The 2018 (((election))) results

So another election has come and gone.  For long term readers of mine, you will know I was once a diehard leftist around 10 years ago, with that being said I had hoped the democrats got smashed last night.  Democrats once stood for something, there big three platforms being workers rights, environment and antiwar.  Of course now they dont pay attention to the first two, and they are as prowar as the republicans.

More of this

The results were that the R’s keep control of the senate and that the dems pick up the house, additionally a lot of governorship switch to dem control.  A lot of the wins were by dem women, gays and minos, signifying the success of the identity politics they love to play so much.

This is bad for many reasons, that means that thought crime will continue to accelerate and the only ‘tolerance’ you are allowed to possess is if it falls within the very narrow leftist definition.

I read somewhere that almost all of the candidates who won were either outright jewish, or very pro-jew – not that anything else would be expected but it bears to be said.

Trump of course is not ‘our guy’ in the slightest, but at least provided cover for meaningful conversations like the border, but really the USA has just become more of a puppet state to isreal.  I had had hopes that somehow we could pull ourselves out of the mess we find ourselves in, but at this point its unlikely.


More ‘racial/trans’ tolerance lectures from the fake news media

More women saying how powerless they are despite the reality and stats to contrary

More poundmetoo, more rape hysteria

More illegals

More fake economy


Keep prepping boys, if anything this just sealed our fate even further.

6 thoughts on “The 2018 (((election))) results

  1. You can’t really be WN until you embrace the beauty of the white man. If you know what happened after last year’s NPI convention… Well, let’s just say that ‘lil Nate Amigo, Richard (or as we call him Dickie) Spencer and myself found chairs a little bit uncomfortable to sit it. So until you embrace the beauty of the white man you are just some angry dude shouting rhetoric….

  2. “What If Jews Ran America?” [June 2014]

    “Would it be like having a synagogue in your own backyard?

    How about a gigantic Hanukkah Menorah on the White House lawn with no Nativity Scene in sight?

    That would be the ‘Union of Synagogue and State’ for sure.

    But the Jewish-led ACLU would never let that happen.

    What if the Jews owned all the media like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and even the New York Times?” [Continues]

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