New Zealand mass mosque shooting

This is still pretty new news, but a guy went on a shooting spree at a mosque in new zealand, he racked up a kill count of over 50.


Go to

if you want to see the video or his manifesto which are floating around over there.

The video is his first person pov killing spree.

What is interesting about this is of course the muslims will rage, the main stream media will rage (and watch for gun control talks IN AMERICA despite this occurring in new zealand)

but in his manifesto he talks about acceleration and wanting to stoke the fires between the races.  Time will tell what happens.

What is interesting about this one is how fast the media is trying to scrub the existence of the video off the internet.  False flag?  Who knows at this point.  He did supposedly point out chan before his rampage.

The question is, is this ultimately more harm than good – ie more gun crack down etc

7 thoughts on “New Zealand mass mosque shooting

  1. EK, So long as Jewry remains in control of most of the world media there will be nothing but harm done to White people and their countries whether the events they are “reporting” about are true or not. Media power is their most effective weapon for control.

    So far as whether or not Christchurch is a flag, I see no clear-cut indicators for now. Those who take firm positions either way without more facts becoming available are premature. Regardless, the media will use the story against us while the issue is raging hot and will then let it fade away after accomplishing their initial indoctrinating purposes on the public if the story is later found likely provably not to be real. That is always Jewry’s methodology. Either way, we don’t want to disparage a true White man who is acting on his reasonable patriotic conviction and who actually is seemingly accomplishing goals that we all would like to have happen and to see done in some peaceful way or another, so long as it is effective. Despite that, my thoughts can’t help but remain much convinced that he is [or they are] very likely a controlled operative[s].

    There is a very good review found at this link, and what they say seems reasoned and right to me.

    “Christchurch Shooter Praises Communist China, Condemns Conservatism and Capitalism: Media Call Him a Trump Supporter”

  2. One more link, EK. This one has a link to an article which says that, “The New Zealand mass killer trained in Israel in 2017 and 2018 then visited Turkey and the Balkans, this is confirmed.” That non-trustworthy source, Gordon Duff, would need to have confirmation, but he may have it. It’s at the “Mossad-trained” link inside the article below.

    “New Zealand Mosque Massacre: A False Flag Terrorist Attack, Gladio Black Operation and CIA Global Psyop (Updated)”

    “The alleged gunman — Australian-born and MOSSAD-trained Brenton Harrison Tarrant — appears to have the profile of the perfect neo-Nazi, so why is there so much inconsistent info about him such as this: Australian Terrorist Identified with Values of Communist China. Something is very wrong with this picture. There are other contradictory factoids about Tarrant which point directly to a very complicated individual who was likely brainwashed and mind-controlled during his various travels abroad, if not during critical periods of his entire life in preparation for the Ides of March.”

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