The Rush towards hyperinflation

Anyone with eyes to see will notice how this world is spinning out of control. Prices are going ever higher, people are priced out of homes if they do not have one already, and those with property are becoming the new nobles. These will only increase in speed. The real question is if anything stops it? How long will people live where they can barely afford their apartment while sheklestein owns his 500 unit complex and travels every week?

E-THOTing in some regards seems like a logical strategy

27 thoughts on “The Rush towards hyperinflation

  1. One must understand the level of degradation today. Most whites already know what is happening. They don’t want to live on Earth, EK.

    The criminal code is only only book of rules left not pozed. I searched hard, and found no other way. Don’t be disappointed that most WNs too will die willingly.

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