Great Depression 2.0

Well, here we go.  With corona virus ripping through us and the gov (((over-reaction))) jobs are being cut by the millions.  I admit that I thought corona from the beginning was human made, but expected this to be more deadly, I did not see that it would be used to crash society.  This is where we are now though.

The kills of this are very small, us is at what, 500?  More people die from car crashes every day, even more die from heart attacks every day.  Yet we are locking down EVERYTHING?  very odd.

I see the new york guy saying we are going to be locked down for 9 months potentially.  In france you need to show papers to go out anywhere.

Often times on the darker sides of the web people talk about how demonic the elites are, I never fully believed it, but with what is happening it might be real.  Notably it comes down to a major point: are the governmetns of the world (which seem to be oddly in unison) REACTING to the virus, or is this PLANNED from the beginning?

If it is a reaction we might have hope, hope that whole corrupt system comes crashing down.  If it is planned we are in some big trouble.  Remember the plan from the beginning was having (((elites))) at the top and a vast under class serving as slaves.  Notice that only places hiring right now?  Stockers at walmart and amazon, perfect under paid and over worked posistions. How is it that these companies which should have been broken up over monopolies a while ago are still growing?

Well regardless looking to get pretty real here.  Any comments about jobs you think will be good to try to get into in this brave new world?


6 thoughts on “Great Depression 2.0

  1. Yeah bro. Get a job delivering pizza or driving cab. Those aren’t going away. Of course you get wageslave as a serf at chinamart or amazon. Are your dreams coming true:)

      • “Break even” is, economically-speaking, perpetuation. “Exponential growth,” real or PERCEIVED, is deadly. The most basic prep is restricted calorie consumption. Ergo, eating exactly to your physical need. This austere measure could save the average American thousands of dollars a year not to mention the physical benefit. Profit belongs to prophets and requires a speculation that diddles with “bearing false witness.” Which is, spiritually-speaking, an inverted act of demonization. But gorging on predictions is still gluttony. In other words, when hungering for wrongdoers and identifying possible suspects, a potential act of demonization may be in error thus putting one in jeopardy of “bearing false witness.” A grave sin. And one that those who seek to live beyond “break even” must be prepared to avoid as he invariably seeks profits/prophets. How else to live beyond perpetuation unless you see beyond the here and now? And if you have this kind of vision, it can be made of both good and ill.

        Don’t be scared of “break even.” It is the profits/prophets which should elicit the utmost suspicion in you.

          • Lol… Nah man… They closed the beaches down (plus I’ve never taken up surfing) and are now ticketing people. Actually, my bars were shut down three weeks ago. I picked a security gig and been working every day since the shutdown. The main goal right now? Break even and no deferments.

            Hope you’re doing well, Ryu…

          • Yes, I’ve seen many, many ads for security people. Looks like the 1%ers want to stay safe.

            Craigslist top jobs are security, truck driver, uber eats and the trades. And the eternal 18+ female model.

            There are puppets and then there is the puppet master. Only the puppet is worried or scared; the one pulling the strings KNOWS what will happen next.

            The slaves ‘just want things to get back to normal.’ We are well-informed slaves. This IS the new normal. The Beast did not lock Murka down just to unlock it right away. They’ll add in a mandatory vax, new police state powers and other goodies. And the average Murkan still thinks he’s free.

            The biggest challenge has been training without a gym, since ZOG closed them all. I’m starting to get used to it though.

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