Some free speech still left:

I think I have mentioned this maybe once before, but there is a good free speech platform called ‘’ where you can sign up and post anything, its basicly a better version of twitter, and it lets free speech reign.  So as a result you see hyper leftist beliefs destoryed in pretty quick fashion and the truth is pretty freeing.

They also have a browser extension called ‘dissenter’ which lets you post comments on a overlay of websites, essentially seeing if anyone comments on the page.  So things like youtube have thousands of comments of people talking about censorship.

You know when (<<Google>>) and crew start banning and deplatforming you, you are getting dangerously close to the truth.

2 thoughts on “Some free speech still left:

  1. Yeah, one of our niggas made gab. I forget his name right now, but he’s a techie dude. But moderate though, look for him to fold if The Beast leans in.

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