id2020, bill gates, xrp (ripple), pandemic, and the new economic ‘reset’

I have mentioned a little about it before, crypto currency and the block chain is touted as a libertarian escape and ‘sticking it to the man/gov’, of course any reader here knows this is a joke.  So…naturally I look at this with a skeptical eye and see if YKW is involved.  Of course they are.

With the first lock downs the gov was planning a ‘internet’/crypto money as a way to give us our bailouts, it was stricken the first time, but it will likely be back for round 2 bail outs.

A major crypto is XRP which is the crypto token from the Ripple company, there is tons to know about it, but essentially it is connected to a bunch of banks.

Then we look at bill gates id2020 which people know this is trying to chip everyone because it apparently is so important to be able to provide your id (it doesnt take too much to read into that and know it is just part of the totalatarian game plan).  But here is where it gets interesting, id2020 has been looking into crypto/block chain since at least 2015, which heavy connections to xrp/xlm.

Ripple XRP: A DEEP DIVE Into Bill Gates, ID2020 & A Cashless Society With A Ripple Connection

Good 20 min vid with some connections.

I think there is going to be some real shit happenign and it will be a ‘reset’ and everyone will need ‘online/cashless cash’ aka some trackable crypto – likely xrp or xlm.

3 thoughts on “id2020, bill gates, xrp (ripple), pandemic, and the new economic ‘reset’

  1. Most high tech schemes and rackets are already owned by the Beast. STEMers sold out by about the year 2000. Sheeeeet, you think Jeffery Epstein or George Soros need bitcoin to keep their money safe? The police GUARD their money, they aren’t going to seize it. The rich and powerful have all the privacy and anonymity they want.

    I can’t think of any successful revolutions which have occurred inside police states, like Nazi Germany, the USSR, North Korea or the USA. In the future, children will marvel at the freedom we have right now.

    Many in the alt right continue to wait for “someone” or “something” to stop them. How? Even now its hard to move around. Just imagine when cash is illegal.

    Everyone who wants to be “good” is going to be completely screwed. Then, they’ll magically want to learn how to operate outside the system – aka become criminals. Nope. That door will be shut for most.

    • “Then, they’ll magically want to learn how to operate outside the system – aka become criminals. Nope. That door will be shut for most.”
      Even the passing thoughts I have about it now are too little too late. If it isn’t already a regular part of who they are and what they do, it isn’t happening.

      • Well, everyone wants to be good and safe now. That just means you die first today. All the goodwhites are lining up for the slaughter.

        The former USA is a third world banana republic police state now. Most murkans are no better than third world citizens.

        Looks like zog is going to work the coin shortage into a war on cash angle. They’ll get away with it too.

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