more reflective of her real face.  Notice she has that ‘sultry’ look in her eyes that just radiate sexual vibes?


Does that 2nd face look like someone that is going to self sacrifice to save ‘YOUR’ kid with her, or does it look like someone who is wondering how much she can take you for?  That look practically says she’s looking for cock and money.

Dyed Hair – Usually something deprave about her mind.  Exceptions if it is close to her real color, but fake colors, or black to blonde is a MAJOR sign.

EVER brings up sex – Guys, we are wired to talk or think about sex.  I understand girls talk about it quite a bit, but NEVER to guys.  If a girl brings it up, slut for sure.  Easy way to test this is make double entendres and they always fall for them.  Was talking to a girl and she mentioned something about rope, I said ‘do I need to be worried about getting tied up and put in a dungeon?’ (it is so ridiculous that they feel ‘free’ to express themselves), instead of a ‘lol no’ it was something about whips and chains and here being in control.  SLUT

Boots – This is a rare one, either they are full blown slut, or are hard to fuck but major attention whore – avoid in either case.

Short shirts – Believe it or not, not usually a slut tell so much as an attention whore.  This is classic ‘bait’ girls will use.  In my experience, I have never had a girl with a low shirt that I ended up having sex with.  Later I had a few wear tight shirts and ‘breaking up’ or whatever likely to get some new guys validating them but no real chance at sex.

Arm hair – Sign of testosterone and sometimes fatness.  But if a girl isn’t fat and got visible arm hair she is taking vitamin d from someone.


There you go, battle tested.  Up to you if you want to use these for ‘evil’ but be warned, I have good self control and many times I suddenly find myself attached to a girl I never should have.  Much better to refrain.

What’s more dangerous to youtube: porn or nationalism?

Hopefully anyone reading this blog aleady knows the answer, but let me ask it: to youtube is it more of a community problem people are posting pseudo porn or that people are espousing (white) nationalism? This is ‘recommended’ by youtube because I looked up nofap stuff…hmm wonder if youtube is trying to corrupt my virginal mind?

youtube community standards

Youtube is susposed to be a place where community standards at least have an illusion of decorum.  Further the ‘mature’ content is susposed to only be allowed if you click through some warning, this screen shot was not that.  After all ‘its only yoga’ despite the pornographic thumbnail esp on that second video.

I clicked on the 2nd vid and it had about 50% approval rating as much were complaining how it was misleading, but what was interesting is that a lot of people mentioned how they had reported the video for heavy sexual content.  Surprise surprise the video is still there.

I remember when I was into yoga a few years ago, nearly EVERY yoga vid on jewtube was heavily sexual in nature.  Let me go find one I am thinking about.  I had a weird feeling about the woman and a cursory search found out that she was a porn star.  No shit.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.

However, routinely alt-right vids get taken down.  I remember a screen shot going around where on facebook someone said they were going to kill trump, and it was reported, the screenshot showed jewbooks response of ‘we see nothing wrong here’.  Could you imagine that towards Cunton?

Comments get blocked, people get banned ALL THE TIME.  Yet pseudo porn is actively encouraged.  I think only the most rabid feminism would say there is no heavy sexual undertone going on here.

blatant camel toe, but hey its just yoga right?

blatant camel toe, but hey its just yoga right?

If you REALLY need to watch:

I saw something once about how moral decay was hoisted upon our soceity because if we are drowned in porn we won’t have any will to fight. I generally believe this.  After all, why get in shape, and maybe die when I could load up endless hot girls moaning and doing splits for me?

A small story of how young women aren’t marry-able nor datable anymore

Between smart phones and social media and femenism/slut/gurl power there isn’t much left of modern young women in their shattered ADD dopamine addicted minds.  Even super PUAs like Roosh (regardless what you think of him) has recently had an about-face regarding that hooking up with women was ultimately pointless and that being a ‘clown’ for them got tiring.

Here is a short story of a recent encounter;  I wrote my motorcycle to this small cliff jumping local swim hole, mostly guys around.  I jump a few times and see two cute girls roll in. I go over to talk (I really dont give a fuck anymore) and they seem friendly.  Of course before this they are both posing with their smart phones for the perfect shot of how ‘adventurous’ they are.

They seem interested at first in me, I’m in good shape, plus got bad boy biker appeal.  But there are a lot of guys around, one slowly drifts away to go talk to them.  I ask the other if they are alone or with friends ‘oh its just the two of us, no friends’ (this was an out I gave her to see if she’d admit bf etc) Other friend moves in on this tattooed loser who is smoking. Literally the typical trash girls always fall for.  For the record this girls are both 20, tan and decent, the average guy would give them about an 8 probably.

I leave the other one and just watch a bit.  Like clockwork guys start to swarm the girls (what it’d be like to be a hot girl for a day…) they hold each other phone to video the super adventurous jump and show the world just how brave (and cute while doing it~) they are.

I watch a bit more, then a new group rolls in, they yell at the girls, they yell back.  “Frank where were you?”  “Oh around.”

They know each other.  They are friends.  Funny, because they told me they didn’t have any friends here leaving it up for something if they felt like it.

I laughed and left while they were taking some more selfies.

I don’t feel bad about this encounter at all because its pretty typical,I just feel sad that AWALT and the likelyhood of finding a decent non-internet addicted girl is close to zero.

Hyper lordosis – the sitters disease

What I want to talk about today is something that is likely affecting every one of you, and it is only a matter of time before it rears itself as severe pain: hyper lordosis – the sitter disease. I had this for over a year and just now nearly rid of it.

Here is a quick way to test how bad you have it: Stand in front of a wall, toes touching the wall, your butt, upper back and head. Ideally you should have all of these touching, AND the area behind your lower back so be close enough that you or someone can not get their hand behind you. Suck your back in until this happens, THIS is the natural pose you should be in. If this hurts you are in moderate stage of lordosis



I am finally near the end of this myself, and let me tell you at times it was debilitating. What this is, is essentially a tightening and loosening of certain areas of your core the result of which is best exemplified by the pose on the right. Yes, it looks ‘hot’ but is actually terrible for you and grinds your vertebrate disks down, and leads to tremendous pain.

Nearly everyone in the US, doesnt look so hot anymore does it?


I am very active, fire fighter, lift weights, run, and it hit me. At first it felt like just a sore back, I could barely bend down, and after a few hours it went away. Only it happened day after day. Mine was ultimately brought on by a slip when lifting my dog, which I think triggered protective postures which amplified my lordosis. The point being I should be one of the least likely, the more I read the more I realized everyone is a ticking time bomb.

Lordosis is farily complicated, but it essentially comes down to something also know as lower crossed syndrome: your abs and weak and loose, along with your hamstrings, whereas your lower back and quads are tight and strong. Keep in mind this is relative, your hamstrings can still be very tight etc. In my own experience the two major things for me were tight lower back and weak hamstrings. Lordosis manifests in tons of ways, beyond just the extreme lower back pain, your knees hurt while running, you have constant neck pain in the back, your posture sucks etc.

It gets so bad WALKING lays you out, you are forced to crouch to curve your back for a release before you can continue on. Its like a weird arthritis, where as the day goes on the pay goes away. Sleeping hurts, existing hurts, nearly everything becomes almost impossible except for sitting which gives relief.

Here’s how you fix this shit:

Solutions that don’t work: (I am putting these simply because that is what is out there, and they MAY help you.)

1: foam roller – this one is huge, they have all these elaborate rolls, I was diligent, and felt little effect. The science behind foam rollers is questionable as well. I actually felt worse because the poses would amplify the lordosis at times.

2: Nearly every exercise except dead lifts or sit ups – I did nearly everything recommended, hip thursts, pull throughs, planks, bridges, glute exercises, all this and that. Nothing helped. Sit ups are actually not ‘officially’ recommended as it supposedly strains your back, I found they provided short term relief for the day.

3: Most stretches – I have above average flexibility (remember this is in ratio you get this disease) so a lot of these I hardly even felt. Things like the childs pose, torso twists, stretching quad etc are all recommended. They do shit.

Increases butt/chest, but hurts back. She’d look worse standing straight


What actually works: There are two major things that helped me huge, with 3 being a small help

1: Be mindful of how you sleep. This one is so huge. Essentially as you have these tightnesses (esp hip flexor / psaos) that as your sleep pull you into the bad position which then holds your back there all night – thus the reason the pain is worse in the morning.   What I was forced to do, was place myself in non-lordosis positions to fall asleep in. If you have having lordosis that wont go away try this. Posistions like super hard fetal position, or sliding your hips so that the friction holds you in non-lordosis.

2: Hip Flexor/Psoas stretch – This one was a life saver too, it stretches the deep psoas muscle which is literally the major problem, and I say look at first. The best way I found was place a pillow next to a wall. Kneel down with one knee on pillow, and place your shin UP the wall, then your other leg steps forward. The wall holds your leg in a psoas stretch as you bend forward. It hurts bad but stretches so good, expect nearly instant relief getting out of the stretch.

3: Dead lifts/sit ups – you need future preventing of problems, these two will do it for you. PLEASE do deadlifts correct, meaning TIGHT upper/lower back, bar on shins etc. These two exercises will help, but do not make up for ½

Hope this helps even one person from this.

No Shampoo and no deodorant – best health yet

Yes, you read that title right, I do no use shampoo or deodorant, now before you perhaps react with predictably disgust, listen to what I have to say.  I have not used shampoo in over a year, and my hair is clean, healthy looking, and requires no maintenance.  I do not use conventional deodorant as I have swapped to baking soda, and the very bad smell problem has completely gone away.

Now, you still rinse off, clean your hands, then simply rub your hair, when you first start you may have to do it a few times, but essentially you are only RINSING you hair.  Sounds gross, unclean whatever, but it is how we evolved, our hair secrets natural oils that help keep it moisturized.  In about a month, your hair will be great, it stays the same appearance for much longer without shower than ‘clean’ hair.  Plus its healthy, and feels softer.

Next, I had bad under arm smell, nothing would work, I’d shower, scrub, pile on the old spice, and nothing.  But, I saw someone mention baking soda, and considering I had tried rubbing alcohol and vinegar I thought why not.  Let me say, its pretty insane how good it works.  After a shower or whatever, just sprinkle some on under your arms, and you are GOOD. This is coming from someone with bad odor before.  I can go like 3 days easy without any smell, but you might want to do it more than that.

Anyway, press on loyal readers!  We are on the path to being the best we can be.



Survivor: Brains, Beauty, Brawn – Archetypes played straight pt2

In my prior post I gave a short overview of basically everything wrong with the archetype of different women, how painfully typical they all acted.  Despite being different people, all the girls on each tribe acted nearly the same way.

The point of this post is to analyze the hottest girl there, and the typical utter bullshit that passes for normal and necessary in this world.  Notice her resume-like profile, and the fem-fantasy it is.


Now, let’s look at her profile for the oh-so-typical feminist bullshit.  I have no clue if this girl is a conventional feminist, given that she is from Kentucky, probably not, yet nearly all girls in America are poisoned by it.  The ‘xxx’ in quotes are excerpts from profile, not exact wording

Hobbies: ‘Traveling’.

Ok, I will spell it out for any new guys out there, since I had to have it spelled to me.  ‘Traveling’ is code for one of two things: 1 the girl actually does shit and wants to sound impressive.  Or 2: (more likely) she actually does travel but its code for loose, slutty and generally penis pounded.  Travel is a natural inclination for men, driven by testosterone, this is documented, and girls with high T travel and engage in sex more.  That is a fact.  Look at low T level girls, like east europe, they never move away, just ripe vixens waiting for plunder.

Peeve: ‘Bad teeth’.  I find this interesting as its clear she has dental work done.  Yes, I do not blame her, as I do not like bad teeth either, but a peeve?  A peeve for what you clearly have enhanced?  That’s like a girl with implants saying her peeve is ‘small breasts’, it speaks to deep insecurities.

3 words to describe yourself: ‘Outspoken, charismatic, fierce’

hahah, my god, this is straight out of human resource hell right here, just the perfect answer you fed to HR Bitch across from you.  The irony of course, is this girl is none of those things.  In fact MOST PEOPLE are not those things.  Maybe you have 1-2 people that are outspoken in your circle, maybe 1 person who is charismatic (it rarely exists anymore) and ‘fierce’?  Come on now.  I might call some MMA guys fierce, but some little country girl?

That section is a perfect microcosm of what reality has become, where style supersedes substance, where saying something is more important than actually being it.

Hey Erudite Knight, what are your three best qualities?  “Indomitable, Unstoppable, Godlike”

It actually is pretty sad.  Do people buy this shit?  Clearly they do, because thats why our society is so fucked up.  Why office work has become who can figuratively (and perhaps literally) suck more dick, and prove their ‘biggest weakness’ is that they ‘work too hard’.

Reason for being on show: ‘I’m a broke college girl tired of eating ramen noodles…and to prove’ pageant girls are smart’.

The second half is laughable, as she is not smart at all, but we have already established personal delusion is par for the course with hot girls; it also possesses the typical ‘redemption at the world’ all feminists seem to carry with them.  Her first part is interesting as it is very clearly a lie (you are not going to stay good looking eating ramen noodles) but it fulfills a pretty standard modus operandi of girls of playing the victim card whenever and wherever it suits them.  It effectively speaks the the white knight in males ‘aww, you poor (and really hot) girl!  Here why don’t I take you out to dinner?  (Maybe will you suck my cock after?)  I can’t just let a girl down on her luck waste away on ramen.’

Why will you be sole survivor: ‘I survived cervical cancer, financial ruin, drug addiction’

This doesnt really need to be discussed much as it simply fufills more of the victim role already established in the upper parts.  Notice the dual outs this gives girls?  If she wins, its because she was smart or a fighter.  But when she losses, its because the odds were stacked against her.  Not because she was just stupid, or lacked tactics or anything her fault.

Are you brain beauty or brawn? : ‘Beauty, beauty is more than skin deep’

Haha, I guess even hot girls are saying this shit now.  Of course it fulfills a useful role of giving a guise that she somehow possesses spiritual or mental fortitude, or is some angel within or whatever, not that her one role is to fuck and make kids.

Who has best chance to win, brain beauty or brawn? …ok before you either look back up or read on, what is a typical answer to this?  Is a girl really going to answer?  Or how about some good equivocation?  Her answer ‘You have to have a combination of all three…blah blah blah’

Hey, if you guesses equivocation you win.  It is SO human-resource-like of an answer.  A bad sign of this society where you just can’t say the truth anymore, and that you have to give vague, noncomittal answers, that now pass as accepted truths.

Instead of ‘beauty, I am going to make guys think I’ll fuck them if they bring me to end’ or ‘brawn, I am going to smash everyone’ or ‘brains, I am simply smarter and will out think them’ we are left with this.  This meaningless paragraph of about 60-70 words where she says nothing other than dodging the fucking question she was asked.

I actually hope she sticks around for a while, I like watching her body.  But the simply fact remains there is very little to this girl, other than the faked persona and depth that now constituents most women in amerika.