Not much hope left in the Right

I think I speak for many who are on the right, alt-right, white or male when I say this doesn’t feel like our country and we are now hated citizens in our own land. I was born into a heavy democrat family, union and all that, and I believed many of the core OLD democrat values: anti-war, pro-environment, pro-worker – of course we have not seen those values espoused for 20 years.  Obama paid some small lip service before proceeding to disregard everything and switch hard into identity politics.

Despite the constant rhetoric of ‘racism’/sexism whatever, being white and male you are discriminated against covertly or overtly in this country, and it will only get worse.  Many, many civil service exams give points to female, minority, and military, so Sandra Martinez the 1 year army private who left after pregnancy is getting +15 pts on a 100 point test. So when someone tries to tell me how racist orsexist I am by virtue of simply being a white male, it simply doesn’t stack up to the facts.

The scariest thing is the rise of big tech.  Watching the alt-right back in the heyday of the movement (early 2010s) was a fascinating and exciting time. But slowly and inevitably youtube, google and others would delist, block and destroy major alt-right players – replacing them with ‘approved’ alternatives who almost always had connections back to big tech or finance.  All the real people got wiped out.  This culminated in the 2016 Charlottesville witch hunt that generally destroyed the movement (which was prevailing against big tech despite the uphill battle)

Trump won, and acted as a type of relief valve to the anger of the right.  As to whether he was successful, that leaves a lot open for debate.  But what is not debatable is the fact this election was out-right stolen and bigtech/dems refuse to do any sort of audit  to cast legitimacy over it. Joe biden is not a leader, nor is the identity politics ‘multi-race’ harris, they are clear stooges of the deep state.

To be clear, the alt-right (and all those with similar views) have been hunted online for many years, Trump represented a type of control or stress relief.  With the blatant steal, and total disregard for the right we now feel like there is nothing left to strive or live for in this country.  It has abandoned us and views us as enemies.  This will not turn out pretty.  Expect a quick slide into 3rd world economies, banana boat republics and the worst parts of cyberpunk dystopias of passports/vaccines and spying.

Also expect a lot of violence, real or otherwise, all of it blamed on the right of course.

6 thoughts on “Not much hope left in the Right

  1. No, don’t expect any violence from the right. They are not capable of it. I cannot name one group inside the USA as of right now, that is any threat to anyone. Violence will be blamed on the right, but that is a different thing.

    That’s how you can tell real WN leadership from fake leadership.

    If real WN leaders were attacking DC, they wouldn’t “storm the capital.” They’d kill their enemies with real bullets! Not them killing us, but us killing them. Dead liberals on the streets.

    I cannot magically put real training into the mind of someone. Everyone already knows what they need to do. They live in a police state as prisoners.

    So few can be honest with themselves. So you guys want to destroy your enemy and seize power? Great! How? Do you actually want to learn?

    Hope is nothing. Serious WNs should be asking for training and knowledge. You know, things you have to work for. You have no rights. You have no country. You get what you deserve – period! Fight, or die.

    • Well, the training I have read (straight from the special forces hand book) one of the first rules is DONT GET KILLED. Dying some death does nothing, but staying alive to await this collapse is far more prudent. You have to be smart though, like live in the country.

  2. Trump lost. There was no stolen election. It’s been thrown out of so many federal courts now. There was no steal. Get over it.

  3. ah, yes, EK…

    You must embrace your love of the white man before you can truly embrace nationalism.

    I’ve ben going to the wolves of vineland bath house and no kung flu yet!

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