Economic Growth for the 100th straight month! How do people still believe this?

Here is a pretty good article I came across recently.  You do not actually need to read it simply look at what it says: ‘The U.S. labor market notched its 100th straight month of increased employment in January while sustaining robust wage growth, passing the tests posed by a federal-government shutdown, market volatility and uncertainty about global economies.’

Let’s see what it checks:

(((Fake news media source))) – check

Outright lies – check

Tries to keep the illusion the USA isnt falling apart – check


In other news (((Feinstein))) wants to make a law that ANYONE arriving at the southern border with a kid is allowed free entry into our country.

Hmm, I wonder if her gated community allows free entry?


4 thoughts on “Economic Growth for the 100th straight month! How do people still believe this?

  1. We’ll never agree on the meaning of life, ER, but thanks for this timely post. I was feeling like I was the only one not involved in this amazing prosperity. What the hell is wrong with me? Things are so damn good! Maybe it helps to not trigger the herd with the looks and mannerisms of the successful middle-class white man of yore, especially by not being a white man or considerate abstract thinker. I’m not sure what it is that forever I just don’t get. My life is a bust.

      • I’m not ivy but reasonably degreed, no recent experience, can’t get employment at all (noting slaves have jobs and I expect forward progress). I am white male Rational (Please Understand Me II, good to spot read). My parents screwed me over psychologically, and only too late do I understand how low ppl really are. I appreciate you sharing your data point. Good sanity check. I’m so sick of these up-cycle reports of prosperity. I miscalculated on a fruitlessly aggressive job search once. The herd is generally happy of course, especially to not have me around with my inquisitive, exacting logic. If I had a job, I’d play office politics/game for damn sure. Won’t make that mistake again. My political betters have their demands on me widely known only by herd intuition. My best chance is probably a proprietorship, but if I could have done that, I would have by now. Everything I value and would express is rejected by virtually all. Truly clown world.

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