Syria false flag – WW3 potentially kicking off

A mark of intelligence is discerning patterns before they are hoisted upon you by the powers above.  I had been talking with a few friends about how there was a lot of rumbling about a false flag occurring in Syria to keep us there, and a reason to essentially go into a bigger war footing.

One of the smallest things that really alerted me was this:

Yes, its shitty reddit, but the post was entirely random, about a bunch of soldiers who said promotions were handed out like crazy. But some of the comments really paint a vivid picture: essentially entire career fields were promoted with zero requirements, meaning a ‘top heavy’ force that would be perfect for a new influx of fresh meat.

One of the other comments was a national guard or reserve guy mentioning his summer training was preemptively canceled, guessing that there was something in the works.

Something in the works is right.  Remember why we got into Syria the first time?  Evil chemical weapons.  Remember a few months ago a very, very small story about no chemical weapons actually used?  Kind of like iraq.  Meanwhile the meme rolls on.

With Trump getting the likes of Bolton in there among others, the die had been long cast.  It is going to be on, I suspect by midsummer things will be very heated.  I only hope it doesnt turn nuclear.

Heres a random gratuitous nazi girl for you, because that timeline would likely have been much better than this shitty one that might be ending soon.


Jew writer at CSNBC/Newsweek has tab of tentacle porn open

You can’t make this shit up, its pretty funny.

(((Kurt Eichenwald))) was posting pro-jew propaganda, and had a suspicious tab open.  4chan noticed it was hentai porn.  Naturally this (((guy))) claims it was to prove ‘it existed’ to his adult kids, but couldn’t find any(?).

To top it off this guy writes about sexual predators on the internet.

Here is the pic from the article and the porn.

Jews gunna jew.

Why the Alpha/Beta divide is stupid, and wrong

Coming from an environmental background it bothers me the whole ‘alpha vs beta’ thing that infests the ‘redpill’ type areas of the internet.  Essentially you are either a blood thirsty, no fucks given ‘alpha’ or a servile bitch boy beta.

There are massive problems with this, first of all is at its root it is a leftist type strategy of simplifying things into black and white: you are either 100% badass or you are a simpering bitch.

The off shoot off this is you have a majority of guys who are not ‘alpha’ trying to force themselves into these false stereotypes, which is probably why girls think so many guys are trash.  ‘Well I cant be a simpering bitch, better start being a ruthless badass’.

The problem beyond that it is a white/black false dichotomy is that it simply isn’t true.  There is a scale of these things, and even in wolf hierarchy there is more than just this.  Beta’s are SECOND IN COMMAND and are ready to take control of the pack.  They are not simpering, not servile.

This false dichotomy, most strongly seen over on shitholes like reddit ‘theredpill’ where psuedo-alpha keyboard warriors where unless you are ceo 10k/day you are pathetic.  This is where the problem is, where is the ‘middle ground’ badass where maybe he is the upper manager of some company, someone like that could be attractive to girls but is UTTERLY invisible in this false alpha vs beta.

‘redpill’ knowledge helped me a lot, but it truly is ‘toxic’ (in a way far different than feminists would say) where it tries to craft people into this illusion they never will live up to.  Instead of a realistic view of wolves where the social hierarchy shifts around, and losers CAN in fact rise out of bottom we are stuck in ‘either be #1 or go die loser’ type falsehood.  No wonder so many guys kill themselves.


Psychologists and Lawyers – modern day ‘medicine men’

I think by far the two biggest ‘career’ fields that is helping tank this country in the ground is psychologists and lawyers, modern day ‘medicine men’.  For the record I include politicians within the lawyer category.

They both do different things but operate under the same shadowy premise of ‘the average man ‘ understand what we do’ so are given this pseudo-god power to operate in the shadows, and charge exorbitant money for their divination.

A term that is relevant here is ‘planned obsolescence’ which is actually a manufacturing term that items are DESIGNED to fail so you  have to buy new ones (oh, how cute, you can thanks capitalists for that), like for example ipod nanos were programmed to die shortly after the warranty lapses, it happened to me and tons others if you care to look online, fucking bastards.

But groups, careers, agencies etc are NOT designed with planned obsolescence, so instead of completing the mission then fading away, they get far away from their intend scope and have to JUSTIFY their existence.

This part is how psychologists and lawyers operate.  The law gets increasingly convoluted, long, and impenetrable, so only the chosen class can ever access the holy records and tell us peons what the answers in the tablets are. Oh yes, that will be a season worth of food for the services rendered.

What happens, predictably in a capitalistic society, is that the priest class becomes very wealthy, because they alone wield the power, consider obamacare, I think it was over 700 pages, SEVEN HUNDRED FUCKING PAGES, and you know what was in a lot of that?  Handouts to various companies, ahh yes, capitalism taken to its logical conclusion of a corporate oligarchy…included in the law is that if insurance companies DONT make money us peons will be forced to bail them out.  Did you know that one?

Its this revolving door of lobbyist>politician>lawyer>lobbyist.  I hear a lot of capitalism defenders talk about a meritocracy, as if our country was such a thing, but then defend progressive credentialism of needing doctors for psychology or lawyer.  Did you know only california can you take the bar exam WITHOUT passing the law school sham?  Think about this for a moment, if we truly were a meritocracy, if you prove you know your shit, regardless of if you shoveled out 300k for the degree shouldn’t you be able to practice?  Nope.  Because that’s not the plan, the plan is a controlled over-class to monitor the peons.

Now consider psychologists, the general pattern is the same: ‘smarter’ than the average man, does this ‘magical’ in nature we can’t understand, constantly expands and justifies their existence.

Lawyers have been on this game much longer, but psychologists got in the game hard maybe 5-10 years ago, now nearly every news story has to include some psy guy (Or girl, because lets be honest most psych are girls because they can’t do actual science) the psy girl is talking about what the person ‘must have been thinking’.  As if some rich, golden spoon 23 year old female has any idea what the 30 year old black guy from the ghetto ‘was thinking’ when he robbed or shot someone.

Psy has been tied in very hard to the drug industry, so we get this perverse (or I forgot, is this a normal incentive in capitalism?) incentive that the oracles determine how messed up each of us are, and what of the magic herbs will fix us.  Oh…and that will be a seasons worth of food for the magic herbs…but you dont want to be ‘crazy’ right?

It is disgusting as fuck.  I actually enjoy psychology quite a bit, but I am under no delusion it is a COMPLETE pseudo science.  The human brain is mod-able, and variable, yet they think because someone is depressed from getting dumped, watching too much pron, or whatever some drug will fix that?  Or that a male has violent tendencies (heaven forbid in this ‘modern’ society!) he needs to be drugged into stupor lest he disrupt the machine we have become.  There is actually evidence of mediation and will power overcoming things that supposedly are only ‘cured’ by some expensive drugs from Merck, but you never hear about that.  Or how about over 1/10 people are on antidepressants, or that there is a 400% increase in anti depressant use in just 10 years?  So we have over 30 million people addicted to these drugs that are shown to re-write your brain, what the fuck has happened to us?

Then again, I am kind of crazy, maybe I should go talk to a lawyer to see if what I am posting is legal, and go talk to a psy girl and get some drugs to ‘calm me down’.



All About fire-fighting and fire fighters – what firefighters do

For a change of pace, today I am going to be talking about fire fighting, as many people actually know very very little about it.  I’ve had a few comments on it in the past, and a recent request, so here we go.

First ‘fire men’ vs ‘fire fighter’ all my readers know I hate feminism, and maybe this was some inroad feminism made, but I have always called us ‘fire fighters’ and to me hearing ‘fireman’ is actually a bit weird, it is rarely used.

What we do: we respond to ‘calls’ – which are typically 911 calls that go through a dispatch center, and a routed to us if we are the ones who would handle it.  911 does NOT go to us, it typically goes to the police, who then page us out.

Working with others: Many people do not realize, but generally there are three different ‘branches’ of emergency response, there is fire -us-, medical, and police.  In some, the medical is merged with one or the other.  That does not mean we are not medically trained, we actually are, but the ambulance is completely separate and paged out as well.  Depending, State Patrol is also deployed, they are separate from police, and generally the ‘highest’ authority on a call.

Fighting fires: Despite the title, we do very little of this.  A majority of our calls are medical, someone with a heart problem, trouble breathing etc.  All paid fire fighters are EMTs, and a lot of Volunteer fire fighters are as well.

Volunteer: MOST departments are either full or part volunteer, it is pretty insane actually, something like 80% of fire fighters are volunteer.  Generally only big cities are pure 100% paid.

Interaction with other agencies: As mentioned above, there are different groups on a call, in general this can be a major problem as each has its own goals.  For example, fire is concerned with the car accident and being safe, state patrol or the police are concerned with keeping the roads open – conflicting goals.

Two types: There are two major different fire fighters, some do both, but there is a huge gulf.  These are ‘structure’ vs ‘wildland’; structure guys are the typical big city guys who stay at a station and respond to medical and building fires, wildland generally are seasonal, and deploy during the summer across the west or south to combat wilderness fires.

Ranks: There is a really weird way ranks work.  On paper its easy, everyone is the bottom ‘fire fighter’ and there is a ‘Lieutenant’ who is the leader of them, and a ‘Captain’ who is superior to the Lieutenant.  Generally, this composes a squad, shift, or specialty, the group, the Lt, and the Ct.  Usually there is about 3 of these, above them is 1-2 Chiefs who ‘command’ the fire house. In reality there is a huge amount of ‘time’ served, meaning you can know your shit, but if you are the new guy you get picked on endlessly. Its pretty stupid.

Corrupt: Fire Fighting is surprisingly corrupt, police are supposedly just as bad, but its really bad here.  There is next to zero meritocracy in this.  It is nearly 100% nepotism or politically correct bullshit.  Brothers, friends, cousins will get the job far before anyone with real skills.  I’ve seen tons of times years experience and certs lose to some 19 year old kid of a Captain.

Corrupt pt2: Feminism has infected this pretty bad.  When applying for jobs, it is generally on a 100 pt scale, people get +5 points for the following: female, colored, or past military.  Therefore a black female from the army is nearly the ‘perfect’ candidate.  You see this sometimes when there is someone speaking from a big department, and it is almost always some black female captain, there for political reasons, not her own skills.  The

Chiefs: These are the leaders, and typically have a lot of time in.  On paper they are supposed to run everything, in reality they are just useless and collect huge paychecks.  Everyone looks up to them with the undeserved awe because a lot of fire fighters are the type that LOVE rank and their thought pattern is ‘higher rank = better person’.  Often, since they can write the rules, they do things like exempt themselves from requirements like their EMT license or their physical tests each year.  This happens nearly everywhere, and its surprising to find a chief actually in any sort of shape.

The public looks up to us, as we ‘save’ them compared to tickets etc, but a dark reality is there is a lot of politics that are insanely hard to surmount.  Once you get in, you rarely leave, its the same thing that infects nearly all public sector jobs.  The longer you been in, the less you do, and the harder it is to get you out.

I am happy I do it, but the corruption is extremely draining, and it is something no one knows about unless you see it first hand.  It only takes one job loss to a son or a black female to really snap reality into focus.

I’ll try to answer any questions.


The inability to see Ferguson for what it is

The average person after seeing what is happening in Ferguson, will likely fall into one of two pre-established belief patterns: ‘this is a new fundamental low in race relations for America’ or ‘blacks doing what they do best: nothing productive’. I would hope most of my readers are capable of seeing it beyond these simplistic and pre-programmed ideologues to again see the truth of the matter that will not be talked anywhere.

First, I claim to know nothing definitive, and any prole claiming otherwise – typically a liberal about how that ‘poor innocent black teen’ was murdered- is logically fallacious. There is evidence on both sides, and if I had to guess, it was the black guy likely charging/provoking the police who then responded in typical police fashion and used excessive force.

Now Ferguson will burn, and protests in the SWPL/Lib cities and colleges will erupt over the ‘injustice’ of what is done here. I don’t agree with either ‘side’ but I find the liberal argument much more disgusting, because it is false whereas the conservative side simply doesn’t see the forest for the trees. Most of these injustice warriors are white, secret cultural Marxist sympathizers, and feminists who have likely had next to zero contact with blacks, but profess to somehow be experts that its not the way they are, but instead suppressed by the evil white man keeping them down. Its racially sabotaging, and if I was black, I’d be insulted by their behavior which is more akin to a zookeeper doting on the wild pet that just so cute they can hardly control themselves.

On the other side of the ‘dawww…the poor blacks’ we have the ‘Blacks gone wild’ side subtly espoused by conservatives. The racism is evident, and they also look at the proof – namely blacks going wild before – to use for their conclusions. I have a few problems with them, first in this politically correct society they are too scared to actually SAY their convictions – that being that blacks are typically out of control and destroy far more than they create. Whatever, it is slightly cowardly but perhaps prudent in this fucked up climate. The MAJOR problem though is, they minds stop at the black issue and do not move beyond. They are incapable of seeing the prelude of this to the burgeoning police state – and mentioning to any of them would likely get blank stares or ‘if you are innocent you have nothing to hide’ arguments which I have actually received from the freedumb-loving party.

I turn on the news and its some program called ‘Jose Diaz-Barlart’, great some program lead by a minority in name only, who knows if it’s a female or male, and clearly they have deep feminist leanings with their hyphenated name. I watch a bit but stop because its nothing but commercials, how perfect we now have Commercialized Ferguson TM. Watch a few others for a bit, but its only about how all these liberal campuses are preparing for protests today.

When I was young, I had actually protested before, it was fun, I was ‘making a difference’ but I was naïve. In case you don’t get it PROTESTS DO NOTHING. It just radiates pretension, and the fact the state allows it should really show the effect it has. Watch yesterday if you care, where the protestors are CORRALLED (even the news used the word) down certain streets while the ominous Big Bro police stand slightly pushing them ahead, places that might be effective to actually block – you know like the police station where the injustice happened – remain empty and open for business.

So unfortunately, nothing productive will occur of this. Liberals will reinforce their belief about how the poor sad blacks are kept down and race each other to spill their own blood to make sure the black doesn’t go thirsty, and the Conservatives will see only a half-truth of blacks truer nature, but forget that despite the blacks protesting, you are not going to see the same result for a white man gunned down. To that regard, the blacks are more commendable, minus the looting, in their ability to racially stand together, because the whites watching ‘blacks gone wild’ are missing the whole point that this could have been a white person and there would be no protests, just the ballooning Military-Industrial-Nonprofit-Police-complex.

So pick your poison, we have the emotionally-laden racially-suiciding ‘poor blacks’ whose apparent solution is to give them even more handouts and gov jobs, or the other side which mistakes blacks behavior for the only point of this whole thing and either happily or ignorantly enjoy the boot stomping on the human face- forever.


The White Knight Deception

Loyalty.  A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviserate white knights.

Men have valued loyalty (with it: honor, duty, shared sacrafice) as traits that help the

wk want to show how ‘loyal’ they are to girl, expecting reward, and only get used, its based on prior loyalty to men

Loyalty. A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviscerate white knights. Let me fully qualify that I once held a lot of these beliefs and can talk definitively.

Men have valued loyalty (with it: honor, duty, shared sacrifice) as traits that help the tribe live. If you are going into battle and your fellow man tells you he will be there, it is better for you if he actually shows up. With it, things like cowardice are punishable traits between men. Why should you spend or share resources with a man who does not have your back, not contributing to survival?

For a long time these were still used by society, in that a man’s loyalty and duty – to a woman in marriage now – was rewarded by a faithful wife who stayed married to him and gave him kids. The deal was essentially this: the guy can get the girl while she is hot, young, fertile, and he keeps her now, but also supports her when she is older and uglier.   THAT was the deal, it of course relied on males loyalty, because he could promise anything, then dump her fat carcass, but it rarely happened – both because of male’s loyalty, and society looked down on it, as ‘not loyal’ ‘not a real man’ etc.

Now, fast forward to New World Disorder, where down is up and you have to ask a girl if you can kiss her otherwise get hit with ‘rape’. The dutiful, unquestioning nature of the white knight male was always prone to be taken advantage of, but it was a societal contract that both sides upheld, now however generally only the women got the memo the contract was null. Their traits which were once useful, and got the hot young girl who he carries into old age, now only gets the post-wall female.

Among the issues, is because white knights assume females to be the virginal quality the contract once promised, it is beyond their ability to comprehend that girls are deprave. That they have absolutely zero qualms about hoping between relationships, cheating, or nearly anything that would enrage guys, if it was a guy to guy event. I myself never really believed girls were like this, that they would cheat, that they wanted the dick at extreme levels, that they wanted to be choked either by hand or by cock, that girls when turned on would solicit anal sex, that wifes would suck random guys dicks…of course I found it all to be true, both by others experience and especially my own.

The first stage is the continuation of the ‘feminine mystique’ of how mysterious they are, how virginal they are etc, its played up huge, and not the reality at all.   Next is playing up the dutiful aspect. This is perhaps the most disgusting part of it, where the loyalty the WK once had to his former-hot wife, the loyalty is used against him, in that a ‘real man’ would support this single mom. Or a ‘real man’ would give this cock-pounded 35 year old with her MBA a chance at love because she has outgrown her past.

You see it all the time, the supposed heroism of those brave single moms, with the implicit assumption of the loser sperm donor male nowhere to be found – and the purposeful denial of questioning what exactly was that women doing with a guy like that. That every girl is young and –don’t call her dumb- …experimenting…and what real male could blame her for wanting to be pounded in her ass and mouth at the same time, she was just drunk and in college, all her friends were doing it too.

The male is the only one capable of forgiveness, and his loyalty is coopted. The girl telling him how sorry she is evokes past memories of males once looking for forgiveness, and rarely was it ever a deception, as a fraud would simply be killed or be run out of the tribe. There is no feedback loop now, she they girls falls on his mercy, and he accepts her, after all she would ‘never do it again’.

The irony we will leave on, is that maybe she never really does it again, but he still got a fat 30+ year old that others enjoyed hotter, tighter and for free; but more than likely, she will just cheat or leave, after all women with a college degree initiate divorce over 90% of the time.

Don't be coopted by a distorted female narrative

Don’t be coopted by a distorted female narrative