I was the ideal white knight, wasting most of my 20’s waiting for ‘the one’, and after crashing and burning, after a year of soul searching I finally have begun to restructure my life to accept the brave new reality I realized we actually live in.


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      • I like many of your thoughts, but if you are going to post a blog, do it intelligently so that you do not make you and the followers immediately seem stupid. Learn to spell, or at least use spell check and proof read before you post for the world to see.

        • New follow up to an old comment:
          Ed, folks are getting their feet wet. Grammar nazis are worse than folks that “misspell” or have opinions that you don’t like.

          • Unfortunately, without spelling and grammar it might as well be a different language. When someone writes “this women”, it confuses everyone. See, it could be “this woman” or it could be “these women”. And if the surrounding context is equally unclear, you just lost precision to your meaning. So, if this writer doesn’t want to be understood, that’s fine. But don’t associate the desire for precision/clarity in communications with something negative. Because, really, it looks to me like you’re just a bad grammar/poor communications skills Nazi; you get off on things being confusing. Which is what we SHOULD BE fighting against.

  1. I like the way you think. I believe your words represent how most men feel. It’s a struggle for power that doesn’t need to take place. It’s like a war zone and what most people don’t understand about war is that there are never winners, only losers (and understanding that fact at an early age kept me from joining the military… Thank God).

    The best of men are often the ones who lose the most! Radical feminism as well as many other mentally disturbed fantasies are masked by the scourge of popular culture. Pop culture is ruining the world and it’s all by design. You might think I’m radical but I believe that if a majority of people threw out their televisions and and listened to actual ‘good’ music, we could get the whole world back on track. I’ve been without television for over a year and I feel like my whole being is starting to reboot from years of self inflicted abuse.

    Just imagine if every woman you ever knew stopped watching absolute mind altering garbage. Within 6 months to a year, society could possibly be restored to proper order. By the same token, I believe men should cut out the porn. At the very least it’s a huge waste of time and at the most, it steals your ability (or charisma) to attract quality women. (>My Opinion<)

    I look forward to reading more of your opinions, I'm sure I won't agree with everything, but you seem very right minded to me. -Take care! šŸ™‚

    • Hey thanks for stopping by man.
      ‘You might think Iā€™m radical but’ haha no, we are a pretty ‘radical’ bunch here, so you would really have to be off the wall to get that label.

      I am curious about your porn statement, can you elaborate?

      • Porn rewires the male brain to become more antisocial. Women can pickup on this and it makes you look undesirable to them. Many women detect how lustful men are. Traditionally men and women were supposed to become good friends first and have sex after a sufficient time had passed, where trust and love develop. As much as women have been programmed to want one nighters, instinctually, they don’t want the guy drooling over them at first. Also, frequent masturbation drains sexual willpower and can lead to impotence or ED (drug companies love this). When you are sexually drained, you don’t usually want the real thing. [www.yourbrainonporn.com] There is a population reduction going on throughout the world. Porn, homosexuality, women’s liberation, radical environmentalism, war, and health epidemics are tools of depopulation. Porn and homosexuality are less obvious forms than the rest. I don’t hate gays or lesbians, but it can’t be denied that they can not reproduce. The experts claim that the world is skyrocketing in overpopulation but the numbers say that the western world is in decline. I live in Montana and I can tell you that there is plenty of space for people to live. I’ve heard that you could take the entire world population and fit them inside Texas and each person could have one acre of land. Spread that out and it doesn’t look so over populated. Most people who believe in overpopulation live in big cities, so of course they believe the world is overpopulated. – Just my opinion

        • I would like to believe that man, I have read a lot on that site too, but in my own experimentation I have gone over 90 days pure abstinence before, and noticed no difference from the absolute most deprave I ever was.

          I certainly think porn is addictive, incredibly so, but unfortunately the only negative I have seen is a general malaise after, and there was little advantage of long term abstinence.

          Believe me, I wish my research had found otherwise, but both the data and my personal experience has not shown porn/masurbation to be bad, as much as I wish it was otherwise.

          • I’m sure that it doesn’t work for everyone (but for me) it helped tremendously. I can talk to any woman now with great eye contact and they can see the humanity in me because I can see the humanity in them. Porn is dehumanizing to those who are in it and when it’s viewed, it also dehumanizes the person viewing it. In turn, when you see women in public, you tend to view them in the context of the porn (at least I did). I used to see women as meat and pleasure objects, but now I see the real beauty in them. Nothing turns me on more than a genuine smile or laugh from them. As we know, not all women are decent. Many of them are down right evil. What abstinence has done for me is help me sort out the good from the bad. I had to really work at it before I saw dramatic confidence building results. It took me a good two years of abstinence before I was able to change. Now I don’t even remember the porn. I used to dread talking to anyone (men or women) but now, I have so much drive that I have to do it. My fears are starting to vanish. My optimism and desire to search for life solutions has improved. I’m now more motivated than ever to go back to school and get a better degree for a career that pays better and is in higher demand. My policy is to never condemn but to encourage. Everyone has the right to live their lives as they choose. I don’t necessarily believe in karma but I do believe that the world is highly reactive. What you put into it is what you get out of it. If you harm yourself, other people are harmed. When they harm themselves you are harmed. I think it also comes down to the thoughts we have about others. I know these are hard times. I’ve been suffering for 7 years through this bad economy but there is peace available if you are willing to find it. When I say peace, I don’t mean happiness, but just the idea that things will workout eventually and ditching the self ‘love’ (at least for me) has helped me by 60-70%. These are just my ideas on it. It doesn’t mean I’m right or wrong. I wish you great success no matter which direction you take in your life.:-)

  2. Sorry to comment here, but it seems out of the way enough. I was getting ready to send you this email when I realized I don’t have your email address. >_<


    Just writing you a quick note to update you on my book… it's "out", but not what *I* would call officially out, if you know what I mean.

    You can see here (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IU1AJC0) that they've totally fucked up the spacing for the Kindle version. On the plus side, it allows people to read almost SEVEN CHAPTERS of the book for FREE, but on the downside, it makes an otherwise brilliant work look like shit.

    I'm trying to sort it out.

    Also, I've got a (better-spaced, I think) version under review for release as a TPB with Amazon, so I'm hoping that will turn out better and be a viable option for folks while I FIX the Kindle version. XP

    Suffice it to say, when there is an "official" release, I will post a full, awesome post on the blog (www.emperorlubu.com) about it, but until then…

    I hope I can still count on you to get the word out to your readers once the post in question goes live. Even a simple repost would do, and I'd certainly appreciate it.

    In fact, you can check for yourself – I've ALREADY THANKED YOU in the Acknowledgements! ^_^

    Anyway, thanks for being with me for this ride, EK.
    It's been awesome.
    – Michael R. Holt
    (AKA – Emperor Lu Bu)

      • I’ll let you know. (It’ll be when I make my next post.)

        Right now, I’m just waiting for the TPB to be approved before I write that post because I want to guarantee that there’s at least one EXCELLENTLY formatted version of my book out (as the Kindle one looks suspect ATM).

      • OKAY!
        The post is now up and ready for a repost! šŸ™‚

        You should check this book out – it’s the ONLY fictional work listed on Amazon under the “MGTOW” heading. (Fucking AWESOME-SAUCE!)

  3. Hey dude, just started reading and love your blog. Everything you write about lines up with my experiences and I also like the idea of being a ‘knight’ in the same sense you like it. Stay strong, please keep writing, and best wishes!

  4. Just read a post from you man, thanks for sharing your insights. We definitely resonate at a similar frequency and I find myself saying “Yup, same here” or “Wow I was just thinking that too” to a lot of your ideas. It would be cool if we can link up and share some ideas/ concepts, hit me back via email if you got free time, peAce.

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