Be warned about how many Jews are involved in (((Nationalism)))


For anyone in the alt-right for any length of time, it should be obvious how many of these ‘figureheads’ that come from nowhere have either subtle or overt Isreal/jew connecitons, meanwhile real voices get shoahed/banned/taken out.  I want to write this post because many alt-righters or soon-to-be fall into what I could call the ‘alex jones trap’, meaning they get a taste of the truth, but its mostly misleading.

First, I was recently made aware that apparently there was a ‘nationalism’ conference held at DC last month, ‘hmm this is interesting, no way this is legit’ and I look into it.  People had to give a bunch of (((background info))) on themselves if they wanted to present, a leader of a movement called Identity Evropa (sp?) was banned, by a one ‘Yoram Hozony’ (the named reeked of jew to me) who claimed this guy had associations ‘imcompaitable with nationalism as we know it’.  So…not even looking into it much further this Yoram guy is quote ‘A prominent Israeli political theorist’ who also started the Edmund Burke Foundation, who hosted this ‘Nationalism’ conference.

I hope you see the immediate irony here.  None of this is new in the slightest.  Like Comrade (((Lenin))) once said

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

This is why you see outright fags, homos and soyboys ‘leading’ the altright, I am talking about Milo gayovich, and ben shapio – who is case you had any doubt are also both jews.  A true ethnic or white nationalism scares the shit out of everybody not white and is why it has to be stopped so hard.  Then you have various blowhards like juden peterson and lauren southern who mysteriously come out of nowhere into youtube stardom professing soft-right stances but never, NEVER crticizing or naming the jew.  Peterson does this a lot, complementing the jews on their intellegence and saying its just jealously why people hate them. (lolz)

I have known a fair amount of alt right types that get cut and banned.  ‘hell by the dashboard lights’ was a good youtube guy, and most recently Cheatau Heartiste was shoahed as well (but he has a new backup site back up: ) I have a alt right friend that liked some guy named ‘louder with chowder’ who apparently got demonatized, I know nothing about the channel, but that that happened suggests he was dropping too many pills.

One of the biggest differences between old republicans (aka cuckservatives [Im not a huge fan of the word}) and alt-right is the view on Isreal.  Almost all altright types have a disdain for them, none of this ‘our greatest ally’ bullshit.  Its funny of course that all the (((dual citizen))) politicians love walls and racism in Isreal but open boarders for USA.

So remember, many of these personalities and ‘experts’ on the alt right are pretty much always jewish, its really insane how true this holds, and there entire purpose is to veer the movement away from exposing them.  They do this by avoiding topics like race, and of course Jews themselves.


24 thoughts on “Be warned about how many Jews are involved in (((Nationalism)))

  1. Good post. Great post actually. We forget our history. Needs to be said again and again. By their fruits you will know them.

    Unz has done yeoman work though, but I wonder…. I really want him to be our guy at least for a while longer

    Even with the rack, Loomer is another one to steer clear of.

    Thx for the CH news. He was a major part of my accepting human nature.

      • Good shit, nigga.

        The JQ is the issue that separates a WN from “everything else.” The more advanced a WN, the more he’ll harp on the kikes. ( Of course, most real WNs have been accused of being a jew at least once).

        ? Why would a WN hold a conference in DC? That crazy! You can’t wipe your ass in District 1 without getting recorded. There are strong WNs in big lib cities, but most are in fly-ova country.

        • Yeah, i dont remember where, but pretty early on I realized the SINGLE FACTOR that separated true people from the frauds was the JQ. I understand minimizing it so you dont get shoahed, but all the big types mentioned here are jew apologists

  2. So it was with “white supremacy.” Jew-originated “controlled-opposition” devolving into paralyzing memetic stereotyping via massmedia.

    Now, the knee-jerk reaction to accusations of “white supremacy” is an incessant assuaging of the {{{enemy’s}}} fears which finds expression in something not more sophisticated than, “oh noes, I’m not a racist… I don’t have a racist bone in my body…. Not a racist drop of blood in my veins.”

    Self-annihilation perpetuates.

  3. The counter to “controlled opposition” is individual integrity. Individual integrity necessitates desire for Supremacy. Desire for Supremacy is severely dissipated by the mundane desire for supremacy of a “default elite” and the equally enervating desire of the dull mass for “equality,” ie., anti-Supremacy.

    There is no escaping this paradigm.

    There is resisting and rejecting all acts of self-annihilation which in and of itself is to will Right.

    There is fighting the demon at your doorstep.

    There is desire for life after death.

    There is pro-Creation.

    Everything else is “poly-tricks.”

  4. I don’t know what’s worse here: the racist and generally vile content or the number of spelling errors and spacing issues. I guess being that blinded by anti-semitism makes one lose attention to details.

      • Reads like angry man with an inferiority complex prone to scapegoating. BTW I’m not Jewish. Good luck with those “erudite” writing skills.

        • Seems calling everyone and anyone below you Jewish is a symptom of your fragile masculine ego. I really don’t understand all the hate and hope you all have someone to talk about it outside of this racist echo chamber.

          • No Damn-mule…

            One calls a jew a jew.

            But one can also understand a “jew” archetype.

            This archetype is anti-Supremacy.

            Can jew comprehend?

        • Damn-mule…

          It is not really just a matter of superiority/inferiority, but rather, a contest between those who desire Supremacy and those who desire “equality.” Yet, the predictable end result of this contest is a superior desire vanquishing an inferior desire.

          Unless jew are contending that all desires are equal?

          • Can “thordaddy” comprehend? I think espousing this “contest” to a person who clearly rejects these sorts of racist principles is symptomatic of thordaddy wanting to hear himself speak. Believe what you wish, I only care that those beliefs do not manifest in violence or the harming of others. Reading through this blog just makes me worry about who’s gonna be the next mass shooter or what have you. And makes me wonder who here feels lonely or isolated or disenfranchised. Or depressed. There’s plenty of room in the world for everyone, including yourself.

          • Damn you, TD.

            Why play with your food? If someone’s not a WN or at least open to it, fuck them. He’s already dead.

            The guy’s a narc and working for The Beast- he already admitted it

            “Reading through this blog just makes me worry about who’s gonna be the next mass shooter or what have you. And makes me wonder who here feels lonely or isolated or disenfranchised. ” – SO I CAN CALL THE COPS ON YOU.

      • Swatting is the word you’re looking for, EK.

        That’s when gay-mers get pissed when their video game is going bad, so they call the cops and say some dude is waving a gun around and send help!

        Then the cops come running in, and jack everyone up. Get down, motherfuckers!

        No, he’s not jew-connected. Those dudes tend to be more subtle. Just one of their little goy nigger spies who WANTS to get up to that level. Maybe he wants a gig at the SPLC – me too!

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  6. What does it matter what kind of “troll” I am? I found this blog by accident and stayed for the cringe. And I’m genuinely bothered by what I read and actually would prefer to be empathetic or kind, but I don’t think this is a place conducive to that especially with people who want others to simply not exist.

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